Sunday, May 31, 2009

Darke County Chamber of Commerce Golf Outing - August 3rd

Yes - August 3rd ... at the Greenville County Club. You can never do too much planning when it comes to golf. This is traditionally one of the best-attended and most competitive golf outings of the year. Click on the thumbnail for all the details - and to print off your registration/sponsorship form.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Barn fire in Franklin Twp.

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A barn caught fire this afternoon at about 5pm in Franklin Township - close to 7000 Delisle-Fourman Road. The fire was quickly put out.

Update: A farmer accidentally set his own barn on fire. Damages were set at $50,000 with a pick-up and an antique tractor lost. WHIO has more details here.

State of the Heart Hospice Golf Outing - June 5th

June 5th, 2009 * Greenville Country Club
Teams are filling up fast - register today
Call 937-548-2999 - or sign up here

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Friday, May 29, 2009

The best laid plans ...

After all the hoopla, it turns out that an old advisory opinion prohibits the type of job change that was anticipated for Terry Haworth to the economic development office. Terry will now keep his seat as commissioner and presumably spend the next year-and-a-half finishing an incredible 20-year run in office.

In the meantime, there was a lot of talk around town about the "old boys network" and the like. The problem here was not any actual conflict of interest, but the potential for perceived conflict of interest. And there are fair arguments on both sides. Not many are aware that Haworth was ready to accept the job at far less pay than what was advertised. We are probably going to end up paying somebody else more for a job Haworth would have done very well. On the positive side, we keep his expertise in the commissioners' office.

The entertaining part of this episode was the mad scrum to name the new commissioner - and the interesting media coverage of said scrum. Stay tuned for more comments on that ... possibly.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

New discussion: $600,000 to upgrade the Greenville traffic circle

According to WHIO, this renovation of the traffic circle in Greenvile will cost about $600,000 with the cost being split between a grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation (80%) and the City of Greenville paying the balance (20%). Although the $600,000 is an estimate, that breakdown would be: ODOT - $480,000 ... Greenville - $120,000.

So what do you think?

EUM Church will present weekly Divorce Care Seminar - beginning June 4th

EUM Church will be presenting a weekly Divorce Care seminar, which will take place Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. beginning June 4th. The program is described as "nondenominational and features biblical teaching for recovering from divorce and separation."

EUM Church is located at 111 Devor Street in Greenville - and can be contacted at 937-548-3211 - - and

Click thumbnail for further description of the program.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The return of

The old Darke County Chamber of Commerce site has returned from hibernation new and improved. The new site (same web address) is, and now represents the Partnering in Progress trio of: the Darke County Chamber of Commerce, Darke County Economic Development, and Community Improvement Corporation.

The new site has separate pages for: visitor informantion, relocation information, economic development, the chamber or commerce, a business directory, and other links. Chamber members also have a "members only" area. And there's much more. Check it out.

16th Annual Light Foundation All Conference Football Camp - June 15 & 16

Parents & Players:

The purpose of the Light Football Camp is to provide participants the opportunity to learn and improve their football skills. Under the guidance of many outstanding high school coaches, each player will come away with a better understanding of the great game of football. Our camp is designed to meet each player’s needs at a particular position. He will learn the same techniques and fundamentals taught by the coaches to their teams. But just as importantly, he will learn about Pride, Discipline, Attitude, and Team play.

Each player will receive maximum personal attention from our professional staff to help each athlete reach his full potential. Most importantly, campers will meet a lot of great people and have a lot of fun. We look forward to having your son join us for “The Best Value in Football Camp Instruction in America!”

Larry E. Masters, Camp Director

COST: The total cost for the three-day camp has been paid for by the generosity of the Light Foundation and the businesses in the Greenville/Darke County area. The sponsors, TCI, Inc., TXI, Inc., Maid-Rite, GTI, Greenville National Bank, and Greenville Federal, and the other business advertisements in the CAMP PROGRAM have provided financial support for your son’s attendance at this camp.

LOCATION: The camp will be held at the GREENVILLE NORTH PARK. The park is located behind the Kroger Supermarket.

CAMP FEATURES: Fun while learning football * Instruction by outstanding high school coaches * Low player-instructor ratio * Camp Program with outstanding articles * Guest Speakers * Awards

The REGISTRATION DEADLINE is June 8. You can download a registration form by clicking the thumbnail to the right ... →

Stammen does ok in his second start

Craig Stammen started for the Washington Nationals last night against the New York Mets. Stammen pitched 5 innings, gave up 7 hits and 3 earned runs. As the Nationals scored only a single run in the game, Stammen took his first big league loss. Still - Stammen finished strong by shutting down the Mets in his final two innings - and kept his team in the game.

It was probably little consolation, but Stammen excelled at the plate - getting his first big league hit - and a successful sacrifice - in his only two plate appearances.

Let's hope for a third start this weekend.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

100 new jobs for Darke County?

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The Ohio Department of Development issued the following press release today:


Projects Expected to Generate Investments to Ohio’s Economy

COLUMBUS – Ohio Governor Ted Strickland and Lisa Patt-McDaniel, Interim Director of the Ohio Department of Development, today announced that the Ohio Tax Credit Authority has approved Job Creation Tax Credits for five businesses involved in location or expansion projects that, if located in Ohio, are expected to create 170 positions and retain 315 jobs for Ohioans. "Our state’s central location, strengths in logistics, and collection of diverse industries are complimented by Ohio’s highly skilled workforce,” said Patt-McDaniel. “Businesses continue to discover the benefits of locating in our state, from Ohio’s robust supply chain to our growing renewable energy technologies.” ...

LAH Development, LLC has been awarded a 50 percent job creation tax credit for a six-year term in support of the company’s new location in the City of Greenville (Darke County). The value of the tax credit is estimated at $390,882 over the term, and the company would be required to maintain operations at the project site for 12 years. LAH traditionally has been involved in engineering, site development, construction of concrete and steel building fabrication, and is currently transitioning its resources to engineering, manufacturing, and installation of wind turbine assemblies on wind farm sites. This more-than $1 million project is expected to create 100 positions. ...

The Job Creation Tax Credit is a refundable tax credit against the Commercial Activity Tax or income tax. The credits equal a percentage of new state income tax withheld on retained, full-time employees in Ohio. The Ohio Tax Credit Authority is a five-member independent board consisting of taxation and economic development professionals from throughout the state that is responsible for reviewing and approving applications for state tax credit assistance. The Authority also has oversight responsibilities that include monitoring and reporting the progress of approved tax credit projects. The Ohio Tax Credit Authority’s approval of incentives indicates the state’s commitment to the company, and precedes a final decision of the company to accept or decline the tax incentives approved.

[projects from other counties were redacted from the full press release]

Tuesday evening storm

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Cruise-In for lunch - Friday

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Can you beat a $3 lunch? Get grilled brats, hot dogs and more at Sterling House this Friday from 11am to 1pm - 1401 North Broadway, Greenville.

Click the thumbnail for more details. →

2009-10 Wright State University - Beavercreek/Fairborn/Dayton Area Community Profile

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Wright State University is partnering with College Town Profile to produce the 2nd annual publication in print and digital format

Thousands of these new, full-color print publications will be distributed to parents, students, visitors, businesses and local residents, providing a comprehensive guide to the Beavercreek Fairborn and Dayton Area as well as an overview of Wright State University and the Division of Student Activities.

In addition to the printed publications, the 2009-10 Wright State University Campus/Community Profile will be available digitally, 24/7 around the world:

* Publication website at the Community Profile Network hosted by College Town Profile at which will link to and from Wright States own website;

* NewView eBooks™ of the entire publication can be downloaded FREE to laptops, desktops, PDAs, web-enabled cellphones, smartphones (Blackberrys, Treos, Palms, etc.), pocket PCs, UMPCs and other wireless mobile devices;

* Mobile advertiser directory with links to your website and email.

Community Profiles: Fairborn , Beavercreek and Dayton area and more! Prominent sections include: Real Estate, Healthcare, Business, Campus profile, Dining and Lodging and many more!

Call 937-775-5570 at the University or contact the College Town Profile Rep. David Harris directly at- 630-973-9576 for information/space reservations or fax a request to 937-775-5573.

Yes, I am interested in advertising in the new edition of the 2009-10 Wright State University Campus/Community Profile

Business name ______________________________________________________

Contact name_______________________________________________________

Phone _____________________________________________________________

Fax _______________________________________________________________

Fax info to 937-775-5573


Greenville families deck out their houses for Memorial Day

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Commentary: Memorial Day from chaplain's foxhole

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FORT MYER, Va. (May 15, 2009) -- One evening, a casualty officer and I drove down the road on our way to inform a Soldier's spouse that her husband had died in Iraq.

As an Army chaplain, many thoughts entered my mind. I thought about how difficult it would be for this young mother and how empty the two children's lives would be without their dad.

On our way to the house, the casualty officer had assured me that he would be able to deliver the sad news. But when we got to our destination his confidence disappeared.

''Chaplain," he asked, ''will you pray for me?" I placed my hand on his shoulder and began to pray. I asked God to give us the strength to perform our duty. I asked God to control our thoughts and actions and comfort the household we were about to enter.

When I finished we got out of the car and with great pain did the job that we were both called to do.

Memorial Day reminds us of the Soldiers who gave their lives for our country. But often we forget to also honor the families they left behind. They, too, have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Military chaplains guide Soldiers and their families through the ''Circle of Life" from births, baptisms, confirmations, marriage, illness and death. Our role is broader than a typical civilian minister because we have to connect Soldiers to God on a daily basis.

There was a time when I considered leaving the ministry. Then a friend asked me to join the military chaplaincy. It changed my life.

During my deployment I served as chaplain for a 600-Soldier logistics battalion in Baghdad. Whoever said ''there are no atheists in the foxhole" may have been absolutely right.

These Soldiers had to deliver supplies along the most dangerous routes in Iraq, and when bombs exploded, the reality of war forced many Soldiers to do some very serious soul searching.

Countless Soldiers came to talk to me about war, death and faith and they presented me with many perplexing theological questions:

''Is God on our side, and will he protect me from death?"

''Will God forgive me if I kill an innocent person by mistake?"

''Will God be angry with me for participating in this war?"

''Exactly where do we really go when we die?"

Today I am back home in the states, a safe distance away from the death and war that challenges many servicemen and women in ways most people in our country will never fully understand.

This year, as we celebrate Memorial Day, we should pause as a nation from talk about political battles between Republicans and Democrats and the latest celebrity gossip, and instead think about the men and women who continue to fight and die in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is true: war is hell, freedom is expensive, death is painful and faith still matters; especially to those in the foxhole.

By Chap. (Capt.) James Key

Friday, May 22, 2009

Neave Township Memorial Day ceremony - Sunday

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The Neave Township Memorial Day ceremony will take place this Sunday - noon - at the Ft. Jefferson cemetery on State Route 121. In the event of rain, the ceremony will be moved to the church in Ft. Jefferson. The special guest speaker will be 79th District State Representative Dick Adams.


Update: It was another beautiful day in Neave Township for the annual Memorial Day ceremony. A solid crowd gathered to hear featured speaker Dick Adams, who gave a terrific speech. At one point, Adams drew unexpected applause from the crowd when he said there were already too many laws. Pastor Doug Baker gave the invocation and benediction. Julie Lemon played taps and sang the national anthem beautifully. The Ft. Jefferson United Methodist worship team performed, the Laroy Farst Post 245 presented the colors, and New Madison Cub Scout Troop 149 placed the memorial wreath. But more important than anything else was the spirit of appreciation for our soldiers who have sacrificed - some giving the ultimate sacrifice - to preserve our freedom. As Dick Adams said, it is a debt we can never fully repay.

Ohio bureaucrats flip out over bluegreen algae in Grand Lake St. Mary's

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In a collective press release today, the Ohio EPA, Ohio Department of Health, and Ohio Department of Natural Resources issued the following statement:

Laboratory analysis of new water samples from Grand Lake St. Marys confirm that increased levels of a toxin produced by bluegreen algae are present in the lake. No toxin was found in treated drinking water for the city of Celina, according to the lab results.

The most recent analysis of five water samples collected on May 20, 2009, from Grand Lake St. Marys ranged from 48 to 82 micrograms per liter (μg/l), indicating an elevated, but moderate health risk for lake recreation. The World Health Organization standard for low-risk recreational contact is less than 20 μg/l.

People should use similar precautions as they would in any non-chlorinated surface water. People and pets are advised to minimize contact with and avoid ingestion of the lakewater. Non-contact recreation, such as boating, fishing and sunbathing, should not result in problems. However, activities such as swimming, jet skiing and water skiing are not recommended due to a higher potential for ingestion of lake water.

The state will begin sampling the lake’s water weekly throughout the summer to monitor levels of microcystin. Ohio EPA is monitoring the lake’s conditions in conjunction with the Celina public water system, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Ohio Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Most of the algae present in the lake is a bluegreen algae called Planktothrix, which produces a microcystin toxin that potentially can cause skins rashes from dermal (skin) contact; sore throat, runny eyes and nose or allergic reactions from inhaling water droplets; and gastro-intestinal distress (vomiting, diarrhea) from swallowing the water. It also can be toxic to the liver and kidneys if ingested in significant quantities.

It also is a neurotoxin that can cause weakness or dizziness, breathing difficulty and convulsions. Further, it can sometimes cause death in small animals, such as dogs, that ingest water containing microcystin toxin.

On Thursday, Ohio EPA, Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Ohio Department of Health urged people to be cautious and minimize their contact with the lake’s water while recreating this weekend. That advisory remains in place for recreational activities, such as boating, skiing and swimming.

Additional information is available at the following Web links: The Great Lakes Sea Grant Extension Office at; and the Centers for Disease Control at

Blah, blah, blah. You know, if you go swimming in a lake, you're probably going to ingest a whole bunch of unhealthy stuff ... some of which might include bluegreen algae. It's a lake! And news flash ... if you drink a couple gallons of lake water, you'll probably get sick. Now where are those water skis?

Also: As a friend pointed out, since when does the World Health Organization set our standards?

Robinson for Commissioner - press release

Bob Robinson filed his candidacy today with the Darke County Board of Elections for the seat to be vacated by Terry Haworth, who recently announced that he intends to resign in order to take the position as economic development director for Partnering for Progress. The number of signatures on Robinson's petition significantly exceeded the required minimum of 50.

Robinson said he will submit his application to the DCRCC as soon the replacement process for Commissioner Haworth begins.

"I have served Darke County for the past seven years as editor of its local newspaper, The Daily Advocate," he said. "I am a strong supporter of business growth, fiscal responsibility and open communication with Darke County voters. I believe that I can be a positive influence on our future... our kids' future."

The word on the street

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The local daily paper has a new writer named Lee Hudnell. Hudnell has handled all kinds of stories over the last week, including sports stories. Another Lee Hudnell appears to have been the sole contributor to the Bryan Times Buckeyes Football blog - at least until recently. And coincidentally - or maybe not - there are suddenly a lot of sports stories on the Advocate's ever-changing blog.

Are these two Lee Hudnells one in the same? Check out photos here and here. Is a simple introduction too much to ask?

Welcome to Darke County Lee Hudnell.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Former Versailles Tiger Craig Stammen gets called up to the big leagues

Craig Stammen is the starting pitcher tonight for the Washington Nationals against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Stammen pitched for Versailles High School, then the Dayton Flyers, before a 4-year journey through the minors - including a stop with the Savannah Sand Gnats.

Stammen has been great in the minors this year, with a 1.80 ERA and four wins in seven starts at AAA. He now joins an atrocious Washington Nationals pitching staff, so hopefully any degree of success will keep him in the majors.

Stammen is the son of Jeff and Connie Stammen of Versailles. For more information, check out Chuck Ludwig's excellent article at - here.

Check back later for follow-up on Craig's first big-league game ...

Update: Stammen retired the side in order in the 1st inning, hitting 91 mph several times.

Update 2: After 3 innings, Stammen has not given up a hit or walk, while striking out 2. The Nationals lead 2-0.

Update 3: 4 perfect innings!

Update 4: Darn. Stammen pitched 6 strong innings, giving up only one run. But in the 7th Stammen ran out of gas and gave up 3 earned runs before being relieved. Stammen left with the Nationals behind, but they regained the lead and won 5-4. Stammen gets a no-decision with this line: 6.1 IP, 4 H, 4 ER, 1 W, 3 K. Absent the 7th inning, this was a great outing. And in the end, Stammen gave his team 6+ strong innings in a game they ultimately won. Did Stammen earn a second start? Definitely.

Photos from the Darke County Courthouse

The Darke County Courthouse holds a lot of history. One interesting vantage point is the observation deck, right below the belltower, which is probably the equivalent of 7 or 8 stories high (as compared to a conventionally built building with standard ceilings).

To get to the observation deck, you have to negotiate a rickety circular staircase surrounded by walls that are strengthened by steel beams and re-bar. In fact, you have to crawl around the re-bar as you go up the staircase.

Inside the observation deck you will find the original clock mechanism - and inside wall which contains close to 150 years of signatures from past visitors. Look carefully at the names and dates. Not so recently - a clever visitor affixed a Stroh's can as a permanent fixture of the courthouse (now celebrating its 18th year of display).

Outside the deck (and through the glass), you can see views of Greenville most residents have never seen. You can easily see the city limits in every direction - which is hard to appreciate just through the photographs. Click play below to see the photos.

Click the arrows (lower-right) to go full-screen.

New email address

If you want to contact DarkeJournal - or send in a story or announcement - we have a new email address: Unfortunately, there was a failure with the prior email provider, and the email was out of operation for some period of time (a week or two apparently). We're sorry if you sent an email that didn't make it through.

Darke County Students Attending MVCTC receive scholarships from the Mathile Foundation

Clayton, Ohio – Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) recently announced the 2009 National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) inductees and their honored educators. In order for students to be chosen for NTHS, they must meet the following requirements: a 3.75 grade point average or higher, maintain 97 percent attendance, pass all parts of the Ohio Graduation Test and instructor recommendations. Each of the 2009 inductees is the recipient of a $1,000 scholarship made possible through the partnership of the MVCTC Education Foundation and the Mathile Family Foundation.

Caleb Fetters (Ansonia) enrolled in the Allied Health - Medical Careers program at MVCTC, chose to honor as his most significant educators, Beth Deaton of MVCTC and Ashley Roberts of Ansonia. Caleb is the son of Lisa Fetters of Ansonia and Darrell & April Fetters of Greenville.

Lacey Gehron (Franklin-Monroe) enrolled in the Pre-Vet Technology program at MVCTC, chose to honor as her most significant educators, Richard Fisher of MVCTC and Scott Thayer of Franklin-Monroe. Lacey is the daughter of Tina Gehron and Jeff Crow of Arcanum.

Katherine Gibboney (Arcanum) enrolled in the Graphic Commercial Photography program at MVCTC, chose to honor as her most significant educators, Jay Vada of MVCTC and Sarah Murphy of Arcanum. Katherine is the daughter of Karen and Scott Gibboney of Arcanum.

Jordan Greve (Arcanum) enrolled in the Culinary Arts program at MVCTC, chose to honor as his most significant educators, Ed Stanziano of MVCTC and Brian Gunter of Arcanum. Jordan is the son of Terri and Greg Greve of Arcanum.

Derek Martin (Tri-Village) enrolled in the Diesel Equipment & Technology program at MVCTC, chose to honor as his most significant educators, Ryan Wulber of MVCTC and Richard Miller of Tri-Village. Derek is the son of Beth and Doug Martin of New Madison.

Kendra Miller (Tri-Village) enrolled in the Allied Health - Medical Assistant program at MVCTC, chose to honor as her most significant educators, Becky Frost of MVCTC and Jill Moore of Tri-Village. Kendra is the daughter of Rochelle and Lowell Miller of New Paris.

Melinda Myers (Arcanum) enrolled in the Legal Assistant program at MVCTC, chose to honor as her most significant educators, Kelly Haws of MVCTC and Joan Oldham of Arcanum. Melinda is the daughter of Tina and Bill Myers of Arcanum.

Tiffany Schreck (Tri-Village) enrolled in the Pre-Vet Technology program at MVCTC, chose to honor as her most significant educators, Richard Fisher of MVCTC and Roger Frese of Tri-Village. Tiffany is the daughter of the late Robert Schreck and Cheryl Schreck of New Madison.

Cody Stump (Mississinawa Valley) enrolled in the Construction Technology program at MVCTC, chose to honor as his most significant educators, Greg Bauer of MVCTC and Anthony Ayette of Mississinawa Valley. Cody is the son of Kelly and Timothy Stump of Ft. Recovery.

In addressing the forty-nine inductees, MVCTC Students Services Director, Dr. Jack Poore, stated, “Induction into the National Technical Honor Society is an exemplary honor. The membership represents outstanding merit and commitment to one’s own education and one’s own personal development”. He also thanked the honored staff members and honored guests chosen by the students as significant educators in their education and life development, and thanked the students’ parents and families for the support and encouragement they have generously given through the years.

MVCTC is very proud of our students and congratulates them on their great accomplishments. For more information about MVCTC and the 50 exciting career programs offered to high school juniors and seniors, or the career training opportunities offered to adult students, please visit or


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The word on the street

Sources indicate there are several individuals interested in the newly-open commission seat. There is at least one - and possibly two - small-business owners who are interested. One of these individuals also has background in public service and agriculture.

Darke County CIC will recommend Terry Haworth as director of Economic Development

The Darke County Community Improvement Corporation voted this morning to recommend Terry Haworth as the interim director of Darke County Economic Development. The recommendation will be forwarded to the county for its consideration and approval, which is expected. The director's job is a county position. Haworth would have to resign his seat as commissioner upon accepting the director's job. Haworth's current term runs until the end of 2010.

Editorial note: Haworth has nearly two decades under his belt working on economic development as a county commissioner. His contacts and experience will be an asset to the county.

What happened at the Arcanum Old Fashioned Days?

We're hearing a lot of negative feedback, particularly with regard to the kids' rides. If you were there, leave a comment with your observations.


[here are a few submitted pictures ... thanks]

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Greenville's Aaron McLear appears on Fox News

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Greenville's own Aaron McLear appeared on Fox News yesterday discussing the budget crisis in California. McLear is the press secretary for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

McLear has been Schwarzeneger's press secretary since 2007, having previously served as regional press secretary for the Republican National Comittee for Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the Northeast. McLear also served as the Ohio communications director for the Bush/Cheney 2004 campaign.

McLear graduated from Greenville High School and went on to earn a degree in journalism from Ohio University. Aaron McLear is the son of Bob and Jean McLear of Greenville.

[Keep an eye on this story today as California votes on several budget initiatives.]

Senator Faber warns budget will be "painful"

Our state senator - and senate majority leader - Keith Faber is quoted in today's Columbus Dispatch reaffirming the commitment to make Ohio live within its financial means. Faber also said that the ongoing budget negotiations are "going to be painful."

Read the full quotes - and an excellent Dispatch article - here.

Read Faber's prior op-ed here.

Garst News Release

Could that really be Annie Oakley visiting the B & B Frame Gallery? She and Larry Wetzel are checking out the poster about Garst Museum’s Preview and Fundraiser Super Sure Shot Raffle on Friday, June 19. B & B Gallery is donating the framing for one of the prizes, a serigraph by Kathleen Kilgallon entitled “Garst Porch”. Mr. Wetzel will also have Raffle tickets available at the Gallery. For more information please call Garst Museum 548-5250.

Ryan Wulbur Benefit - sponsored by the Versailles FFA Alumni

$6.50 Dinner Includes: Pork loin, green beans, au gratin potatoes, and apple or peach crisp.

Contact any Versailles FFA Member or Alumni Member for Tickets: North Star Area: Jim and Gayle Rismiller at 419-336-6621; Willowdell Area: Ron, Rebecca or Russell Wulbur at 419-582-2171; Rossburg Area: Darren Rismiller at 937-338-6109; Versailles Area: Curt Goubeaux at 937-417-5480, or Dena Wuebker at 937-526-4667 or email:

Extra Dinners Available on first come, first serve basis

Monday, May 18, 2009

No news Monday

How about a general discussion? Has the economy affected your vacation plans this summer? If you're going somewhere, click the "comment" button below and let us know.

Greenville Elementary kids to miss field day due to delinquent fees

The Greenville Board of Education months ago adopted a policy providing that junior high and high school kids could not participate in outside school activities if the parents were delinquent in school fees. This policy has now been administratively expanded to include elementary kids - and the school district has announced via robocall that elementary kids who are behind in fees will not be allowed to participate in field day - which is an activity during the regular school day.

So little elementary kids are going to get held out of the best fun of the year because of their parents' inability to pay school fees. Now some parents are probably neglectful with their finances, but certainly there are a lot of parents (especially in this economy) who just can't pay. But regardless, it isn't the kids' fault, and yet they are bearing the punishment ... and in fact the humiliation of being singled out from the crowd. While it is commendable for the district to collect fees - even aggressively - it is misguided to levy the punishment against the kids. Didn't we just hear a loud chorus that it's all about the kids?

Coincidentally, this same policy is being applied to the high school seniors as a bar to receiving a diploma. Currently, there are 27 seniors whose parents are behind in fees.

For illustration, the annual fee for first graders is about $35. For fifth graders it's $43.50. Some parents are hundreds of dollars - and years - behind in payments.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

No story here - just like the photo

Don't know how the face alone was in focus, but it's a pretty neat effect.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Opening Day at Sater Park

The little league season opened today in Greenville. Per tradition, the boys played shortened games that do not count toward the official record. The weather cooperated and a good time was had by all. We have included a disproportionate amount of pee-wee photos because - after all - they're the cutest.

Watch for season-long coverage of the Mustangs, who won today 8-6 in two innings.

Wave junior varsity beats Coldwater 6-5

As the little guys were enjoying opening day on Sater Street, the Greenville boys j-v team was taking on Coldwater in a double header. The Wave was down 5-2 at one point before coming from behind for the 6-5 win.

At a key point late in the game, a Wave baserunner was coming home. The throw from the Coldwater outfielder made it to the catcher in time, but the catcher could not maintain possession of the ball on a short-hop. The catcher, however, had completely blocked the plate causing the Wave baserunner to slide directly into the catcher. After sliding to a dead stop short of home, the Wave runner leaned over and touched the plate with his hand. The catcher was hurt and didn't get up, allowing the original batter to proceed all the way to third base. The Coldwater fans completely lost their cool over the play, with some yelling for the Greenwave runner to be called out - and throw out of the game! The umpire ignored both requests.

Matt Orth (below) pitched the entire game for Greenville and picked up the win in Game 1. Game two: ... maybe somebody can help out on that one.

Downtown Beautification Day - Greenville

Main Street Greenville teamed up with volunteers from BASF to spruce up Broadway Saturday morning with the planting of flowers for the "Adopt-a-box" program. Various businesses and individuals have sponsored each box - and the sponsors are responsible for planting their own box (with some help from the volunteers). Here are some volunteers putting the finishing touches on the box in front of Pamela's Apparel.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Reality Check - State Sen Keith Faber comments on state budget negotiations

No comments:
The Ohio Senate already had a tough row to hoe in passing a state budget for the next two years, but last week, that job got a lot more difficult. Governor Strickland’s Office of Budget and Management announced that as a result of declining tax revenues, the state will be short approximately $1 billion. That means for Ohio ’s current fiscal year -- FY2009, which ends in June -- the state has a significant revenue shortfall and very little time to address it to meet the constitutional requirement that the state budget be balanced.

There are few options on the table, other than to tap the state’s “Rainy Day” savings account, which currently stands at $1.01 billion. This is available, by the way, thanks to the foresight of previous Republican-controlled General Assemblies that resisted the calls to spend that revenue during better economic times and socked the money away for a rainy day.

There is no question that it is raining in Ohio and around the country; however, the reason this is such a major factor as we work to pass Ohio ’s budget for fiscal years 2010-2011 is that the Governor and the Ohio House, had already built the Rainy Day revenues into the bill. Now that it looks as though we’ll need the Rainy Day fund in the next two months, the Senate begins its work on the state budget more than $1 billion in the red.

That’s not the only problem. When the Democrats in the Ohio House passed their version of the budget, incidentally, just days before the announcement that the sky was falling, they actually spent $1.6 billion MORE than the Governor had proposed. In the Senate, we had already been concerned about the use of nearly $7 billion in one-time money, including the Rainy Day Fund and federal stimulus dollars. Our fear has been that if we use money that won’t be available two years from now to fund ongoing state expenses, it would set our state up for a massive tax increase that Ohio families cannot afford and that will make it more difficult to turn our economy around. We had already been looking to scale back state spending from the Governor’s original proposal to more fiscally-conservative levels. Then, despite the warning signs that Ohio revenues would continue to decline, the House has made the problem even worse by spending more.

They say that with great challenges come great opportunities and that is how I look at the significant job we have ahead of us in the Senate. We will need to start from scratch, look carefully at everything the state spends money on today and determine if we can afford to fund those programs not only tomorrow, but well into the future. This won’t be easy. There are many worthy programs that will need to be cut and that will affect the lives of Ohio families. But on the other hand, just as many families are having to cut their personal budgets to get by in this economy, state government also needs to learn to live within its means. Not to mention that we certainly cannot go down a path that will require a tax increase on the backs of the same struggling Ohioans two years from now.

As a member of the Finance & Financial Institutions Committee, the panel which reviews the state budget bill for the Senate, I know that the next few weeks will require some very difficult decisions. Though it is unfortunate that we are starting our budget process with a major shortfall, we have a responsibility to pass a realistic, sustainable budget for Ohio for the next two years. I believe the Senate will prove it is up to the task.

Email Faber at:

Any democrats care to respond? Send it to:

Young Republicans to meet

For sometime now there has been a growing interest in the younger generation to be involved with politics. This is especially true within the Republican Party. In response to this interest, there will be an introductory meeting to the Darke County Young Republican Club. This meeting will be held on the 31st of May at 2 PM at the Darke County Law Library. The law library is located at 124 W. Fifth St. in downtown Greenville. At this meeting we will be introducing the chapter, our ideas and where the group will be headed. Please come and share your ideas with the group; this should be fun and exciting for everyone.

Young Republicans encompass the age range of 18-40 for dues paying members, but does not exclude participation from outside that range. The group’s main focus will be on representing the Republican Party, supporting Republican candidates in the general election, meeting candidates, other social and political events and most importantly having a great time.

If you are interested, or even the slightest bit curious; then do not hesitate to contact David Barger. Email at or call 937-459-2341.


Arcanum Old Fashioned Days - this weekend

The schedule of events is here (may take a moment to load).

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Longenecker death ruled an accident

[reported at 5:21 p.m. if anybody's keeping track]

Darke County Coroner Timothy Kathman has ruled the death of Destiny Longenecker an accident. Longenecker was killed when struck by a train in Union City last week. Video from a train-mounted camera showed that Longenecker was struck while trying to cross in front of the train without sufficient time or clearance to make it across. A male companion who crossed in front of the train a moment earlier was cleared of any wrongdoing, as was the conductor who had the train traveling at an appropriate speed.

UPDATE: Here is the official press release:
The Darke County Coroner’s office and Union City, Ohio Police Department have concluded their investigation of thedeath of 18—year—old Destiny Longenecker who was killed in a pedestrian-train accident on May 2, 2009 near the CSX railroad crossing at Deerfield Road in Union City, Ohio.

Review of video from a train-mounted camera provided by CSX Transportation shows Longenecker attempting to cross the tracks in front of the train without sufficient time or clearance to do so. The CSX freight train was travelling at approximately 45 mph, well within the speed limit for train traffic at this location. The crossing gates were down, the bell was functioning normally, and the engineer was sounding the horn as the train approached the crossing. The video also shows a 17—year--old juvenile near the scene who had crossed the track ahead of the train and was not in the immediate vicinity of Longenecker at the time of the collision.

Darke County Coroner, Dr. Timothy Kathman, has ruled Longenecker’s death as accidental.

Timothy B. Kathman, M.D., Darke County Coroner
Harold Schafer, Chief, Union City, Ohio Police
More details: Dayton Daily News.

Report: Eaton dealership among those axed by Chrysler in bankruptcy proceedings

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Multiple reports indicate that the Dale Carter dealership in Eaton is among those dropped by Chrysler in bankruptcy documents made public today. While this may initialy sound bad for the dealership and Preble County, that might not necesarily be the case. The Dale Carter dealership operates as "Dale Carter Motors" for its Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep business - while it operates separately as "Dale Carter Ford" for its Ford and Mercury sales. The two busineses have separate websites, but list the same physical address and phone number. Presumably, the Ford and Mercury business will not be affected.

A request for a comment is pending.

Link: Dayton Daily News.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Can you steal $8.7 Million in Pepsi?

Sort of. While this case comes from our federal district, it is probably not really relevant to Darke County - except that it's interesting.

CINCINNATI – A federal grand jury here has returned a 75-count indictment charging James T. Hammes, 47, Lexington, Kentucky with wire fraud and money laundering for allegedly embezzling approximately $8,711,282.42 from G&J Pepsi-Cola Bottlers, Inc. between 1998 and February, 2009 when he was employed as the controller for the bottling company’s southern division. Hammes fled after he was initially charged by a criminal complaint in February, 2009.

Gregory G. Lockhart, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio and Keith L. Bennett, Special Agent in Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), announced the indictment returned yesterday. As controller for the Cincinnati-based bottling company’s southern division, Hammes was responsible for all financial accounting and internal controls. The indictment alleges that Hammes created an unauthorized bank account in the name of one of the company’s vendors. Hammes allegedly created an unauthorized accounts payable for the vendor from which checks were disbursed and deposited the payments into the unauthorized bank account. From there, he transferred the stolen money into his personal bank and brokerage accounts.

The indictment charges Hammes with 38 counts of wire fraud and 37 counts of money laundering. It also seeks forfeiture of the contents of his bank and brokerage accounts, and his financial interest in his house in Lexington.

“The indictment specifies 38 separate transactions totaling $3,781,847.80 that occurred between December 22, 2006 and February 18, 2009 in which he is accused of wiring money into his personal accounts,” Lockhart said, noting that wire fraud is punishable by up to 20 years imprisonment and money laundering carries a penalty of up to ten years imprisonment.

Hammes was initially charged in a criminal complaint in February, 2009 and fled after the charges were filed. He remains at large. “Anyone with information on the current whereabouts of Mr. Hammes is asked to contact their nearest FBI office,” Bennett said.

This case proves the point that you don't give bail to the guy who just stole $8.7 million. Press release via U.S. Attorney Gregory G. Lockhart.

Update on the Post Office streetscape work

As the sidewalk work continues at the Greenville Post Office, two medium-sized trees have bit the dust. These before-and-after pictures show the drive-through island at the post office - which is currently gone (trees, mailboxes, and grass have all been removed).

One amusing by-product of the project is this caution sign which warns pedestrians not to jump into a one-foot deep muddy hole. If they need that much help, they probably won't understand the sign.

UPDATE: turns out it's a $600,000 project. Steve Baker has the details here.

Garst's Super Sure Shot Raffle

That must be Annie Oakley again! She’s at KitchenAid Experience with Gloria Keller-Brinley pointing to the gorgeous Cherry Red Anniversary Stand Mixer that will be one of the prizes at Garst Museum’s Preview and Fundraiser Super Sure Shot Raffle. The event will be at the museum on Friday, June 19. KitchenAid will have raffle tickets available. You need not be present to win. For more information please call 548-5250.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rest in Peace JoKay Miltenberger (July 22, 1937 - May 11, 2009)

JoKay C. Miltenberger, 71, of Arcanum, passed away in the early morning hours of Monday May 11, 2009 at her residence. She was born in Richmond, Indiana on July 22, 1937, the daughter of the late Jim and Jo (Beetley) Chittick. She grew up in Hollansburg and graduated from Westmont High School in 1955. She married Deo Miltenberger October 28, 1956 in the Beech Grove Church of the Brethren. She was a member of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Greenville. She worked in both the Treasures and Auditor office and was secretary of the Darke County Joint Vocational School District. She also worked as a secretary at the Butler School. For many years, she was a columnist and a reporter for both Greenville Daily Advocate and the Early Bird newspapers. She served 17 years on the Arcanum Library Board, serving as both Secretary and President. JoKay served several years on the Darke County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, serving as chairman of the Agricultural Committee. She was a member of the American Red Poll Association and a former member of the Criterion Club, Arcanum. She was preceded in death by her parents and a sister Barbara "Bobbie" Heck. She is survived by her husband Deo Miltenberger; 2 daughters Jayna Jo Johnson of Cincinnati and Rebecca Jo Gilbert and husband Dan of Mooresville, NC; a son J. Scott Miltenberger and wife Cindy of Castine; 4 Granddaughters Allison Jo Johnson of Cincinnati, Sarah Rebecca, Amanda Lynn, and Maria Michele Gilbert of Mooresville, NC; Niece and Nephew Dana and Don Heck of Hollansburg, a cousin Patsy Clark of Anderson, Indiana. Funeral Services will be held 10:30 AM on Thursday, May 14, 2009 at the Kreitzer Funeral Home, Arcanum. Burial will follow in Hollansburg Cemetery. The family will receive relatives and friends Wednesday 4 - 8 PM at the funeral home. The Family suggests memorial contributions to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, 1293-H Lyons Rd, Dayton, OH 45458.

Kreitzer Funderal Home

Bob Robinson declares candidacy for commissioner

After much speculation (and some actual written reports), former Daily Advocate editor Bob Robinson has formally declared his candidacy for Darke County Commissioner. Robinson provided these exclusive comments to DarkeJournal ...

I arrived in Darke County a little over seven years ago and, though some may disagree, believe I served it well as the editor of the Daily Advocate.

I wasn't ready to retire from community service, but felt it was time to turn the editorial reins over to someone better prepared to handle the dual worlds of print and Internet journalism.

Publisher David Compton agreed... as many of you know, Christina Chalmers has been named the new editor. I know she will do an excellent job.

My role? I didn't have much time to think about it... I got a call the next day and discovered there was a group of individuals who believed I could still serve the community by seeking the Commissioner's seat when Terry (Haworth) retired.

After considerable thought and discussion, I decided that I agreed. I guess you know the rest. If you want to know what I stand for, all you have to do is review my columns for the past several years.
Robinson's formal public announcement will be Wednesday, high noon at the Darke County Courthouse.

UPDATE: here are the comments from Robinson's courthouse speech, graciously forwarded from the campaign:

Thank you, each of you, for taking time out of your day to be here.

I would like to introduce my wife Susan, step-son Shawn Enicks, my nephew Chad Enicks; my campaign chair Kay Seiler, and treasurer Al Greiner; a key advisor on my committee, Lyn Bliss, and other committee members; our web master David Barger...also my teen leaders Kayla Lamar and Danny Pence, and many community members.

And somebody many of you already know — someone I have admired, both personally and as an elected official — someone I feel privileged to call a friend — your former State Representative — the lady who served many of you in Columbus so well foreight years — Diana Fessler.

Welcome, all of you.

During the time I was editor at The Daily Advocate, I grew to love Darke County andthe people in it. You are a solid agricultural community, with traditional, down-to-earth values. You have great work ethics, and I believe that most — if not all — of you would rather depend on your own efforts than those of government, large or small, for your success and well-being.

That’s why I’m here. I expressed those views in my opinion columns for seven years, and I hold those views today.

After retiring from The Advocate, it didn’t take me long to realize that helping promote business by doing public relations and marketing wasn’t the future some had in mind for me.

Or, I guess, that I had in mind for me.

The morning after I left The Advocate I received a phone call.., it seems that a few people thought I should run for Darke County Commissioner in 2010.

I gave it a lot of thought. Many of you know bow I feel about politics... I’ve expressed openly that I don’t like the way the game is played.

Still don’t. However... I had to ask myself, how else can I continue to serve?

I discussed it with Susan and Shawn... and a number of community leaders. As are sult of those discussions, I have chosen to run for the commissioner’s seat that Terry Haworth will be vacating when he retires next year. I WANT to continue to serve the people of Darke County.

So, today I’m asking for your help.

If you agree with me that you would rather see more jobs and an expanded tax base, rather than higher taxes because fewer of us are paying them... I need your help.

I strongly support expanding our economy and job market through local businesses, as well as making life easier for new businesses wishing to start or relocate here.

If you agree with me that government should be subject to the same financial restrictions in a tight economy that the rest of us are... I need your help.

I’ve been a government “watchdog” in Darke County for the past seven years... my approach would be no different as your commissioner.

And if you agree with me that government should be more accessible to you... our employers... I need your help.

I intend to establish weekly office hours, and if you can’t come to me, I’ll come toyou. I will be holding regular weekly meetings at various locations throughout Darke County... this will begin in a few weeks, and if you choose to elect me, it will continue after I am in office.

Those are the issues I intend to run on. If you agree with me, I need your help, your support and your input. Government — especially local government — after all, belongs to the people... not to those you have chosen to represent you.

I don’t want to keep you and I’ve said pretty much what I’ve asked you to come to hear.

I have petitions that need to be signed. I need signatures of 50 qualified voters, but as most of you know, we need at least 4 or 5 times that many signatures to assure that the required number will be met.

I need volunteers.., this will be a massive undertaking for someone who has absolutely no political experience. I’ll need all the help I can get. Please sign up and leave your phone number and/or email address. We need YOU!

Finally, every campaign costs money. If you feel you are able, we would appreciate a contribution.

I will take some questions if you have any...

Again, thank you for coming and I hope you will support me as I prepare to run for Darke County Commissioner in the May 2010 primary.., and with your help, the November 2010 general election.

** Robinson also later jokingly commented, "I have no idea what I'm doing." But he'll learn not to say such things on the campaign trail!

Carbon Dioxide Sequestration

So what does everybody think about this topic?

Update: a commenter has included this link:


Ferd Lemmings strikes gold in the comments section again. Heh.

I say, "Pump it, baby!" I mean, what proof do we have that new technologies ever backfire on the human race? Seems like a bunch of pinko environmentalists who don't like the idea of the winners in the capitalistic game of life laying claim to what is rightfully theirs. Who are these people to think that corporations and the government that shields them don't have the right to do whatever they damn well please with our air, water, and land?

I, for one, look forward to our underground CO2-grown mole-creature overlords.

Acclaim Quarter to perform May 16th

The Acclaim Quarter will be at the Family Prayer Center, 6716 State Route 36 East, Greenville, on Saturday May 16, 2009 at 7:00 P.M. to present their music ministry.

Visit Acclaim's website: here. And a video preview: here.

Downtown Greenville Walking Tour - Tomorrow

Wednesday, May 13 at 6:00 p.m. - Guided by Bill Booker - free to the public

Meet at the city building steps for an hour long Broadway tour illustrated past proprietors of our landmark buildings. Learn about the diverse businesses that once made up our commercial district.

Main Street Greenville

Follow up: Good Samaritan Home

No comments:
For your consideration, here is the zoning appeal filed back in October by the director of the Good Samaritan Home.

View it: here.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sidewalk construction underway at Greenville Post Office

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A major sidewalk renovation is underway at the Greenville Post Office. If you tried to use the drive-through boxes today, you were out of luck. As you can see from the pictures below, the drive-through was blocked off with cones - and several parking spaces were inaccessible as well. Overflow customers were parking in the Colony parking lot over the lunch hour.

A postal employee indicated that the work was limited to sidewalk repair. The drive-through is expected to be unavailable for about three weeks.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Republican Men's Club Meeting - May 16

The May meeting will be held at the Fairlawn Steakhouse at 8:00 a.m. on 5-16-09. There will be a Continental Breakfast ($4.00).

The featured speaker will be Frank DeBrosse, field representative for Rep. John Boehner. He became part of Rep. Boehner's staff this year. Have your questions ready. For this information and other local links see:


Opening Day for Greenville Girls Softball

The Greenville Girls Softball Association opened its season this morning amid hurricane force winds at Stebbins Field. Scores of people were on hand to see the mayor throw out the first pitch (downwind).

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Start of a Discussion - independent housing for felons

There has been a lot of discussion locally about independent housing for recently released felony prisoners. At the heart of the discussion is a non-profit organization called Good Samaritan Home, Inc., which has a website you can visit here.

The Good Samaritan Home is listed as a provider of "Independent Housing" on the Ohio Department of Rehabilitations and Corrections website (here). The website describes "independent housing" as follows:
What is Independent Housing? • A housing initiative launched by the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction in January 2004. • The Bureau of Community Sanctions has licensed contractors in the Columbus and Lima regions to provide housing and some limited case management for offenders under parole and PRC supervision. • The Department will pay for residence in these facilities for up to 90 days for eligible offenders *If the agency and parole officer request an extension of the 90-days due to extenuating circumstances, i.e. applying for SSI, etc. the BCS Assistant Chief or designee will review that request and may grant an extension as appropriate. *If the offender wishes to remain in the Independent Housing facility after 90-days, he or she may do so providing the Independent Housing agency agrees and the offender can make arrangements to pay for housing.
While the ODRC website lists only one location for the Good Samaritan Home, there are at least two of these homes now.

One question that jumps out: are these convicted felons that were originally from Darke County, or are we actually bringing in convicted felons from others locales?

There are probably other questions and comments - and here is the place to start the discussion. Leave a comment below.

[relevant comments may be copied to this article on the main page]

Please help spread the word

No comments:
This website is a little less than three months old - and the traffic and number of subscriptions is beyond anything that could have been imagined by this point. To those of you who visit and like this website, there are two requests:
  • Tell or email a few people about and keep the momentum going.
  • Consider providing some content, either by doing it yourself - or encouraging someone else to. On this second request, the whole point of this website is to start a community discussion - to get those "little stories" that slip through the cracks, to have a place for coverage of things like the junior varsity team, etc. It takes no effort at all to snap a couple pictures and email them in. Or if you have a business, promote it. At this point, any story that goes on this website is certain to be seen by lots of Darke County eyeballs.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Swine Flu Silliness

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Did the local paper really stage a photo by putting a surgical mask on a pig? Or maybe they stumbled upon a pig that already had a mask on? We like this picture much better - and the proactive little toddler who decided to build up her immunity against swine flu ...

This photo could also serve as a funny caption contest, if anybody wants to take a shot.

[Thanks to D.F. for the photo.]

Hansbargers supports Garst Museum & Greenville Girls Softball

1 comment:
There she is again! Could that be Annie Oakley checking out the 40” flat screen LCD TV with Marlise McCallister at Hansbarger Home Solutions? This will be the TV that will be one of the prizes at the Garst Museum Preview and Fundraiser Super Sure Shot Raffle at the museum on Friday, June 19. Tickets are also available at Hansbarger Home Solutions. For information please call 548-5250.

And when you pick up your raffle tickets, you might run into the Hansbarger All-Stars. That blinding glare might be the stainless steel vent - or it might be the coach's head. It's hard to tell.

Area schools drop to lower football divisions

No comments:
The Ohio High School Athletic Association reassigns schools to divisions every other year, and changes in football resulted in 117 schools (16.3 percent) making divisional changes for 2009 and 2010 from the last two years. The changes were approved Thursday by the OHSAA’s Board of Directors at their May meeting.

Several area school were reassigned this year. Two-time state champ Coldwater drops from Division IV to Division V. Arcanum, Marion Local, and National Trail all dropped from Division V to Division VI.

[Information from OHSAA press release]

Greenville native Scott Studabaker gives back to his community after family tragedy

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Drunken Driving Victim Gives Free Rides

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Need a ride home after Cinco De Mayo celebrations? You can get one for free in Old Town Scottsdale.

A Valley man's new organization aims to stop drunk driving by giving intoxicated drivers free rides home.

It's called Got a ride? Got a choice.

"We're out to empower and enable people to make responsible choices around drinking and driving," founder Scott Studabaker said.

Studabaker's parents died instantly.

"I was left broken and battered in the back seat," Scott said.

The collision fractured his spine, severely damaged his internal organs, and broke the architect's arm.

"There was a period of time when my family wasn't sure if I would make it or not," he said.

He spent weeks in a coma before undergoing two years of physical rehabilitation.

Now, he's hoping his group will prevent more people from experiencing what he has endured.

"Recently, I realized that's what I'm here for, it's too make that contribution, and make a difference, not only for my life, but for everyone else around me," he said.

Studabaker got Last Call Drivers, Discount Cab, and other local car and cab companies to donate drivers to take revelers and their cars home from Old Town on Cinco De Mayo.

Scott said nothing makes up for the loss of his parents.

"I think of them everyday. It's smallest things I miss. It's the phone calls once a week, " he said.
However, he said giving back has given a reason to go on.

"For me, I was given an opportunity to live life to the fullest," he said.

To get a free ride Tuesday night, viewers can go the intersection of Third Avenue and Craftsman in Old Town.

[Re-produced with permission of reporter Sarah Buduson and KPHO in Phoenix, Arizona. Thank you.]

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sterling House Grand Opening - May 17

Sunday, May 17, 1:00 - 4:00 PM, 1401 North Broadway, Greenville

Complimentary admission * Hors d'oeuvres * refreshments

For reservations or more information, call (937)548-6800, or email

click on image to see full-size flyer

Garst Super Sure Shot Raffle

Could that really be Annie Oakley visiting Michael’s Fine Jewelry and Clocks? She and Michael Kiser are looking at the list of prizes in the upcoming Garst Museum Preview and Fundraiser Super Sure Shot Raffle on June 19. One of the prizes is a heart shaped ½ carat diamond from Michael’s, where Raffle tickets are also available. For more information, please call Garst Museum 548-5250.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Greenville emergency levy results passes

The levy is losing so far 54% to 46%, but this is with only 2.8% of the vote in. Too early to tell.

Update #1: It's razor-thin. For the levy - 993 (51.26%); Against the levy - 944 (48.7%).

Update #2: FOR THE TAX LEVY - 1664 - 53.20%; AGAINST THE TAX LEVY - 1464 - 46.80%.

Update #3: FOR THE TAX LEVY - 2415 - 52.56%; AGAINST THE TAX LEVY - 2180 - 47.44%. Levy passes with 100% of the vote counted.


Note: If you will allow us to round 52.56% up to 53%, the DarkeJournal called margin of victory right on the nose (check two stories down).


Commentary: I'm going to congratulate two groups: the kids of the Greenville School District - and the handful of young talented teachers who won't lose their jobs now.

To everyone else, let's keep some perspective here. I fear a grandiose celebration of this levy victory. That is the last thing this school district - and this community - need.

The committee and the school district sold this levy as necessary to avert a disaster - had no organized opposition ... and yet 47.44% of the community still voted against it. If the high-profile campaign didn't fully galvanize the opposition, a high-profile celebration certainly will.

While it's fun to win a campaign, the end-result here is the avoidance of a fiscal disaster. We still have crumbling old buildings. And judging by tonight's results, we're miles away from convincing the community on a new school building.

Please - let's enjoy the victory quietly and respectfully without turning the 47.44% into a political action committee.


Counterpoint: Some enthusiastic anonymous character left a profane rebuttal in the comments. This person desperately craves your attention, so his/her comments will be re-printed here (with the objectionable passages being deleted). Marvel at the brilliance!
Yes! Let us not rush into the streets with our joy or hold a formal gala in celebration of this momentous occasion. The people of Greenville shall shy their faces in modest humility showing not an air of victory, but of skeptical uncertainty for we have accomplished nothing here today. No battle was won, friends! No fight was fought, friends! Hide your faces, for there is no reason to smile.

Cry onward ... offerer of gentle words. Let it be known always how you think, and where it is your heart lies for we shall follow you! Your words are our inspiration, our manna from the heavens above, and like deer panting by the stream, we shall drink them up.

Explain to us how to think, how to feel, how to perceive our world around us. We need you, for without your guidance, your inspiration handed down ..., the town would be amuck. Citizens would be jamming the streets participating in [deleted], and rubbing [deleted] and [deleted] all over their faces. Buildings would burn! Children would scream! Political action groups would rise up! This cannot be. Please my son, carry on. Speak to us.


Another comment (from a more reasonable person):
The people that helped make this happen including the citizens who voted yes, should be commended and proud. We also should thank the administration and teachers who agreed to freeze their wages and makes this about the schools and not themselves. A victory is a victory, and a statement in itself. Agree, that we need to work harder, make better decisions, and plan better for the future. This community needs to wake up and realize that all who live here are affected by the decisions and support we give to our schools, local businesses and the community.

We all need to support the system and help it work for everyone. We need to lose the negativity, be part of the solution, we know what the problems are. Time to unite, move forward, learn from this experience, focus on the good, and work together to make it all better.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Wave beats Oxford-Talawanda 9-4

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The Green Wave varsity baseball team beat Oxford-Talawanda 9-4 tonight at GTI Park in Greenville. Kyle Gerlach pitched six strong innings to pick up the win. The offensive punch was once again provided by Marc Shields with a key 3-run homerun.

Poll - the Greenville School Levy

Poll final: For the levy - 54%; Against the levy - 46%. The official prediction: the levy passes with 53% (though it should have passed by much more). Check in tomorrow evening for the official results and commentary.

Pedestrian killed in Union City (Update: victim identified)

A pedestrian female child 18-year-old Greenville High School senior Destiny Longenecker was killed in Union City, Ohio, Saturday night - in what appears to be a failed attempt to beat a train across the railroad tracks on Deerfield Street.

Video link from WHIO: here
Also: see the Richmond Palladium-Item

Arcanum Old-Fashioned Days - schedule of events released

Click to view - right here.

[After it has loaded, you may have to click the image again to magnify it.]

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mercer County Sheriff - press release

Sheriff Jeff Grey announced today another arrest on recent drug indictments. Pacheco Melendez, Age 25, 219 Morton St., Celina, turned himself into the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office on May 4, 2009. He is charged with 1 Count of Trafficking in drugs (F-5) marijuana, in an amount less than 200 grams. Mr. Melendez has a past arrest history including Drug Trafficking with a gun specification, as well as Resisting Arrest charges.

Deputies are still searching for two other individuals in reference to drug indictments. Deputies and Task Force members served several other indictments on May 1, 2009 in the Celina area for drug traffickers.

Fantasy Jobs?

At President Obama’s April 29 news conference, he claimed that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has “already saved or created over 150,000 jobs.” Wait a minute. Isn’t the number of jobs actually plummeting?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the economy lost more than 1.3 million jobs in the two months after he took office, and it has probably lost at least another half-million in April. The day after Obama spoke, the Department of Labor announced that another 631,000 workers (seasonally adjusted) had filed new claims for unemployment insurance the previous week.

So what 150,000 jobs was Obama talking about?

It turns out the president’s claim is really an estimate of what his economic advisers think the stimulus bill is doing, and not based on any evidence of its actual effects.

We asked the White House for substantiation of Obama’s claim, and a spokesman responded that the figure comes from a recent estimate by the Council of Economic Advisers. “Because the baseline for employment is obviously still strongly downward,” the spokesman told us, “the estimate does not mean that employment has risen by 150,000. Rather, it means that employment is 150,000 higher than it otherwise would have been.” He said the figure is an estimate of people hired to work directly on ARRA-funded projects, plus “jobs created by the tax cuts, aid to the states, and other parts of the ARRA.”

So when the president said his stimulus bill “already saved or created” those jobs, he was just giving an estimate produced by his own economic advisers at the White House. Furthermore, the jobs figure is based on projections done at the time ARRA was passed. Recipients of ARRA spending aren’t required to report until later what they’re doing with the money and how well it’s working, so there’s very little hard data on where the money is being spent, let alone how many jobs may have resulted from the legislation. The CEA incorporated some actual spending reports into its estimate, but that information is not complete.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

This Weekend: Historic Bear's Mill Spring Open House


May 2 & 3, 11am-5pm

May is Historic Preservation Month
Celebrate your heritage at Bear's Mill

Free Guided Tours
Saturday & Sunday, 12:00, 2:00 & 4:00

Live Music
Saturday 1:00-4:00
Performed by "Rocky Creek"

Mill Store & Gallery
Stocked for Mother's Day!

Presented by
The Friends of Bear's Mill
6450 Arcanum-Bear's Mill Road, Greenville, OH 45331

Visit Bear's Mill on the internet at:

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