Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tecumseh Trail: Free Family Fun

Bike enthusiasts enjoy the trail regularly. Why not you?
The crisp autumn breeze flows past you as you pedal your way to the next rest point. Bright reds and oranges crunch under your tires as other leaves float gently down around you. Ahead you spot a few of summer’s last Monarchs making their way south. All these experiences and more await you at the Tecumseh Trail Bike Trail. Here in your own backyard the Darke County Park District has provided residents and visitors alike with this fantastic, free, family friendly recreational opportunity. Currently the bike trail runs from Bradford to St. Rt. 571, and there are plans to extend the trail to reach inside the City of Greenville corporation limits. To date there are 11.2 miles of trail completed with approximately four of those miles being “share the road.”

There are three different and convenient parking areas located along the trail. A three car parking lot is located where the bike trail intersects St. Rt. 571 about one mile south of the St. Rt. 571 and US. Rt. 127 intersection. Another three car parking lot is located on Hartzell Rd. between St. Rt. 571 and Gettysburg directly south of Turtle Creek Golf Course. The largest parking lot for the bike trail is located on Bridge St. in Gettysburg and is capable of holding up to 25 vehicles. No matter what section of the trail you or your family would like to bike, there is plenty of parking available to suit your needs.

If you would like to see an interactive map of the Tecumseh Trail as it currently stands, visit www.mybiketrails.com, click on SW Ohio Trails, Darke County, and Tecumseh Trail. Greenville resident John Halley has assisted the Darke County Parks significantly, by keeping this website up to date with current map features, pictures, and even video of the trail itself. Mr. Halley has graciously recorded video as he biked the trail himself and uploaded the video to the website, so you can see how beautiful and fun riding the Tecumseh Trail is. The interactive map is also accessible by smart phone while on the trail dependent on service coverage.

Phase 4 of the trail project is planned to be completed in the late fall of 2016, and Phase 5, which will bring the trail into the city limits, will be completed pending approval for the Clean Ohio Funds. For more information about the Tecumseh Trail, any other Darke County Parks, or programs offered by the Park District, please call the Nature Center at (937)548-0165, visit the Darke County Parks‘ website at www.darkecountyparks.org, or check out the Darke County Parks’ Facebook page.

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