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Letter to the Editor: Staugler for City Council

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It has been a couple years now since my life crossed paths with Matt Staugler. I was in a Chamber of Commerce meeting when Matt came in to introduce himself as the new Executive Director of the Darke County Visitors Bureau. Not knowing who he was, knowing that he was not from Darke County, knowing the previous person in his position, and knowing that he was younger made me go home that night and pray for him. I have been in those shoes; I knew what challenges and opportunities were in front of him and knew that he had a job ahead of him to be successful.

Once I got to know a little more about him, I was impressed. He left a good job, bought a house in Greenville, moved his young family, his wife left her job for a job in this county, and started a life here. Uncertain of the length of time he would be here, he committed himself fully to OUR community and OUR county. Matt is proud of his community and it shows through how much he cares about his neighborhood, the city, and the success of the community.

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Matt on projects that past couple of years. He takes an idea and delves into what we can do to make the most of it. He knows how to involve others and he knows how to promote a brand to draw people into our community. He has a work ethic that is unsurpassed by his passion.

Greenville and Darke County is a better place by having him in our community. That is why I support him for anything he sets his mind to because many reap benefits from his hard work. These reasons and many more are why you should consider him for city council on May 7th.

Matt Aultman
Greenville Ohio

What You Should Know about Measles & Other Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

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DARKE COUNTY, OH – According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), from January 1 to April 4, 2019, 465 individual cases of measles have been confirmed in 19 states. The states that have reported cases to CDC are Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. Outbreaks of measles are continuing to be reported across the country. Here’s what you need to know about measles and other contagious diseases, the vaccines that help to prevent them, and considerations for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals during an outbreak. Measles is one of the most contagious viruses known. The virus from an infected person’s sneeze or cough can hang in the air for a couple of hours after the person has left the area. The good news is that the measles vaccine, part of the MMR vaccine, is safe and effective. The most well-known symptom of measles is the rash that begins around the hairline and spreads to the trunk before reaching the arms and legs. Measles also causes several other symptoms that together make infected individuals very uncomfortable for about a week. Small white spots with bluish centers form in the mouth a day or two before the body rash develops; these spots are known as “Koplik’s spots.” Other common symptoms include high fever, cough, fatigue and conjunctivitis (“pink eye”). Measles infections can cause complications that range from diarrhea or ear infections to more severe complications including swelling of the brain (encephalitis), infection of the lungs (pneumonia), seizures or death. About one in three people will experience complications; most of these people will be children younger than five years old or adults 20 years or older. Pregnant women infected with measles are at increased risk of premature labor, spontaneous abortion or delivering a baby with low birthweight. People who are immune compromised are at increased risk for a prolonged infection.

It is important for women to get vaccinated before they get pregnant. The MMR vaccine (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) protects you from these diseases. Other types of communicable diseases you may be familiar with that can be prevented by vaccination include mumps, hepatitis A, meningococcal disease, flu (influenza), and pertussis, to name a few. Vaccines contain the same germs that cause disease. But they have been either killed or weakened to the point that they don’t make you sick. Some vaccines contain only a part of the disease germ. All communities have vaccinated and unvaccinated members while unvaccinated people are often thought of as those who have chosen to remain that way; in fact, people can be unvaccinated for any number of reasons. Newborns and young infants may not be old enough to receive certain vaccines, like the influenza or MMR vaccines. Also, some people have medical reasons for not getting one or more vaccines, such as an allergy to a vaccine component. Others may be immune compromised due to medicines like steroids for asthma that cause them to be susceptible to infections. Still others might not be vaccinated because they are receiving chemotherapy for cancer or immune suppressive medicines following an organ transplant. For all of these reasons, virtually every family experience periods of time when they rely on the collective immunity of their community to protect their loved ones. All members of the community contribute to its collective immunity just as every family relies on their community for protection of their loved ones, so too does every family contribute to the relative strength of their community’s ability to stave off the spread of infection. So how does this work? Germs (or pathogens) are like rainwater. They find the weak spots in a community the same way that rainwater finds the weak spots in a leaky roof. When a high percentage of people in a community are protected against a disease, everyone in the community, including those who have not been vaccinated, is at lower risk of being infected with a potential pathogen. This concept is commonly known as herd (or community) immunity. In this case, the roof is effectively sealed. On the other hand, as the unvaccinated population increases, so does the opportunity for a pathogen to spread through the community. This shared environment is important to all families because studies have shown that vaccinated people in a relatively unvaccinated community are at greater risk than unvaccinated people in a highly vaccinated community. In the first case, the roof is too leaky; in the second case, it’s not. Therefore, collectively, the community plays an important role in individual protection, particularly for those who are most susceptible.

As a final thought: the best way to prevent measles (and other vaccine-preventable diseases) is to get vaccinated. The MMR Vaccine in a two-dose series. The CDC recommends children get vaccinated at their first birthday and again prior to kindergarten. For people born prior to 1957, at least one dose of the vaccine in recommended. The Darke County Health Department holds a vaccine clinic every Tuesday from 8:00 am to 10:30 am and from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Feel free to stop in and get vaccinated!

For more information about communicable diseases, please call 937-548-4196 ext. 235. You can also visit the website at

York and Honaker to Wed

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GREENVILLE, OH - Joe and Deanna York of Greenville announce the engagement and approaching wedding of their son, Brayden Michael York to Katelyn Marie Honaker, daughter of Bryan and Cammie Honacker of Belle Center, Ohio.

The bride-to-be is a 2016 graduate of Ben Logan High School and currently enrolled at Indiana Wesleyan University in her fourth year studying Psychology.

The prospective groom is a 2016 graduate of Greenville High School. He is currently serving in the Navy Reserves and enrolled at Indiana Wesleyan University studying Youth Ministry and Business Administration.

The couple met at Camp Wesley, a church camp near Bellefontaine, Ohio. They plan to marry on Friday, May 4, 2019, at Rushylvania Church in Rushylvania, Ohio.


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The officers and members of Wildflower Garden Club are pleased to invite the public to their annual plant sale on Saturday, May 4, 2019.

Time of the sale is 9 to 11 A.M. Location is at 5094 St. Rt. 49 South, Greenville, Ohio. Be sure to look for the sign about the sale at this location in the near future.

The club members are offering for sale the following; annuals, perennials, bulbs, tomatoes, and many more garden veggies. Prices start at 50 cents and go up. They will also have available worm castings in 15 lb. bags.

They will be offering baked goods for sale, including pies, cookies, bread, bars.

The profits from this annual sale help defray the expenses of their civic projects around Greenville. They plant and maintain the gardens at the Moose. For Arbor Day the girls have a tree planted at the park. The club also contributes to a food kitchen at Christmas

Pictured are right to left. Judy Burns Treasurer, Barb Rhoades President. Call Brenda Grant, plant sale chair for more info, # 547-0704.

PCAA to Host "Art's Night Out!"

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The Preble County Art Association (PCAA) is excited to announce Art's Night Out! Join in the celebrations at the Visual Art Center, Friday, May 10 from 6pm-10pm. This edition of the ongoing Art's Night Out series will feature live music from Mark Gibson, and a live raku firing demo from renowned ceramics artist, Robin Dakin. Enjoy the opening of Preble’s Creative Kids, a partnership with Preble County ESC and celebrate out talented young artists.

Visitors are invited to purchase delicious eats from Harvest food truck and a selection of craft beer from Warped Wing Brewing Company. Partake in professionally led art activities and create a flow painting for $15 and make an aromatherapy bracelet for $8. Enjoy half-off PCAA tee shirts and "shop" at the Free Store. Sign up for Unwind and Create and glaze a fun ceramic mason jar. Paint pottery in our Clay Café with no sitting fees for the whole evening.

Visitors can look forward to the Summer by taking advantage of Summer Camp sales, valid only by in-person registration at the event. Browse and shop the artist market featuring resin jewelry with Meredith Jessie, personal care products with Netta's Naturals, decorative pieces from Patricia Carder, artisan coffee from Baker's Brew, and ceramic jewelry with Preble Clayworks and Apiary. Pick out a meaningful gift for your loved ones and something fun for you!

Art's Night Out is an interactive experience designed to combine entertainment and education of the arts. This program is generously supported by LCNB. Art's Night Out is an important event that brings together community members, supports local businesses, and promotes the arts.

Visit WWW.PREBLEARTS.ORG for the latest specials and workshops or call 937-456-3999. The Visual Art Center is located at 601 Hillcrest Dr. in Eaton, Ohio. Spring hours are: Tuesday-Friday 1pm-6pm and Saturday 10am-2pm. The Preble County Art Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making art accessible to Preble County.

STAR 88.3 Gives Love to the Huber Family

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Trevor Huber is a name many are familiar with in Darke County, after hearing the news of his tragic passing in January. He was killed in an ATV accident. The Versailles community, where Trevor went to school, was rocked by yet another tragedy. But again, the amazing generosity of our community shone so brightly!

STAR 88.3, our area’s local Christian radio station, heard locally on 88.9 in Union City, is all about finding ways to serve the community. That’s why they Give Love several times a year. They accept nominations for someone to surprise, and then they pick a few recipients and surprise them with a nice basket. For Valentine’s Day, they again accepted nominations from the community for someone they’d like to surprise. Someone who is going through a hard time or is an inspiration in some way. Amy Hoying, a teacher in Versailles, nominated Trevor’s family.

STAR 88.3 community representative Naomi Cantrell reached out to Mrs. Hoying and other friends of the Huber family for more information about the family. “We want to make our surprises as personal as we can,” Cantrell said. “We give them a basket full of things we hope encourages them in a very personal way.”

But surprising the Huber family turned into far more than a gift basket. As Naomi Cantrell began to talk to friends and family, so many began to ask how they could help. Because STAR 88.3 is a non-profit ministry, they are not legally allowed to raise funds for individuals, but the community wanted to help. An idea began to take shape: The goal was to raise $1,000 to give to the Huber family, so they could take their family on a summer getaway. It would be something they can look forward to, and a way to remind them a few months down the road that their community loves them.

So, Cantrell began a GoFundMe page to give the community a place to Give Love to the Huber family. Donations came pouring in, and it was not long before $1,000 was raised. On Wednesday, March 27th, Naomi and some friends of the Huber’s surprised them at their home. STAR 88.3 provided a beautiful basket of love and encouragement, including a $50 gift card from The Inn at Versailles so the family could go out for a meal. In addition to the basket, Naomi told the family what their community had done for them. It was a very special time!

“I have found that one of the important ways a Christian radio station can serve their community is to provide opportunities for the community to meet a need,” said Cantrell. “So often, when tragedy strikes, we all wish we could do something, but we’re not sure how or what. STAR 88.3 offered the community a chance to Give Love to the Huber family, and the community responded in a big way. We’re praying that the Huber family is blessed by this gesture and that they can see once again how loved they are.”

STAR 88.3 is currently accepting nominations again! This time it’s Give Love for Mother’s Day. Nominate your mom or a special mom in your life for a very special surprise from STAR 88.3. Fill out a nomination form at

Darke County Senior Interview & Networking Event

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Nearly 80 high school seniors from four of our county schools and 25 area employers participated in the Senior Interview and Networking Event on Friday, April 5th.

The fourth annual event is sponsored by Darke County Economic Development (DCED) and open to all county high school seniors. This year, the event was held at Edison State Community College – Greenville Campus. Students interacted with employer representatives in the Networking Area to learn more about local career, education and development opportunities. Attending students also participated in three 15 – minute interviews with area employers and received feedback on their interview.

When registering for the event, students indicated their employment and career interests. Students were then matched to employers who offered opportunities in their career interests or were matched based on the type of employment they were seeking. During the event, students were able to submit their applications to any of the participating businesses.

Participating employers represented career areas including Business, Education, Engineering/Science & Technology, Information Technology, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Public Safety, and Retail. “With the new location this year, we were able to expand the variety and number of employers involved and add new career areas to the event,” stated Tamala Marley, Workforce Specialist with DCED. Students also learned more about the Hometown Opportunity website and app, where they can apply to local careers and locate area openings. “Our local graduates are in demand by our area employers. Many of those employers offer tuition reimbursement, paid training, co-op programs, and paid internships,” said Marley. “It’s no longer necessary to choose between education and employment after graduation. Many of our local graduates can begin earning while they learn, rather than incurring school debt. Events like this allow students to see the wide variety of local options and career opportunities available.”

DCED would like to thank the following for their participation: Ansonia Local Schools, Franklin Monroe Local Schools, Greenville City Schools, Mississinawa Valley Schools, BASF, Brethren Retirement Community, Darke County Commissioners, Darke County Sheriff’s Department, DOSS, Edison Community College, Family Health, Fort Recovery Industries, FRAM, Greenville Federal, Greenville National Bank, GTI, JAFE Decorating, Midmark, Mote & Associates, Pohl Transportation, Spirit Medical Transport, Ramco, Second National Bank, Village Green, Voisard Tool, Walmart, Wayne Healthcare, and Whirlpool. Thanks for our volunteers – Superintendent Jim Atchley, Commissioner Matt Aultman, Dennis Baker, Joyce Colville, Superintendent Doug Fries, Rodd Hale, Eileen Litchfield, Matt Staugler, and Mayor Steve Willman. DCED would also like to thank Chad Beanblossom, VP of Regional Campuses, and Edison State – Greenville Campus staff for all their help in making this event a success.

For more information about this and future school / business events, please contact Darke County Economic Development at 937-548-3250 or

Ohio Wildlife Council Approves 2019-2020 Hunting Regulations

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COLUMBUS, OH – The Ohio Wildlife Council approved Ohio’s 2019-2020 hunting season dates and bag limits at Wednesday’s meeting, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife. In addition, the council approved to increase the bag limit for walleye in Lake Erie and the Maumee River in March 2020.

Overview of white-tailed deer hunting seasons for 2019-2020:

  • Deer archery: Sept. 28, 2019-Feb. 2, 2020
  • Youth deer gun: Nov. 23-24, 2019
  • Deer gun: Dec. 2-8, 2019; Dec. 21-22, 2019
  • Deer muzzleloader: Jan. 4-7, 2020

Deer bag limits remain the same for all counties. The statewide bag limit remains at six deer, only one of which may be antlered, and a hunter cannot exceed a county bag limit.
Additional changes approved by the Ohio Wildlife Council on Wednesday.

  • Hunters can transport a white-tailed deer or wild turkey to a residence or temporary lodging without a tag being attached to the animal, if the permit is properly filled out and the hunter remains with the animal.
  • The name of the antlerless deer permit was changed to deer management permit.
  • Hunters who harvest a deer within a disease surveillance area (DSA) are required to deliver the head to an inspection station only during the seven-day gun season, rather than all firearm seasons.
  • Brant and pintail daily bag limits were reduced to one.
  • The annual shooting range permit fee is reduced when purchased at the same time as an annual resident hunting license.
  • Youth hunting seasons are open to hunters age 17 or younger. This provides for more uniform and consistent regulations for all youth hunting seasons.
  • The walleye bag limit will increase from four fish to six fish daily from March 1 to April 30 in Lake Erie, excluding the Sandusky River, when Ohio’s total allowable catch exceeds 3 million fish. In the Sandusky River, the four fish daily bag limit remains in place.
  • Nonresident anglers under the age of 16 are exempted from obtaining a nonresident Lake Erie fishing permit.

For a complete list of all proposed changes, visit the Proposed Rule Summary at
The Ohio Wildlife Council is an eight-member board that approves all the Division of Wildlife rule and regulation changes. The Ohio Wildlife Council voted on the proposed rules and season dates after considering public input.

The mission of the Division of Wildlife is to conserve and improve fish and wildlife resources and their habitats for sustainable use and appreciation by all. Visit to find out more.
ODNR ensures a balance between wise use and protection of our natural resources for the benefit of all. Visit the ODNR website at

Native Plant Sale

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Darke County Parks annual native plant sale returns to Shawnee Prairie Preserve on May 11. Pre-sale forms are available on the website at Forms can be mailed to Darke County Parks at 4267 State Route 502, Greenville. Favorite flowers of the Monarch butterfly and other pollinators are the focus this year. Please consider planting milkweed to help provide habitat for the struggling Monarch population.

Pre-sale forms and payment must be turned in by April 30th. Pre-orders may be picked up during the sale.

  1. Any plants not picked up by May 13th will be considered a donation to the Park District and will be planted within our prairies.
  2. In the event the minimum of any plant is not met, we will try to replace it with a similar species to the best of our ability.

Cash or check only. For more information, please contact Mandy at Darke County Parks at 937-548-0165.

Saturday, April 20, 2019


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On April 19, 2019 Darke County Deputies along with the Ohio Investigative Unit conducted compliance checks at several Darke County liquor establishments.  During the course of the investigation a total of 19 citations were issued between the two agencies and one person was arrested on an unrelated warrant. 

There were 6 citations issued for the sales to underage persons, 5 citations were issued for possession or consumption of alcohol by an underage person and one citation for furnishing alcohol to an underage person by the Darke County Sheriff’s Office. 

The businesses that were cited by the Ohio Investigative Unit were Quick Stop in Arcanum, Millers Tavern in Arcanum, Circle Mart in Greenville, Sloopy’s in Greenville, The Triangle outside of Greenville, Big O’s outside of Versailles and Jackie’s Place in Rossburg


The operation was very successful and those cited by Darke County Sheriff’s Deputies will appear in court later this week.

Friday, April 19, 2019

GCS Annual Instrumental Music Festival and BBQ Dinner to Be Held April 25

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On Thursday, April 25th, the Greenville City Schools Instrumental Music Program will hold its annual Instrumental Music Festival from 6 to 9 p.m. in the Greenville Senior High School gymnasium. The Festival is free and open to the public. Please come celebrate with the Instrumental students as they show their community what they have learned and prepared this school year. Performances will include the orchestra and band from the 5th and 6th grade, Junior High, and Senior High. The Jazz Scene will also perform.

In connection with the Festival, the Instrumental Music Boosters will host a BBQ Dinner in the Greenville Senior High School cafeteria. They will serve meals from 5 to 7 p.m. to those who have pre-ordered tickets and anyone who would like to purchase meals at the door. Customers have the choice of either a chicken (includes 1/2 a chicken) or a pork chop (includes 2 pork chops) meal. Both meals come with applesauce, a roll with butter, and chips. There are a limited number of extra dinner tickets available on a first come first served basis. Meal tickets are $8 a piece. Drive-thru pickup is available for those who have pre-ordered tickets.

The Instrumental Boosters will also be selling desserts and drinks in the cafeteria. Anyone is welcome to come to the cafeteria and purchase a dessert or a drink.

Proceeds from the BBQ will help purchase new instruments and music, repair current instruments, and fulfill other needs in the Instrumental Music Program.

Art Exhibit at Library

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The Greenville Public Library is proud to host the 2019 Second Annual K-6 Elementary Art Exhibit in the second floor Reference Room. This exhibit first hung in the Anna Bier Gallery and will be in the Library the month of April in case you missed it. An additional six pieces are displayed in the cabinet on the landing between floors.

Art teachers from Darke County public schools, DeColores Montessori, St. Mary’s School and the local home school community were invited to creatively challenge their students with varying art projects over the past few months. Each teacher was then asked to select and submit the best works from their students to be juried in the Anna Bier Gallery Elementary Exhibit. Certificates and cash prizes were awarded.

Librarians Deb Cameron and Candace Henne have partnered with Tamera McNulty of the Anna Bier Gallery to host this and future exhibits. Take a minute to stop by and enjoy these colorful and original works by our up-and-coming young artists!

Times of Our Lives at Greenville Elementary School

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by Kitty Davis, Greenville Elementary School Principal

Greenville Elementary is filled with third and fourth graders saying catchy phrases to assist them in remembering multiplication (times) facts. For example, walking down the hallway, you may hear “To drive a 4x4 you have to be 16, or 7 in a row, 7 in a line, the answer must be 49.” Mrs. Barga, Mrs. Britsch, Mrs. Borders, Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. Walling, and Mr. Westfall are in the process of ensuring all third and fourth graders know the multiplication facts through 10. State testing does not permit students to use a multiplication chart so having the facts memorized allows students to feel more confident when solving mathematical problems. Students are practicing multiplication facts at home, during inside recess, and at Empowering Darke County Youth (an afterschool tutoring program). Parents may want to investigate two of the more popular on-line programs that assist in mastering multiplication facts- Gynzy and XtraMath. Both programs have free trials to utilize at home.

Once students have mastered the facts, their teacher notifies the principal. Students then visit the office and are “quizzed” with flash cards. Successful students receive a t-shirt imprinted with the slogan, “I’ve had the TIMES of my life in third and fourth grade at Greenville Elementary School” to commemorate this special achievement in their mathematical learning. Mrs. Duncan and Mrs. Holm’s homeroom classes have taken the honor of having the first students to have facts memorized. In Mrs. Duncan’s room, Landen Bryant, Tucker Cox, Brooklyn Crampton, Cael Cromwell, Mielah Garber, Brenden Goewert, Travis Hines, Alia Hunt, Lindsey Hoff, Tessa Leensvaart, Cole
Marshall, Dev Valera, Caitlyn Warner, and Julia Yohey earned t-shirts for their efforts in learning the facts. Aubrey Baumgardener, Allison Bolin, Avery Brown, Braylon Byers, Braydon Comer, Haven Marker, Maria Schmitmeyer, Clyde Slayback, Audrey Swiger, and Landen Unger in Mrs. Holm’s room are also having the “times” of their lives as they successfully know their multiplication facts.

Johnny Appleseed the BRC

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Who was Johnny Appleseed? You’ve heard the meet the real man! Join us for a Living History Production as Kenneth Hammontree portrays Johnny Appleseed. Learn about his life and journey crossing Ohio and Indiana and his legacy of the apple trees he left behind. For more info see

This event is sponsored by the Greenville Public Library but held at the Brethren Retirement Community Brick Room on Friday April 26th at 2:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome!

Zechar Bailey Funeral Home Donates to Brethren Retirement Community Capital Campaign

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Brethren Retirement Community accepted a generous donation from Zechar Bailey Funeral Home for their ongoing Capital Campaign.

Some of the projects that will be accomplished as a result of this project include renovation of the Rosewood Health Center and their "Second & Main" project which will include an enlarged Senior Fit Gym, a theater, ice cream parlor, computer center, family visitation room and our resale shop. Thank you! Brethren Retirement Community could not do all they do for their residents without generous donors like Zechar Bailey Funeral.

Left to Right: Fred Bernhard, Chairman of the BRC Board and Campaign Co-Chair, Greg Zechar, Manager of Zechar Bailey Funeral Home, Holly Hill, Chief Marketing Officer at Brethren Retirement Community.

Brethren Retirement Community to Host “Welcome to Medicare Event”

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On April 25 at 4:00 PM, Brethren Retirement Community will host “Welcome to Medicare Event” presented by the Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program (OSHIIP), a service of the Ohio Department of Insurance. OSHIIP staff are trained by the state and do not sell or promote any insurance companies,policies or agents. They just present the facts that concern Medicare and answer questions.

If you or a loved one are going to be eligible for Medicare soon or if you are on Medicare but still have questions or if you help someone with Medicare issue, then this FREE informative event is for you!

Thursday, April 25 at 4 PM
Chestnut Village Center at Brethren Retirement Community
750 Chestnut Street, Greenville, OH
RSVP to 937-547-7628

You will learn about Medicare Part A and Part B benefits, the prescription drug benefit (Part D), Medicare Advantage plans, and Medicare supplement insurance.

Light refreshments will be served. Reservations required.


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This year, the Greenville Church of the Brethren decided to do things a little different for their Sunrise Service. Instead of meeting at the church building, they have decided to greet Easter morning this year where the most important part of the Easter Celebration happened – in a cemetery.

“Since Easter is later this year and the weather should be warmer, we decided to meet at the Greenville Union Cemetery,” said Pastor Ron Sherck. “The grave is where the women who came to prepare Jesus’ body for burial and where the angel told them the Good News that Jesus had been raised from the dead. So that is where we will begin our day as well.”

Everyone is welcome to join the church in this celebration at 8:00 AM on April 21 at the Greenville Union Cemetery at 200 West Street in Greenville. Participants are encouraged to bring their own chairs. In case of rain, the service will be moved inside the Mausoleum. Directions: Enter the cemetery from North Main Street. Go under the archway. Take first right and park near the Mausoleum.

A breakfast will follow the service at 9:00 AM at the church building at 421 Central Avenue in Greenville.


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GREENVILLE - The Darke County Friends of the Shelter are sponsoring their annual 5KRun/Walk for Scentral Park dog park on Saturday, April 20th, beginning at 9a.m. at the Darke County Fairgrounds.

This race encourages you to bring your dog as a participant along with you. If you don’t have a dog you can still enter. Medals will be awarded to those racing with dogs as well as those racing without. A free Kid’s Fun Run will be at 8:30a.m. Free online registration can be found at Same day registration begins at 7:30a.m. at the fairgrounds.

ALL of the proceeds from this race go toward the maintenance of and improvements to Scentral Park Dog Park located at 5066 County Home Road, Greenville, OH, next to the Animal Shelter.

The Friends of the Shelter opened Scentral Park, Darke County’s only dog park, in March of 2013 having raised the necessary funds from donations, grants and fundraisers. No taxpayer money was
used. Scentral Park is maintained and improved through the monies raised by this 5K race.

For more information please contact Race information is also available inside the Darke County Animal Shelter and at

Ketrow Foundation Supports DCCA Arts Programs For Children

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Darke County Center for the Arts will present Underneath a Magical Moon, a retelling of the Peter Pan tale from the perspective of an up-to-date Wendy Darling, on Sunday, April 7 at Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall in Greenville; the last presentation of DCCA’s 2018-2019 Family Theatre season, the show starts at 2 p.m. From Tutti Frutti Productions, a children’s theatre company based in the U.K., the show has won highly positive response in its native land, and is now touring internationally.
Darke County Center for the Arts recognizes the Ketrow Foundation for their support of DCCA’s programs for children. “DCCA is pleased to receive continual generous support from community organizations such as the Ketrow Foundation. With their assistance we are able to fulfill our mission of cultural enrichment for the community,” stated Andrea Jordan, DCCA Executive Director.

According to DCCA Executive Director Andrea Jordan, “Ketrow Foundation's support of children’s programming makes it possible for us to present wonderful, creativity enhancing Family Theatre Series programs at an affordable ticket price, and enables all Darke County public school students to experience a professional artistic program each year.” Jordan continued, “We are absolutely thrilled to see the children in our community receive the benefit of their generosity and ensuring the opportunity to learn and grow through the arts.”

Featured productions in the 2018-2019 season include comedic juggling performance of Playing By Air on November 18. Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia’s glowing production of Rainbow Fish, based on the classic children’s book, on Sunday, February 10, and on Sunday, April 7 Underneath a Magical Moon from Tutti Fruitti Productions, a re-imagining of the Peter Pan tale as it would be told by Wendy. All three performances will be on Sundays starting at 2 pm, at St. Clair Memorial Hall. Thanks to continued community support, ticket prices have remained at $5 since the first Family Theatre Series performance in 1997.

DCCA Arts In Education programs for 2018-2019 season included Kathakaar (grades K-3) "The Spinning Storytellers" sharing history and culture of India. Lee Murdock shares music and history of the Great Lakes (grades 4-6); Alpin Hong (grades 7 & 8) a Darke County favorite, returns bringing his own "pianistic firebrand" to St. Clair Memorial Hall; and Jonathan Kingham (grades 9-12) shares creative songwriting. In addition to performing for Junior High students, Alpin Hong was also presented as part of the DCCA Artists Series. Arts In Education artists are generally in residence for a week as they tour all of the eight public school districts in Darke County. These programs are open to the public; contact the DCCA office for more information.

Tickets for Underneath a Magical Moon cost just $5, and may be obtained by contacting DCCA at 937-547-0908; tickets are available online at and will also be sold at Greenville Public Library, Readmore’s Hallmark and Darke County Welcome Center in downtown Greenville, Worch Memorial Library in Versailles, and will be available at the door if any remain by showtime.

For more information on Darke County Center for the Arts contact the DCCA office at (937) 547-0908 or visit our website

Blue Angels 4-H Club March Meeting Minutes

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The Blue Angels 4-H Club held a club meeting March 28, 2019 at the First Baptist Church in Greenville. President Blake Addis called the meeting to order.

Community Service announcement reminded members of the upcoming Trash Bash and to continue to collect plastic tops for a commemorative bench. Health and Safety Officer Julia Raffle presented tips on online safety.

Members were reminded that April 27 will be the 4-H day at the Dayton Dragons baseball game.

Members votes on this year’s fair booth and float theme. Members were reminded to review the on line e-clover newsletter for county 4-H news. The Club voted to sponsor 2 trophies for this year’s projects. Members were informed of new committees available for this year and were able to sign-up if interested. 2019 Members books were distributed. Members registered for projects for the 2019 year.

Members will be meeting on Monday, April 22, 2019 at 6:30 pm at McBo’s Lanes for bowling and pizza.

Submitted by Tyler McKinniss, April 7, 2019.

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