Thursday, December 31, 2009

First Warning Weather Alert

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From Dayton's News Source: Winter Weather Advisory for all of the Miami Valley from 6PM tonight until 6AM Friday due to Freezing Drizzle and Snow. Cold air along with gusty winds will drive wind chills near zero by Friday night and below zero over the weekend.

[thanks to ABM]

"Shutting the barn door after….."

It was summer of 2003. I waited at the gate at Spokane Airport for my flight home. Then security decided to pick two people for “wanding”. I (a 60ish Grandmother) was one and the other was a five year old small boy in his tiny shorts and t-shirt. We had to again remove our shoes and sandals and submit to the wand. Meanwhile three Muslim ladies in burqas filed unmolested and unwanded onto the ramp to the airplane. Only their eyes could barely be seen under the drapery, one guesses that they were women but who knows?

Fast forward to the morning December 26, 2009. Ft. Lauderdale airport. Another gate. I had just learned about the terrorist attempt at Detroit. I’m betting the passenger manifest has been scanned for suspicious names. Seven airport cops surround us. They pull out two young men to wand and pat down. One young man is black the other is middle-eastern looking. No old ladies or little kids this time. This is the day after the Christmas Day Amsterdam to Detroit terrorist attempt. The lesson here is that if the precautions taken on December 26th had been taken on December 25th the terrorist would never had made it onto Flight 253. Yes, it is profiling. But I doubt if Al Qaida could convince any old ladies to assemble bombs in their laps. Or find five year-old kids with baggy enough pants, or the engineering skill necessary to cause trouble. Common sense just HAS to prevail, doesn’t it?


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

GCBL to sponsor Bengals charity basketball game

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Once again, Greenville Citizens Baseball League (GCBL) is sponsoring the Cincinnati Bengals vs. Greenville Area Allstars Basketball game. It will take place Saturday, April 3rd at 7:00 PM at the Greenville High School. Tickets are $8.00 presale and $10.00 at the door. Tickets are availabe at The Flower Patch, 104 Rhoades Avenue, Greenville.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best Christmas gift ever? (by Kathy Beam)

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Christmas Day was a little extra special at our home this year. On Tuesday, 2 days before Christmas, I began to search for Bengals tickets for Sunday's game. I decided to try EBay. I was outbid several times for tickets when finally found 4 tickets from someone in Dayton. I emailed him to see if they would be here by Christmas and he assured me they would. The tickets arrived Christmas Eve. Since our boys were very young, our family has been Bengals fans. We have been through all the good and the bad and the very bad..... We stuck by our beloved Bengals. On Christmas day, we wrapped each ticket in a Bengals sock hat and gave it to our boys. Their faces were priceless. Three grown men had smiles from ear to ear. So on Sunday the trip began at 7:30 am packing up the cooler, food, beverages :) the footballs, blankets, and they were off to Cincinnati for the day. They arrived and the party began. They had excellent seats and kept quite warm with all their Bengal apparel on. What a day it turned out to be - Division Champs and finally a winning season. Dad was so proud to have his sons with him on a great wintery Bengal day!

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When this website was started, I envisioned people from the community submitting stories of purely local interest. Especially events that the local paper won't cover, like 7th grade basketball games, family reunions, etc., that citizens themselves would prepare and submit. The Platt story below is exactly what was envisioned, and judging from the comments, it is what the readers want too. Don't be afraid to write your own article and submit it.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow emergency *** cancelled on 12/29

As of 2:00 PM on December 28th, 2009, Darke County is under a Level 1 Snow Advisory/Emergency due to blowing and drifting snow. Level 1 is when all roadways are hazardous. Extreme caution should be used if travel is necessary. Road crews are making good progress; however, many roads are still extremely slick and snow covered.

Travel is not being limited at this time; however, blowing and drifting snow is causing some roadways to become slick and hazardous.

Thank you for your patience during these extremely trying times. [DCSO press release composite]

UPDATE: As of 8:30 AM on December 29, 2009 Sheriff Toby L. Spencer has cancelled all snow emergencies for Darke County.

Many roadways remain slick and hazardous and extreme caution is urged if travelling.

Volunteer opportunity

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Do you love to read the paper? Getting involved has never been easier!

HandsOn West Central Ohio needs a volunteer to clip media from local newspapers about HandsOn West Central Ohio, including the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program. The volunteer will need to date and label from which paper the article has come and mail it to our office. This flexible position may be completed from the comfort of your own home. All materials are provided by HandsOn West Central Ohio. Volunteers must have legible handwriting and be able to work on their own. Volunteers should be at least 13 years old to serve in this family-friendly position.

“Volunteers in this position allow our staff to focus on other projects,” says Nicolette Winner, HandsOn West Central Ohio Director. “Recording the milestones of our program help us better communicate our program’s impact to the community, secure additional grants and more.”

To learn more about this volunteer opportunity or other opportunities within our community, please contact HandsOn West Central Ohio at (937) 548-8002 ext. 211, or visit HandsOn West Central Ohio, including Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, is a program of Council on Rural Services. This program receives funding from Darke County United Way, Corporation for National Service, Area Agency on Aging, PSA2, Darke County Commissioners, Lydia E. Shaurer Trust, Harry Stephens Trust and the Darke County HOPE Foundation.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Platt holiday family event (submitted by Julia Bowlin)

In Versailles, Ohio, at the Platt Household, our family came together for the first time in years. We were blessed with our nieces and nephews and with several beautiful crisp days of snow prior to Christmas and that gave some of us just enough time to build a masterpiece in the backyard. It had been years since the lawn was filled with children playing and frolicking in the snow. My mother, Dorthea (Dottie) Platt and my niece Courtney Platt were out picking up sticks from the fallen limbs when before you knew it they were throwing snowballs at each other and playing in the snow. Naturally the next step in their playtime came rolling snow and thus the first picture perfect snowman was laid. The smallest one was perfectly proportioned and made with all the necessary embellishments. It truly looked like Frosty the Snowman!!

The next day some more family came into town to include my brother Tim Platt and now 3 of his girls, Courtney, Sydney, and Shelby Platt. They decided to create their own masterpiece because OF COURSE they could build a better snowman. You shall see that with the help of many family members and the use of a ladder to roll the snow up, our largest snowman in the Platt yard was born. If only my father, the late Dr. Charles Platt could see us now.!! Would you believe that my Mother actually had a hat in her store room that fit this nearly 13 foot high snowman?

Sometimes magic comes when I least expect it and with that magic comes love and friendship within our family. We were able to enjoy the pair of snowmen a total of less than 24 hours before the rain set in but the magic created within the moment of making the snowmen and enjoying the fruits of my families' labor will be in hearts and memories of all of us each year at Christmastime in the future. Happy Holidays to everyone!!

Miracles happen every second of every day, not just on 34th street!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

5-year-old boy saves Christmas

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Story here.

Ansonia Church of God Candlelight service - December 24th

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Senate Democrats exhibit the holiday spirit

As expected, Senate Democrats passed their version of nationalized healthcare at 7:00 a.m. this morning in a straight party line vote. The Democrats showed their holiday spirit by giving free health care to every American citizen - while simultaneously giving the 2010 midterm elections to the Republicans. Merry Christmas to all!

[DAB emailed with this related video.]

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Senior Scribes hold writing workshop

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Seven Senior Scribes and two Teen Advocates held a writing workshop for 23 Mississiniwa Valley junior high and high school students recently. The workshop was set up by English and journalism instructor Elaine Bailey. Guests were treated to lunch with the students prior to beginning work.

Former Daily Advocate editor and Senior Scribe Bob Robinson conducted the workshop, with the help of “Scribes” JoAnne Bowie, Mary Jane Dietrich, Delbert Blickenstaff, Sally Amspaugh, and Al and Lyn Bliss, and Teen Advocates Kayla Lamar and Majennica Nealeigh.

The students had two writing assignments: breaking news and a feature interview. The breaking news assignment involved a school shutdown for 45 minutes. It was their job to find out who, what, when, where, why and how. They broke into several groups and questioned “school administrators and students,” played by the Senior Scribes and Teen Advocates. The reason for the shutdown turned out to be a deer running loose in the hallways.

In the feature session, each Scribe was interviewed about how Christmas today compares with the Christmases of his or her childhood. The MV students rose to the occasion and wrote excellent reports on the mock breaking news event in a brief, 15-20 minute time span. The stories on the interviews were written later, depending on the students’ schedules and class times.

Following the workshops, Teen Editor Kayla Lamar spoke to the students about how they could get involved the Teen Advocate program. Several students signed up to participate.

Dumbest trick play ever

The Washington Redskins executed one of the most ill-advised trick plays in sports history last night ... evoking these funny comments on another website:

  • "Typical DC. It's retarded. No one understands it. It fails. But they keep doing it."
  • "What impressed me most on that play was the pass protection. Solid B+ "

Volunteering in Darke County

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Name: Marilyn Robbins

Volunteer Since: September 2002

From: Greenville

Volunteer for: HandsOn West Central Ohio through RSVP, PAWS Bingo, Chamber of Commerce, Garst Museum, Darke County Center of Arts

Why Marilyn volunteers: When it comes to volunteering at the Garst Museum, she says, “I really enjoy what I do here! I also like to interact with the workers and the people visiting the museum.”

To learn more about this volunteer opportunity or other opportunities within our community, please contact HandsOn West Central Ohio at (937) 548-8002 ext. 211, or visit

HandsOn West Central Ohio, including Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, is a program of Council on Rural Services. This program receives funding from Darke County United Way, Corporation for National Service, Area Agency on Aging, PSA2, Darke County Commissioners, Lydia E. Shaurer Trust, Harry Stephens Trust and the Darke County HOPE Foundation.

Christmas forecast finally getting pinned down

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With the recent computer models and blogs on here, the Christmas forecast has been on the line. Finally the models are agreeing on the same track of the storm. Unfortunately for us, it does not mean a White Christmas, instead it is looking like a Wet Christmas. We could see a little snow to start things off on Christmas Eve, but things will warm up and change over to rain for overnight and into Christmas. Flurries and light snow showers will linger Christmas evening and overnight. Things could still change, but the models have been in agreement the last 24 hours, which normally means things will hold pretty close to the models. Well time to get ready for the evening news, then sleeping here at the station a few minutes, then back up for the morning show.... see you all this week in the mornings!!! 5 days 3 days left!!!

*** Make sure to check back with Buck's Blog for updates throughout the week.

Breaking & Entering at Family Dollar

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WTGR is reporting that the Greenville Police Department is investigating a breaking and entering of Family Dollar Stores, 300 Martin Street, Greenville. More details as they develop.

Hendrix investigation is closed

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The Greenville Police Department has announced there will be no charges filed for the September 26 traffic accident that caused the death of James Hendrix, 47, of Greenville.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Greenville firefighter accused of assault

WHIO identifies the firefighter as Michael King, now on administrative leave. You can read all the other details here.

UPDATE: Kathryn Burcham now has a video update.


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Investors in the county’s Partnering for Progress (P4P) initiative received an update recently on the collaborative effort between the Darke County Community Improvement Corporation (CIC), The Darke County Chamber of Commerce, and the Darke County Economic Development Office. The quarterly meeting, attended by 32 community and business leaders from across the county, featured presentations from Chamber President Sharon Deschambeau, Economic Development (ED) Director Marc Saluk, and CIC President Phil Garbig.

CIC Treasurer Dennis Baker also discussed the initiative’s financial status with its investors while Investor Communications Chair Randy Gump discussed the recently completed investor survey and ran the meeting. Gump said that investor feedback was positive.

“I feel the meeting reinforced the vital private sector support essential for the continued success of the economic development program”,” remarked Gump. “The interest and commitment demonstrated by the investors… will play a critical role as Darke County recovers from the most recent economic recession”.

Also at the meeting, investors heard a recap of the initiatives major 2009 accomplishments which included the hiring of the new director, the expansion of the ED office through the addition of personnel, increased communication efforts with the investors, and the expansion of the county’s regional and state-level partnerships.

Gump says that the survey, which garnered significant participation among the investor group, was important because it helped determine the preferred method s of communication among the investors and provided insight into the group’s views on economic development in the county.

“That point, in and of itself, is vital since our sustained economic development will be greatly tied to our ability to work together and support each other’s plans and ideas,” said Saluk. “Communication, both internal and outside of the county, along with relationship building, is key to our future success.”

Saluk said that one of the main points he focused on during his presentation were that the ED office would be very responsive to investors input and inquiries and that communication would take on many forms.

“My office will communicate regularly with the group through multiple means, just depending on what’s most appropriate to the situation,” he explained. “But face-to face interaction through business visits and investor meetings will still be priority one. That’s still the best way to find out what an organization or individuals’ needs are and to also provide a setting to get feedback and input.”

Saluk added that communication with the community at-large would also be important so the public would know that the ED office is active and vital. He said this would be done through newspaper columns, press releases, radio appearances, presentations to county organizations, and more.
During Deschambeau’s presentation, she identified the chamber as the sole organization identified to meet the benchmarks of Small Business Support outlined in the P4P Initiative. In a handout that was distributed, Deschambeau indicated that progress was achieved on all Small Business Support Benchmarks during the period of 1/1/09 – 12/11/09. In particular, the DCCC is serving as the catalyst to assemble the required organizational, human and financial resources necessary to foster a small business development program which is in the “due diligence” phase.

“At the beginning of 2009, the DCCC sought assistance from Jerry Alexander the Director-Region 4, Ohio Department of Development, Small Business Development Center at Edison Community College, Piqua / Greenville. Jerry was identified as a key liaison between entrepreneurs and financial institutions in Darke County,” said Deschambeau, stressing the value of having the resources of Edison in Darke County.

2009 Benchmarks for Small Business Support included counseling 40 businesses with an anticipated 15 resulting loans. Alexander and Deschambeau collaborated to counsel 37 businesses this year and many of those businesses were Chamber members. Four loans were made totaling $924,000 and there is another $500,000 loan in process. Alexander currently has 31 clients that he considers “active” and his confidentiality code prevents him from clearly indentifying the businesses referred or the industry. Some businesses are so unique that to do so would constitute a breach.

Most of the investors’ questions focused on Baker’s budget report, which projected a Partnering for Progress 2010 budget total of $360,250. Those questions were addressed, not only by Baker, but by the entire CIC board. Major budget expenses, aside from salaries, include advertising and marketing of the county, memberships in regional coalitions, professional training, and travel for trade shows.

Businesses interested in learning more about the P4P initiative or becoming an investor, contact Jim Poeppelman at 937-448-2191.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Now is the time!

The Greenville City School District has launched a new website explaining the upcoming bond issue.

Bengals nearly pull off tough road win

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The Bengals generally played well today, and stayed with a tough Charger team until the last play of the game. Marvin Lewis deserves credit for the Bengals' 9-5 record and likely division championship, but this team continues to make an outrageous number of mental mistakes. Today, the Bengals pulled off an unlikely 11-point fourth quarter comeback, only to allow the Chargers to come back for the winning field goal (made possible when the Bengals inexplicably gave up an out pattern with 0:08 left to stop the clock). The Bengals will need to take care of the Chiefs next week at home to secure a playoff berth.

In other news, Joshua Cribbs is an amazing player. Two more TD's today.

Comment from the Classifieds

I would like to thank you for posting my jeep for sale on your site. I had a lot of contacts (from all over this county and others) that said they saw it there. I did sell it and would like to thank you again.

How will the health care debate end?

Here are the poll results. A slight majority thinks there will ultimately be no health care bill?

Rush shares family history

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Nancy Hampshire Rush held a book signing Saturday at the Corner Cupboard in Union City. Her book, “My Mother’s Child,” is the story of the Hampshire family in Union City and Greenville, dating back to the late 18th century. She sold 14 books, many of them to childhood friends she hadn’t seen since high school.

One long-time friend, Sally Amspaugh, thought the book should be on the New York Times Best Seller list, while her daughters told her to send copies to Oprah and Ellen. “I’ll take it under advisement,” Rush said.

Rush is currently scheduling promotional interviews, book signings and readings – and has books available for sale – at various locations throughout Darke County. Anyone interested in contacting her can do so at

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Scholarships available for communications students

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Students interested in pursuing communications careers have a new opportunity to win a scholarship to help them meet the expenses of higher education.

The Senior Scribes Scholarship Program has expanded its eligibility requirements for communications-oriented seniors.

Any Darke County senior interested in journalism, public relations, education, radio or television broadcasting, web design and Internet communications, and graphic design is eligible to apply.

The Senior Scribes plan to offer up to $2,000 in scholarships this year.

Among the eligibility requirements are grades, community service and activities in which you have participated in communications or your chosen field.

The Senior Scribes would be especially interested in seeing applications from high school seniors currently working with The Teen Advocate program, Wavelength staff, Greenville Public Access Television, school newsletters and yearbooks and those who have been actively reporting on the activities of various student groups and organizations.

If you would like to apply, please go to the Senior Scribes web site, and click on Scholarships for a downloadable application.

A few shots of the first snow


Global warming strikes Darke County


Friday, December 18, 2009


After a joint investigation conducted by the Darke County Sheriff's Office, the Versailles Police Department and the Ohio Adult Parole Authority, two adults have been arrested and are being held in the Darke County Jail. The Village of Versailles and areas outside the village in Darke County have experienced a rash of home burglaries and car break-ins over the last two weeks. Numerous items of property including home electronics, cash and Christmas gifts have been stolen. In some cases, the burglar entered homes in the middle of the night while the residents were present and sleeping. Some victims awoke the following morning to find wrapped Christmas gifts and other property stolen from under their Christmas tree.

On Wednesday, October 16th, 2009, the Darke County Sheriff's Deputies, Versailles Police Officers and an Ohio Parole Officer went to 43 E. Wood Street in the Village of Versailles to follow up on this investigation. Officers discovered numerous items of stolen property from these burglaries and car break-ins. A majority of the property that had been stolen recently was recovered. Arrested at this location, for parole violations, was John A. Nelson, age 23 of Lima , Ohio and Vivian "Paige" Jasso, age 27 of Versailles , Ohio . Both are being held without bond. The investigation is continuing and charges in this case are pending a review by the Darke County Prosecutor's Office.

The Darke County Sheriff's Office and the Versailles Police Department are asking anyone who may have experienced a theft or burglary in the Versailles area in the last few weeks to report it to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Anyone with information on these cases is asked to contact the Darke County Sheriff's Office at 937-548-2020.

[DCSO press release]


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Council on Rural Services has received notice of funding for expansion of Early Head Start services in our nine county service area. The Council on Rural Services Head Start expansion program was one of only eleven agencies funded in Ohio.

Three of our counties received additional funding for both center-based and home-based services and five other counties received additional funding for home-based services. In these eight counties, our research indicated areas of urgent need and little or no current services for these families. This grant is funded through the Office of Head Start, Administration for Children and Families, US Department of Health and Human Services, and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

In Darke County, the grant will expand services to 12 additional children and families throughout the county using a home base model. Enrollment and services will begin within the next few weeks.

The approval of these funds will allow for early intervention and individualized services beginning with the pregnant mothers’ healthy prenatal outcomes. The program will also provide seamless services for an additional 156 young children aged birth through three years and their families in the eight county areas. The early childhood services include high-quality and comprehensive learning experiences that enhance infant and toddler development and promote healthy family functioning. It will be offered by the Council on Rural Services through their Kids Learning Place™ centers.

Council on Rural Services has a 33 year history of developing and offering early education services in west central Ohio. We continue our commitment to the development of strong partnerships with other local service agencies, in order to deliver the best services available to enhance every child’s needs. This expansion grant will enable the agency to hire approximately 35-40 new employees for support services in the areas where the new children will be enrolled,

The Early Head Start program also includes responding to young children with disabilities. Research shows the earlier a child is identified as having a developmental delay or disability, the greater the likelihood that the child will benefit from intervention strategies. For children aged birth through 3 these are the critical years for early intervention

The home base program uses Parents as Teachers-Born to Learn Curriculum™ and the classrooms use The Creative Curriculum™, both are aligned with Ohio’s Early Learning Content Standards. The children will develop, grow, and learn to embrace possibilities all though their life that supports a sense of self, taking responsibility for self and others, and behaving in a pro-social way.

If you need more information about Early Head Start at Council on Rural Services or our other early childhood education programs, Kids Learning Place, Gateway Youth Program, or HandsOn West Central Ohio, check the Web site at or call 937-778-5220.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Republican ladies make food donation

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The Darke County Republican Women’s Club donated non-perishable food items to the Food Bank as part of their Christmas celebration. Members Candace Gibney and Judee Harbaugh collected the many boxes of food on Monday evening after the meeting and delivered them to Food Bank Director Beverly Baltes . The Food Bank is at Grace Resurrection Community Center, 433 Water Street, Greenville.

Got run over by a reindeer?

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Maybe the Versailles Health Care Center can help you out.

[thanks to Steve Baker]

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Darke County's 911 Service is temporarily down

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If you have an emergency, call the Darke County Sheriff Dispatch directly at 548-2020. [posted at 5:05 p.m. on 12/16/09]

UPDATE: As of 8pm, the county 911 service has been restored.

Hands/On visits Kids Learning Place

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HandsOn West Central Ohio and Retired and Senior Volunteer Program visited the Kids Learning Place center in Greenville on Thursday and brought 119 hand knitted scarves for all the children at the building. What an appropriate time during this wintery cold spell!

The children were excited when choosing their favorite colored scarf. The volunteers, Kay Swabb and Maya Penny, also presented scarves to the teachers and bus drivers to keep them warm while they are out with the children; in addition they brought 47 lap robes for the children to use at nap time. A special Thank You to all the volunteers that spent many hours working to keep children warm this winter.

HandsOn West Central Ohio, RSVP and Kids Learning Place are programs of Council on Rural Services. Their programs provide education, support, and volunteer services in nine counties. You can learn more about the agency and program opportunities in Darke County by checking the Web site at or calling 937-548-8002.

MVCTC Students and Staff in Giving Spirit this Holiday Season

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Students and staff at the Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) have embraced the spirit of the holiday season and taken on many projects to give back to others in the Miami Valley. From assisting with the Thanksgiving dinners in November to helping families at the school, several student organizations have become involved in one way or another this year.

During the month of November, the students in Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) held a food drive and donated all the food collected to the Precious Blood Food Bank. MVCTC programs involved in FCCLA include Early Childhood Education, Hospitality Services, and Culinary Arts. Some of these programs completed additional giving projects in November. The Culinary Arts students participated in “A Feast of Giving”, formerly known as the Beerman Family Thanksgiving Dinner. Junior Culinary Arts instructor, Marian Fraley, initiated the project, which had the students preparing 1,000 apples used by renowned Chicago Chef, Art Smith, to create his personal Thanksgiving dressing recipe. Fox-45 aired a special program Thanksgiving morning, and MVCTC Culinary Arts students were highlighted. Downing Fruit Farm in Hollansburg, Ohio donated all apples for Chef Art Smith’s recipe.

Students in the Hospitality Services program made gingerbread houses to donate to Maria-Joseph Living Care Center. It was a collaborative project with the students English and Lab classes.

Students involved in the SkillsUSA II and III chapters held their annual food drive to benefit the Holiday Aid initiative. Students filled two large 55-gallon barrels with their donations, which will go to the Dayton Food bank. The Digital Design Technology Tech Prep program brought in the most food donations this year.

The Air Force ROTC students collected items to send to troops serving overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq. They were able to fill five boxes and mailed them on Friday, December 11, 2009, to arrive in time for Christmas.

The MVCTC FFA Chapter has been very busy this year with the 28th Annual Ronald McDonald House Charity Auction. Over the past 28 years, students have raised well over $130,000 for the local Ronald McDonald House. The FFA Chapter donated $250 to Children’s Hospital and $250 to the CROP/Church World Services Program through the Ohio FFA Association. The FFA Chapter also participates in the Harvest for America Program, by collecting non-perishable food throughout the school and community from November 16 to February 20. The entire collection will benefit a local shelter.

Students in the MVCTC alternative educational program Youth Connections completed a fundraiser to provide holiday dinners at Thanksgiving and Christmas to local families. They gave away two dinners at Thanksgiving and will give away three or four more at Christmas. The decision was made to work together to provide holiday cheer for students and their families at Youth Connections in need of assistance.

Students and staff in the Adult Education Medical Assisting and Practical Nursing programs worked together to collect donations for the VA Medical Center. Students indentified in November that patients at the VA Center were in need of toiletry, clothing, and books. The students used their own funds to purchase these supplies, and delivered the articles of clothing, personal care items, and puzzle books to the VA Medical Center. They also spent the day interacting with the patients, playing several games of bingo. This was a truly enjoyable event and everyone involved shared fun and fellowship. The veterans and medical staff were very appreciative of the MVCTC students’ efforts.

The MVCTC staff established the MVCTC Education Foundation in 1991 to assist students whose financial or personal needs would prevent them from achieving an education and reaching their full potential. The Foundation each holiday season donates gift cards to MVCTC students and their families in need of temporary assistance at the holiday time.

In addition to the group community service projects, many MVCTC staff members on their own adopt local families at the holiday time to ensure those in need of assistance are able to feel the joy of the holiday season.

For more information about MVCTC and the opportunities available for both high school and adult students, please visit

Women's Club winner

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The Darke County Republican Women’s Club recently held their annual Christmas meeting at the Brethren Community Center. The party was under the direction of Dori Howdieshell. Members played games and enjoyed a visit by Santa Claus, who looked suspiciously familiar.

A drawing was held for the Congressional Cookbook, donated by Mrs. John Boehner, and the lucky winner was Becky Martin. This cookbook contains recipes from Congressional spouses and members, that reflect regional specialties.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ohio Supreme Court bans warrantless search of cell phone data

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The Supreme Court of Ohio ruled today that the Fourth Amendment prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures requires police to obtain a warrant before searching data stored in a cell phone that has been seized from its owner in the course of a lawful arrest when the search is not necessary to protect the safety of law enforcement officers and there are no exigent circumstances.

The Court’s 4-3 majority decision, which reversed a ruling of the 2nd District Court of Appeals, was authored by Justice Judith Ann Lanzinger.

Antwaun Smith was arrested on drug-related charges after responding to a call to his cell phone that had been placed by a crack cocaine user acting as a police informant. During the arrest, police searched Smith and found a cell phone on his person. The arresting officer put the cell phone in his pocket and placed Smith in a cruiser, then searched the scene for evidence. Later, police recovered bags containing crack cocaine at the scene. Officers subsequently searched the contents of Smith’s phone without a search warrant or his consent. They discovered call records and stored numbers that confirmed prior calls between Smith’s phone and the informant’s phone number. Smith was charged with possession of cocaine, trafficking in cocaine, tampering with evidence and two counts of possession of criminal tools.

In today’s decision, Justice Lanzinger wrote: “Smith bases his challenge on the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which provides protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. It is well established that searches conducted without a warrant are per se unreasonable, subject to certain ‘jealously and carefully drawn’ exceptions.’ Jones v. United States (1958). ... The exception that the state relies on is the search incident to arrest, which allows officers to conduct a search that includes an arrestee’s person and the area within the arrestee’s immediate control. ... This exception ‘derives from interests in officer safety and evidence preservation that are typically implicated in arrest situations.’ Arizona v. Gant (2009). ... But when the interests in officer safety and evidence preservation are minimized, the court has held that this exception no longer applies.”
Justice Robert R. Cupp entered a dissenting opinion, joined by Justices Evelyn Lundberg Stratton and Terrence O’Donnell, stating that in his view the majority erred by “needlessly theorizing” about cell phone capabilities in the abstract rather than following Finley and similar decisions which have held that police may conduct warrantless searches of closed containers found on the person of an arrestee. He wrote: “As the majority opinion recognizes, a cell phone’s digital address book is akin to traditional address books carried on the person. Courts have upheld police officers’ search of an address book found on an arrestee’s person during a search incident to a lawful arrest. ... The phone’s call list is similar, showing a list of telephone numbers that called to or were called from the phone.
The full summary - and decision - can be accessed here.

Monday, December 14, 2009


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Sidney – HandsOn West Central Ohio staff recruit volunteers for area non-profit agencies every day. But last Friday they also were the ones that did the volunteering.

The HandsOn staff, which also includes the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, came together and chose to spend part of their day at the Holy Angels Soup Kitchen in the Sidney, giving of their time and talent. Nikki Winner, HandsOn West Central Ohio program director said, “Even though the staff work each day with volunteers, we as individuals also want to give back to the communities. Volunteering is not only an opportunity to help others through actions, but to learn more about each other, ourselves, and how we can work together as a strong team. We try to show everyone how there are “Opportunities Every Day” to connect passion with action, and make a difference.”

The Holy Angels Soup Kitchen is open to anyone that needs a warm, nutritious meal with a caring individual preparing it. The soup kitchen, which began in 1999, serves approximately 100 lunchtime meals on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It is located in the Alpha Community Center at 330 East Court Street in Sidney. The kitchen is run completely by volunteers, with about 120 volunteers needed during the year to help to prepare food, cook and serve the meal, and clean up the center. Because of the current economic conditions this center has become even more important to the local community; they continue to see a significant increase in people and meals served during this year.

But through HandsOn West Central Ohio there is no end to the creative options and opportunities available for all ages to get involved in the communities. You can volunteer as a family, learn something new, or work for an issue that you feel strongly about. We even have opportunities where you don’t have to leave your home. We will help match your interests, talents, and skills with just the right volunteer project that will fit YOU. Sherry Baker, HandsOn volunteer coordinator is available to help anyone in Darke County find an opportunity to give of their time and talents to the area’s non-profit organizations.

HandsOn West Central Ohio, including RSVP, is a program of Council on Rural Services… programs for innovative learning. Their programs provide education, support, and volunteer services in nine counties. You can learn more about the agency and program opportunities in Darke County by checking the Web site at  – or calling 937-548-8002.

Volunteer reporter needed

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Do you love to write? Do you dream of reporting on the latest news happening throughout Darke County?

HandsOn West Central Ohio needs a volunteer to serve as a roving reporter. This volunteer will interview staff from local nonprofit organizations to learn more about specific volunteer opportunities available within agencies throughout Darke County. Tasks will include interviewing representatives from nonprofit agencies in person or via phone and using interview information and a pre-determined writing style to write weekly newspaper articles. Volunteers for this position should be at least 18 years of age, demonstrate excellent writing skills and have basic computer skills. A flexible schedule is available.

“If you enjoy writing, this is a great position for you,” says Sherry Baker, HandsOn West Central Ohio Volunteer Coordinator. “With a computer and a telephone, our roving reporter may volunteer from the comfort of his or her own home, from a local coffee shop or even from another state during the winter months.”

To learn more about this volunteer opportunity or other opportunities within our community, please contact HandsOn West Central Ohio at (937) 548-8002 ext. 211, or visit HandsOn West Central Ohio, including Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, is a program of Council on Rural Services. This program receives funding from Darke County United Way, Corporation for National Service, Area Agency on Aging, PSA2, Darke County Commissioners, Lydia E. Shaurer Trust, Harry Stephens Trust and the Darke County HOPE Foundation.

Tim's Mowers & More - discount offered

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Tim's Mowers & More is offering 10% off parts and labor for any equipment serviced before the end of February 2010. Call for pick up and delivery.

Tim's Mowers & More, 1317 Sweitzer St., Greenville, Ohio 45331, 937-548-6130.

BRC will deliver lunch to your office - December 17th

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Brethren Retirement Community would like to offer you a great lunch at a great price for a great cause. You’ll enjoy a great lunch, plus dessert for only $5. And all proceeds will benefit our “soon to be open” Adult Day Center, located on the campus of Brethren Retirement Community. Brethren Retirement Community is a not-for-profit continuing care retirement community, a national eldercare expert, and the only Eden Alternative™ Registered Community in Darke County.

But this special offer is available only on December 17th so place your order today! Fax or email your order to us and we’ll deliver to your home or office! Email Orders: Fax Orders To: 937-547-8105. Place your orders by December 15th. We will confirm your order with you - if you do not receive a confirmation, please call 547-7655.

LUNCH MENU: Choose One of The Lunch Options: 1) Ham/Turkey Wrap, Chicken Rivel Soup, Christmas Cookies, 2) Club Croissant—ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato, Chicken Rivel Soup, Christmas Cookies, 3) Christmas Salad with chicken, cranberries, and nuts.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A new low for Obama

Any comments on this?

Bengals magic number is one (NFL Open Thread)

UPDATE: Not yet ready for prime time.

Seriously, who would have thought at the beginning of the year that the Bengals would have a chance to win the division week 14? Any Bengals win - or any Ravens loss - means the Bengals win the AFC North. With that said, there's probably a good chance it won't happen this week, as the Bengals face an angry Vikings team in Minnesota. And the Ravens play the Lions. The Bengals have a chance to make a statement, but even the most loyal fans (DJ included) would have to consider them the underdog today. [photo below is the underrated 3rd down specialist Brian Leonard]

Jersey No. 28 is retired in St. Henry

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In honor of former St. Henry and Cincinnati Reds star Wally Post.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Now playing at Wayne Cinemas: The Princess and the Frog

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Movie review courtesy of Greenville's own Jeff Marker.

Holiday Presents for Darke County Military Family Children

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Through a recent, generous donation by a local business and their customers, there will be a little extra holiday cheer to spread around Darke County for children of Military Families this year.

“It’s not just Mom and Dad who serve in the military, but children who are born into a military family, serve in their own way as well,” stated Lynne Gump, Executive Director of the Darke County American Red Cross, “We were thrilled when approached to be a part of this program, what a joyous way to share the holidays with our military families.”

The program provides gifts which are appropriate for children, years ten and under who are part of a military family and currently residing in the Darke County community, which could include Guardsmen, Reservists, Deployed Servicemen and Active Duty.

Families will need to call the Darke County Chapter at 937.548.1002 by December 20th with the names, ages, and gender of their child and gifts will be ready for pick up at the chapter between December 21st and the December 23rd. When picking up gifts, family member will need to provide military identification and residency verification.

Additionally, while picking up gifts, family members may take a few minutes and create a message from home for a deployed military person, which is also a free service provided by the Darke County Chapter, no appointments will be necessary that week.

“We are so touched by the kind hearts of Darke Countians who donated these presents and are looking forward to sharing their kind heartedness with these special children,” stated Gump, “sharing what we have, caring for our neighbors is the heart of holiday season.”

About the American Red Cross: The American Red Cross shelters, feeds and counsels victims of disasters; provides nearly half of the nation's blood supply; teaches lifesaving skills; and supports military members and their families. The Red Cross is a charitable organization – not a government agency – and depends on volunteers and the generosity of the American public to perform its humanitarian mission. For more information, please visit

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ugly game in Cleveland - Browns win 13-6

The Browns and Steelers battled it out Thursday night in a frigid (-12 windchill) and windy game in Cleveland. The Steelers scored only 6 points and gave up 8 sacks - and looked clueless on offense all night. The Browns weren't much better, getting most of their offense (again) from their kick returner. Both of these teams are bad, but the Steelers are surprisingly bad at 6-7 and almost certainly out of the playoff hunt.

Chemical spill/evacuation at Family Health in Greenville

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As reported by

HIT Foundation provides foreclosure services

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Homeowners in Preble County and surrounding areas struggling to make monthly mortgage payments or facing foreclosure can take advantage of a free service offered by the HIT Foundation in Eaton. Home Is The Foundation is a private, non-profit organization focused on providing for housing needs in Preble County and surrounding areas.

For more than a year, the group has been working with area homeowners in need of foreclosure prevention. During that time more than 300 homeowners have come to the HIT Foundation for assistance.

The organization is now funded directly by the Ohio Housing Finance Agency and continues to serve as a HUD-approved foreclosure counseling agency.

To schedule a confidential meeting with a foreclosure counselor homeowners are asked to contact Sherrie Shepherd, Office Coordinator, at (937) 472-0500, Ext. 401, or call the toll-free foreclosure prevention information number at (866) 230-6240.

In addition, the HIT Foundation now offers homeowners an opportunity to learn more about the service, request information and schedule an intake appointment by going online at

The foreclosure prevention program is designed to assist homeowners who are unable to keep up with monthly mortgage payments and/or are in the foreclosure process. The program targets homeowners facing job loss, medical issues, or other hardships, as well as those victimized by predatory lending practices. Whether a homeowner has missed one mortgage payment or is already in the foreclosure process, the H.I.T. Foundation may be able to help.

H.I.T. Foundation works to identify homeowners who are currently facing foreclosure and enroll them in this program. The Foundation also provides information and referrals to other area resources. The agency then works with lenders to negotiate an acceptable loan modification or other resolution.

[This is a submitted press release. Darke Journal is not famliar with this organization.]

Cross County basketball on JOY FM

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WJYW - JOY FM (88.9 FM) is airing nine Cross County Conference High School Basketball games along with the Union City Holiday Tournament on Monday and Tuesday, December 28th and 29th, 2009.

Here is a list of the games scheduled for airing on Joy-FM. Ryan Gathard will bring you all the action from the Cross County Conference Games and Joel Brantingham will bring you all the action from the Union City Holiday Tournament.

  • Friday – 12/11/09 Mississinawa Valley @ Franklin Monroe 7:30 PM
  • Friday – 12/18/09 Mississinawa Valley @ Arcanum 7:30 PM
  • Monday – 12/28/09 Union City Holiday Tournament 5PM
  • Tuesday – 12/29/09 Union City Holiday Tournament 5 PM
  • Friday – 1/8/10 Bradford @ Arcanum 7:30 PM
  • Friday – 1/15/10 Covington @ Arcanum 7:30 PM
  • Friday – 1/22/10 Franklin Monroe @ National Trail 7:30 PM
  • Friday – 1/29/10 Arcanum @ National Trail 7:30 PM
  • Friday – 2/5/10 Miami East @ Arcanum 7:30 PM
  • Friday – 2/12/10 Tri-Village @ Mississinawa Valley 7:30 PM
  • Friday 2/19/10 Franklin Monroe @ Tri-Village 7:30 PM

Winter weather traveling tips from the DCSO

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As winter approaches and the chances of snow and inclement weather continue to increase, the Darke County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Toby L. Spencer want to encourage everyone to utilize safe winter travel practices

Use slower acceleration and slower speeds. Avoid heavy steering and braking. Allow extra time to reach your destination during inclement weather.

  • Drive with your headlights on.
  • Don't get overconfident with four-wheel drive. It won't help you stop any faster.
  • Winter road conditions often result in longer stopping distances. Give yourself room. If you have anti-lock brakes, press the pedal down firmly and hold it. If you don't have anti-lock brakes, gently pump the pedal.
  • Slow down when approaching intersections, off-ramps, bridges or shady spots. These all have potential to develop black ice.
  • Avoid abrupt actions while steering, braking or accelerating to lessen your chance of losing control.
  • Look farther ahead in traffic. Actions by other drivers will alert you to problems and give you extra reaction time.
  • Trucks take longer to stop. Don't cut in front of them.
  • Avoid using cruise control or overdrive. Don't let your car make a bad decision for you.

It is important to check travel and road conditions before traveling. The Darke County Sheriff’s Office new website ( will have the latest information on any issued snow emergencies. Snow emergency information is also passed on to all local media including print and web media, local radio stations and local television stations.

Snow Emergency Definitions:

Level 1 Snow/Ice Advisory: Roadways are slick and hazardous. Extra caution should be used if traveling. Travel is not restricted.

Level 2 Snow Emergency: Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Roads can be very icy. Only those who feel it is necessary to drive should be out on the roadways. People should contact their employer to see if they should report to work. Obviously, if you are driving, use extreme caution.

Level 3 Snow Emergency: ALL roadways are CLOSED to non-emergency personnel. No one should be driving during this condition unless it is absolutely necessary or a personal emergency exists. All employees should contact their employer to see if they should report to work. Anyone traveling on the roads may subject themselves to arrest.

If at all possible, please avoid calling the Darke County Sheriff’s Office for information concerning snow emergencies and or road conditions. If inclement weather is affecting the region, it is likely that the dispatch center is overwhelmed with emergency calls.

Victims offer reward

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The Darke County Sheriff's Office is investigating a home burglary & grand theft that occurred on November 25th between 9:10 AM and 12:45 PM at 4803 Hillgrove Southern Road west of Greenville , Ohio . Taken from the residence was a safe & collectable coins. The victim of this burglary and grand theft is personally offering a reward of $1,000.00 for the arrest & or conviction of individuals involved in this criminal act. If you have any information concerning this incident please call Detective Rodney Baker of the Darke County Sheriff's Office at 937-548-1193.


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Joy FM is Western Ohio and Eastern Indiana’s Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) station, and can be heard at 88.9 FM, 94.5 FM (Richmond, IN), and 97.7 FM (New Paris, OH). This Monday and Tuesday, Joy FM asked listeners to call in and commit to the needs of 6 families in the area for its Christmas Wish campaign! With the generosity of our listeners, we finished the one air Christmas Wish portion early and met the needs of these families.

Joy FM wishes to thank everyone who is a part of providing Christmas for these deserving families who are facing situations beyond what most of us can imagine. A single Mom who is epileptic, has had a brain injury and had her legs put into braces and had to learn to walk all over again to a family who had an electrical fire in their home and nearly lost everything. Thanks to listeners all over western Ohio and eastern Indiana, these families have been given a Christmas to remember!

If you are one of the many people who made a commitment to help these needy families, you have until Tuesday, December 15th to drop off your purchased item(s) at one of our 12 drop-off locations, which are listed below.

Drop-Off Locations

Greenville, OH:
- Bread of Life Christian Bookstore – 107 W. Main St.
- Wal-Mart Supercenter – 1501 Wagner Ave.
- Telcom Wireless – 1371 Wagner Ave.

Richmond, IN:
- Trinity Gifts and Books – 4623 National Rd. East
- Trader’s Depot – 4741 National Rd. East
- Kroger – 3701 National Rd. East AS A GIFT CARD COLLECTION CENTER ONLY

Union City, OH:
- Old National Bank – 101 E. Elm St.
- Union City, IN:
- The Christian Bookstore – 232 N. Columbia

Winchester, IN:
- The Randolph Co. YMCA – 1521 E. Washington Rd.
- Old National Bank – 2 Locations; 100 S. Meridian and 930 E. Washington

Arcanum, OH:
- Arcanum Public Library – 101 W. North St.
- Modern Impressions – 105 E. Second St.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

HYPE to Host New Year’s Eve Bash

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Young professionals looking for a fantastic New Year’s Eve event don’t need to leave Miami County this December.

With more than 180 members registered in the group, HYPE (Helping Young Professionals Emerge) invites young adults to join the group for a New Year’s Eve Bash at Fricker’s in Troy from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Thursday, December 31. Guests will enjoy food and drink specials, special music, photos from past events, information about upcoming events, a 50/50 raffle and a the chance to win a variety of door prizes. Prizes include gift certificates from Fricker’s, The Caroline, Grooming Gals and more. There is no cover charge. The group instead encourages guests to bring a nonperishable food item to benefit the Covington Outreach Association.

“One of our group’s goals is to show young professionals that Miami County offers many of the same amenities of larger communities, if not more,” says Nicolette Winner, HYPE Co-chair. “Where else can you find such a great event, one where you are guaranteed to be with other people your own age?”

Space is limited to the first 100 guests to RSVP. Reserve your space by contacting Winner at or by RSVP’ing via the group’s Facebook page, linked to the official HYPE Web site at

HYPE is a group formed by young professionals for young professionals in the Northern Miami Valley. The group strives to achieve its vision through focused efforts to support social opportunity, professional development, and community involvement for young professionals in the area. Learn more by visiting HYPE was established in collaboration with the Covington, Piqua, Tipp City and Troy Area Chambers of Commerce.

Ohio will soon implement new "one-drug" execution method

On the night of February 7, 1991, Kenneth Biros offered to give 22-year-old Tammy Engstrom a ride home from a Trumbull County bar. Instead of taking her home, Biros took the married Engstrom to a secluded cabin, tried to rape her, then killed her by beating and stabbing her. The coroner determined that she suffered ninety-one injuries and stab wounds before she died, including at least five knife wounds after she was dead. After killing Engstrom, Biros cut his victim's body apart, disposing it in two different Pennsylvania counties (and for some reason keeping part of Engstrom's liver in his trunk).

Biros received the death penalty for his crimes, but tragically remains alive on death row 18 years later. Unbelievably, the guy who committed these horrific acts was able to avoid a 2007 execution date based on the argument that Ohio's method for lethal injection was "cruel and unusual."

Biros will make history this morning when his sentence is executed using Ohio's new one-drug execution method. Biros is now arguing that the new execution method may subject him to the risk of severe pain. His continued appeals are not expected to succeed, and Biros will likely die later this morning.

UPDATE: The new method works.

Monday, December 7, 2009

A New Middle School ... Now is the Time

Everyone has heard the phrase, "There's no time like the present." I believe this is absolutely true as an opportune situation has presented itself to enhance the learning environment for the students of our school district. The news is spreading regarding the 2.89 mill bond issue for the construction of a new Middle School. This school will house students in grades 5-8 and the issue will appear on the February 2nd ballot. The building, designed for the enrollment of approximately 800 students, will replace the district's two oldest facilities. South School, constructed in 1911, is the home of our 5th and 6th grade students while the Junior High, built in 1923, houses our 7th and 8th graders. The district owns land on North Ohio Street currently farmed by the FFA students. The proposed site of the new school will be across from Rest Haven.

As with previous campaigns, I want to present accurate information regarding the issue and address questions that may arise. As I have begun to meet with different groups, several questions have already been asked.

"How did the district qualify for the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission (OSFC) Exceptional Needs Program?" The State recognized the district had immediate facility problems resulting from the collapse of the Junior High School building in the spring of 2008. This incident drew attention to the deterioration of the South Middle School building. Due to this awareness, State Representative Jim Zehringer introduced and helped pass special legislation enabling Greenville City Schools to participate in the Exceptional Needs Program. This program provides state dollars to the community to co-fund the building project upon passage of the bond issue.

"Why a special election to approve this issue now?" There are several reasons. The district has a limited time to maximize Greenville district residents' savings by taking advantage of current low construction costs, low interest rates, state dollars, and federal stimulus money. The state share of 8.8 million dollars will only be available if the bond issue is passed before September 2010. Additionally, the federal government will pay approximately 10.5 million dollars towards the cost of debt with stimulus funds creating savings for district taxpayers. Finally, under the Exceptional Needs Program, the OSFC will reimburse the district a large portion of the cost paid to reopen the Junior High School as a result of the March, 2008, collapse.

One question I repeatedly receive is, "Will a new High School be built on this same property?" The answer to this is NO. The architects have confirmed the existing acreage owned by the district is not sufficient to build a new High School that would meet OSFC specifications.

Another question being asked is, "How much will this cost Greenville homeowners and farmers?" An owner of a $100,000 home will pay less than 33 cents per day-ora total of $118.65 per year. Farmers who are participating in Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) will pay less than 50 cents an acre, based on average fed and state tax rates.

That question is usually followed by, "Why always tax the property owner?" A property tax only requires half as much effective millage as a school district income tax. This is because all businesses, such as big retailers, pay property tax and help share the tax burden for the community. Corporations do not pay a school district income tax. Also, the federal stimulus money was designed to assist schools with this type of debt.

Finally, many have asked, "What will be done with the South and Junior High buildings once the new building is constructed?" The South building has demolition dollars budgeted within the project, but will also include the option to sell the building should that be in the best interest of the taxpayers. The Junior High has the potential for other uses by the community and will not be demolished.

Now is the time? Definitely! Low interest rates, low construction costs, and a return of approximately 20 million dollars to our community from State and Federal sources. Merging the two aged facilities into one will reduce current costs associated with transportation, staff, instructional supplies, utilities, and maintenance; and will offer advantages for our students as well. Total accessibility for handicapped students, sufficient electrical power for classroom technology, improved heating and air circulation, and up-to-date safety and security features are just a few items that are much needed. There is no time like the present to make a wise investment in the future of our community - our kids.

Susie Riegle, Superintendent, Greenville City Schools

[From this week's edition of The Early Bird]


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Council on Rural Services, a non-profit organization serving children, youth, adults, and families through education and service programs in the community, is beginning a new quarterly newsletter. We want to share information about all the services that are available to the citizens of the area, the significant endeavors and impacts, and the great successes of our clients.

This first edition centers on partnerships and every day opportunities surrounding the Head Start and early childhood programs where we served 3,012 children last year in our nine county areas.

To see the newsletter, go to our Web site at and click Fall Quarterly Newsletter-Head Start Annual Report at the bottom left side of the first page, or call us at 937-778-5220 for a printed copy.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

NFL Open Thread - Week 13

The Bengals should have an easy match-up today against the lowly Detroit Lions in Cincy. With a win, the Bengals will go to 9-3 with tough road games ahead against the Chargers and Vikings. The Colts will try to maintain their perfect record at home versus the surging Titans. And the Browns are certain to be crushed today by San Diego.

For further discussion ...a smart lady pointed out that the most important news of the day is usually broadcast by a single person, while several networks devote as many as five correspondents to preview a handful of pro football games. Misplaced priorities? Or just good fun?


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Joy FM is Western Ohio and Eastern Indiana’s Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) station, and can be heard at 88.9 FM, 94.5 FM (Richmond, IN), and 97.7 FM (New Paris, OH). On Monday, December 7th, Joy FM will kick off its much-anticipated Christmas Wish campaign! They will be partnering with local businesses and listeners to meet the needs of deserving families in western Ohio and eastern Indiana, making Christmas just a little brighter!

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, December 7, 8, and 9, Joy FM will ask listeners to call in and commit to purchasing items for the family members, until the needs of every family are taken care of. There will be official drop off locations all over Western Ohio and Eastern Indiana, making it easy to purchase the items and conveniently drop them in the Christmas Wish box on the way out of the store. Locations include Bread of Life Christian Bookstore, Wal-Mart, and Telcom Wireless in Greenville; Trinity Gifts and Books, and Trader’s Depot, in Richmond and the Kroger store in Richmond will serve only as a gift card location; The Christian Bookstore in Union City; Arcanum Public Library and Modern Impressions in Arcanum; and The Randolph Co. YMCA in Winchester.

Be listening and get ready to be inspired! Also, be ready to call 1-877-335-4569 to give back for the holidays!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

God bless Sarah Kathleen Snyder

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Mrs. Sarah Kathleen Snyder, 66, of Bolivia died Friday, November 20, 2009, at Dosher Memorial Hospital.

Mrs. Snyder was born in Dayton, Ohio, on April 23, 1943, daughter of the late James H. and Phyllis Harlow Law. She was the former owner and operator of Greenville Telephone Answering Service of Greenville, Ohio, and for the past eight years was employed with Lowe’s Home Improvement Store at Southport. She had a great love for animals and was an officer with Humane Society of Greenville and operated a home pet security business.

She is survived by a daughter, Leesa Terry and husband Rusty of Bolivia; grandson, Fisher Terry; step-grandson, Gage Terry; two sisters, Susan Virginia Spriggs of Urbana, Ohio, and Carol Fawcett of Asheville.

Friends may offer condolences at

The Little Italian Cafe is expanding

The vacant building at the corner of Walnut and East Third in Greenville now has a sign indicating it will soon become the new home of the Little Italian Cafe - effective January 2, 2010. The Little Italian Cafe is currently located in the first floor of the Palace Office Building. Try out the pizza and spinach dip, if you haven't already.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

“Climate Change” Fraud Dashes Career of Aussie Leader

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Could Obama be next?

Several months ago in our fight against Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) in Darke County, we warned the politicos of both parties (all of whom were silent on the issue at the time) that a bet on Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) – Climate Change would be a bet on a short career as a politician. Unfortunately Malcolm Turnbull, an Australian cap-and-trade proponent failed to heed our warning. “Early last week the leader of Australia’s Conservative Opposition, Malcolm Turnbull, announced he had reached agreement with the government to implement cap-and-trade, thus binding his party to support it in Parliament en bloc.”

But just as we had stated in our previous article entitled Cap and Trade is Dead for a Good Reason, “a funny thing happened on the way to the Senate: the Australian public woke up.” To quote Al Gore: “An inconvenient truth” emerged i.e. the fact that the IPCC report on global warming was based on unwarranted confident predictions of catastrophe from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) and on manipulated climate data at best and outright fraud at the worst. Several reporters in the most prominent news media have already made these revelations, but perhaps one of the more authoritative was Dr. Richard S. Lindzen, (Professor of Meteorology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology) whose essay appeared in the Wall Street Journal December 1, 2009 entitled “The Climate Science Isn’t Settled” is worth reading.

In spite of the damming information, Turnbull refused to back down, staking his entire reputation and future on his passionate support for cap-and-trade. “So on early Tuesday morning, opposition parliamentarians met and voted to replace him. For the first time since 1916, the leader of a major Australian political party was deposed on the grounds of just one policy decision: the decision to support cap-and-trade.”

Interestingly Obama’s science advisor, John Holdren, undeterred by these revelations, continues to urge lawmakers act on cap-and-trade in spite of the dire consequences such a bill will have on our economy and the taxes paid by the average American that are estimated to increase by at least $1500 per year per person if such legislation is enacted.

We respectfully urge President Obama to remain in Washington and focus on the cornucopia of horrendous issues this country faces. In his place and as a vote of confidence to his team, Vice President Joe Biden, well respected by colleagues and internationally, should be sent to Copenhagen to represent the United States of America regarding this seriously flawed agenda. Of course, for the President, having received the Nobel Prize and with the heavy investment of his party in the Gore-ified science of “climate change”, this may be a very difficult switch at this late date. On the other hand, failing to do so, the “climate change” issue could expose our President to a fate not unlike that of Malcolm Turnbull.

We respect and support this President, although differing on many of his ambitious policies and initiatives.

Charles E. Reier MD
Rebecca A. Reier

Bear's Mill Candlelight Walk and Open House

Celebrate the holidays at
Historic Bear's Mill

Candlelight Walk and Open House
Friday, December 4th, 6-10pm

Flickering luminaries light the path along the millrace to a crackling fire in the woods. Enjoy the peace and solitude of the holiday season in this beautiful outdoor setting while sipping hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows. Inside the Mill Store and Gallery, revel at the artful choices available for gift giving while enjoying a cup of gourmet coffee and a homemade pumpkin cookie.

December Hours - Open every day except Christmas Day 11-5, Saturday 9-5

Winter Hours starting in January - Thursday, Friday, and Sunday 11-5, Saturday 9-5

[Visit the Bear's Mill website here.]

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