Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fuller Center for Housing Now Accepting Applications

Darke County Fuller Center for Housing is now accepting applications for needed home improvement projects. We are scheduling for this next spring and summer building season. The Fuller Center is named for Millard and Linda Fuller who were the original founders of Habitat for Humanity and formed a new mission based upon their original covenants.

The Fuller Center for Housing is a Christian based non-profit housing program that not only builds houses but does home improvement projects for low income home owners. The home improvement projects are called The Greater Blessing Box Program and are based upon the Biblical principle of ”it is more blessed to give than to receive“. The projects can be as simple as a new hot water heater or as elaborate as new roofing.

The mission also rehabs houses for home ownership as well as builds new homes as need warrants. There is an application process and applications are available at the Darke County Fuller Center Office at 440 Wayne Avenue in Greenville.

The application process includes an income review and evaluation of need among other considerations. For more information please call John Hensley, Executive Director, at 548-3635.

Our Darke County mission began in 1992 with our affiliation with Habitat for Humanity and we have built fifteen homes and numerous other projects in Darke county. Our new affiliation will allow the mission to serve more of our people in Darke County by focusing on upgrading substandard housing. Interested volunteers and church groups can also contact our office for information and project schedules. Members of the Ministerial Association will receive a packet with applications to post for their congregations to distribute to those in need.

The Fuller Center also maintains a ReUse Store at 440 Wayne Avenue as our primary fundraiser, making donated items available to the general public at minimal cost.


  1. So has anyone been to this ReUse Store and what exactly is it?

  2. The ReUse Store is similar to the Goodwill where donated items are sold to raise funds to support the mission. Used building items like bathroom vanities, household items, furniture. They currently have two donated whirlpools both Kohler brand. They are only open on Thursdays and Fridays 9-3.


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