Friday, June 9, 2017

Ansonia Jr. High AG Fun Day

On Friday, May 26th, the Ansonia FFA hosted a Jr. High AG fun day at the Ansonia Local School. This day provided a great opportunity for the FFA officers to speak to the Jr. High students about different activities that the FFA participate in, and, how much work it takes to properly run all of the events. The Jr. highers were split up into four different color groups: red, blue, green and purple. The different color groups would travel together throughout the day to all of the different stations. The students would go to four stations [20 minutes at each], and finish with participating in a few fun games.

The first station the students attended was the Greenhouse management station. Here, the students learned how to properly maintain plants in the greenhouse. The second station was the livestock judging station. This stop tested the students on learning various parts of sheep and goats, while exploring some of the things that judges look for in shows. Live sheep and goats were on site to provide hands-on experience. The next station, titled “What is FFA,” gave students the opportunity to learn about the basics of FFA. Finally, the last station was the “Paraphernalia Station” where students discovered how to set up a proper FFA meeting.

After the students passed through all of the stations, they participated in some exciting games. The first game they played is a balloon pop game where they each had a balloon tied to their ankle and they had to try and pop another person’s balloon that had the same color as theirs’. The last person with their color of balloon, unpopped, won the game. The next game the students played was a candy game where they split back up into their color groups and sucked up a Smartie with the end of a straw and carried it a few feet where they were to drop the Smartie into a bowl. The first group to have all of their Smarties gone was deemed the winner. Next up was a balloon toss where each student grabbed a partner to see who could toss their water balloon between themselves the farthest before it busted. The final game was a cup-pass game where participants would fill up a cup that had holes in it and pass it down a line and dump the remaining water in a bowl. The group that could fill up their bowl the fastest, wins. This action packed day required a lot of preparation for the FFA officers, but the Jr. High students had fun, and that’s what makes it all worth it in the end!

Here are all the Jr. High students lined up across from their partner, patiently awaiting the start of the balloon toss game.

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