Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"A buzzing, mass of honeybees" from Abe Lincoln

A nest of honeybees gathering on a branch of my spruce tree on May 15th. This group of honeybees left their home hive high up in a hole in an old maple tree. Apparently it was becoming too crowded, and a new queen brought bees with her and this was their first stop — in my spruce tree. I would guess there were several thousand bees there as it is a buzzing, living mass of honeybees. I called some honeybee experts from Dayton and a few minutes before they arrived, this nest of bees took off and where they went nobody knows. I was told that this breaking away from the original hive is how honeybees multiply and grow larger in numbers. I am thankful the old hive is still in the hole in the tree that I call the "honey hole," and I am glad these are off somewhere making their new hive which will mean more blossoms will produce food and fruit this summer.

There were two additional nests that formed on the ash tree but not as large as the first one. This was the second nest of honeybees, and it was hanging on two different twigs on the ash tree. About the time I was called for supper; I went to see if this second nest was still there but the nest was in the process of moving on. This was the first time I ever saw a whole nest of honeybees take off and spiral up until the last one is gone. I suppose they go to find a more permanent home they will have to build. Hanging on leaves is, I think, just to get organized. Anyway, up and away they went and the branch is now empty. I did not try to harm the bees. They made a lot of noise but they did not try to sting me. We need all of the honeybees we can have and without them the world would quickly run out of food to eat. Take care of honeybees and all other pollinating bees and insects—your future depends on it. Try to keep chemical sprays out of your environment.

Submitted by Abraham Lincoln
Originally from Gordon, Ohio
Living in Brookville, Ohio
May 24th.

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