Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weekend football thread: Washington upsets USC

Washington pulled off a big upset of USC today 16-13. Maybe the OSU loss last week was even worse than we originally thought? Speaking of the Buckeyes, they beat up on the less-talented Toledo Rockets today ... with Terrelle Pryor adding 4 touchdowns and 2 interceptions to his stat line. Texas and Texas Tech are currently playing the re-match of last year's best game.

Pro update: for comic relief, Chad Ochocinco just scored a touchdown against the Packers and did the Lambeau Leap ... at Lambeau (finding the only two Bengal fans in the front row). The Bengals are up a touchdown late in the third quarter, so they almost certainly will lose.

Pro update II: Bengals win ... but they made it interesting, as usual. They dominated the game, actually, as two terrible Carson Palmer interceptions are the only thing that kept the Packers in the game.


  1. Two years in a row USC has lost the game after beating Ohio State. Quite frankly, it should be USC's second loss in consecutive weeks, but they pulled it out over Ohio State. Did anyone else see the article earlier this week on Yahoo showing that USC didn't actually get in the end zone on their first TD? Just turning the knife already in the hearts of Ohio State fans.

  2. Comic Relief - 4:02 to go. I think you're going to be proven wrong. Give Marvin a break.

  3. Did anyone see the packers fan flip off the camera when chad did the leap? they replayed it several times and never blurred it out, it was the guy on the left of the screen.

  4. USC is not nearly as good a team as they were a year ago, watch for them to be really good again in a year or two though.


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