Thursday, May 5, 2016

Museum Looking for a Few Items!

The Versailles Area Museum is looking for Wedding Gowns and gentleman’s Wedding clothing especially from 1910 and earlier. A new display is being created for the end of May through the summer and these Wedding items including the bridal party’s clothing, interesting gifts, photos of the bride and invitations and other unique items are needed from our museum area. We also need dress forms or mannequins to help display these items. Also this summer 65 years of Poultry Days are being celebrated so any early costume/dresses from the contests or related items other than booklets or Parade Plaques are needed. If you can help, these items are needed by May 16th and you may contact the museum at 937-526-4222 to let us know what treasurers you might have to share. We want every community to be represented, so help us create another fabulous display!

Also if you know someone who has model trains and a village that we might use for a Christmas display, have them contact us as we are already working on our upcoming holiday display “Christmas at Home”.

As always, we the Museum staff thank-you for your generous help and support. You are appreciated! Volunteers are always welcome…

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