Tuesday, November 10, 2015

CashMax Ohio "Paying It Forward" through a simple act of kindness; paying for lunch, groceries

More than 5,000 people helped through company's contributions

“We looked around Wal-Mart for about 45 minutes until we found a mom with her daughter. The little girl was helping her mom with her price match list. When we told them we would like to pay for their cart of groceries they were so thankful and appreciative. Even the cashiers and strangers around were blown away by the generosity. It felt really good to pay it forward for that family. We all felt great satisfaction.  I am lucky to work at a company that gives back to the community they operate in. “ - Chelsea Reed, Assistant Manager of Heath CashMax.
The drive-thru lanes of fast food restaurants don't typically evoke fond family memories or inspire random acts of kindness. But both occurred when Stacey Nichols noticed a young mother driving a dated and worn minivan full of kids waiting for their food.

"The kids were moving around, dancing and singing along with their mom," said Nichols, who works for CashMax Ohio in Chillicothe. "They seemed so happy. It reminded me of when my kids were young and I used to drive them around in a minivan."

Nichols was so moved she wanted to do something for the family; so she Paid It Forward by paying for their meal.

"The family was so happy and grateful," Nichols said. "It wasn't a lot of money, but it felt so good. And it made me want to do it again."

So she did; the next week Nichols went back to the same restaurant, picked out a family and picked up their meal tab. While she was telling her co-workers and district manager about how it felt to Pay It Forward, she had an idea: Creating a Paying it Forward program at all 41 CashMax Ohio stores across the state.

So each Wednesday, a manager from every CashMax Ohio visits a local fast food restaurant and pays for the meals of the customers standing behind them in line. Since its inception, CashMax has effectively touched the lives of over 5,000 people/families as a result of this program.

"This kind of program and company-wide kindness makes CashMax an even better place to work," Nichols said, "and a great place for our customers and our communities."

CashMax Ohio has since expanded the program, and is now Paying it Forward once a week at grocery stores by selecting a person or family in the store and paying for their entire cart of groceries.

“A staff member and I went to Giant Eagle in Akron to do the new Pay It Forward program and it was an incredible experience,” said CashMax Ohio District Director Jason Luttrell. “We found a young mother and her two children with a cart full of groceries.

"When we approached her and told her what we wanted to do she was astounded, as were the grocery store workers," Luttrell said. "She was holding back tears and she gave us a hug and thanked us. It is truly a privilege to work for a company like CashMax that consistently gives back to the communities they serve.”

Other CashMax Ohio store managers can’t wait until it's their turn to Pay It Forward, especially after hearing the testimonials from the managers who have participated in the giving.

“When we paid for the groceries for a family with five children at Walmart it was amazing how great you feel making a difference for a family,” said CashMax Ohio Bellefontaine Manager Julie Hover.
“The family’s smile was contagious to everyone around," Hover said. "Other customers and workers couldn’t help but to watch with huge smiles on their faces. The whole store seemed to brighten up. Thank you to CashMax for allowing us to be involved in such a heartwarming endeavor."
CashMax Ohio - which is a member Ohio Consumer Loan Association (OCLA) - has a philosophy and history of giving back to communities where it operates.

“Paying It Forward is a heart-warming example of how CashMax Ohio cares about the people in the Ohio communities where we are located,” said Cheney Pruett, President and CEO of CashMax Ohio. "It's more than just about feeling good; it's about doing good for the people who are our neighbors."

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