Friday, March 22, 2013 Friends of Deceased Darke County Woman Donate Breast Milk has the heart warming story of a Greenville Township woman who passed away suddenly last week leaving behind an 8 month old daughter and her husband.

Kristen Leese, 29, suffered an aneurysm on March 14th and passed away. Leese had formed an online group that encouraged and educated women on breastfeeding, focusing on the many benefits it provides. Now that she is gone, members of her online community are donating breast milk to her family for her daughter, Gemma Leese.

According to the article, "Leese’s family said following the mother’s death, Gemma was reacting negatively to formula with a rash and vomiting." Now, women from all across the country are donating their excess breast milk to the family, some paying up to $100 to ship 6 days worth of milk at a time to help provide for the girl. 

Sometimes, people are pretty great.

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