Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Greenville Township Receives Grant Funds

Greenville Township is pleased to be the recipient of two grants. One of the grants is a Community Ambassador Grant in the amount of $ 5,000 from Dayton Power and Light. The township will use these funds to assist with the cost of removing dead and diseased trees along the roadway right of ways in the township. Removing these trees will help keep our residents as well as the traveling public, safe when using our township roads. This is a win-win for both D.P. & L. and the township -- as the right of ways are shared by both entities. Greenville Township Trustees greatly appreciate that Dayton Power and Light Company has trusted them to put this money to good use in keeping our public land and roads safer.

The second grant is from the Federal Highway Administration and is being administered by the Ohio Department of Transportation. This Federal Signage Upgrade Project has provided Greenville Township with all new traffic signs, posts and hardware. Over the next few months, the township will be replacing all of the old signs. Roadway signs in the U.S. have been increasingly using symbols, rather than words, to convey their message. Symbols provide instant communication to roadway users, overcome language barriers and are become standard for traffic control devices
throughout the world. The sign grant has given Greenville Township the opportunity to help keep the public safe and the upgraded signage is an important part of our public infrastructure. The cost of this upgrade is approximately $ 29,000.

Greenville Township greatly appreciates these opportunities from Dayton Power & Light and the Ohio Department of Transportation.

L-R Matt Kolb, Trustee; Mark Edger, Twp. Road Crew; Rudy Teaford,
Twp Road Superintendent; Justin Hines, Trustee

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