Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mississinawa Valley-MVCTC FFA Greenhands Earn Degrees

On Novemeber 16th, 2015, the Mississinawa Valley-MVCTC FFA Chapter held its annual Greenhand Degree ceremony during their monthly meeting. 33 members earned this degree.

In order to earn your Greenhand Degree, you must have met the following qualifications: be a first year member of the FFA, be enrolled in a regular FFA course, and have a general knowledge of the FFA and its history. Eighth grader Emily Schmitz recited the FFA Creed in front of all members in attendance at the meeting in honor of the degree ceremony being held. At the end of the meeting, members enjoyed cupcakes in celebration of the degree recipients. A special thanks goes to Heather Manning for baking the cupcakes.

The Mississinawa Valley-MVCTC FFA Chapter congratulates all Greenhand Degree recipients.

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