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Bruce Mikesell watches as first- time shooter Katheleen Nealeigh aims.
Sixteen people ranging in age from 12 to 75 “learned to shoot like Annie" last Saturday . Many had never held a gun or rifle; others looked to improve their skills. Participants learned about firearms and experienced hands-on practice at the firing range at the Darke County Fish and Game Club in New Madison. This was the first “Annie’s Memorial Shoot” co-sponsored by the Annie Oakley Center Foundation and the Fish and Game Club. It was scheduled on August 11 to coincide with Annie Oakley’s birthday on August 13.

The day began with classroom instruction in firearm safety. Wearing protective eye and ear wear provided by Fastenal, participants then practiced shooting on the range with rifles and handguns. Lots of cheers spurred each other on, and bullseyes were especially exciting. Thanks go to the certified, experienced instructors Bruce Mikesell, Bill Wantz, and Mike O’Neal, who volunteered their time.

Organizers of the event co-chaired by Brenda Ballengee for the Foundation and Sharre Grubbs for the Fish and Game Club want to thank the additional event donors: Ann’s Gifts, Annie Oakley Natural Perfumery (Ligonier, IN), Buffalo Wild Wings, Cope’s, Eikenberry’s IGA, Fastenal, Christy Gulley’s Girl Scout Troop # 31223, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and Subway . Special thanks are in order for the cooks, Terry and Ruth Leedom and Rod Saylor. Will you learn to shoot at next year’s event?

Coffee Class at the Arcanum Public Library

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The Arcanum Public Library is excited to be hosting a representative from The Coffee Pot in Greenville as he presents a class all about coffee. According to the latest coffee statistics from the International Coffee Organization (ICO), about 1.4 billion cups of coffee are poured worldwide every day. About 45 percent of it (400 million cups a day) is drunk in the United States. That is a lot of java! How much do you know about coffee? Join us for an informative class, “Seed to Cup”, on Thursday, September 6 at 6:00 p.m. to find out. Learn while tasting! Patrons can call to register for this free class, or come to the library to sign up.

Patrons can call the library at 937-692-8484 with questions, check out the website at, find the library on Facebook, or follow on Twitter.

Fitzwater Tree and Lawn Care Recognized by Garst Museum

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Garst Museum thanks Fitzwater Tree and Lawn Care for its continued support of The Gathering at Garst. Fitzwaters cleaned, mulched, and pruned the landscaping at the entrance to Garst Museum. The flower beds were pristine as the museum welcomed approximately 15,000 people to The Gathering at Garst, the annual July spectacular. The museum is very grateful for Fitzwater’s help in beautifying the museum grounds.

KitchenAid Sponsors Gathering at Garst

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The Gathering at Garst made history in July as it welcomed 15,000 people to the grounds of Garst Museum. Visitors celebrated the history of Annie Oakley, Lowell Thomas, and Chief Little Turtle. Helping to make it a huge success were sponsors like KitchenAid. Visitors to our community not only enjoyed The Gathering at Garst but also shopped the sales in downtown Greenville--especially the legendary KitchenAid sale.

Garst Museum is extremely grateful for the support received from KitchenAid.


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MARIA STEIN, Ohio (August 13, 2018) – On August 26 the Maria Stein Shrine will host a St. Monica Prayer Service for those who have strayed from the faith, just as she prayed for the conversion of her son, St. Augustine. The prayer service will include scripture reading, reflection on the life of and prayer with the relic of St. Monica. Refreshments will follow the service.

The Maria Stein Shrine of the Holy Relics provides faith nourishment and spiritual renewal through opportunities for prayer and pilgrimage and inspiration from the lives of the saints. People from around the world visit the shrine to explore and enjoy this environment rich in holiness and history. The Shrine is located at 2291 St. John’s Rd. in Maria Stein. For more event information, visit

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Garst Museum Unveils New Great Darke County Fair Exhibit

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Marilyn Robbins working on the Great Darke County Fair exhibit
Many Darke County families have fond memories of the Darke County Fair. Because the fair is an integral part of the county’s culture, the Garst Museum has documented the history of the Great Darke County Fair in its newest exhibit. The exhibit is a photo collage of fair activities, entertainment, advertising, horseracing, and much more. The fair has been a place to visit friends, show animals, ride the rides, eat the food and enjoy the entertainment. As the county seat, Greenville was selected for geographic reasons. Over the years, the fair has grown into one of the premier county fairs in Ohio. Although much has changed over the years, the fair continues to be a summer highlight that brings people together from far and wide.

Marilyn Robbins and Nancy Stump were instrumental in collecting and documenting the artifacts in the exhibit. The Garst Museum would like to thank the donors that helped with this exhibit:

  • Lydia E. Schaurer Memorial Trust Fund
  • Ansonia Lumber
  • Darke County Historical Society’s Annual Fund
  • City of Greenville
  • Friends of Greenville Library
  • Doug Baker
  • Marilyn Robbins
  • Nancy Stump

Be sure to stop in the museum to see this new exhibit. Who knows, you might be in it!


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The upcoming installment of “Art at the Mill” on display from August 31 through September 23 will feature intriguing mobiles by Dayton-area architect Terry Welker along with the dynamic abstract paintings of his friend and art partner Ron Rollins, who since 1986 has worked as a writer and editor at Dayton Daily News. This exhibit in the Clark Gallery at historic Bear’s Mill opens on the Final Friday of August with a reception from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m., offering finger food and drinks as well as brief talks by the artists who will share information about their work, methods, and inspiration at 7 p.m. “Art at the Mill,” curated by Jan Roestamadji and Julie Clark, is free and open to the public.

According to Ms. Clark, Mr. Welker’s fascinating mobiles, inspired by the natural world, will animate the Mill space with their form and motion. “His simple, yet elegant designs of all sizes use curves, arcs, and lines to draw three-dimensionally in space, delighting the eye and the spirit,” Ms. Clark stated. Ms. Roestamadji says that Ron Rollins’ highly colorful paintings inspire happiness, evoking joy in the viewer. "Ron's bold, strong, and freeing acrylic paintings have garnered a following among art enthusiasts of every genre. I am thrilled that the work of these exceptional artists who share a studio in Kettering will enliven our Clark Gallery, and hope that viewers will be inspired to consider enlarging their own collections with their outstanding work."

Ron Rollins says that he tries to capture and convey the magic of a single moment in his highly gestural and spontaneous work which pays tribute to the great abstract expressionists of the twentieth century. He is also influenced by the work of his mother, Barbara, a well-known watercolorist; however, his vivid colors highlighted by bright splashes of paint are distinctly different from the realistic work of his mom. “I tend to paint right out of the tube, mixing colors directly on the canvas. I’ll very quickly throw, squirt, smear, smudge, spatter and flick paint to create a scene that expresses motion, light, and energy,” he explains. His works are often untitled, because he doesn’t want his thinking to crowd out other interpretations, and takes pleasure in discovering new perspectives of his work provided by viewers.

Building on the tradition of iconic mobile artist Alexander Calder, Terry Welker creates his work by experimenting, using trial and error to allow form to emerge. “Making mobiles comes from my passion for architecture, poetic space, and meaningful places,” he said. After completing his graduate work at the University of Cincinnati in 1987, the architect/artist continued teaching design and drawing at UC for several years; his teaching background and architectural knowledge inform his work which enhances many public spaces throughout Ohio and beyond. His most recent major installation is the highly acclaimed “Fractal Rain,” at the new Dayton Metro Library; composed of five-miles of stainless steel wire, Swarovski crystals, and one-third mile of extruded acrylic prisms, the piece beautifully fills the library’s atrium with the movement of driving rain.

Striking mosaics crafted from slate and stone by Cincinnati area artist Peggy Schuning and rustic hewn stone pieces created by Harold Wiley remain on display at Bear’s Mill through August 26. “Art At the Mill” is funded in part by a grant from Darke County Endowment for the Arts. Historic Bear's Mill, owned and operated by Friends of Bear’s Mill, is located at 6450 Arcanum-Bear's Mill Road about 5 miles east of Greenville; current hours of operation are Sundays 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays. For more information, contact Bear's Mill at 937-548-5112 or

Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year by GCS Superintendent Douglas Fries

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Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year. Our administration and staff are eager to begin another year with the students, parents, grandparents, and community members throughout our district. We hope to have everyone work together to make this another successful instructional and enjoyable year for all.

I trust each of you have had a relaxing and enjoyable summer with your family and friends. I hope your vacations, special trips, and family gatherings have been fun, safe and educational. As September is upon us, I hope all of you are looking forward to another exciting and rewarding school year. As you return to school, notice the newly re-sealed parking lots at the K-8 and high school facilities. Also, the new parking lot next to Memorial Hall, as well as, new concrete at the front entrance.

Likewise, at the K-8 the playground painting has been corrected, as well as, the terrazzo floors re-sealed. At the high school there is a new kitchen floor and the football stadium has been painted. All the gymnasium floors have been cleaned and re-varnished. At Memorial Hall we are also preparing to install new windows in the rear of the building. We thank the community for your ongoing support of our facilities.

This fall our district will participate in two approved waiver days. These are non-instructional days for students that allow for additional professional development for our staff. These two waiver days will take place on Monday, September 24, 2018 and Monday, October 29, 2018. Parents can coordinate now for these two days the students will not be in session. The staff will be participating in professional development related to the new curriculum mapping, upgraded instructional technology, Twenty First Century teaching skills and updated safety training. All these sessions will promote a current curriculum and safer environment for our students.

Greenville Schools has a tradition of excellence and we certainly are working to continue the excellence. The entire district wants to lead the way by making sure our students are ready for higher education and jobs of tomorrow in a global economy. To promote this tradition, this year all our students and teachers will have access to one to one iPads for instructional use. This is a major area of our instruction emphasis this year.

The district has almost completed the abatement and demolition of all our older buildings. Woodland Heights has now been closed/sold to Greenville Township. The Junior High parking lot and green space is almost complete. The parking lot is now open to public use. The district is also coordinating to sell both the old East and South school grounds using Midwest Auctioneers and Realty, Inc. services. The auction is tentatively set for Tuesday, September 25th at 6:30 p.m. in the Anna Bier Civic Room.

Our elementary through tenth grades will continue to participate in Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) testing to continue throughout the year to keep a close measure on our alignment to end of year required state assessments. At the high school, we will continue for the fourth year with the College Credit Plus program, including again Edison State and Sinclair, as well as, adding an Educational Program with Urbana. We also look forward to continuing with all our Career Tech programming at the high school and the Careers with Children Program expanding this year to include an additional instructor that will expand to a Teaching Professional program in the future. The junior class will continue to take the required ACT test for all junior students this Spring. This test is scheduled to be the paper version.

The district would like to highlight the Greenville High School FCCLA program for earning the following awards during National Competition in Atlanta, Georgia during June/July. These include: 2nd place – Laura Fields and Taryn Cooper in Advocacy; 3rd Place – Maddie Shepard in Digital Stories; 4th Place – Hayley Zeller in Interpersonal Communications; and 5th Place – Brooke Stachler, Mackenzie McMiller, and Alexa Snyder in Digital Stories. They brought home 4 gold medals, 5 silver medals, and a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place overall. You are all a source of pride for Greenville City Schools. Congratulations to Amy Schoen for her instructional leadership of this program.

Our district continues to be on a rotational basis to purchase textbooks and supplemental materials beyond the required College Credit Plus textbook purchases. This year our district purchased many new social studies textbooks and materials. Next year we will be purchasing science materials.

This Fall we will continue to contract with the City of Greenville to provide us with two school resource officers. One will continue to be housed at the high school while the other will be at the K-8 facility. These SRO’s will assist us with safety and security, but also provide educational programming. They have done an outstanding job for the district and it is a pleasure to work with the City to staff these positions.

Reminder that lunch at the high school will continue to be closed this year to all students. As we begin a new year, remember to travel slowly on Ohio and Main Street and observe the speed limit when students are present and particularly during drop off and dismissal times at the K-8 complex, as well as, the high school. Always slowdown in the parking lots and follow marked traffic flow to keep everyone safe. At the K-8 complex in front of the building the first row of parking on both sides will be reserved for visitors. Staff members assigned to these buildings will not park in these areas. Likewise, staff parking at Memorial Hall will now be assigned to the new side lot leaving the front circle open to visitors.

I would like to share some facts about the upcoming 2.0 mill permanent improvement renewal levy. On both May 17, 2018 and June 21, 2018, the Greenville City Board of Education unanimously approved resolutions to place a 2.0 mill permanent improvement renewal issue on the November 6, 2018 ballot. The Greenville City Schools Board of Education has utilized a permanent improvement levy since 1989. This permanent improvement levy has been renewed by the school district voters ever since. Funds generated from this levy can only be used for improvement to buildings and grounds, equipment purchases such as technology, computers, textbook purchases or other assets having an estimated life of 5 years or more. Other examples would be roof repairs, window repairs, parking lots, boilers, track resurfacing, turf replacement, classroom carpeting, new bleachers or additional pole lighting. Permanent improvement monies cannot be utilized for salaries and benefits or consumable items.

This 2.0 mill permanent improvement renewal issue would result in NO NEW TAXES and would continue to provide the district with an annual amount more than $450,000 for building improvements. The issue is a request to renew an existing levy and will result in NO additional millage. The issue will cost you no more than you pay today. School buildings are a major investment that require ongoing maintenance and upgrading. The Board of Education continues to operate within the constraints set forth by the permanent improvement budget and demonstrate prudence and accountability with your tax money. If you have any questions about the levy or any other school issue, don’t hesitate to call the Superintendent/Treasurer’s Office at 937-548-3185 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Please join me in welcoming the new employees to the Greenville School District. We look forward to working with each of them in our educational delivery and are glad they have joined the Greenville School District team. The following is the list of new employees at the time of this release:

Memorial Hall: Bernadette Meyer (Curriculum Secretary); Lindsay Peltz (Psychologist)

High School: Christopher Andres (Vocal Music Accompanist); Ashley Beaty (Social Studies Teacher); Chris Boroff (Guidance Secretary); Sara Bretz (Intervention Specialist – MD); Kristalyn Bush (Para Professional – Study Hall); Lisa Maher-Strawser (CT Teaching Professional Teacher); Lindsey McGlinch (Nurse – Half Time); Shane McKinniss (Social Studies Teacher); Catharine Oder (Math Teacher)

Middle School: Kailey Guillozet (Guidance Counselor – Half Time); Kelly Holmes (Intervention Specialist)

Elementary School: Taylor Borchers (Intervention Specialist; Susan Dankworth (Assistant Principal); Kailey Guillozet (Guidance Counselor – Half Time); Cody McKenzie (Intervention Specialist); Krysta Rinderle (1st Grade Teacher); Elizabeth Shuman (Art Teacher); Ginger Aldora (Para Professional – Latchkey)

Transportation: Mary Rodriguez (Transportation Supervisor); Glen Etter (Bus Driver)

Food Service: Melissa Wentworth and Diana Shaffer

This year the board of education and district has made a conscious effort to improve and provide additional guidance and counseling and social skills support. The district has added an additional K-8 guidance counselor and continued a previous community connections social skills program that was previously funded by an Ohio Department of Education grant. This year the board of education felt it was important to continue this mentoring program at the middle and high school level another year by funding the program, although the grant was discontinued.

I invite everyone in the community to attend and support our students in the various extracurricular activities that take place throughout the school year. Your attendance is appreciated by the students and the school system.

Remember, the entire Greenville School faculty and staff is here to assist you – our students, parents and community. If we can be of assistance, please feel free to contact our principals or myself. I can be reached by phone at 937-548-3185, or by email at Let’s all work together to make 2018-2019 an outstanding school year and keep Greenville Schools a great place for students to learn and teachers to teach.

We look forward to seeing you at school right after the Great Darke County Fair. Go Wave!

Library Craft Beer Series: American Originals

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While most of the beer styles in the American craft brewing scene are based on European styles from Belgium, England, Germany, the Czech Republic, and elsewhere, a number of styles have developed on their own right here in America. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, innovative brewers worked with the unique ingredients available to them to develop quintessentially American beer styles for a thirsty public.

In this upcoming class in our Craft Beer Education Series at the Greenville Public Library, we'll look at some of these American beer originals, most of which developed prior to Prohibition. The Craft Beer Education Series is lead by Certified Cicerone David Nilsen. David will guide attendees through a tasting of five craft beers, explaining the history and unique ingredients and brewing processes of each.

Dates for this class are Thursdays August 30th and September 6th (same class each night). Craft Beer Education Series classes are free, but seats are limited and registration is required. Please call Greenville Public Library at 937-548-3915 to reserve your seat. We hope to see you there!"

Second National Bank Supports The Gathering at Garst

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Second National Bank has a long history of supporting many organizations, events, and projects in our community. Garst Museum would like to thank Second National Bank for its continued support of The Gathering at Garst. This July, The Gathering at Garst drew approximately 15,000 people. With the generosity of sponsors like Second National Bank, the event continues to grow and bring visitors eager to learn about Darke County and its history. Our community is fortunate to have a bank that gives back in so many ways.

Todd Durham, vice president, and John Swallow, president, shown presenting check to Gathering at Garst committee member, Katie Gabbard

Freezing and Drying Herbs

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The use of herbs in cooking adds color to your dishes. Herbs also add flavor to foods without increasing salt, fat or sugar contests. To preserve herbs for extended use by freezing or drying join OSU Extension, Darke County for a program on Freezing and Drying Herbs.

The program is Monday, September 19, 2018 from 6:30pm-7:30pm at the OSU Extension Learning Center, 603 Wagner Avenue, Greenville OH. Please call 937-548-5215 to register or email The program is free, but please register by Thursday, September 6, 2018.

Submitted Post Regarding the Kigali Amendment by Lyn Bliss

Submitted posts are welcome and encouraged. If you have something to say and are able to do it in a respectful, reasonable way, send your piece to The contents of submitted posts do not necessarily reflect the opinions of   

I voted for and today support President Trump even more than when I cast that vote.

Because, when President Trump says “promises made, promises kept” he isn’t lying. The promises he has kept during his short term in office have made me wonder if some of the other Presidents were even really trying! He has a wonderful ability to do things other presidents have only talked about. Our economy is booming under his leadership. But there is even more to do to help American industry that fits perfectly with President Trump’s “America First” policy outlook.

The Montreal Protocol is an agreement created under another great Republican president, Ronald Reagan. The Kigali Amendment is a proposed addition to the Montreal Protocol which would benefit both the environment and the economy. This amendment would increase the manufacturing exports of the USA by $5 billion dollars, while reducing imports by $7 billion.

Math like that sounds like a great plan to me! Approving the Kigali Amendment would create 33,000 manufacturing jobs, especially in the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration industry (or HVACR).

The Ohio Manufacturing Association recently published a report stating its manufacturing sector ranked third in the nation in 2016 and accounts for 17% of GDP. Ohio is a strong manufacturing state and we should embrace policies such as Kigali to continue our state’s success and continue to promote economic recovery. Approving Kigali would create even more jobs and boost our economy further.

When I stated the Kigali Amendment would benefit both the environment and the economy - please know that while the Kigali Amendment is an environmental policy in nature, at its core it is a statement about trade and our economy. Keeping in step with President Trump’s “America First” platform, Kigali evens the playing field and puts American workers first and foremost.

For this amendment to be added to the Montreal Protocol, President Trump must send it to the Senate for consideration. There has already been a group of 13 Senators who have sent a letter to the President, urging him to submit the amendment for advice and consent. Not surprisingly, Senators on both sides of the aisle understand the importance of the HVACR industry for our country and want this amendment ratified as soon as possible.

One of the bigger reasons President Trump is so popular among Republicans is he knows the middle class has been getting economically squeezed and, based upon his performance to date, we believe him when he says he's going to take a hard look at trade deals harming American workers and that middle class.

Promises made, promises kept. President Trump has done some amazing things for our economy and sending the Kigali Amendment to the Senate for consideration would continue to keep his promise to protect the American worker and boost the economy. You may help by contacting your Ohio Senators and ask them to support the Kigali Amendment.

Lyn Bliss

Greenville, Ohio
Past President of the Ohio Federation of Republican Women
Lifelong Republican Activist


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The Darke County Sheriff’s Office has received reports of a telephone scam in the Darke County area today. This type of scam has been going on all around the country for sometime and seems to be perpetrated in this area periodically.

This particular telephone scam involves the perpetrator identifying himself as Chief Deputy Mark Whittaker of the Darke County Sheriff’s Office to obtain money for failing to report for jury duty. In cases such as these the suspect will utilize the name of someone from the local community they are calling. This is an attempt to legitimize the scam. The fictitious telephone number on the caller ID often shows up as a local number in an effort to lure unsuspecting victims. The caller will try to intimidate the victim into complying with the demands. They may try to solicit information to your accounts or ask you to wire money. When the victim refuses to comply or questions the legitimacy of the call it is followed by threats of arrest.

The Darke County Sheriff’s Office does not operate this way. We do not call and attempt to obtain money for failure to show for jury duty or any other court processes such as outstanding citations or warrants.

Deputies do commonly make phone calls to follow up on investigations and reports. A deputy will never ask you for money. If a person questions the validity of a deputy’s call they will often be asked to call back on our publicly known telephone number 548-2020 and ask for the deputy who will then take the call.

Sheriff Toby Spencer is warning citizens not to fall for this scam. In all situations, it is important that citizens do not verify or provide any personal information over the phone unless they positively know or trust the caller. Best course of action if you suspect you are receiving a scam call is to hang up immediately.

Any citizens who have suffered a monetary loss or feel they have compromised their personal identifying information can contact the Darke County Sheriff’s Office at 937-548-2020 or their local law enforcement agency.

Kristina Heath appointed to Main Street Greenville Board of Trustees

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Greenville, OH: Kristina Heath, co-owner of KTL Performance Mortgage, has joined the Main Street Greenville Board of Trustees. The goal of Main Street Greenville is to preserve and revitalize downtown Greenville, Ohio. The organization promotes historic preservation and economic development, resulting in a cultural downtown district that attracts and retains businesses and entrepreneurs, making downtown a desirable destination. Main Street Greenville hosts many programs and events, including First Fridays, Farmers’ Markets, the Hometown Holiday Horse Parade, downtown clean-up events, and much more.

Crysta Hutchinson, Executive Director of Main Street Greenville, remarked "We are thrilled to have Kristina Heath joining our Board of Trustees! Our board members are people who are passionate about their community and prioritize making Greenville a great place to live and work. Kristina is a high-energy, positive person and her creativity and vision are a welcome addition to our organizational leadership."

When asked about her nomination to the board, Kristina said “I am delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to the continued revitalization of downtown Greenville. This organization has already had a tremendous impact on downtown and the community as a whole, and I’m very excited to be able to contribute to the on-going and future efforts of Main Street Greenville!”

Kristina was born and raised in Darke County and has lived in the area for the majority of her life. She spent her early career in the automotive sales management and financing field, developing a drive to succeed and a passion for working with people. In 2003 she joined the newly formed KTL Performance Mortgage as a Loan Officer, becoming a co-owner of the company in 2009. In 2013, Kristina and partner John Heath joined forces as Your Expert Mortgage Team. Kristina is a member of the Business & Professional Women of Ohio and is one of the founding members of the Richmond Independent Networking Group (RING).


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MARIA STEIN, Ohio (August 13, 2018) – On Thursday August 9th the Maria Stein Shrine of the Holy Relics hosted over thirty children for their Summer Day with the Saints. This was an opportunity for children to learn more about the communion of saints through prayer, activities, and crafts. The day began with morning prayer in the relic chapel and ended with lunch.

Activities for the day included paper flower making and rosary book decorating, through which the children discovered the witness of St. Rose of Lima and St. Dominic. The children also learned about St. Stephan’s martyrdom with a water balloon toss and St. Christopher’s story with a game of “Jump the River.” Other activities included making cards for elderly loved ones and God’s eyes to learn about St. Jeanne Jugan and St. Kateri. The day also included a saint walk, where children prayed with and learned about popular saints for their local community.

“The mission of the event was to bring youth in contact with their spiritual ancestors and Christian role models through fun and engaging activities. It was so popular that, unfortunately, we were unable to accommodate all who wanted to participate” stated Matthew Hess, Director of Hospitality & Ministry. “We plan to expand this program next summer so that the spiritual legacy of the saints can be passed down to more youth.”

The Maria Stein Shrine of the Holy Relics provides faith nourishment and spiritual renewal through opportunities for prayer and pilgrimage and inspiration from the lives of the saints. People from around the world visit the shrine to explore and enjoy this environment rich in holiness and history. The Shrine is located at 2291 St. John’s Rd. in Maria Stein. For more event information, visit

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


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July has certainly been an interesting month in the Commissioner’s office! It seemed like every day there was a new challenge to deal with! The weather and the coming recess of the legislature in Columbus have certainly played havoc at times with everyone’s plans. Hopefully things will clear up in the future.

Commissioner Stegall took a young man from CGI, the company who does the videos for our website, around Darke County for an upgrade to the videos done 5 years ago; it is hard to believe it has been that long! This is in conjunction with an upgrade in progress for our overall website. We will let people know when the videos are posted.

Parades have been the order of the day for the last 2 months. Weather and good crowds have made these events a lot more fun for the elected officials. Thanks to the Parade committees for always inviting us to attend. If you would like to have the elected officials in your parade, just let us know about a month before your event so we can arrange to have as many as possible attend.

In other news, we have several projects, either starting, in progress, or in final planning stages. The Airport project is in progress, and is moving along as good as possible considering the weather and a few problems with the asphalting part of the project. It seems our July 26th completion date has been moved back a touch due to weather, extra work at the west end of the runway, and problems with the milling of the asphalt. The runway was started with asphalt being laid on July 9th . Problems soon ensued with the milling aspect, and that is still being worked on at this time. The FAA specs are very strict and must be followed, and this has caused the delay. The various parties are discussing what their options are. Even though the asphalt is not done, the new Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) lights and electrical upgrades have been installed. Once the milling and asphalt are done, then seeding of the graded areas should complete the project.

The Dispatch center upgrades at the Sheriff’s office is coming along and our conversion to the MARCS system is now complete. We are working on a few minor problems, and they will be fixed very shortly.

We are in the process of moving the Michaels Home for boys into the old vacant County home. This home will allow young men who have home problems, or other minor problems, to have a better place so our staff can work with them. Some concern has been shown that these young men are troublemakers from other counties. The object of the Michaels home is to take young men with problems at home and school that are nonviolent. The more violent young men are sent away and not kept here. We have found there is a definite need for such a place that other counties can utilize as well. This will make a perfect place to enlarge and improve on our current facility.

The end of July also sees two of the more attended and anticipated events in Darke County; the Gathering at Garst and Annie Oakley Days. The committees for each event worked very hard to make them a success, and that hard work paid off. Both were fortunate to have great weather and were very well attended. Congratulations to both committees on very successful events!

As we have stated the last couple of months, due to our loss of revenue from the state Medicare Sales tax, we have seen losses of about $60,000 a month. We have been watching this since late last year, so it was expected. This does make things far more difficult for 2019, as we are fine for this year. As of now, our budget has been set at a deficit. The budget is a tool to determine what appropriations are projected to look at next year and in November we do appropriations where we actually let our departments know what they can actually spend. Right now, we have told them to expect a 9% reduction across the board for 2019. The legislature in Columbus has seen an increase in their tax receipts and another $657.5 million added to the rainy day fund. With the recent Supreme Court ruling on Sales taxes of internet sales, it is possible we could see some help from Columbus. That would be nice, but we are not holding our breath. We will do what needs to be done, and that does not include raising taxes as many Counties around us have done.

July is over and there was a lot going on, with plenty of things to do with your families and friends. While you are out in August, come into one of our public meetings on Mondays and Wednesdays, 1:30 in the afternoon at the Commissioner’s office, 520 South Broadway in Greenville, just south of the Courthouse. Hope to see you there!

The Darke County Commissioners

YOLO Park Close to the Fundraising Finish Line

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The YOLO organization has raised over $550,000 for the downtown Greenville Urban Park project, and hopes the community will rally to help complete the vision presented in this designers rendering.
Greenville, OH - An urban park in downtown Greenville has existed only as a dream and in designers renderings for 5 years. But now that construction has officially begun, the vision presented by the YOLO Organization is finally becoming a reality. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the YOLO Committee members, over half a million dollars has already been raised for the creation of this community gathering place. As the committee reaches the final stages of the fundraising process they are hoping that the community will come together to help support this project and push it over the finish line.

“Our vision for the Urban Park has always been to create a space for friends and families to spend time together and enjoy our historic downtown, and to support our local businesses by attracting visitors and new residents,” said Phillip Pierri, founder of YOLO of Darke County. “We want this park to be something that can be enjoyed for generations so incredible attention has been given to designing a park that is safe, accessible for all, and uses the highest quality materials.”

Funding for this project has come from several sources, including a $250,000 grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Local supporters include Zechar Bailey Funeral Home, Wayne HealthCare/Foundation, Greenville Federal Bank, Greenville National Bank, Greyson James Steyer Memorial Fund, The Light Foundation, Walls Brothers Asphalt Company, and Financial Achievement Services (FAS), among many others. A full list of park supporters can be found on the organization’s website,

YOLO of Darke County is incredibly grateful for every business, organization, and individual who has already donated to this project and thanks to the many contributions received the urban park is 73% funded! The YOLO Committee would now like to open this project up to community support in the form of a crowdfunding campaign.

A page has been created on the crowdfunding platform Fundly to allow community members to contribute to the park and be recognized as supporters within the park. To donate to this project please visit Contributions will be used to purchase high quality furnishings for the park, including items such as tables, chairs, benches, trash cans, and bike racks, that will last for many years with minimal maintenance. Donations of any amount are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Support at any level, from $10 to $10,000 all help to make this dream a reality.

“We are incredibly grateful to YOLO of Darke County and the many donors who have contributed to this project so far,” said Crysta Hutchinson, Executive Director of Main Street Greenville. “We wholeheartedly believe that the urban park will be incredibly beneficial for downtown Greenville and our local businesses. We are living in an experience-driven economy where people prioritize the unique beauty of spaces and the memorable events that take place in them. Investing in urban gathering spaces makes your town a destination and can spark new business investment and create demand for housing for those who want to live nearby.”

If you would like to donate to the urban park project, please visit There are options for sponsoring specific park features or, alternatively, custom donation amounts can be entered. If you would like to donate directly to the project to help avoid processing fees, please contact Phillip Pierri at or 937-371-9088.

Y.O.L.O. of Darke County, Inc., founded by Phillip and Jodi Pierri, strives to continuously improve the community while also bringing together high energy people to promote healthy lifestyles and embrace living life to the fullest.The YOLO Community Fund was established with the goal of maintaining a fund that will be able to perpetually give back to the community in ways for which its members will be proud. All proceeds from Y.O.L.O. of Darke County, Inc. events will be deposited into this fund. The Y.O.L.O of Darke County, Inc is a non-profit organization and any donation is tax deductible.

Darke County Educators Tour Local Manufacturers

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Darke County Economic Development sponsored educator tours of BASF Corporation, Ramco Electric Motors, and Fram Group, one tour each month during summer break. Educators from Darke County Schools earned Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for participating in the tours. Employees from each facility shared a brief history of their company, information about their current products and/or customers, and benefits of working there. The tours allow teachers to see modern manufacturing facilities, learn about the skills students need for success with local employers, and gain an understanding of the career opportunities available. “Our local manufacturers want to engage with our schools, because there are great career opportunities locally that don’t require a 4 year college degree. Our young people don’t have to leave Darke County for a good job with opportunities for training and advancement. Manufacturing tours help local educators see the opportunities first hand, “shared Tamala Marley, Workforce Specialist with Darke County Economic Development. Teachers can take the information they learn back to their students to help make lessons more relevant in the classroom. At lunch following one tour a teacher noted, “It is helpful to know specific skills the students may need on the job. When they question why they need to know a skill, I can tell the student the local employer that requires it.”

Thanks to BASF Corporation, Ramco Electric Motors, and Fram Group for hosting tours!

Roger "The Voice" Hoston to Call the Action at the Gene Riegle Memorial

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Roger "The Voice" Hoston
The Darke County Harness Horsemen would like to announce a special guest caller for this year’s Gene Riegle Memorial. Roger “The Voice” Hoston will be in the box calling all the excitement this year as a field of 8 vies for the winner’s circle.

Roger has announced over 175,000 races in his career, covering at least 126 different tracks in 17 states and 7 countries.

Born and raised in Xenia, Ohio, Huston grew up with a love of sports statistics. He learned race calling from his uncle, who called races at Lebanon Raceway. He attended Wilmington College, intending to become a teacher. He began announcing races at Ohio county fairs in 1960 and in 1965 he began announcing at The Red Mile. 1967 was his first year announcing at the Little Brown Jug and he became the track's regular announcer in 1968, a position he still holds. In 1976, he began announcing at The Meadows, where he also hosts The Meadows Racing Network.

The United States Harness Writers Association elected Huston to their Communicator's Hall of Fame in 2000 and awarded him their Proximity Award in 2011. The Keystone Chapter of the USHWA inducted Huston into their Hall of Fame in 2013 and he was elected to the Little Brown Jug Wall of Fame in 2000.

Please mark your calendars for August 23rd. and join us at the Great Darke County Fair as Roger calls the races. Please see the embedded video below to hear Roger call the 1993 Little Brown Jug which was won by Darke County’s own Gene Riegle.

The race schedule for 2018 is as follows:
  • Friday August 17th – post time 6:30 PM
  • Saturday Morning August 18th – post time 11:30 AM
  • Saturday Evening August 18th – post time 6:30 PM
  • Wednesday August 22nd – post time 7:30 PM
  • Thursday August 23rd – post time 5:30 PM


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ELIZABETHTOWN, PA (August 2, 2018) – Winners Meats, from Osgood & Greenville, Ohio, won national recognition at the American Cured Meat Championships (ACMC), held July 19-21, in Kansas City, Missouri. This event is held in conjunction with the annual convention of the American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP).

The ACMC draws participants from across the United States. This year, there were 678 entries in 29 product classes. In total, 67 AAMP membership plants participated in the competition. Meat processors enter their products for evaluation by judges who are meat scientists and specialists in the industry. All entries are judged on the basis of aroma, flavor, eye appeal, color, and texture.

Winners Meats was awarded:

  • Reserve Champion – Specialty Flavor Small Diameter Smoked/Cooked Sausage Class

Earlier this year, in February at the 2018 Ohio Association of Meat Processors Convention, Winner’s Meats took home Grand Champion for our Jalapeno Summer Sausage and our Jalapeno Cheddar Brat. After 90 years in business we’re still making QUALTY MEATS our 1st priority.

City of Greenville Fair Parking Information

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The City of Greenville has provided us with two illustrations to help visitors understand how nearby traffic patterns will be disrupted during fair week. You can click on either to enlarge them to see more detail.


The intersection at Sweitzer Street and Birt Street will see several changes, including two temporary pedestrian crossings (highlighted below in purple), and Birt Street will be closed off to automobile traffic. Pedestrian walkways will also be setup to enter the fair grounds at the gate.


A number of nearby streets will be marked as no parking zones for the week. These are highlighted below.

Visit OhioMeansJobs Darke County at the Fair!

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Greenville Federal inducted into The Annie Oakley Golf Tournament Hall Of Fame

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Greenville Federal inducted into The Annie Oakley
Golf Tournament Hall Of Fame
The Annie Oakley Golf Tournament Committee recently inducted Greenville Federal into the Annie Oakley Golf Tournament Hall of Fame, which was established in 2006, the year of the tournament’s 25th anniversary.

Criteria for this honor was decided by the committee and consists of long term participation, enthusiasm, and support of the committee’s goals in helping Darke County cancer patients. Jeff Kniese, President and CEO of Greenville Federal, accepted the award from Ed Curry, chairman of the golf tournament.

The Annie Oakley Golf Committee and the Cancer Association of Darke County are very much appreciative of the support that Greenville Federal has given to the golf tournament and the community through the years.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Mosquito Spraying in City of Greenville

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Gene Riegle Memorial Commemorative Glasses

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The Darke County Fair will once again this year be giving out the third in their series of glasses commemorating the Gene Riegle Memorial.

This event takes place prior to the start of racing on August 23rd. The first 1,000 people who purchase a program will receive a glass. Glasses will be distributed, as in years past, next to the voting windows under the grandstand.

Make sure you don’t miss out on adding to your collection or starting one if you haven’t participated prior. A $3 program will get you a glass. Make sure you also hang around for an exciting night of racing which includes the Arnie Almahurst Trot and the Gene Riegle Memorial. This year’s races are record setting purses and will be sure to draw a great field of horses.

The race schedule for 2018 is as follows:

  • Friday August 17th – post time 6:30 PM
  • Saturday Morning August 18th – post time 11:30 AM
  • Saturday Evening August 18th – post time 6:30 PM
  • Wednesday August 22nd – post time 7:30 PM
  • Thursday August 23rd – post time 5:30 PM

Downtown Cruise-In: September 1 in Downtown Arcanum

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August at the Arcanum Public Library

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Summer is drawing to a close, and that means just a couple of more weeks until the Great Darke County Fair! The Arcanum Public Library has a few programs planned in August to fill the time for patrons until then. On Tuesday, August 14 at 4:30 there is an adult coloring session. Come on in to enjoy an afternoon of relaxation and coloring. Supplies are provided and no registration is required. Also on August 14 will be the next book club meeting at 5:30. The club will discuss the current selection and patrons can pick up the book for next month. Newcomers are always welcome; just drop on in. The next gardening class will meet on Wednesday, August 15 at 11:00. We will be discussing what to plant for a fall harvest and different ways to preserve items from the garden. No registration is needed.

The library will be open during fair week with the exception of being closed on Thursday, August 23. Regular hours for the library are Monday – Thursday 9:00 – 8:00, Fridays from 9:00 – 5:00, and Saturdays from 9:00 – 1:00.

Fall programming with begin in September. Keep an eye out for more information.

Feel free to call the library with any questions at 937-692-8484. Patrons can check out the library website at, find it on Facebook, and follow on Twitter.

Library's August’s Lunch & Learn

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The Greenville Public Library’s Lunch & Learn for August will feature BJ Paulus, owner of Snap Fitness in Greenville. BJ will talk about weight management and the part strength training and exercise can play. Additionally he plans on explaining a basic level of the body and how its functions to help people put their exercise routines and dietary plans together to leverage the best success for themselves.

Join us Wednesday August 15th at noon at the Library. Space is limited to 24 participants so please register at 548-3915. If you would like the boxed lunch from the Coffee Pot let us know. It costs $5 and includes a wrap, fruit, a salad or soup, and a beverage. Or bring your own or just come for the program! Lunch & Learn is a monthly class sponsored by the Library's Wellness Program, coordinated by Warren Richards.

Snap Fitness gears its routines to all ages and levels of fitness. Its mission is to change lives with a result-driven culture both inside and outside the gym. “Our goal is to encourage, motivate and drive our members to success. We are here to show support and ensure every member reaches his or her potential.“ For more info please see their website

Versailles Health Care Center Welcomes Hardwick

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We would like to welcome Stephanie Hardwick to Versailles Health Care Center. Stephanie is from Union City and has two boys named Mason and Colton. She has been in long term care for 25 years. She started out in the laundry department, and then went on to become a nursing assistant and treatment aide. Soon Stephanie felt the urge to do more and decided to take classes and become an LPN. She enjoyed helping others so much that she decided to go further and became a Registered Nurse.

She has been in nursing management for 18 years. She began as an MDS Nurse, became a Nurse Navigator, then an Assistant Director of Nursing, (ADON); and then a Director of Nursing, (DON). She attained specialized credentials as a Wound Care Certified Nurse.

Stephanie says that she got into the LTC field because of her grandfather. He was in a facility and while she was visiting, she could see how much enjoyment the staff got from providing resident care. “I have had no desire to work in any other nursing field than geriatrics, Stephanie states. I received my LPN certificate from IVY Tech, RN degree from Fortis College and wound certification through the Wound Care Education Institute.

Self Defense & Awareness Class to be Offered at Coldwater Public Library

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Holiday Evening at Edison State Presents Lucky Chops

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Lucky Chops band members
The 21st Annual Holiday Evening at Edison State will be held on Wednesday, November 28th at the Edison State Community College. We are happy to announce that five-member brass band, Lucky Chops, will be changing things up this year with their redefined sound and energy. Proceeds from this event directly benefit The Edison Foundation Scholarship Fund which supports Edison State students through scholarship opportunities.

We are excited about an additional component of this year’s event! We will be handing Lucky Chops over and they will be conducting Edison State Music Education Clinics for local junior and high school jazz band members on Thursday, November 29. These clinics have been made possible and are sponsored by the Miami County Foundation and the Piqua Community Foundation.

The members of Lucky Chops attended New York City’s LaGuardia Arts High School and got their start by performing in the New York City subway system. In 2015, a South American tourist posted their performance online and changed everything. The video went viral and Lucky Chops soon found themselves on a European tour. Upon their return, they appeared as the house band for a season of MTV’s hit talk show “Girl Code Live”. The band is passionate about visiting schools across the globe and holding masterclasses to inspire younger generations of musicians.

“Lucky Chops is a very entertaining instrumental group,” stated Holiday Evening Chair Stan Evans. “They are very active in the performance of their shows and provide great entertainment for all ages, from high-school to mature listeners. This event is a wonderful way to start the Holiday Season. You will have a fun evening visiting with friends, enjoying great food and hearing some very entertaining music. You will go home with a smile on your face, a song or two in your head and you can be pleased knowing you just helped a deserving student move ahead in their college career.”

A limited number of tickets are available. Tickets are $125 per person and sell out quickly. Tickets may be purchased online at For more information about Holiday Evening at Edison State or the Music Education Clinics, please contact Julie Slattery at or 937-778-7805.

Friday, August 3, 2018


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Darke County Center for the Arts will present two performances of Missoula Children Theatre’s production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs starring local students at Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall on Saturday, August 4; the matinee starts at 3 p.m. and the evening show begins at 7 p.m. An original musical adaptation of the classic tale, the production will transport audiences of all ages into the not-too-terrifying Black Forest where Snow White’s fearless Forest Friends dwell, as well as the Queen’s evil henchmen.

Following being cast during an open audition on Monday, July 30, the first- through twelfth-grade students chosen for a role attend intense rehearsals where in one short week they learn lines, music, and choreography to create a fully realized musical theatre presentation that will charm adults and delight youngsters. The role of Snow White was won by Sarah Crumrine; Snow White’s friends Phineas, Foxy, and Fernando, will be played by Anna Stump, Charlie Dickey, and Liam Jasenski. The evil Queen will be played by Allie Tanner, and her husband the King will be acted by Cameron Clark. Brothers Tucker Qualls and Carter Qualls were cast as the Queen’s Henchmen, and Gabby Spitzer will play the Queen’s Magic Mirror.

Also featured are Kaden Harrison, Christopher Shaltry, Nevan Miley, Isabella Gulley, Avery Yount, Callie Pope and Eli Cornett as the Seven Dwarfs. Completing the ensemble are Elizabeth Randolph, Danielle Francis, Elizabeth Moss, Katelyn Conway, Evelyn Pietrzak, Isabel Rawlins, Payton Herrmann, Emilee Frech, Olivia Wetzel, Alia Ayette, Lydia Ayette, and Harley West as Black Forest Creatures, Nola Miley, Ellie Sando, Zoe Ayette, Paul Todd, Allie Bergman, Tate Richardson, Travis Herrmann, Lillian Price, Taylor Holzapfel, Hallie Riethman, Brenna Reed, Eva Kramer, Sarah Buchy, Meredith Hunt, Charlize McCormick, Ivy Henne, Lucy Gettinger, and James Williams III as Forest Animals, and Brayden Kocher, Gabriella Browning, Lauren Holzapfel, Nalayna Miley, Emma Smith Brooke Reed, Bowen Yount, and Cate Condon as Bats.

Phebe Todd, Austin Shaltry, Aaron Buchy, and Sophia Aultman were chosen to serve as Assistant Directors throughout the week. The Accompanist for the performance is Mary Alice Newbauer. MCT Actor/Director Ashley Jones will play Witless the Woodsman in the production; Annie Liskow is the other MCT Director in charge of the week-long theatre residency.

DCCA received funding from Darke County Endowment for the Arts which helped make possible the week-long theatre residency by Missoula Children’s Theatre. Additionally, the Ohio Arts Council helped fund this program with state tax dollars to encourage economic growth, educational excellence and cultural enrichment for all Ohioans. DCCA also receives funding from Harry D. and Esther Stephens Memorial, Ketrow Foundation and Lydia E. Schaurer Memorial Trust Fund, as well as DCCA memberships.

Tickets for the performance of MCT’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are $5, and will be available at the door prior to the performances. For more information, visit DCCA’s Website at or contact DCCA at 937-547-0908.

Dental Assistant Wanted at Family Health

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Dental Assistant

Full-time (Monday-Thursday/32 hours per week)
Must be certified dental assistant and have radiography certificate.
Must be a team player and be patient oriented.
Fulltime benefit package offered.

Qualified applicants, send resume to

Local Effort Underway to Support Wreaths Across America at Greenville's Downtown First Friday in August

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Columbia Falls, MAINE, and Greenville, Ohio — Fort GreeneVille NSDAR Chapter members will be at the Greenville Courthouse on August 3, 2018 from 6pm to 9pm to give the community the opportunity to sponsor wreaths for Veterans at the Greenville Union Cemetery.

If you cannot come August 3rd, go to and sponsor a wreath there. If you would like to sponsor a wreath for a specific veteran, please contact Fort GreeneVille Daughters of the American Revolution on Facebook, any Fort GreeneVille member or email Local volunteers are working hard to ensure that all veterans laid to rest at Greenville Union Cemetery are honored this December on National Wreaths Across America Day. This year, the ceremony, held simultaneously across the country at more than 1,200 locations, will be on Saturday, Dec. 15, 2018. The goal: to place a live, balsam fir wreath at the headstone of every veteran buried there and spread patriotism and commemoration for the ultimate sacrifices they made for our country.

“Every donation and wreath sponsorship is a meaningful gift from an appreciative supporter who knows what it means to serve and sacrifice for the freedoms we all enjoy,” said Karen Worcester, executive director of Wreaths Across America. “We are so grateful to the community of Greenville for participating in our mission to Remember, Honor and Teach.”

From now until November, volunteers will host various fundraisers to sponsor the approximately 2200 wreaths needed to honor every veteran at the Greenville Union Cemetery. Each wreath sponsorship costs $15, with $5 going to the local fundraising group, Fort GreeneVille DAR, as part of a special fundraising program developed by Wreaths Across America.

National Wreaths Across America Day is a free event, open to all. For more information, to donate or to sign up to volunteer, please visit

Wreaths Across America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded to continue and expand the annual wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery begun by Maine businessman Morrill Worcester in 1992. The organization’s mission – Remember, Honor, Teach – is carried out in part each year by coordinating wreath-laying ceremonies in December at Arlington, as well as at more than 1,200 veterans’ cemeteries and other locations in all 50 states and beyond.

Darke County Civic Theater Presents “Seasonal Allergies”

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Darke County Civic Theater will be performing a family friendly comedy (suggested for ages 12 and up) on Saturday August 11th and Sunday August 12th. The performances will take place at the Cardinal Center in Gettysburg (260 E Main St, Gettysburg, OH 45328). The Saturday August 11th performance will take place at 7 p.m. and the Sunday August 12th performance will take place at 2 p.m. Tickets cost $7 presale (cash, check) or $8 (credit card) or can be purchased at the door for $10 (cash, check) or $11 (credit card). Presale tickets can be purchased by stopping by Shawnee Prairie Nature Center on Friday August 3rd between 6 and 6:30 p.m. or Sunday August 5th between 1 and 1:30 p.m.

When Julia Shelby’s brother shows up on her doorstep on Thanksgiving, heartbroken and hungry, she and her husband usher him into their home and invite him to stay a few days to sort everything out. After all, the holidays are all about family, right? But what they didn’t expect is for their guest to turn their house upside down, and take an extended vacation – in their living room! Find out what happens when a little brother outstays his welcome, and a loving family tries to show him how to move on.

The show is being directed by Nicole Scott and Logan Turnbull is assisting with crew assignments. The cast includes Kari Lemon, Chris Chapa, Laura Francis, Olivia Leeper, Karen Hamilton, Kathryn Vannoy and Mariah Edwards. Please visit our website for additional information – – Darke County Civic Theater is a non profit organization 501(c)3.


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The Great Darke County Fair is happy to announce that they were selected by the United States Trotting Association as the 2018 Blue Ribbon Fair.

Representatives from the USTA will be at the fair this year to make the presentation. The award will be presented during the last evening of races which features the Gene Riegle Memorial and the Arnie Almahurst Trot. This event takes place on August 23rd with racing starting at 5:30.

As in years past the first 1,000 people to purchase a program will receive a Riegle commemorative glass. Along with the glass we will be presenting a souvenir blue ribbon to fans in the stands. Each winning horse will also receive a rosette ribbon to mark the occasion.

The Darke County Fair has been featured in the August edition of Hoof Beats magazine. A video show casing what makes our fair so great will also be published on youtube.

We’d like to thank the Darke Co. Fairboard for their support and all the members of the Darke Co. Harness Horsemen who work hard each year to make our fair so special. We’d also like thank all our fans who helped us earn this prestigious award.

Please join us in the celebration. We look forward to seeing you there.

The race schedule for 2018 is as follows:

  • Friday August 17th – post time 6:30 PM
  • Saturday Morning August 18th – post time 11:30 AM
  • Saturday Evening August 18th – post time 6:30 PM
  • Wednesday August 22nd – post time 7:30 PM
  • Thursday August 23rd – post time 5:30 PM

Tipp City Preparing for a Community Christmas Bazaar Benefit

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Tipp City, OH: Although we are still sweltering through this hot summer, Black Friday will be here before we know it. Tipp City United Methodist Church is hosting its third annual Angel House Christmas Bazaar, offering unique and traditional handmade art and fine crafts for those hard-to-buy-for friends and family. This year, the Bazaar, which benefits the Angel House Children’s Home in Tanzania, will take place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., December 1, at the church, 8 West Main Street.

New features will include a limited number of half-booth spaces for smaller vendors. All vendors will receive a free photo for future promotions that will feature their merchandise as they engage with their customers . Facebook promotions will again include vendor bios and photos of art/craft items.

As always, the Bazaar will coincide with the annual Cookie Walk, cookies sold by the pound, and the downtown Holiday Home Tour which will draw crowds of shoppers to downtown and to the church. This year, there will also be a beautiful Collection of Nativity sets on display in the church sanctuary and Gathering area. Local musicians will provide background music to set the atmosphere for Christmas shoppers.

Space is still being offered at a discounted rate of $40 through October 15. Applications are available on Facebook at or the web site

Judy Riesser, organizer of the event said, “This should be the biggest and best Bazaar, yet.” We encourage vendors to apply soon, as half the vendor tables are already reserved. Shoppers, please save the date, for unique, hand-made gift items.

Robinson Student Career Center Ground Breaking Ceremony

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President Doreen Larson and many others break ground on what will become the new Robinson Student Career Center at Edison State Community College.
Edison State Community College enjoyed a successful ground breaking ceremony for the Robinson Student Career Center on Thursday, July 26, 2018. Over 120 individuals were in attendance to witness President of Edison State, Doreen Larson, Thom and Pat Robinson and multiple representatives and community leaders break ground for the new center at Edison State. The new addition will be integrated onto the west hall building of the college and will serve as a catalyst for students by helping to bridge the gap in the employment process.

Special thanks to Thom and Pat Robinson for their continued support of Edison State and for making the vision of the Robinson Student Career Center a reality. The Robinsons have been involved for many years in the advancement and promotion of higher education.

Speakers at the event included Ben Thaeler, Deputy District Director from Representative Warren Davidson’s Office; Bill Beagle, State Senator; Steve Huffman, State Representative; Gary Cates, Senior Vice Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education; Tom Fernandez, Executive Vice President of SHP Leading Design; Tom Milligan, Chairman of the Edison State Community College Board of Trustees and Stan Evans, Past Chairman of The Edison Foundation.

Through detailed planning and strategic positioning, the Robinson Student Career Center will come to fruition in the fall of 2019 and will become a beacon for student career development in the future. This project is in addition to the opening of the new Edison State Troy campus, which will be opening Jan. 2019, and have a focus on the allied health field.

Greenville Eagles donates to the Annie Oakley Festival Committee

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GREENVILLE - The Greenville Fraternal Order of the Eagles recently gave donations to the Annie Oakley Festival Committee and five other nonprofit organizations. The donations come from their Charitable Bingo Funds. The Annie Oakley Festival Committee donation will be used for the 2018 Annie Oakley Festival.

The Committee thanked FOE 2177 for its support. The Annie Oakley Festival Committee is a non-profit organization that strives to keep the memory and image of Annie Oakley – Little Miss Sure Shot., Darke County’s native daughter – alive.

This year will be the 55th Annie Oakley Festival and these funds will be used to help with the cost of entertainment that will take place throughout the weekend. It includes local talent Country Harmony, Jeff Hittle, Spittin’ Image, the Melodrama, the American Western Arts Showcase, the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Event, and also the 2018 Annie Oakley Car Show.

The Annie Oakley Festival continues to be a FREE festival (no admission or parking fee) for all who attend. Support and donations from individuals and organizations, as well as grants, are what make this festival possible. Please visit for more information.

The Greenville Eagles is a fraternal organization that supports its youth, seniors and community through donations and activities. Membership is open to the public. Applications can be requested at the Eagles: FOE 2177, 113 E. Third Street. The Eagles also gave donations to Empowering Darke County Youth, Friends of Bear’s Mill, Main Street Greenville, Boys and Girls Club of Greenville and Greenville Instrument Boosters.

Greenville Eagles donates to Empowering Darke County Youth

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GREENVILLE - The Greenville Fraternal Order of the Eagles recently gave donations to Empowering Darke County Youth and five other nonprofit organizations. The donations come from their Charitable Bingo Funds. The Empowering donation will be used to help provide snacks and professional tutors for the 2018-19 school year.

“The board of directors and I would like to thank the Eagles for the incredible support the organization is giving us,” said Eric Fee, President of Empowering Darke County Youth. “We are making a huge impact in the community and the Eagles are playing a major role in that.”

Empowering Darke County Youth was formed in 2016. Since then it has provided over 7,300 contact hours to more than 300 local students. It provides support in the academic basics – reading and comprehension, writing and math – for grades kindergarten through eight, although there are a number of students in high school who have also benefitted from the program.

“We’ve been privileged to help students at nearly all grade levels,” said Bob Robinson, Program Coordinator. “Every student who has consistently participated has shown improvement. Some of the improvement has been dramatic.”

Robinson added that in addition to paid tutors, who are also supervisors, Edison State students work with the youngsters, most of whom prefer being helped by students closer to their own age.

“Our Edison State students do a great job with these kids,” Robinson added. “They not only provide academic help, they are role models. It’s a win-win situation for our community.”

The Empowering Mission: Empowering Darke County Youth is a United Way Partner Agency providing After School and Summer Tutoring programs to assist students in the areas of language arts and math with the goal of Strong Students for a Strong Community.

The Greenville Eagles is a fraternal organization that supports its youth, seniors and community through donations and activities. Membership is open to the public. Applications can be requested at the Eagles: FOE 2177, 113 E. Third Street. The Eagles also gave donations to the Annie Oakley Festival Committee, Friends of Bear’s Mill, Main Street Greenville, Boys and Girls Club of Greenville and Greenville Instrument Boosters.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


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On Tuesday, July 31, 2018 at approximately 12:34 p.m., Darke County Sheriff’s Office 911 Communications Center received a report of a possible stabbing that occurred in the 800 Block of Main Street in New Weston, Darke County, Ohio.

Darke County deputies responded to the scene. The investigation revealed a domestic situation between an adult male and female in which an alleged attempted stabbing occurred. No actual stabbing had taken place. The female was transported to Wayne Healthcare by Ansonia Rescue with minor injuries sustained from the domestic altercation. The male subject fled the scene prior to the deputies’ arrival.

This case remains under investigation.


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Mortgage Professional America Magazine has named Desteni Mason, of Mason Knows Mortgages (A Performance Mortgage Team) in Greenville, Ohio, one of the nation’s ELITE WOMEN IN MORTGAGE 2018.

Mortgage Professional America (MPA) is the mortgage & finance industry’s most trusted source of news, opinion and analysis. The 70 women on this year's list are record-breakers and innovators, founders and owners, top executives and trendsetters. And they're using their influence to change the face of the mortgage industry.

The full article can be read at:

Mason Knows Mortgages is a Performance Mortgage Team. Desteni was one of the founders of KTL Performance Mortgage in 2003, and since that time has helped to grow her company into one of the top USDA lenders in the states of Indiana and Ohio. The Mason Knows Mortgages Team currently serves prospective homeowners in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Florida.

This is Mason’s third award from the publication. She was also honored as one of the top female mortgage professionals in the country in 2015 and 2017 and was named one of Mortgage Professional America Magazine’s “42 Young Guns” in 2016. This national honor presented 42 of the brightest stars in the mortgage industry under the age of 35.

Desteni is an active member of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers, the National Association of Professional Mortgage Women, the Greenville Ohio Chapters of the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation (BPW) and Business Network International (BNI). In 2017, she launched an online resource dedicated to helping women “Rise Above” life’s personal and financial challenges (

Desteni was not the only member of the Mason Knows Mortgages Team to be recognized by MPA this year. Alyssa Case, the team’s Operations Manager and their Mortgage Loan Originator in Venice Florida, was also a recipient of the “Elite Women in Mortgage” honor.


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The Artisan Stroll brings dozens of artists to downtown
Greenville each year to display their talents and sell their work.
Main Street Greenville is also pleased to announce the
incorporation of several art contests to this years event!
If you love the arts you won’t want to miss Main Street Greenville’s First Friday event for August, the Artisan Stroll! The event will feature multiple different vendors, each offering art, crafts, or handmade items!

The event will be held from 6:00 - 9:00 pm in downtown Greenville on Friday, August 3rd. “It will be a jam packed night, with so much to see and do,” said Susan Fowble, Event Chair Volunteer. “We are excited to see everyone downtown!”

Vendors will be set-up on the sidewalks in front of downtown businesses to showcase their items. The list of items offered include paintings, ceramics, jewelry, drawings, re-purposed home decor, photography, pottery, and much more.

In addition to the art and crafts on display, many activities and demonstrations will take place throughout the evening. The agenda includes dance performances by Final Bow Center for Children's Performing Arts and 5678 Dance Studio, martial arts demonstrations by Young Forest Martial Arts, a display of cartoons by local artist Paul Ackley, and a “Bad Art” contest hosted by several downtown businesses. The event will also include live music at multiple locations.

Main Street Greenville is very grateful to The Early Bird & Bluebag Media for loaning a selection of their previously published cartoons created by artist Paul Ackley. The original cartoons will be on display at a new downtown business, Paint Me Happy, located at 411 S. Broadway throughout the evening for event attendees to view.

Multiple downtown businesses will be participating in the first ever “Bad Art” contest! The owners and employees are hard at work creating the most over the top, outrageous, garish, and funny works of art they can come up with. Each participating business will display their piece in the store on the night of the Artisan Stroll and event attendees are encouraged to stop by each location to view the works of “art” and then vote for which piece is the best of the worst! A full list of participating businesses and voting cards will be supplied the night of the event.

The evening also features many activities for children to enjoy, with face-painting, Chalk-the-Block (a sidewalk chalk contest), free hotdogs & hamburgers provided by Greenville National Bank, free ice cream provided by First Congregational Church and First Presbyterian Church, and more!

Beginning in March, the committee (consisting of Susan Fowble, Patti Jetter, Kim Murray, Mary Saintignon, Nancy Person, and Debbie Niekamp) have volunteered their time to work with Main Street Greenville to create the event.

“The Artisan Stroll is our largest First Friday event of the year and it would not be possible without the hard work of the committee. They begin planning this event well in advance to make sure there will be a wide variety of vendors and activities for all to enjoy,” said Crysta Hutchinson, Executive Director of Main Street Greenville.

Flyers will be handed out the night of the event with the schedule and the locations of each vendor. Main Street Greenville will also post the information on their website and Facebook page for you to download or view before the event.

Main Street Greenville is also pleased to announce the incorporation of a brand new art contest to the Artisan Stroll! This juried contest is open to all accepted participants of the Artisan Stroll, although participation in the contest is not a requirement to display your work at the Artisan Stroll.

The theme of the contest is “Shades of Summer.” Artists are encouraged to submit pieces which celebrate the variety of hues, intense saturations, and unique light quality that the summer season brings. Pieces of all mediums will be accepted for participation in the contest and artists will have a chance to win cash prizes of up to $200! The art contest has been generously sponsored by The Greenville Rotary Club.

The mission of Rotary International is to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders. The Greenville Ohio Rotary Club meets every Tuesday afternoon for lunch from 12:00- 1:00 PM in the Community Center at BRC's Chestnut Village.

Main Street Greenville is a non-profit organization committed to stimulating and supporting revitalization efforts, historic preservation and economic growth in Historic Downtown Greenville. To learn more about the organization, visit or call 937-548-4998. You can also like the organization on Facebook to receive updates on a regular basis (

The Faithful Sons Quartet to Perform at BRC

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The EUM Church Women’s Ministry is excited to announce their 11th annual Holiday Boutique on November 10, 2018, from 9:00 am-2:00 pm at EUM’s Worship Center located at 1451 Sater Street in Greenville (corner of Sater Street & Sebring-Warner Road).

The Holiday Boutique is designed for women of Darke County to connect with each other, build relationships, market their products or services and do their Christmas shopping all in a unique and festive setting. Vendor slots are open to those in the community who have in-home or family businesses, and/or offer woman or child related services.

Because we want to give back to the community, attendees and vendors are asked to bring an item for the Pregnancy Help Center such as diapers, formula, baby clothes, etc.

If you have a home-based business and would like to apply for a spot, visit the women’s page at and fill out the online application. For more information about the Holiday Boutique, please contact Cindy Crawford at 548-3211, ext 213 or

Jeff Harper is Lead Pastor at EUM Church. The contemporary worship services are Saturday at 6:30 pm and Sunday at 9:00, 10:30, and 11:59 am at the Worship Center located at 1451 Sater Street. A traditional worship service is Sunday 9:45 am at the Downtown Campus at 111 Devor Street in Greenville. Kidmunity Children’s Ministry is available for kids age birth through grade six at the 6:30 pm, 9:00, 10:30 and 11:59 am services. The Downtown Campus, 111 Devor Street, houses the offices. For more information, go to or call 937-548-3211.

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