Monday, May 16, 2016

Prediabetes Class Offered at Wayne HealthCare

The Prediabetes class is designed for anyone who has been diagnosed by a health care provider with prediabetes, impaired fasting glucose, impaired glucose tolerance or metabolic syndrome.

People often have pre-diabetes before developing type 2 diabetes. Individuals with prediabetes have blood glucose levels that are elevated, but are not high enough to be considered diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes can be delayed and even prevented with healthier habits during the pre-diabetes stage. The Prediabetes class teaches you how increases in physical activity, an improved diet and other positive lifestyle changes can delay or prevent type 2 diabetes.

During the prediabetes class participants will:

  • Learn about the diagnosis of prediabetes.
  • Create a meal plan with good health, lifestyle and personal goals in mind.
  • Learn ways to eat healthy by decreasing portions.
  • Make a personal physical activity plan.
  • Develop a plan for reasonable weight loss, if needed.

The Prediabetes class is offered on May 25, 2016 from 1pm-3pm in the 3rd Floor Conference Rooms at Wayne HealthCare. The program fee is $10.00. Pre-registration is required by calling 937-547-5750.

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