Thursday, December 24, 2009

Senate Democrats exhibit the holiday spirit

As expected, Senate Democrats passed their version of nationalized healthcare at 7:00 a.m. this morning in a straight party line vote. The Democrats showed their holiday spirit by giving free health care to every American citizen - while simultaneously giving the 2010 midterm elections to the Republicans. Merry Christmas to all!

[DAB emailed with this related video.]


  1. Gee, I wonder what diehard republican wrote this article?

  2. Your e-publication is not balanced and unbiased, the way a news journal should be. Further, you aren't even correct when you say "The Democrats showed their holiday spirit by giving free health care to evey American citizen." We will still have to pay for our health care, the same way we always have, only we will get some market competition to help keep the prices lower in a real consumers' market. Soon you'll only have Republican readers of your shamelessly biased publication, because I've seen too much of your personal twist on the news that is basically outright lies to get your personal bias across. Signing out forever...

  3. this is a personal blog. i believe the author has the ability to post whatever he/she feels like.

    I don't agree with the politics of DJ at all, but i know that before i type in the URL.

  4. Thanks kurt. I just want this site to be fun and entertaining. That's all I'm shooting for.

    I'm not even trying to be fair and balanced. That's the difference between me and the rest of the media. The media claim to follow certain ethical guidelines - esp. political ones - and then break those guidelines all the time. I don't claim to have any guidelines ... or in other words, I'm politically biased (kind of like CBS, NBC, CBS, CNN, NYT, WaPo, etc.). Most people recognize this and deal with it. I'm also not the newspaper. I post what news I have access to - but I'm one guy. I can't possibly have everything here. At least not yet.

    You can take this website - or leave it. However, most come back - like commenter #2, who has already been back after supposedly signing out forever.

  5. DJ...7:07 PM

    Commenter #2 just "thought" he was signing out forever....but, he is hooked. It is your web site and when you admit you are not trying to be fair and balanced, I can readily accept that. Most people appreciate your "pushing the envelope" a bit.

  6. Bravo for standing your ground! I enjoy your comments and usually agree with them. Am I a republican? More a conservative with some Republican views. I am saddened by what the democrats have done and am wondering along with many other Americans, what little secrets and deals they did to get it passed. If Obama and all politicians would take the same health care they passed then they would see it is what most Americans DONT want.

  7. I love the DJ for being what it is! Keep it up. As for this health care...if it's going to be so great, why do all the members of congress get to keep their individual/personal/current health care plan? If this "universal" health care is good enough for all of us - why are they excluding themselves?
    Geez, it does not matter what your personal politics must admit that Washington D.C. is a croocked mess. If you read and know your history, it's always been this way. Some administrations more than others.

  8. I love reading the Journal and I think it's a good that you admit you say it like you see it. Bias or not. Hey, if all the media outlets are as biased as they are, why pick on a journal? Do you watch the news? (anonymous?)
    I liked the way you stated this story and its true. I am an independant and feel the Republicans need to take the majority of the seats now,as we know what the dems are doing.And I think they just got it! If the healthcare was so great, why doesn't the Government want it for thier families? Yea,thats what I thought!


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