Friday, October 20, 2017


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The Darke County Sheriff’s Office has received reports of a telephone scam in the Darke County area yesterday. This type of scam has been going on all around the country for sometime and seems to be perpetrated in this area periodically.

The telephone scam involved the perpetrator identifying himself as a Darke County Deputy attempting to obtain fine or bond money for false unpaid fines. In one case the suspect utilized the name of an actual local deputy and judge in an effort to legitimize the scam. The fictitious telephone number on the caller ID shows up as local number in an effort to lure unsuspecting victims. The caller will try to intimidate the victim into complying with the demands. In this case the victim was advised they had outstanding traffic citations and had failed to appear in court or pay fines. The suspect asked the victim to go to a local retail store to buy a money card and then provide the numbers on the card so the suspect can then take control of the money. When the victim refuses to comply or questions the legitimacy of the call it is followed by threats of arrest. These cases are still under investigation.

The Darke County Sheriff’s Office as with most law enforcement agencies do not operate this way. We do not call and attempt to obtain money for outstanding citations or warrants from people by telephone for any reason.

Deputies do commonly make phone calls to follow up on investigations and reports. A deputy will never ask you for money. If a person questions the validity of a deputy’s call they will often be asked to call back on our publically known telephone number 548-2020 and ask for the deputy who will then take the call.

Sheriff Toby Spencer is warning citizens not to fall for this scam. In all situations, it is important that citizens do not verify or provide any personal information over the phone unless they positively know or trust the caller. Best course of action if you suspect you are receiving a scam call is to hang up immediately.

Any citizens who have suffered a monetary loss or feel they have compromised their personal identifying information can contact the Darke County Sheriff’s Office at 937-548-2020 or their local law enforcement agency.

In Support of the Emergency Communications Levy from Greenville Township Emergency Services Officers

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On November 7, 2017 Darke County Residents are being asked to support a levy for an emergency communication system for all of Darke County. The communication system as well as the levy affects every emergency responder in Darke County. Every Police Department, EMS Department and Fire department uses the communication system and every department regardless of their discipline will be adversely affected if this levy fails.

The current VHF system is at the end of its life. Meaning that upgrading it or maintaining the system is either financially unfeasible or it is not possible due to the unavailability of parts. The current system also isolates Darke County from its neighbors and from the state. VHF Systems are rare and this is due to the reasons stated previously. By switching to a MARCs (800/700 MHZ) System, which is the most commonly used public safety radio system, Darke County along with all of the Emergency departments inside of Darke County will be able to communicate with almost anyone (Region wide, State wide and with our neighbors to the west) in the event of a disaster.
The Darke County Sheriff’s Office, the County Commissioners and all of the public safety services have worked tirelessly to make the current system work for as long as possible and no one has taken this decision lightly. Over the past 3 years a committee, comprised of representatives from the various public safety services (police, fire, EMS), the various government entities, (County, cities, townships) along with EMA and the LEPC, have been meeting to determine the best course of action. After numerous meetings, studying multiple options and multiple systems it was unanimously determined that the VHF System was no longer maintainable and that the MARCs System will serve the residents of Darke County the best for years to come.

With the determination that the VHF System is no longer a tenable option the switch to a MARCs System becomes inevitable. The passage of the proposed levy would provide tremendously important financial relief to the public safety agencies in Darke County. The levy will provide a sustainable revenue source specifically earmarked for public safety communication. This means that portable radios, mobile radios, pagers, MARC’s user fees and other necessary equipment will be purchased for the various EMS, Fire and Police departments in Darke County. If the levy fails the financial burden will fall back onto each individual department. This burden may be too much for even the heathiest department and emergency responses may be jeopardized.

The Darke County Communication Committee determined that a .45 mill permanent levy would be sufficient. This will generate approximately $500,000 annually and cost a residential tax payer $15.75 per year per $100,000 of valuation. Again this money is earmarked and can only be used for emergency communications.

We encourage all residents of Greenville Township as well as all of the residents of Darke County to Vote Yes for the Emergency Communications Levy on November 7th.

Greenville Township Emergency Services Officers:

Steve Wenning
Kenneth Stiefel
Aaron Ward
Brian Phillips

Jordan Agency of Greenville Ohio Earns Platinum Plowshare Award

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DES MOINES, IA – Writing farm insurance is often complex. Each farm operation is different with unique risks and insurance needs. It requires a deep understanding of the business of farming and a high level of expertise in knowing which insurance products provide the best protection against the specific risks a farm or ranch operation faces.

So, it’s no small achievement to be named to the Society of the Platinum Plowshare, a recognition provided by Nationwide, the #1 farm insurer in the country, to agencies that achieve $1 million in farm sales. Each time the $1 million mark is met, an additional star is added to the award for these high producing agencies. Farm and ranch consumers can recognize that such agencies are highly skilled in farm protection.

The Jordan Agency located in Greenville, OH was recently recognized for achieving its first Platinum Plowshare award based on 2016 sales. The Jordan Agency is one of only 182 agencies nationally to be named to the prestigious Society of the Platinum Plow.

“Farm coverage is a highly specialized line of insurance,” said Jerry Hillard, associate vice president of agribusiness sales. “Only agents who specialize in this highly complex type of business can provide our farm customers with important advice and counsel. The Society of the Platinum Plowshare recognizes agencies that have made this commitment.”


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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Shelby & Darke County will hold two separate open houses in conjunction with local holiday events. They will have information available regarding the various programs they offer, volunteer opportunities, the importance of mentoring our community’s at-risk youth, along with donation and sponsorship opportunities for upcoming fundraiser events. Hot chocolate and cookies will be available for those who stop by inquiring about Big Brothers Big Sisters.

The first Open House will be held on Friday, November 17, from 6-9pm at their Sidney office located at 121 E. North Street. This Open House will be held in conjunction with the Winter Wonderland Parade organized by Sidney Alive. The Sidney office is located along the parade route.

The second Open House will be held on Saturday, November 18, from 6-7pm at their Greenville office located at 205 E. Fourth Street. This Open House will be held in conjunction with the Hometown Holiday Horse Parade organized by Main Street Greenville. The Greenville office is located one block from the parade route.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Shelby & Darke County is a nonprofit, United Way member, social service organization whose vision is for all children to achieve success in life. Their mission is to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever. If you would like to make a difference in the life of a child, please call 937-492-7611 or 937-547-9622 or go to for more information.

Family Health would like the following announcement ran on the Darke Journal.

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Family Health Eye Care would like to welcome Dr. Janessa Simon. Dr. Simon is a 2009 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Optometry. She is a member of the American Optometric Association and Ohio Optometric Association. Her special interests include contact lenses, glaucoma, ocular disease, and vision therapy. She enjoys helping patients achieve their highest level of vision. Dr. Simon along with Dr. Robert McLear, Dr. Krista Swensen and Dr. Lindsey King are all accepting new patients. Call 937-548-6111 to schedule your appointment. Family Health Eye Care accepts Medicare, Medicaid and most insurances.

Reduce, reuse, reeducate: Contamination hurts recycling

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Consider this: a contractor finishes a job cleaning up a rental property for a client. It’s time to dispose of the items the previous renter left behind. He’s cleaned up items such as clothes, shoes, broken toys and electronics, and just plain dirt. He could throw it in the trash can, but he opts for the district’s free recycling bin.

He’s just contaminated the whole recycling bin, and now it’s destined for the garbage.

In Darke County, the solid waste district holds various recycling events for residents to dispose of their hard to recycle items. Even though the district recycles these items on an annual basis, Rumpke will not accept them in their recycling bins. Items such as televisions, stereos, air conditioners, household chemicals, paint, construction debris, plastic home goods and toys, and tires are prohibited in the bin.

At this time, Rumpke can only recycle #1 & # 2 plastics, glass jars and bottles (no Pyrex or windows, etc), juice cartons, office paper and cardboard, and aluminum and metal cans. For a complete list of items accepted by Rumpke in the recycling bins, visit the Darke County Solid Waste District website at : or call the district office at 937-547-0827 to have a copy mailed to you.

Unfortunately, not all county residents have a grasp on the guidelines, and it only takes one non-recyclable item to spoil a whole bin of recyclables. That one non-recyclable item could force the hauler to have to treat the entire load as trash. Getting rid of contaminated recycling bags and trash costs the Darke County Solid Waste District and jeopardizes the future of recycling programs.

Due to the continuous contamination in recycling bins, the bin in Palestine will be removed at the request of Village officials. Recently found in the recycling bin has been televisions, laundry baskets, car parts, windows, flower pots, stereo speakers, tires, and construction debris. If you have a question about whether or not something can be recycled, call the Darke County Solid Waste District at 937-547-0827.

If you are caught placing trash or non-recyclable materials in one of the district’s recycling bins, you are in violation of the following Ohio Revised Code Law and its penalties and could be prosecuted:
3767.32 Littering.
(A) No person, regardless of intent, shall deposit litter or cause litter to be deposited on any public property, on private property not owned by the person, or in or on waters of the state
3767.99 Penalty.
(C) Whoever violates section 3767.13 , 3767.19 , or 3767.32 or, being a natural person, violates section 3767.30 of the Revised Code is guilty of a misdemeanor of the third degree. The sentencing court may, in addition to or in lieu of the penalty provided in this division, require a person who violates section 3767.32 of the Revised Code to remove litter from any public or private property, or in or on waters of the state. A third degree misdemeanor is punishable by a maximum $500 and/or 60 days.

DCCA Selected to Receive Funding from Arts Midwest Touring Fund

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Darke County Center for the Arts will open its 2017-2018 Arts In Education series with the return of legendary performer Terrance Simien presenting his highly acclaimed program “Creole For Kids and the History of Zydeco” for fourth through sixth grade students in all local public schools during the week of October 23 through October 27.  (Bob Robinson photo)
Darke County Center for the Arts will open its 2017-2018 Arts In Education series with legendary performer Terrance Simien presenting his highly acclaimed program “Creole For Kids and the History of Zydeco” for fourth through sixth grade students in all local public schools during the week of October 23 through October 27. “A fabulous performer who has twice won a Grammy Award, Terrance Simien is one of the most respected and accomplished artists in American roots music today,” stated DCCA Artistic Director Keith Rawlins. “Terrance’s ground-breaking educational program which has reached nearly 500,000 students since its creation teaches the history of the indigenous music of the Creoles of South Louisiana, while evoking the joy to be found within that culture and inducing enthusiastic response from students and educators everywhere,” Rawlins concluded.

DCCA’s Arts In Education program has annually presented high quality artists performing for students in each grade of all local public schools since 1983; these performances are presented at no charge to students, and are free and open to the public. Terrance and his band The Zydeco Experience will also perform at The Bistro Off Broadway on Thursday, October 26 as part of DCCA’s Coffeehouse Series. The performances by Terrance Simien and his band are supported by the Arts Midwest Touring Fund, a program of Arts Midwest that is funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, with additional contributions from the Ohio Arts Council and the Crane Group. The Ohio Arts Council helps fund this program with state tax dollars to encourage economic growth, educational excellence and cultural enrichment for all Ohioans.

DCCA’s Arts In Education Series is sponsored by Bach to Rock, Gordon Orthodontics, DP& L Company Foundation, Greenville Federal, Maid Rite Sandwich Shoppe, Edison State Community College, Richard Baker, and Littman-Thomas Agency. DCCA also receives support from Ketrow Foundation, Lydia E. Schaurer Memorial Trust, Harry D. and Esther Stephens Memorial, Mandy Green Fund of the Darke County Foundation, Oliver Family Fund of the Darke County Foundation, and The Helen Hawkey Music Project. DCCA memberships and the local schools also help fund A.I.E. Programming.

Times and dates for the A.I.E. performances are coordinated with the school’s schedules; for more information regarding specific show times, contact DCCA at or by calling 937-547-0908. Tickets for the Coffeehouse concert by Terrance Simien and the Zydeco Experience Band at The Bistro cost $10, and can be reserved by contacting DCCA, or purchased at DCCA’s office located within Greenville Public Library and online at

Whoo’s in the Parks?

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Did you know that some owls will take over the nest of a hawk to raise their young? Or that an owl’s eyes are completely immobile? Join us to explore the owl species of Ohio. Join us on October 26th at 7pm at Shawnee Prairie Preserve and learn about these birds of prey by meeting our own great-horned owl and discovering how the park is planning to expand its raptor education program. Take a hike into the woods to listen for wild owls that live at Shawnee Prairie (weather permitting). Bring a friend and prepare to discover “hoo” is in the park after dark.

Thompson Bound for Columbus

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MVCTC Business Ownership program has a BPA State Officer Candidate!

Kaitlan Thompson, MVCTC Business Ownership senior
(Arcanum High School) recently completed BPA State Officer
Screening and was one of 13 students selected to be a
State Officer Candidate.
Englewood, Ohio – Kaitlan Thompson (Arcanum High School) recently completed BPA State Officer Screening and was one of 13 students selected to be a State Officer Candidate. She has been dedicated to Business Professionals of America (BPA) since the start of her junior year at MVCTC. Aside from competing and placing first at state, and making it to nationals, Kaitlan has always been drawn to serving in BPA. Through her dedication and hard work, Kaitlan has become the Business Ownership Class President, the MVCTC BPA Chapter Treasurer and is now a candidate for the BPA Ohio Association.

There were 72 applicants that screened to become the next BPA state officer for the Ohio Association. To screen for state, students had to deliver a 2-minute speech, answer interview questions, take a written test over BPA facts and Roberts Rules of Order, and write an essay all in a couple of hours. Kaitlan prepared for weeks in advance by studying many packets of information and re-writing her speech until it was perfect. She was able to accomplish this goal above and beyond her daily school and work requirements.

Congratulations to Kaitlan Thompson for her accomplishments. Good luck making it as a BPA Ohio Association state officer!

The MVCTC Business Ownership Tech Prep program focuses on entrepreneurship and teaches students how to start and manage a successful business of their choice while completing fun activities to gain hands on experience!” Students receive training in the Microsoft Office Suite. Business Ownership is a College Tech Prep program, which guides students to do additional learning at Sinclair Community College in Entrepreneurship or Business Management Associate Degree programs.

For more information about MVCTC, please visit

What started almost 50 years ago as the Montgomery County JVS has transformed into the Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC). While the name has changed, the mission remains the same. We are dedicated to providing training for in-demand jobs and college-readiness skills for high school and adult students across Darke, Miami, Montgomery, Preble, and Warren Counties.

Thursday, October 19, 2017


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There will be a luminary display at the circle which makes for a fun and festive photo location!
GREENVILLE, Ohio- On Thursday, October 26th, downtown Greenville will be transformed into a trail of Halloween treats for elementary school aged children. The Early Bird/BlueBag Media, Main Street Greenville and downtown businesses are pleased to bring this safe Halloween event to the community!

There are many ways to join in the fun, including a costume contest and costume parade provided by The Early Bird/BlueBag Media. Anyone who chooses to enter the costume contest will walk in this parade, from W. 5th Street (next to Wayne Cinema), down Broadway and finish at the circle. The costume judging will take place at the circle.

Cash prizes will be awarded in each of the seven categories of costumes, with first place winning $30, second place winning $20 and third place winning $10!

The seven prize categories are:

1. Tiny Tot Girls - up to age 6
2. Tiny Tot Boys - up to age 6
3. Masked Girls - ages 6-10
4. Masked Boys - ages 6-10
5. Masked Boys & Girls - ages 11-16
6. Best Costumed Adult
7. Best Masked Group

Schedule of events:
6:30 pm - To participate in the costume contest, line- up on W. 5th St. - next to Wayne Cinema
7:00 pm - Costume Contest Parade begins, will end at the circle.

After costume judging (approx. 7:45) - Beggars' begin trick-or-treating!

Also, there is a great photo opportunity available at the Circle with a luminary display. Don’t forget to stop by the Circle and take your pictures!

The “begging” and luminary event has been organized as a way for downtown businesses to say thank you to the community for doing business downtown.

Please no political campaigning. We ask that each participating business pass out kid-friendly items and not handouts or flyers. Only pre-registered businesses will be able to distribute candy during the event.

Main Street Greenville is a non-profit organization that supports downtown Greenville, Ohio through stimulating and supporting revitalization efforts, historic preservation and economic growth.


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On October 18, 2017 at 9:41 a.m. Darke County Sheriff’s Deputies along with Tri Village Rescue, Liberty Township Fire Department and Medflight responded to the 400 block of Weavers Ft. Jefferson Road on an injury accident.

Preliminary investigation revealed that a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix driven by, Christopher Elliot (32), of Greenville, was travelling east on Weavers Ft. Jefferson Road. The vehicle travelled off the right side of the roadway and struck a utility pole. Mr. Elliot had to be extricated from the vehicle and was taken to Kettering Medical Center by Medflight where he is listed in critical condition.

This accident remains under investigation.


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The employees of the Darke County Sheriff’s Office, through the support of Sheriff Toby L. Spencer, and in conjunction with local law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical professionals have announced plans to host the 17th annual “Warm Winter Wear for Darke County Children” program.

Thanks to generous donations from caring individuals and businesses within our community, “Warm Winter Wear” is able to provide all Darke County Schools with items they request for their students. New hats, gloves and coats are collected in the dispatch center at the Darke County Sheriff’s Office from October 1st through the middle of November and items are distributed to the schools and local families as orders are filled. Monetary donations are accepted throughout the year; checks should be made payable to Warm Winter Wear and mailed c/o Darke County Sheriff’s Office, 5185 County Home Rd, Greenville, OH 45331.

With the support and participation of the local K-Mart from 2000 - 2013, “Warm Winter Wear” was able to provide over 3,000 coats to children in Darke County. For the past three years, Wal-Mart has worked with us in helping to provide new coats, hats and gloves to children, ages 0-13, who are in need. With their support and participation over the last three years, the Darke County Sheriff’s Office has been able to provide over 800 coats to children in Darke County.

The Darke County Sheriff’s Office wishes to thank the numerous individuals and businesses throughout the County who have made donations in previous years. Last year we received $5,630 in donations. We also received donations of new coats, as well as hand-made hats, scarves and gloves. We greatly appreciate the generosity of our citizens; our program could not continue without your help.

Anyone with questions about this project may contact the Darke County Sheriff’s Office at 937-548-3399, and direct your call to Dispatch.


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The Arcanum Public Library is excited to announce that New York Times bestselling author Linda Castillo will be its very special guest on Monday, October 30th from 6:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. Linda is a former resident of Arcanum, and this will prove to be a very special event. She will be here to talk about her literary journey and will be available for book signing. Her newest book, Down a Dark Road, will be available in limited quantities for purchase that evening. This event is free and open to the public. For more information, contact the library at 937-692-8484.

Linda knew from an early age that she wanted to be a writer, and penned her first novel at age thirteen. She has published thirty books for New York publishing houses and has won numerous industry awards, including the Golden Heart, the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence, and a nomination for the prestigious Rita.

Her debut thriller, Sworn to Silence, spent four weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. It was also adapted into a two hours original movie re-titled An Amish Murder, starring Neve Campbell as Kate Burkholder. Her latest book, Down a Dark Road, was released in July 2017.

In her spare time, Linda enjoys trail riding, and dabbles in barrel racing. A graduate of Arcanum schools, she now resides in Texas with her husband, two rescued Blue Heelers, and two Appaloosa horses. She’s currently at work on her next novel, a thriller set in Amish Country and featuring Chief of Police Kate Burkholder.


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Lindsey Gehret, Versailles Health Care Center Administrator
The staff at Versailles Health Care Center is excited to welcome Lindsey Gehret as the Administrator at Versailles Health Care Center.

Gehret is originally from the North Star area and now resides in Greenville with her four children, Sofia,10, Nolan,6,Ellery, 5, and Sawyer, 4. She enjoys spending time with her family, golfing, and gardening. She is a member of many organizations such as the Greenville Rotary Club, Business and Professional Women’s Club, Tri-Council, Darke County Senior Outreach, and is a Community Blood Center board member.

Versailles Health Care Center is a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center that offers long-term care, short-term rehab services, and outpatient therapy. Versailles Health Care Center accepts Medicaid, Medicare, and most insurance. If you are interested in learning more about Versailles Health Care Center, please call at 937-526-5570 or visit on the web at

Darke County Job and Family Services donate to Cancer Association of Darke County

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“On behalf of the Darke County Job and Family Services staff, we would like to offer this donation in memory of our colleague and dear friend, Linda Malott. She blessed each of our lives and we are amazed at the support and assistance she received through the Cancer Association of Darke County. Our hope is that her memory lives on in the help this gift may give other fighters and their families.

Cancer Association of Darke County exists to help local cancer patients in their difficult battle. Anyone living in Darke County who has cancer can receive “no strings attached” benefits. The benefit lasts for 5 years and the belief of the organization to try to find a reason to pay, not to not pay, for benefits. The organization is funded by local grants, United Way and many generous people who donate generously to help their neighbor. The organization is not affiliated with American Cancer Society or any other cancer group. Volunteers are always needed to help with driving and fundraising. For questions call Christine at 548-9960.

Old Fashioned Campfire

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Join us for a good old-fashioned campfire! We’re bringing back the campfire after a great night back in July. Autumn nights just beg for sitting around a campfire with friends, so be sure to get this on your calendar! Join us on October 27th at 6:30pm at Shawnee Prairie Preserve. Bring a camp chair and join a naturalist for an evening of sitting around the fire, eating s’mores, listening to stories, and singing campfire songs. Bring your instrument if you’d like to play, and bring the kids for this special night of fun in your park. Please let us know you are coming so we have enough supplies.


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A Fall Harvest Meeting will be held on Saturday evening, October 28th, at 7:00 PM, at the Darke County Extension Office, 603 Wagner Ave., Greenville. The Darke County Farmers Union will recognize and honor the 4H kids they supported at the recent County Fair. The speaker for the evening will be Insurance Representative, Dave Shindollar, from the Ohio Farmers Union State Office. Mr. Shindollar will be presenting information on health insurance options for the upcoming year. Refreshments will be served and a free Thanksgiving turkey/door prize will be given away.

The Edison Stagelight Players Present The Crucible

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Edison Stagelight Players Raven Boerger, Chris Garner, Zaidee Himes, Sean McSwain, and Sandy Hartley rehearse lines for their upcoming performance of Arthur Miller's The Crucible.
The Edison Stagelight Players (ESP) will present The Crucible by Arthur Miller and directed by Matthew Beisner. The performances will be held October 27 through November 5 in the Robinson Theater at Edison State Community College’s Piqua Campus.

Set in seventeenth-century Salem, Massachusetts, The Crucible is a story based upon true events of the Salem witch trials. The Village of Salem falls to shambles when rumors spread that a group of women are practicing witchcraft. Jealousy and deceit contribute to petrifying outcome that reflects both the past and the future.

Known as a riveting historical play and a timely allegory of contemporary society, Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is the winner of the 1953 Tony Award for Best Play.

Director Matthew Beisner is enthusiastic about producing this classic play. “I have wanted to direct this show for years. It’s a masterpiece of modern American theater.”

“Most people know that the play was written as an allegory to McCarthyism,” said Beisner. “Its true subject is the political hysteria and figurative witch hunting in the 1950s, when anti-Communist radicals like Senator Joseph McCarthy and the House Committee on Un-American Activities controlled the land.”

“The Crucible has been politically relevant since it was written, but social media and the digital age have made this play more timely than ever. So I thought it was the right time to finally bring it to the stage.”

ESP newcomers Steven Farris as John Proctor, Raven Boerger as Abigail Williams, and Ryan Hurley as Reverend Hale will play the lead roles. While veterans round out the other leading roles, including Emily Beisner as Elizabeth Proctor, Matt Cline as Deputy Governor Danforth, Chris Garner as Reverend Parris, and Jocelyn Garner as Mary Warren.

“We are very fortunate to have their talents in these important roles,” added Beisner.

Also new to the ESP are Allison Nicodemus, Craig Gilbert, Melinda Spivey, and Sean McSwain in supporting roles. The rest of the cast is rounded out with veteran ESP performers Jessica Peoppelman, Zaidee Himes, Clarissa Kiehl, Sandy Hartley, Kevin Grogean, Josh Didier, Patrick Stone, and Paul Simmons.

“This is one of the best casts I’ve ever worked with,” said Beisner. “They are all very committed to the show and trust my judgment as the director. Their hard work will be quite apparent in the final performances. I can’t wait for everyone to experience it.”

Performances will be held Friday, October 27; Saturday, October 28; Friday, November 3; Saturday, November 4 at 7:30 p.m. each night. A special matinee performance will be held on Sunday, November 5 at 3:00 p.m.

Tickets for the show are seven dollars for adults, five dollars for students, and three dollars for seniors and are available for purchase with cash at the door. Children under five are not permitted into the theater during the performance. For more information, call 937.778.8600.

9 Volt Battery Exchange

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MVCTC Animal Care and Management Students Learn the Service/Training of Dog Obedience

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MVCTC Senior Animal Care and Management students have been studying a dog obedience unit. Each student has an assigned project dog to train for the duration of the training course
Englewood, Ohio -- Over the past four weeks, the seniors from the Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) Animal Care and Management Program have been studying a dog obedience unit. Each student has an assigned project dog to train for the duration of the training course. Students teach their dogs the sit, heel, come, stay, and down commands. Dogs are trained two times per lab day for 20 minute sessions.

Christy Blauvelt, Animal Care and Management Instructor, stated: “I am amazed at the progress the students make with their project dog especially when the owners tell me they can see a difference when asking their dog to do any of the five basic commands.”

Occasionally the students would trade dogs with another to see how different dogs react with different people and implement their training skills. Students learned that it is very easy to get frustrated with the dogs especially when they refuse to listen, but were taught to keep a positive attitude and to stay calm. If you were to ask anyone in the class they would tell you that even though it was frustrating at times it was also rewarding when the dog would finally listen. Students took a written test and were tested with their dog as a final practicum to demonstrate the dog’s improvement from start finish.
After being tested with their project dog of 4 weeks, Senior Brooke Goines (Versailles High School) stated, “I felt fairly confident being tested with Klondike because he has progressed so much on all of what I taught him. I could see how much he’s learned and it made me proud.”

Students in the Animal Care and Management program will learn about many different small animals from dogs to birds, reptiles, and fish. They will learn to groom dogs, operate an actual retail pet shop, and obedience train dogs. Animal Care and Management students also are given the opportunity to compete in state contests that demonstrate the skills they have learned in the program.

For more information about MVCTC, please visit

What started almost 50 years ago as the Montgomery County JVS has transformed into the Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC). While the name has changed, the mission remains the same. We are dedicated to providing training for in-demand jobs and college-readiness skills for high school and adult students across Darke, Miami, Montgomery, Preble, and Warren Counties.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Greenville City Council Inches Closer Towards Reinstalling Downtown Bike Racks... With Colors Intact!

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Greenville City Council met Tuesday evening, and on the agenda was the the acceptance of the Safety Committee's report regarding recommendations on how to proceed regarding the bike racks that were removed from Broadway after over a year of use.

In its report, the committee recommended allowing the racks to be reinstalled on the conditions of Main Street Greenville (the non profit organization who crowd funded the bikes through community donations to begin with) submitting an acceptable "hold harmless" agreement to remove liability of damages or injury from the city, the seats be removed (as the committee believes they pose a safety hazard), and the racks all painted a uniform color (the committee recommended a "forest green" color).

Council member Todd Oliver agreed that the hold harmless agreement was needed and the seats should be removed, but discussed amending the report to remove the condition of changing the racks' colors as it is a "way too subjective of a decision" and that the colors that were there are "perfectly fine."

Mr. Oliver also suggested that the city bear the cost of reinstalling them correctly.

Following those suggestions, the rest of the council each voiced their support of leaving the colors as is (including additional reasons, such as people with vision problems not seeing a dark green or silver or grey rack well, which would create a new safety issue, the bright colors being proven to attract foot traffic to stores, and more), although the subject of funding the cost of the re-install was to be settled later, once the other conditions are met.

Council then accepted the report as amended to remove the stipulation regarding the color change. The next steps will be for Main Street Greenville to provide a hold harmless agreement to the city, who will then need to agree to accept it, then logistics of the re-installation will need to be settled, as well as the bikes being returned to the manufacturer to remove the seats and sent back to Greenville.

It should be noted that most members of council specifically noted the many voices they have heard recently regarding the issue, which I assume includes the 1,000+ signature petition that local residents assembled and delivered prior to the meeting. If you care about items like this, it is clear that it pays off to make your voice heard and to reach out to your elected representatives.

You can watch the entire council meeting from last night on the City's YouTube Channel. Embedded below is the meeting, beginning at the section relevant to the bike racks.


In the meeting shown above, council memeber Tracy Tryon mentions having been surprised to see a bike rack like ours in the background of a recent episode of Criminal Minds. Because I'm obsessive over things like this, I found it...

Maybe you can't quite see it? Don't fret, I'll just have to...


See? These racks are everywhere, even if the one on tv has a seat and is a boring black color...

Two Car Crash at 36 and Jaysville St. John's Road

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On October 17, 2017 at approximately 9:57pm Darke County Deputies along with Greenville Township Fire & Rescue responded to the intersection of US Route 36 and Jaysville St. John's Road for a two vehicle injury crash.

Preliminary investigation revealed a 2011 White Toyota Scion driven by LaDonna Jackson 28, of Prescott, AZ. was traveling northbound on Jaysville St. John's Road and stopped at the intersection of US Route 36, then attempted to make a left hand turn onto US Route 36 and was struck by a White 1994 Dodge Dakota driven by Douglas Halley 48, of Ansonia who was traveling eastbound on US Route 36. Mr. Halley was transported to Wayne HealthCare for possible injuries and Jackson was treated and released at the scene. Both drivers were wearing seat belts.

Jackson was cited for failure to yield from a stop sign.

Coming in October for “Last Monday” at Versailles Area Museum

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“Last Monday” for October will be at the museum with another interesting afternoon when we host friends of one of our Board Members, Jim Kelch. Cheryl & Gordon Dennlinger have been friends with the Kelch’s for some 25 years and will be our guests along with presenters Gerald Flora, Steven Garber, and Anthony Miller who will share with us the history of their faith and answer your questions about the Old German Baptist Brethren religion.

This sect is often confused with the Amish, Old Order, and Old Baptist, even sometimes called Dunkard because of their style of Baptism. Our guests will help us understand the history of their faith from its early days in Pennsylvania to the present day local Ohio churches.

Perhaps you wonder about the dress you see or are buggies still driven by some and yet others drive cars? Do these folks all have cell phones and electricity? Perhaps you wonder about education and where they work? You may feel free to ask all of these questions.

They will also be sharing information about a BIG upcoming event happening in our neighborhood in 2018.

On a historic note; the North Star community will be most interested in is that North Star was once home to an Old Order Church! What brought this group to Darke County and how many variations of this group still call Darke County their home?

Please plan to join us October 30th at 1:00 p.m. for a great program. The Museum will be open at 12:30 for those who wish to tour as well as after the program. Come early as we are anticipating a large crowd. What a wonderful way to spend one of the last fleeting days of the autumn season.

The Morse Family Gospel Singers are returning to Darke County for two great concerts on November 5, 2017.

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The Morse Family Gospel Singers are returning to Darke County for two great concerts on November 5, 2017.

The morning concert will be at the Greenville First Assembly of God at 10:30 AM, located at 7217 St. Rt. 118 North, Greenville, OH.

The evening concert will be at the Pitsburg Church of the Brethren at 6:00 PM, located at 8376 Pitsburg-Laura Rd, Arcanum, OH.

Jonathan & Heidi Morse have each seen the Lord's hand move powerfully in their lives. Having been through trying times and seeing how the Lord has taken them through them allows them to identify with those who are hurting and are thirsting for the Lord's touch in their lives.

The kids take part in the ministry as well. Carlie sings and plays her violin. Hope is learning violin and Holly just started mandolin lessons. They are singing more and more and Gabriel isn't afraid to get on the microphone either (well, most of the time!!) Gideon was born in January 2013 and has been exposed to Southern Gospel music early as he crawled around on the floor while we practice! Now he sings along at home and one of these days will make it on the stage. Baby 8 is on the way as well so we have another member up and coming.

Jonathan has traveled with Gospel Quartets for years and is thrilled to be serving the Lord with his family. He is also the youth pastor of his church. Heidi leads a youth praise, drama and singing group called Ablaze. When not raising the seven children she is also involved with leading the youth group and counseling those in need.

Also joining the family at concerts is Jonathan's dad Bill. Bill has been playing the piano for over 50 years and is known by many in the area for his beautiful music. He plays along with the family while they sing in addition to piano solos.

The public is invited to come and listen to this talented family’s gospel music at either or both services. Refreshments will be served following the evening concert.


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Family Health is pleased to announce the installation of a MedSafe disposal system at its Meeker Road facility for unused/outdated medications. MedSafe prevents pharmaceuticals from circulating into community water supplies due to improper disposal. It can also reduce the chance of unintended and illegal use of drugs by providing a safe and convenient disposal option.

If you have unused medication to dispose of, come to Family Health Pharmacy where pharmacy personnel will then accompany you to the disposal unit where you will deposit the medications. The ultimate users or authorized persons only may place unused drugs including legally held controlled drugs and narcotics into the receptacle.

Drugs should be left in their original container when possible with personal information removed if desired. Liquid medication less than 4 ounces may be deposited, but please place them inside a plastic bag.

The following cannot be placed in the MedSafe receptacle:

  • Needles, syringes, lancets, injection pens, liquid chemotherapy drugs, chemo waste, or other medical waste
  • Batteries, aerosol spray cans/inhalers, trash or other hazardous materials
  • Illicit drugs (Schedule I controlled substances) such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine

YMCA’s Child Development Center in Greenville has Recently Earned its Second Ohio’s Step Up to Quality Star

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Darke County, OHIO (October 1, 2017) The YMCA’s Child Development Center in Greenville has recently earned its second star under Ohio’s Step Up to Quality rating system. Both Darke County locations of the Y’s Child Development Centers are now star-rated and are continuing to work toward additional stars.

Step Up to Quality (SUTQ) is a voluntary quality rating and improvement system administered by the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. SUTQ measures the quality of daycares’ teaching staff, training hours, curriculum and staff-child ratios.

Centers with more stars indicate better child to staff ratios, higher staff education, on–going specialized staff training, and utilization of a research-based curriculum that aligns to Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards.

“We believe our Child Development Centers are a wonderful place for children to grow and develop,” said Child Development Center Director Katie Roberts. “We provide a high-quality educational and developmental experience.”
Families and children attending the Y’s program will benefit from highly trained teachers, emphasis on the development of school readiness skills, assurance that the program is committed to continuous improvement, and a focus on family engagement.

For more information on our Child Development Centers, stop by either our Greenville location at 301 Wagner Avenue, our Versailles location at 10242 Versailles-Southeastern Rd, or call 548-3777 or 526-4488 to schedule a tour.

Darke County Drug Task Force... Taking back unwanted Prescription Drugs

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On October 28, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the Darke County Drug Task Force along with Darke County Family Health, Darke County Solid Waste and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will give the public another opportunity to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding their homes of potentially dangerous expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs. Bring your medications for disposal to Darke County Family Health at 5735 Meeker Rd. The service is free and anonymous, no questions asked.

This collection is for items in pill form only. We cannot accept any creams, powders or liquids during this collection. Please feel free to mix all your unwanted drugs in zipper bag.

This initiative addresses a vital public safety and public health issue. Medicines that languish in home cabinets are highly susceptible to diversion, misuse, and abuse. Rates of prescription drug abuse in the U.S. are alarmingly high, as are the number of accidental poisonings and overdoses due to these drugs. Studies show that a majority of abused prescription drugs are obtained from family and friends, including from the home medicine cabinet. In addition, Americans are now advised that their usual methods for disposing of unused medicines—flushing them down the toilet or throwing them in the trash—both pose potential safety and health hazards.

The City of Greenville Police Department has a permanent drop-box available to public. This container is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for additional convenience in properly disposing of unwanted drugs.

Gospel Sing to be held at Memorial Hall on November 5.

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Debbie Lynn Bryson and the Homelighters Quartet along with other groups will minister in song at the Gospel Sing on November 5, 2017 at Memorial Hall from 3-5 pm.

The HomeLighters Quartet have been ministering in Central Ohio for over 30 years. Some of the faces have changed, but the message has been the same since they sang their first concert.

Debbie Lynn Bryson, a native of Darke County has been singing since the age of two and writing songs since she was 15. She has been traveling and singing Gospel music in a five state area for many years.
Her heartwarming yet very powerful voice will leave you wanting more. Debbie loves the Lord, and continues to share the word of God through her music ministry. She truly hopes that her audiences are moved by the Holy Spirit.

Mark Crary, Christian Talent Agent in the greater Cincinnati, area will emcee the program.

The admission to the concert is free, and there will be a freewill offering taken with the proceeds of the event to be used to help local cancer patients. Watch the local papers and online for more information on other groups that will be there. There will be free refreshments and a bake sale. Mark your calendar now for this great event!

The Homelighters Quartet have been ministering in Central Ohio for over 30 years. Some of the faces have changed but the message they sing has been the same since they sang their first concert. We would feel greatly blessed and honored to have the opportunity to minister to your church and/or special event.

"The Third Grade Reading Guarantee" Submitted by Kitty Davis, Principal at Greenville Elementary School

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The Third Grade Reading Guarantee (TGRG) was developed in 2013 and is used as a method to identify students in grades kindergarten through third grade that are behind in reading. Third grade students will initially take the Ohio’s Grade 3 English Language Arts test later this month. This test is designed to measure whether or not students meet the requirements of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee for promotion to fourth grade. Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee mandates third grade students meet a minimum passing score of 44 on the assessment. This cut-score has been pre-determined by the Ohio Department of Education.

There will also be a second administration of the Ohio Grade 3 English Language Arts assessment in April 2018. In order to prepare for the up-coming, state-wide, on-line assessment, the third grade students have been receiving thirty minutes of technology instruction a week in

addition to their language arts instruction. Classrooms are also dedicating 20 minutes of weekly intervention to keyboarding skills.

The third grade population has already had one opportunity to meet the Third Grade Reading Guarantee by taking the reading portion of the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) in September. The questions on the MAP are designed to mimic the types of questions with which students will be presented on the Ohio Grade 3 ELA administration. Throughout the year, students will have two more opportunities to meet the requirement of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee (December 2017 and May 2018). A minimum score of 196, again as determined by the Ohio Department of Education, is needed on the reading portion of the MAP assessment in order to be promoted to fourth grade.

The September MAP results have been communicated to parents. A reading improvement and monitoring plan (RIMP) is currently being developed for any third grade student who was “not on track” at the beginning of the year as indicated by the MAP measurement. This plan describes to parents what interventions are being utilized to ensure their child’s reading success. Parents are encouraged to contact their third grade child’s language arts instructor with any questions regarding the Third Grade Reading Guarantee requirements, RIMPs, or ways to assist their child with reading.

DCCA Thanks Rodney Oda for Sponsorship of Sold Out Show

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Darke County Center for the Arts recognizes Rodney Oda for his contributions to the DCCA 2017-2018 ARTS COUNTseason. Oda is an Angel member of DCCA, and sponsors DCCA’s Coffee House Series as well as the recent sold out Special Event of One Night In Memphis, at Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall in Greenville on Saturday, October 9th.

“On behalf of Darke County Center for the Arts, I want to express our appreciation of Rodney Oda and his patronage to the arts in Darke County. Oda has been long time supporter of DCCA, and its mission of providing cultural enrichment and the preservation of St. Clair Memorial Hall as an important cultural center for the community,” stated Andrea Jordan, DCCA executive director. “Darke County is fortunate to have a vibrant arts presence, thanks largely to individual supporters, including Rodney Oda , who help make our community a great place to live.”

Zydeco legend Terrance Simien and his Zydeco Experience Band will perform at Greenville’s Bistro Off Broadway on Thursday, October 26. The second of Darke County Center for the Arts’ Coffeehouse Series presentations for the new season, the show starts at 7 p.m. Simien is an eighth generation Creole from one of the earliest families to have settled in Louisiana; zydeco is the indigenous music of French-speaking Creoles.

DCCA’s Coffeehouse Series presents high quality artists performing in a comfortable social setting where food and drink are also available. “The friendly, casual atmosphere enhances enjoyment of the performance, which is presented at a very accessible ticket price, making for a win-win situation for everyone,” stated DCCA Artistic Director Keith Rawlins. "Rodney Oda’s generosity is inspiring,” continued Rawlins, “We appreciate Oda’s long term support of the arts, and eagerness to give back to our community,” concluded Rawlins.

One Night In Memphis was also sponsored by Second National Bank. Additionally, the Ohio Arts Council helped fund this program with state tax dollars to encourage economic growth, educational excellence and cultural enrichment for all Ohioans. DCCA also receives funding from the Harry D. and Esther Stephens Memorial, Ketrow Foundation, and Lydia E. Schaurer Memorial Trust Fund, as well as DCCA memberships.

Tickets for DCCA's Coffee House Series Shows are $10, and can be purchased by contacting DCCA at (937) 547-0908 or at DCCA’s office located within Greenville Public Library as well as online at If any remain by show time, tickets will also be available at the door prior to the performance.

Miami Valley Career Technology Center Wishes Gossett Well in Retirement

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MVCTC Treasurer, Debbie Gossett, retires after
24 years as treasurer and 30 years at MVCTC.
Englewood, Ohio – The Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) wished Treasurer Debbie Gossett well on her retirement on her last day with the district, September 29, 2017. Gossett has been employed with the district for 30 years and has served as treasurer of the district for the past 24 years.

In June of 2017, the MVCTC Board of Education voted to appoint Matt Huffman as the new MVCTC Treasurer to succeed Gossett who announced her retirement earlier this year. Mrs. Gossett has served diligently as treasurer for the Montgomery County Joint Vocational School (MCJVS) and the MVCTC. Mrs. Gossett and her staff have been recognized in the past for their work by the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA), by the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO), the Auditor of the State of Ohio Award with Distinction, and Gossett was awarded the Southwest Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) Outstanding Treasurer in 2013.

Matt Huffman of Darke County hired
as the new MVCTC Treasurer.
Mrs. Gossett, a Northmont area native, graduated from Northmont High School, obtained her associate’s degree from Sinclair Community College and earned her bachelor’s degree from Capital University. Gossett started her career at MCJVS in the Adult Education Department before being hired as the school treasurer in January of 1994. She has been an instrumental part of the MVCTC administration team and helped the district continue to offer a world-class education for high school and adult students in the Miami Valley. Mrs. Gossett and her husband live at Choctaw Lake, outside of London. She looks forward to retirement and traveling with her husband Ron, and spending more time with her family and friends.

Mr. Huffman is only the fifth treasurer in MVCTC’s 46-year history. Huffman is an Arcanum-Butler graduate and received his bachelor’s degree from Wright State University. He had previously served as the Treasurer for the Arcanum-Butler Local School District for nine and a half years, with one year as the shared treasurer for Arcanum-Butler and Franklin Monroe. Huffman is a resident of Greenville, where he lives with his wife Lyndsay.
For more information about MVCTC, please visit

For over 45-years, MVCTC has been providing career technical education for 27 partner school districts encompassing five counties, including Darke, Miami, Montgomery, Preble, and Warren Counties. MVCTC is dedicated to providing in-demand workforce training for youth, adults, and organizations in the Miami Valley.

Friday Crash Sends Child to the Wayne Healthcare While Mother is Airlifted to Miami Valley Hospital

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On October 13, 2017 at approximately 7:55 PM Darke County Deputies along with Ansonia Fire, Ansonia Rescue and CareFlight were dispatched to the 2500 block of Beamsville-Union City Road in reference to a two vehicle injury accident.

Preliminary investigation revealed a black 2011 Jeep Wrangler driven by Kyle D. Gower, 29, Union City, Ohio was eastbound on Beamsville-Union City Road. Gower attempted to pull into a private drive when he struck a westbound blue 2006 Saturn Ion driven by Suzanne S. Simon, 24 of Greenville. Both vehicle’s traveled off the roadway coming to rest in the ditch.

Gower was treated and released from the scene by Ansonia Rescue. Simon was transported to Miami Valley Hospital by CareFlight where she is listed in critical condition. Simons 3 year old son who was restrained in a child safety seat was transported by Ansonia Rescue to Wayne Healthcare for an evaluation.

Kyle D. Gower was issued a citation for Failure to Yield when turning left.

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