Friday, August 19, 2011

Creeks Camp Held!

Darke County Park District recently hosted Creeks, Ponds and Beyond summer camp for 8-9 year olds. Campers created a wetland environment in the Nature Center and added to the environment each day. First, plants, crawdads and other critters were added from the wetland and the creek to the indoor environment. Then, campers took a break from building the environment to go fishing! Every camper was able to bait their own hook and catch a fish! Campers then hopped back into the creek to see what else they could find. The last day of camp was spent getting up close and personal with the Herps of the Live Classroom. Everyone was excited to see and touch the frogs, toads, turtles and snakes! Check back next year to see what fun and exciting camps the Darke County Parks has to offer. For more information visit our website at

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