Friday, May 8, 2009

Please help spread the word

This website is a little less than three months old - and the traffic and number of subscriptions is beyond anything that could have been imagined by this point. To those of you who visit and like this website, there are two requests:
  • Tell or email a few people about and keep the momentum going.
  • Consider providing some content, either by doing it yourself - or encouraging someone else to. On this second request, the whole point of this website is to start a community discussion - to get those "little stories" that slip through the cracks, to have a place for coverage of things like the junior varsity team, etc. It takes no effort at all to snap a couple pictures and email them in. Or if you have a business, promote it. At this point, any story that goes on this website is certain to be seen by lots of Darke County eyeballs.


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