Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gary Leitzell becomes mayor of Dayton on a shoestring budget

Gary Leitzell? Yes - he's the Independent, earring-wearing, mayor-elect of Dayton. This guy was outspent 7-to-1 by two-time incumbent Rhine McLin, winning a big city mayorship with a preposterous $17,000 budget! With all due respect to Mr. Leitzell, this vote had more to do with throwing McLin out than it had to do with him. Every now and then, a candidate comes along and sweeps into office when an opponent - or a particular party - is down. Even horrid, putrid, unqualified candidates can win in this scenario ... just ask Marc Dann. But we're expecting much more from Leitzell, who now gets to govern without owing any favors to a political party - or big political contributors. What a novel approach.

Final point: do you think the political winds are changing a little? Republicans and Democrats both would be well-served to take notice that the public is more than ready to start throwing incumbents out of office.


  1. Let me first say that I ahte to see what has happened to Dayton in recent years-a real shame for sure. Second, I believe that people there were just tired of Rhine McLin and her hat & glasses. Third, and I am in no way a race-oriented person, but I think that this is fact... Leitzell could be successful if the black community there will support him and give him a chance to lead the government.

  2. Rhine McLin was a joke of a mayor, I'm sure it won't take too much effort to do better....

  3. I think they are giving him a chance by electing him. he wouldn't have won if he didn't have support from the west of the river.

  4. He owes nothing to politicians, only to the people. I'm eagerly waiting to see how he fares. My guess is that both parties will move heaven and earth to assure his failure.

  5. Both parties had BEST WAKE UP


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