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On June 13th, 2011 at approximately 5:30 PM, the Darke County Sheriff's Office along with Ansonia Fire and Ansonia Rescue were dispatched to the area of US Route 127 & State Road 242 in reference to an injury accident involving a pick up truck and a bicycle.

Preliminary investigation revealed that a blue Chevy pick up truck, driven by Patrick J. Johnson, 47, of Greenville, was traveling northbound on US127 approaching State Road 242. Jackson's vehicle traveled off the right side of the roadway striking the northbound bicycle, ridden by Richard A. Monk, 51, of Ansonia.

Jackson was transported to Wayne Healthcare by Ansonia Rescue where he was treated and released. Monk was airlifted to Miami Valley Hospital by Careflight where he was pronounced dead as a result of his injuries sustained from the accident. This accident remains under investigation by the Darke County Sheriff's Office.


  1. Dear Darke County Sherriff Department:
    According to both Webster's Dictionary and The Ohio Digest of Motor Vehicle Laws, a person on a bicycle is NOT a pedestrian, but is considered a vehicle with same rights to public roadways as an automobile.

  2. A person on a bicycle does not have the same rights when it comes to a highway/freeway, they're illegal. But regardless a person lost their life and that is sad.

  3. @ Ohio revised code - This accident happend on US 127, a route marked by a black and white shield. It is leagal for a bicycle on this route. Interstate routes are marked with green shields, such as Interstate 75, have limited access ramps. These routes bicycles are do not have rights of use, and are marked as such by signage on the entrance ramps.

    Please download this pdf file and read page 67.

  4. sorry, here's the link http://publicsafety.ohio.gov/links/hsy7607.pdf
    and the text:
    A motorist must:
    • Share the road with bicycles. The bicyclist has the same right to use the
    public road as any other driver, except freeways.
    • Maintain a safety zone of approximately three feet between the car and
    the bicyclist.
    • Pass a cyclist only when it can be done safely.
    • Leave ample room when turning right after passing a bicyclist so the
    bicyclist is not cut off when the motorist slows for the turn.

  5. OMG!My main concern is what the heck was wrong with the guy that hit him. How was he impaired to be able to hit this guy. My friend said this guy passed him on 127 and was over the double yellow coming at him and the two cars ahead of him with him bumper hanging off his car. It was not like this guy was not sharing the road, there was something wrong with him. He said he could see his face and he had a dead blank stare on his face. Regardless of sharing the road or not, a life was lost and that is too tragic! Why did they release him from the hospital and why is he not in jail??????????

  6. That is the reason that I prefer to ride on the road facing oncoming trafic. I want to see if the idiot coming towards me is paying attention.
    I think the county parks bike trail committee needs to think about this before they make the back roads part of a trail between Gettysburg and Greenville. Trails are supposed a safe place for families to ride. ROADS ARE NOT.

  7. cyclists have the same rights as everyone else on the road. This person killed by a person with a 5000 pound weapon.
    Where are the charges?
    I expect no charges to be filed since the sheriff dept does not even understand a person on a bike is not a pedestrian.
    If the Ohio State Highway patrol was in charge there would be punishment

  8. I wonder who the driver is friends with, as that is the only explaination as to why he is not in jail.

  9. They're working on it. Let them do their job.

    Suppose it was someone who was having a heart attack, or a diabetic episode? Should we simply toss them in jail until everything is sorted out?

  10. Yes,involuntary or not he is dead! But they do need to get a true answer as to what happened.

  11. 10:46 - you ride IN to oncoming traffic just to see if the drivers are paying attention?!? You have been lucky, and I hope that you don't get whacked yourself. Hey, friend, be smart and ride WITH traffic like you are supposed to when biking. Invest in a small review mirror and flag if you must.
    I also agree with 9:45. Let the athorities do their job and find out what was wrong with the man who the cyclist. If he was having a true health problem (ie. heart attack), it is rather hard to charge him even with involuntary. Until all the answers are found and sorted out, I feel badly for both the deceased and the vehicle driver.
    For my last comment, legal or not, I would never actually ride any great distance on a road like 127. It's just too busy and too fast. THere are MANY other less traveled roads in Darke Co. that will get you where you want to go by bicycle.

  12. I doubt it was a true medical emergency because the hospital released him within hours.


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