Monday, October 5, 2009

Vote yes on Issue 2

Matt A adds these comments: No matter what laws, amendments, or sanctions that are put on livestock to improve the quality that they are being raised, you'll always have that small percentage that does a poor job of raising that animal. It is the person and not the system. If you take 100 farmers, 99 do a fantastic, humane job of caring for the livestock but that one person that neglects their livestock shines a poor light onto the rest of the agriculture base.

This is not our grandfather's agriculture. We raise animals in builings under confinement for their own safety against weather, disease and preditory animals. People of this local community need to understand that agriculture makes up almost half of the total gross dollar flowing economically through this county. The schools, tax base, local businesses, and even local programs benifit from this economic movement. We will not know what we are missing as a community until its gone.

Please consider all the points carefully before deciding the fate of our county and of Ohio. This may not solve all the problems, but issue 2 will help postpone bigger problems from affecting us adversely.

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