Sunday, February 28, 2010

Final Olympic medal count: USA dominates total medals, Canada most gold

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New addition to the business directory

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Medicine and More has been added to the business directory on the left sidebar. The link is:, and has all kinds of resources such as online refill requests, home medical equipment, educational links, etc.

Medicine and More is located at 100 Ft. Jefferson Avenue in Greenville, and can be contacted at 547-1642.

Arcanum woman involved in Clark County car accident

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Details at WHIO (thanks to Steve Baker).

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jack Gruber at the Olympics

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F-M grad Jack Gruber took this bird's eye shot of the ice rink in Vancouver as part of his Olympic preparations for USA Today. Another photo and a short commentary are on Jack's blog.

Forwarded from Penny

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It's winter in Ohio
And the gentle breezes blow,
70 miles per hour at 25 below!

Oh, how I love Ohio.
When the snow's up to your butt;
You take a breath of winter air
And your nose is frozen shut.

Yes, the weather here is wonderful,
I guess I'll hang around.
I could never leave Ohio
'Cause I'm frozen to the ground.

---Author Unknown

All snow emergencies cancelled (Saturday, February 27th, 2010 at 4:00 PM)

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All Snow Emergencies for Darke County have been cancelled. Some roadways remain slick and hazardous, but for the most part, all roadways have improved tremendously!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Infrastructure: Not Pretty But Pretty Fundamental (by Tyeis L. Baker-Baumann)

I read with interest (February 16, 2010) an op-ed piece in the New York Times written by Bob Herbert entitled: “What’s Wrong With Us?” In his piece, Mr. Herbert sites the growing problems and concerns with the infrastructure of the United States: highways, bridges, water and sewer lines. It is not something you read about everyday, though most of us are happy to complain about pieces of the problem when they occur: pot holes and backed up sewer lines are a couple which easily come to mind. His question,”What’s Wrong With Us?” focuses squarely on the lack of attention or apparent interest in funding repairs and updates to our infrastructure.

This photo from Merlin

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This is State Route 49 looking southbound in Van Buren Township (Abbottsville) at about 6pm Friday evening. Keep in mind that this is one of the busiest, most-frequently plowed roads in the county. Don't drive this evening unless you have to.

Beginning German Genealogy Workshop Planned

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Have you ever wanted to learn about your German ancestors, but did not know where to start. A Beginning German Genealogy Workshop can teach you how to get started. The workshop will discuss: beginning German research techniques, Germany before 1871, German naming patterns and changes, introduction to the German language, basic German church and Civil records, sources for locating German ancestor’s origins and elementary German Migration.

This program is brought to you be The Mercer County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogy Society. The workshop will be held Saturday March 20, 2010 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, at the Richardson-Bretz Memorial Building in Celina, Ohio.

The cost of the workshop is $20 per person. This includes a one year
membership to the Mercer County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogy Society,
workshop, course materials and continental breakfast.

Call 419-925-4883 for a registration form. Pre-registration is required since the class size is limited.

Help Darke County Clean-Up!!

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Do you want to help Darke County look it’s best? Join the Darke County Solid Waste District in our third annual Darke County “Trash Bash” Community Clean-up Day on Saturday, April 17 and 18, 2010. By participating, you help create a good impression on prospective employers, professionals, and others who visit our “clean” county.

According to a 2000 Yankelovich study, almost half of all Americans (48%) admit to having littered in the past 10 years and it shows on many of our roads, parks, neighborhoods and work sites. Where there is litter, people do not feel safe. Everyone deserves to live in a community that is healthy, safe, clean and beautiful, and we all have a role to play in achieving this goal. Through your volunteer efforts, clean-up will be focused on approximately 200 miles of Darke County’s most traveled county and township roads. These roads were chosen with the help of Darke County Engineer, James Surber and County Highway Garage Superintendent, Shane Coby.

How can you participate? The Darke County Community Clean-Up day is scheduled for April 17 & 18, 2010, rain or shine. The collection is set to begin at 8:00 a.m. The district is looking for numerous groups of 4 to “pound the pavement” at their assigned 2-mile locations picking-up bags of trash and recyclables. Clean-up groups can be started with friends from school, work, church, and volunteer organizations or clubs and there’s no age limit for volunteers. Call the district at 937-547-0827 to register your clean-up group or to offer in-kind support. Sign-up forms can also be found on the district’s website:, click on the recycling events tab. Forms must be turned in by March 26, 2010.

Each group will be given black bags for trash and clear bags for recyclables. For separating the recyclables from the trash, each group will be awarded $40.00 for participating. Awards will be given to Darke County non-profit organizations only. There is no limit to the number of groups that an organization can enter. County highway employees will follow assigned routes and will pick-up bags left on the targeted collection roads on April 19, 2010.

So, Darke County, Let’s Clean-Up!!

Fatal car accident on 127 South near Castine

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Darke County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a two-car accident that occurred Friday morning at 9:05 AM that has claimed a life.

Two vehicles hit head-on on U.S. Route 127 half mile south of Grubbs Rex Road in southern Darke County. The roads at the time of the accident were extremely bad from blowing and drifting snow. It appears that the weather could have been a factor in the accident.

Killed in the accident was 29 year old Robert Kincaid of Greenville who was the single occupant of the vehicle he was operating. Injured and CareFlighted from the scene was the driver and sole occupant of the second vehicle, 45 year old Christopher Huff of Camden, Ohio.

The investigation is continuing. At the time of this release it is still not determined which vehicle was going in what direction.

Darke County was under a Level 2 Snow Emergency at the time of the accident.

[Press release received from the Darke County Sheriff's Office]

“They Killed Our Son”

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Imagine coming home and finding your child dead. If this scares you, it should. It’s a grim reality. Now this mother and father are left behind to grieve because of the deadly effects of drugs and alcohol abuse. We often believe our addiction is our own business; that we are only hurting ourselves. We can quit any time we want! This most often is not the case. Hope in Recovery will have the parents of the deceased share their story on Friday, February 26, at 7:00 pm at the regular Friday night Hope in Recovery support group meeting.

Hope in Recovery meets every Tuesday afternoon from 2:00 – 3:00 pm, and every Friday night from 7:00 – 8:15 pm. Hope-a-non meets every Friday night from 7:00 – 8:15 pm. Meetings are held on the second floor of the First Presbyterian Church, 114 E. 4th Street, Greenville.

If you or someone you know is struggling, please call 548-9006, or just show up.

Greenville Kiwanis Weekly Meeting - February 24, 2010

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This weekly Kiwanis meeting held in the Brethren Retirement Community Chestnut Village Meeting Center started with the Prayer and Pledge followed by introduction of Key Club Member freshman Jenna Rifenberg. The Annual Pancake Breakfast (to be held March 20 in the Greenville High School cafeteria) signup sheet was distributed again and ticket sale was encouraged by all members present.

Jim Anderson, Owner of C&J Furs and now part time instructor at Greenville High School introduced Mr. Travis Nicholas, who is now the head the Automotive Technology program and this year’s presentation team. The members of the team are Zack Barger, Taylor Paulus, Derrick Diehl and first alternate Trevor DeSchepper. As an integral part of the introduction, Jim mentioned the pressure that is felt by these young men because their predecessors have won eight (8) gold and one (1) bronze metals

The presentation is timed during the contest and limited to eight minutes. The working demonstration unit was impressive and fairly complex. When the title of the presentation was announced as KEEPING IT COOL WITH COOLANT, it was not immediately apparent that the next twenty minutes could stimulate a high level of neither interest nor audience appreciation. This impression was totally premature and wrong. The three young men who made the presentation were well prepared as demonstrated by a very interesting and informative eight minutes. The questions after the presentation were simply in search of information in some cases but also to determine the level of the presenters’ knowledge and ability to respond comfortably when challenged in what is supposed to be their field of expertise. In every instance, the presenters furnished sound data based apparently on confidence in their knowledge. This presentation would be of value to any individual or group that drives a car.

The next Kiwanis Meeting will be held Wednesday March 3, 2010 at the Brethren Retirement Community Chestnut village Meeting Center. The regular meetings are open to anyone interested in learning about the Kiwanis Club activities. We do have an excellent lunch and (with only very rare exceptions), the meeting and lunch will be over before 1:00 P.M. Call Al Bliss at 548-5687 or contact any Kiwanis member for details.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Angel Food Ministries

This is a program I first heard about on Twitter... the people discussing it were very impressed with the quality of the food, flavor and value.  One lady said she and her husband order a box every month and donate the money they save on food to their favorite charity, another person said they were laid-off and this was a huge help to them, many college students also use the program. Others like the food and enjoy avoiding the grocery store. They accept cash, checks, plastic and even food stamps - those who order online have a small service charge. 

I Googled the program and found that EUM Church in Greenville offers this program - anyone can order - it is not based on income. They offer packages for families, seniors, people with allergies, after school snacks, just meats (frozen), even a box that has fresh fruits and vegetables -at a great price!

I spoke with Trish Day, who manages the local program in Darke County, she said the items offered on the "menu" change each month and you can view the menu online or she has them on paper. Trish said the quality and flavor is great - it's restaurant quality food, not out-dated or seconds.

You pre-pay for your package(s) and then pick them up on the monthly distribution day at the old Hughes Supply - you don't even have to get out of your car - you simply drive up and they load your package in your car for you!

There are no restrictions, conditions or forms to fill out to purchase Angel Food. The food relief program is open to one and all. Anyone may purchase an unlimited number of boxes of Angel Food by placing an order with a local Angel Food host site. FIND A LOCAL HOST SITE NOW.

This program is offered nationally - here's the link to find out more information or to find one in another location -  Angel Food Ministries      EUM church also has a link to the program on their website. -

Hope that helps.... with so many people laid-off and going through tough times, this is a wonderful resource that many may not know about.

Level One Snow Emergency effective 2/25/10 at 6:30pm

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UPDATE: Level 2 effective 10/25/10 @ 10pm


Darke County Sheriff Toby L. Spencer has issued a LEVEL 1 SNOW EMERGENCY for Darke County. This Snow Emergency has been issued to warn those who must travel on Darke County roadways to use extreme caution due to blowing and drifting snow. Strong winds have caused reduced visibilities and whiteout conditions in open areas.

Conditions will continue to deteriorate overnight tonight.

This Level 1 Snow Emergency takes effect immediately at 6:30 PM.

Comments and photos from DarkeJournal reader TF: This is Hahn Road (leaving Gettysburg) at around 3:15 this afternoon. The second picture (Hahn Rd2) is Hahn road at Neff Road about 1 mile from 571 just a couple of minutes later. I know we "country folk" don't really matter but this is why we are on a level 1, you can't see these drifts at night untill it's too late.

World War II veteran John Miller Jr. passed away February 23rd

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Miller served in the United States Naval Air Corp during World War II. Obituary here.

Candidates Forum (April 26th)

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The League of Women Voters plans to hold its Candidates Night on Monday, April 26th at 7:00 p.m. at the Legion on Ohio Street.

Movie review: Cop Out

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Darke County native Jeff Marker reviews the movie Cop Out.

Election blog

We had a run of letters right before the school levy, which dominated the front page for a time. In anticipation of the same thing happening again, there is now a separate Election Blog. The Election Blog is for all political discussions - letters, articles, etc., and is being created somewhat segregate the political discussion that some people would rather not see on the main page. If this page is popular, it might remain beyond the election as a general political blog. There is a link at the top of the page.

Spring is coming - it's time to start thinking about your lawn

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David Furlong, Owner and Certified Arborist of Fitzwater Tree & Lawn Care wants you to start thinking SPRING! As we start to emerge from the cold winter months and the outside temperature starts to go up many of us will start to think about preparing our plants for the summer growing season by paying some attention to preparation in the spring. However, while we are busy tending to our plants one of the things that sometimes gets forgotten about in the spring time is the lawn.

GHS Scholarship Fundraiser (March 25th)

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Mackenzie Sides and Tim Bowers
2009 GHS PTSA Scholarship Recipients

The GHS PTSA is gearing up for their Spaghetti Dinner in conjunction with the annual “Waves of Pride” event. The event is scheduled for March 25th, 2010. Spaghetti dinners, complete with meatballs, salad, breadstick, cookie and drink, will be served from 5:30-7:30 in the GHS cafeteria, and will be available for eat in-or carry-out. The cost is $6.00 for adults and $3.00 for children 3 and under. All proceeds from the event will be going to the 2010 PTSA Scholarship fund which is awarded yearly to two qualifying seniors. They or their parents must be an active member of the PTSA to apply.

The “Waves of Pride” beginning at 6:30 is an annual event which showcases area talent from students in all levels of the Greenville school district. Guests will be entertained by displays of academic work, artistic work, vocal and instrumental music. Career-technical programs will also be on display.

Tickets are available at all Greenville school buildings or by calling Teresa Ramge 547-3975.


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MARCH, 2010: 4, Ag Breakfast, 7:30am, Brethrens Retirement Center Cafeteria; 4, Extension Advisory Committee, 7:00pm, OSUE Learning Center; 6, 4-H Volunteer Update, 10:00am, OSUE Learning Center; 7, 4-H Kickoff, 2:00pm, All Season's Place; 13, CARTEENS, 9:00am, OSUE Learning Center



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On Saturday, March 27, 2010 from 10am to 2 pm at the Greenville Walmart. Enter through the Garden Center. Pets must be on a leash. Cost $3.00. Children are also welcome to have their picture taken with the Easter Bunny. PURINA will be giving away free gifts and prizes!! Darke County Friends of the Shelter, Walmart and Purina will be hosting the event. All proceeds will benefit the Darke County Animal Shelter. For more information, call 547-1645.

Volunteers needed

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Everyone deserves to live their lives with dignity and respect. One agency provides a voice for the concerns of long-term care residents, primarily in nursing homes.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You heard it right: you could win free Larry the Cable Guy tix

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The Net 96 Radio Network is giving away 2 Larry the Cable Guy tickets for March 11th performance at the Nutter Center. Show time is 6:30pm. Entry forms can be found at local businesses in Darke County starting Saturday, February 27th. Wave 96 will Broadcast the local businesses involved beginning Friday, February 26th. Make sure you tune in to either the Wolf 96 or Wave 96.

Ansonia Firefighters Rescue Horse From Icy Pond

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As reported by Steve Baker/WHIO.

Reds star Tom Browning visits Ft. Recovery

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Former Reds pitcher Tom Browning visited Ft. Recovery Wednesday night. Browning received a warm welcome from Thienman's Sports Bar & Grill, and shared old baseball stories with some friends before visiting with several fans and signing autographs. Browning's greatest baseball feats were pitching a perfect game (one of just 16 in history) and winning a World Series with the 1990 Reds. But his most memorable story is the time he left a Reds-Cubs game in 1993 to watch an inning from a rooftop across the street from the ballpark, in full view of his manager who then fined him $1,000.

[State Rep. Jim Zehringer has been waiting 20 years to have his Reds World Series Wheaties box signed;
Sharon Zehringer is on the right]

500 facebook fans?

DarkeJournal has 498 facebook friends, but the guy who runs DarkeJournal only has 301. What does this mean?

Number 500 will get recognized right here: Cindi Hill!

Possible job opening for female DJ readers

A qualified applicant must be 21 years old; like to dance; high tolerance for disappointment. Apply here.

Reconciliation and the filibuster: then and now

So said Joe Biden: "I pray God when the Democrats take back control we don't make the kind of naked power grab you are doing." Video here.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Darke Countian Jack Gruber visits the White House on assignment

Jack Gruber is a Franklin-Monroe graduate and photographer for USA Today. In December, Jack was assigned to photograph the president in the White House. Read all about Jack's experience here - and check out his other assignments and great photos at


Please respond to Darke County Friends of the Shelter

The Darke County Friends of the Shelter want to know if you think a Dog Park would benefit the community. It would be located next to the Animal Shelter on County Home Road. Please let us know by emailing us: here.

What's the HEALTH of YOUR County?

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The County Health Rankings is a program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. It was created to identify the healthiest and least healthy counties within every state in the nation. When you compare the 50 healthiest counties (one from every state), with the 50 least healthy counties, some striking trends emerge.

This is a first-of-its-kind collection of 50 reports – one per state – that ranks all counties within each state on their overall health. It shows where counties excel and where there is need for improvement.

Here is an interactive website with the county health rankings for the entire nation, I highly recommend exploring this site a bit: and watching the video.

Fire at Honeywell in Greenville

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As of 8:45am Tuesday morning, several emergency vehicles had resonded to a reported fire at Honeywell. No smoke could be seen from outside the factory, but two firefighters could be seen working on the roof. More details as they become available.

New photos and info submitted by B.R.: Just after 8 AM, firefighters responded to Honeywell-Fram on Jackson St. One of the ovens used to bake the filter material ignited sending fire up into the stack and causing heavy smoke conditions. As part of the automatic, first alarm assignment, Ansonia and New Madison responded to the scene. Crews remained on the scene for about 2 hours.

Versailles 8th grade boys and girls basketball bring home MAC titles

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The Versailles Boys and Girls 8th grade basketball teams went to Minster Monday night, and brought back a couple MAC titles. The 8th grade girls ran through the New Knoxville Rangers en route to their second straight MAC championship. The lady Tigers have only 2 losses the last two years, both losses came to Fort Loramie. The 8th grade boys have also won the MAC the last two years, last year as 7th graders they were undefeated, and this year lost 2 games, before making their tournament run. The 8th grade boys won a hard fought game against a Marion Local team that had a height advantage. [info and photo from]

4-H tack sale (March 21st)

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The Council on Rural Services is a private, non-profit organization that was established in 1972. But even 38 years ago, the vision was to be an organization that would provide services for life enriching change and innovative learning for people of all ages. In Darke County that happens through programs like Kids Learning Place™, Head Start, Early Head Start, Gateway Youth Programs, and HandsOn West Central Ohio.

The organization continues to embrace their vision by using the Kids Learning Place™ name in association with all the early childhood education and care programs. This includes the childcare centers, federal Head Start and Early Head Start, and state funded Public Preschool programs.

Shirley Hathaway, Executive Director said, “Our Kids Learning Place™ name reflects our comprehensive focus on providing the best education and care of young children. The name illustrates our innovative early learning process where there is always a holistic, caring, and nurturing environment and learning is fun.”

The Kids Learning Place™ philosophy is to provide positive early education programs in a learning environment, through collaborative efforts with the community and dedicated staff leadership. All the classrooms are designed to be responsive to the curious and inquiring nature of young children. The education opportunities and experiences are planned to promote physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development in all young children, while they learn at their own pace.

“With almost four decades of experience in developing and delivering services, this past year we reached more than 3,500 children and families in our nine county service area,” says Mark Schlater, Chief Operating Officer at Council on Rural Services. “At Kids Learning Place™ the centers’ focus is always on Every Day Learning … Every Day Exploring … Every Day Growing. In addition, last year we received the “Step Up To Quality” benchmark designation from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services for all our Darke County centers.”

As you visit our centers in Greenville, Bradford and Union City, you will find children and licensed teachers actively engaged and exploring life. You will find parents and staff communicating for the benefit of the child. You will find collaborative partners, staff, and administrators always looking for ways to improve the learning process. All this occurs in order to deliver the best education and support and to ensure children are ready for school and life.

For more information about the programs, check the Web site at or call 937-778-5220. Council on Rural Services provides education, support, and volunteer services through Kids Learning Place™, Head Start, Early Head Start, Gateway Youth Programs, and HandsOn West Central Ohio their nine county service area.

Staff and children at the Union City center begin the day by gathering in group time and talk about their plans.

Statement concerning road conditions (Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010)

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Roadways across Darke County are hazardous and icy this morning due to freezing drizzle that has been falling for the past several hours. Temperatures are below freezing and are expected to remain below freezing for the next several hours. This will continue to promote a threat for hazardous road conditions and icy conditions, especially on secondary roads for several more hours. Multiple accidents and slideoffs have occurred this morning across Darke County . Caution and reduced speed should be used if you are traveling.

[DCSO press release]

Monday, February 22, 2010

President Obama on Education and Schools

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President Obama’s comments regarding American education sounded like a clarion call from a Republican administration - no request for increased spending, higher pay for teachers or heavy spending on bricks and mortar school projects.

Instead he gave poor marks to the educational system and American parents. He stated with force “we are ninth in math and eleventh in science in the world!” He also pointed out that parents from other nations pushed children (and teachers) in the first grade to learn more English, math and science. Implied, but not stated, is the fact that many school systems and American parents would rather see a young athlete score well in the next game than on the next math, science or English exam.

In one area schools have shown an unrelenting upward trend i.e. the average weight of their graduating students. It is easy to blame the local McDonalds or Burger King or the parents. On the other hand, could epidemic obesity be more directly related to de-emphasis of physical education, health education, and the replacement of in-house cafeterias with the unappetizing offerings of for-profit purveyors? As a result most schools found it necessary to augment the student’s diet with snack machines and drink machines replacing fountain water (that could contain fluoride to strengthen their teeth). The average student can easily tack on 200-400 calories from drinks alone while in school.

Interestingly, he made no recommendations for brick and mortar upgrades. Instead, he recommended curriculum improvement, better teacher education (better teachers), and higher federal and state standards.

To facilitate his goals, we would like to recommend discipline. Homework must be completed before sports practice – be it in after school study halls with teachers that care and encourage especially those poor souls whose parents are problematic or have alcohol, drug or other serious social problems.

[submitted by Charles E. Reier MD Rebecca A. Reier]

Check out

No comments: offers extensive coverage of MAC schools and communities. Most of the school in the MAC are from counties "up north," but does include Versailles aand Marion-Local.

Snow sculptures in Arcanum by Nate and Kolin

SpongeBob and Patrick ... :)

From the artist: It took around 3 hrs and I used spray paint and some regular wall paint. If we get a lot of snow next year maybe I'll try for Krabs, Squidward, and Gary too. Thanks for the compliments.


Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) has announced that the Versailles Fire Department will receive $56,613 from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through its Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program.

“I congratulate everyone at the Versailles Fire Department for their hard work throughout the highly-competitive grant process,” Congressman Boehner said. “This award recognizes the service and dedication of the Versailles Fire Department to the people of Darke County.”

“I want to thank Congressman Boehner, State Sen. Keith Faber, and U.S. Sen. George Voinovich for their support,” Chief Bob Frey said. “This grant money will be used to purchase new flame-retardant turnout gear for our firefighters.”

In May of 2009, Boehner wrote DHS expressing strong support for the Versailles Fire Department, noting that “the Versailles Fire Department services a large area of rural Darke County and it is vital these citizens receive the best fire protection available.”

Grants awarded through the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program are based on a highly competitive review process, overseen by fire service experts. Grants seek to enhance the preparedness of capabilities of local fire departments and emergency medical service (EMS) organizations. Operations and Safety Grants, like the one awarded to the Versailles Fire Department, specifically support training, equipment, personal protective equipment, and health and safety modifications to stations and facilities. Operations and Safety Grants are funded through the normal appropriations and budgeting process.

Foggy Monday morning drive

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Photo from ABM (St. John Lutheran in the distance).

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fatality in Celina Industrial Accident

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As reported by Steve Baker/WHIO.

Free H1N1 Clinic at Ansonia F.D. (February 22nd)

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Ansonia Fire Department will be hosting an H1N1 clinic Monday February 22, 2010, from 4:00pm till 6:00pm and is free to the public. Location: Ansonia Fire Department, 110 W. Weller St., Ansonia, Ohio 45303.

Big crowd for Garst lecture: Longtown Revisited

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Mr. Roane Smothers spoke to an overflow crowd at Garst Museum on Sunday, February 21 as the first in the lecture series for 2010.

The topic was “Longtown Revisited”. Mr. Smothers had spoken last year, and since the lecture was so popular, he was persuaded to appear again. He spoke of the early settlement in Darke County of free African-Americans; of the United Literary Institute Preservation Society; and efforts to preserve the site for history. He also explained the “underground railroad” and the many Ohioans who worked to send slaves northward to Canada and freedom.

Mr. Smothers announced that this summer a study will be done of the Longtown school site, thanks to a grant; and an archaeology dig will be underway, thanks to a grant from Randolph County, Indiana, United Way.

The next lecture will be Sunday, March 21, 2:00 p.m. at the museum. Loretta Jones will present an impersonation of Annie Oakley. These lectures are free to the public. For information, please call 548-5250.

A good laugh from today's church bulletin

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Reds $30 million phenom might start out with Dayton Dragons

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21-year-old Cuban lefty Aroldis Chapman throws 100 mph.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Out-of-town restaurant review: Night Sky Coffee House

First and foremost, make sure to patronize your local Darke County restaurants!

But if you find yourself in the Troy area, you can't go wrong with the Night Sky Coffee House (located just off the town square). Night Sky has all the feel of a traditional coffee house, but with a restaurant attached. There is a full selection of coffee and drinks - but also an impressive menu of great salads, sandwiches, and desserts. Call ahead and check on the dinner buffet. Night Sky's menu has just a handful of entrees, but the sandwiches and salads are meals on their own. Night Sky also has live entertainment on Saturday evening.

The atmosphere at Night Sky is casual and kid-friendly. Check out their website for menu, photos and other details (photo above is from the website).

The next shoe to drop

Commercial real estate.

So how about that snowstorm?

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A majority of you were right ...

Versailles middle schoolers raise $2,000+ for Haiti relief

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As reported by Steve Baker/WHIO.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Open thread: Tiger Woods

He's deeply sorry for his behavior. What do you think?


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On 2-18-10 at approximately 1:45 PM, the Darke County Sheriff's Office received a report a train verses SUV crash on State Route 47 on the East Side of Versailles. An investigation revealed a southbound vehicle driven by John Simon, age 80, of Versailles , failed to yield to a Westbound CSX train. The Versailles Rescue Squad transported John Simon to Wayne Hospital in Greenville , Ohio . Mr. Simon was treated and released from Wayne Hospital . The vehicle driven by Simon had to be towed from the accident scene. The accident remains under investigation.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The end of the line for the Colony

Today is the day that the Colony Restaurant becomes a pile of rubble. Opened in 1970, it closed last year. For most of that time, the Colony Restaurant was operated by Larry and Sandra Buschur - before selling the restaurant a few years back. The lot has since been purchased by Mercer Savings Bank.

(thank you to Bob Rhoades for the photos)

Another weather resource for Darke Countians

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For all you weather enthusiasts, there is another resource out there you might not be aware of. Greenville High School Senior Terence Keaser - and some other friends - have a facebook page called Darke County Weather.

Click the link above and sign up to be friends with DCW.

[If you're not already a DarkeJournal fan, you can go here.]

Here's a story that everyone needs to hear and that will change your opinion about lawsuits in Ohio!!!

DarkeJournal reader C.B. wants you to watch the following video from WCPO in Cincinnati (video embedded with permission). The accompanying WCPO article includes additional information, interviews, and a link to the Ohio Supreme Court decision that is the basis for the story.

BRC Lunch To Your Office (February 26th)

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Brethren Retirement Community Is Offering To Deliver Lunch To Your Office On Friday, February 26th From 11:00 to 1:00 PM.

Brethren Retirement Community would like to offer you a great lunch at a great price for a great cause. You’ll enjoy a great lunch, plus dessert for only $5. And all proceeds will benefit Brethren Home Community Services. Their non-medical home care services allows individuals to remain in their own homes comfortably and safely. Opening soon on BRC campus, Shuff Adult Day Center.

But this special offer is available only on February 26th so place your order today! Fax or email your order to us and we’ll deliver to your home or office! Place your orders by February 23rd. We will confirm your order with you - if you do not receive a confirmation, please call Holly at 547-7655. Email Orders: Fax Orders To: 937-547-8105.

LUNCH MENU - Choose One of The Lunch Options: 1) Beef Vegetable Soup, Ham/Turkey Wrap, Peanut Butter Mousse, 2) Beef Vegetable Soup, Club Croissant—ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato, and Peanut Butter Mousse, 3) Beef Vegetable Soup, Chicken Caesar, Salad and Peanut Butter Mousse.

4-H Open House (February 25th)

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Have you ever wanted to know what is 4-H? Who can be a member? How can I get involved? What do 4-H members do?

If this is something you would like to know more about, please come to our 4-H Open House, Thursday, February 25, 7:00-8:00pm, at the Youth Building on the Fairgrounds. At our open house, you will meet current 4-H members and advisors, learn about different 4-H clubs you can join, preview projects available and learn about other 4-H opportunities, like 4-H Camp, Photography Day Camp, Cake Decorating Day Camp, Cloverbud Camp and state and national opportunities.

For more information, contact OSU Extension, Darke County, at 937.548.5215.

Business After Hours (February 25th)

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Garst Museum presents "Longtown Revisited" (February 21st)

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Garst Museum will present the first lecture program in “The Year of Annie Oakley” on Sunday, February 21 at 2:00 p.m.

This lecture is titled, “LONGTOWN REVISITED”. And is a continuation of the history of this unique community . Last year Roane Smothers spoke, as did many members of the audience who had memories of Longtown. To learn more about this important part of Darke County history, there will be another lecture at Garst Museum given by Mr. Smothers about the Union Literary Institute. This is the institute that was established in 1846 as a vocational school by anti-slavery Quakers and free blacks who lived in the Longtown community. Fugitive slaves sometimes stayed long enough to learn how to read and write, before fleeing northward.

The lecture program at Garst Museum is free, the public is invited to attend on February 21 at 2:00 p.m. If the public enters by the side doors, there is no fee; however, entry by the front door on Broadway will require a paid admission (a bargain, as there are a lot of other exhibits to see!) Light refreshments will be available. For more information please call 937-548-5250.

Reporter Needed

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Do you love to write? Do you dream of reporting on the latest news happening throughout Darke County?

HandsOn West Central Ohio needs a volunteer to serve as a roving reporter. This volunteer will interview staff from local nonprofit organizations to learn more about specific volunteer opportunities available within agencies throughout Darke County. Tasks will include interviewing representatives from nonprofit agencies in person or via phone and using interview information and a pre-determined writing style to write weekly newspaper articles. Volunteers for this position should be at least 18 years of age, demonstrate excellent writing skills and have basic computer skills. A flexible schedule is available.

“If you enjoy writing, this is a great position for you,” says Sherry Baker, HandsOn West Central Ohio Volunteer Coordinator. “With a computer and a telephone, our roving reporter may volunteer from the comfort of his or her own home, from a local coffee shop or even from another state during the winter months.”

To learn more about this volunteer opportunity or other opportunities within our community, please contact HandsOn West Central Ohio at (937) 548-8002 ext. 211, or visit HandsOn West Central Ohio, including Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, is a program of Council on Rural Services. This program receives funding from Darke County United Way, Corporation for National Service, Area Agency on Aging, PSA2, Darke County Commissioners, Lydia E. Shaurer Trust, Harry Stephens Trust and the Darke County HOPE Foundation.

Darke County Civic Theater to present “The Star-Spangled Girl” (April 2nd and 3rd)

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Details at

Versailles' Justine Raterman scores 24 in tough Flyers loss

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Dayton fell to Xavier Wednesday 80-79 in OT. UD was led by Justine Raterman with 24. UD led throughout the game and by as much as 13 in the first half. Xavier came back and took the lead with 11:26 to go in the second half, and the game was back-and-forth the rest of the way. [Photo and info courtesy of]


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22 - 4-H Volunteer Update, 7:00pm, OSUE Learning Center
23 - 4-H Camp Counselor Training, 7:00pm, OSUE Learning Center
25 - 4-H Open House, 7:00-8:00pm, Youth Building, Darke County Fairgrounds
27 - 4-H Saturday Workshop: The Third H: Hands- Community Service, 10am, OSUE Learning Center (must pre-register)

MARCH, 2010
4 - Ag Breakfast, 7:30am, Brethrens Retirement Center Cafeteria
4 - Extension Advisory Committee, 7:00pm, OSUE Learning Center
6 - 4-H Volunteer Update, 10:00am, OSUE Learning Center
7 - 4-H Kickoff, 2:00pm, All Season's Place

Call 937/548-5215 for more details.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Author's night at Montage Cafe (February 26th)

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Featuring author Thomas Nealeigh, Friday Feb. 26, 2010 at 7:30pm.

"Gear up for Alternative Energy" Forum (February 25th)

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The Union City Community Economic Development Committee (UCCEDC), which has representation from both sides of the state-line, is hosting the first Boomtown event of the year on Thursday, Feb 25 at 7 PM at Mississinawa Valley High School. The event’s theme is “Gear up for Alternative Energy” and will shine a spotlight on a number of alternative/renewable energy projects already underway in Darke and Randolph Counties and on how these fit into similar projects and plans regionally and state-wide.

“Many communities across the nation are seeking to become hubs of renewable energy activity and are trying to position them accordingly,” said UCCEDC President Rob Lykins. “This event will help show that this community has already started down that path and has a commitment to remain on it.”

The event is the second in a series of meetings designed to keep the spotlight on revitalization efforts occurring in the Union City area and, in general, all of Darke and Randolph Counties. The meetings seek to keep the momentum going that was started last year when acclaimed revitalization expert Jack Schultz, author of the book ‘Boom Town USA’ came to the area at the request of the UCCEDC.

Schultz spent time in both Union City communities, gave specifically tailored feedback to local leaders, and gave a full presentation to the community at the conclusion of his visit. A number of significant events accompanied Schultz’s efforts including the dedication of the Rails-to-Trails Gateway project that now connects the two communities and a ground breaking ceremony for Randolph Eastern School Corporation’s wind turbine project.

“The Union City communities and the two counties as a whole have so much to gain through cooperation,” explained UCCEDC Vice President Dan Franks, “Our hope was that the Boomtown event helped bring the two sides of the state-line closer together and that our follow up series continues to foster that idea.”

Speakers scheduled for the evening include Ohio House Representative Jim Zehringer and Indiana House Rep. Bill Davis, Chris Meyer, Director of Energy Programs from the Dayton Development Coalition, both counties’ economic development directors, and a variety of area alternative energy project leaders.

“The first Boomtown follow-up meeting attracted a great crowd as well as significant media coverage. Our plan is for this coming meeting to do the same,” said Union City, Ind. Mayor Bryan Conklin. “Folks from both counties are invited and I am sure that they will leave the event more confident about our areas’ future.”

The first Boom Town Quarterly meeting was held last summer at Randolph Eastern High School. UCCEDC officials say that subsequent Boomtown meetings will continue to flip-flop across the state-line. For more information about the event, or to find out more about the UCCEDC and its activities, please call 765-964-6009, Ext. 205.

Darke County Indoor Soccer at The Academy Standings as of 2/12/10

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It's the one-year anniversary of the stimulus bill

Did it help or not?

UPDATE: An anonymous commenter wants to influence your decision with the graphs included in this story from The New York Times.

Casting Crowns in Concert (April 1)

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World Vision along with Awakening Events Presents: Casting Crowns - Until the Whole World Hears Tour, Featuring Tenth Avenue North and special guest Caleb, on Thursday, April 1, 2010!

The concert will be held at the Nutter Center in Dayton at Wright State University and begins at 7:00 PM. Tickets can be purchased at, at the Nutter Center Box Office, or by phone at 1-800-745-3000. Limited Advance Tickets start at $15. Groups of 15 or more get 2 free tickets per order.

Text "MUSIC" to 25735 for the chance to win Meet and Greets from Awakening Events! [info submitted by 88.9 Joy-FM]

Montage is now open at 7am

In an attempt to fill the void that has been left by the departure of Broadway Joes, we are going to be opening at 7am. We are offering the same scones, bagels, muffins, our own cinnamon rolls, and Boston Stoker coffee. Come in and join us before work.

Aaron Cox
Owner, Montage

Hope for Haiti Marketplace (March 6th)

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Event Information: Beat the winter blues and support a worthy cause by coming to the Hope for Haiti Marketplace!

Saturday, March 6th 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Chestnut Village (Brethren Retirement Community Campus)
750 Chestnut St. Greenville, OH. 45331

Participating vendors: Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, Usborne Books, BeautiControl, PartyLite, Lia Sophia, Premier Designs, Silpada, Moose Creek Candles, Tupperware, Thirty-One Gifts, Longaberger, Vita Mist, Rhi-Invented (reflexology), Katie Miller (massage therapist), Harper Leigh (baby gifts and accessories), Crabapple Alley Gifts, LLC, and more.

Donations: Proceeds from this event will donated to UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) to support disaster relief in Haiti. 100% of UMCOR donations go directly to Haiti. For more event information, to sponsor, or to be a vendor, please call: 937-423-7234.

Give for the greater good! * Food * Shopping * Prizes * Fellowship * Fun * Aid *

DarkeJournal reader TH wants you to watch this weather video

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The "American Pie" February: Food For Thought

Double M Diner is still open - enter at the side door

For all of you Double M customers, the diner is still open as usual but you temporarily can not enter through the Broadway entrance with Broadway Joes now closed. Please enter at the side entrance on Fifth Street.

In related news, the coffee shop now has a sign announcing a new business coming soon.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Modified Level 3 issued

Downgraded to Level 1 *see above*


Darke County Sheriff Toby L. Spencer has issued a LEVEL 3 SNOW EMERGENCY for Darke County .


All State and US Routes/Highways and Incorporated areas remain under a Level 2 Snow Emergency.

This Level 3 Snow Emergency takes effect immediately at 10:00 PM.

Weather videos from Andrew Michael (Dayton's News Source)

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Video #1: Andrew reports from downtown Greenville and interviews Dale Musser from the Brethren Retirement Community.

Video #2: Andrew reports from Emrick Road and doesn't jump into a snow drift.


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OSU Extension, Darke County, has scheduled a “Building Blocks” parenting series. The classes will be held March 10, 17 & 24, 2010, at the OSU Extension Learning Center, 603 Wagner Avenue, Greenville. The class times are from 6:00-8:00pm. There is no fee for this class. This is an adult only series.

The “Building Block” parenting classes are for parents who wish to develop better parenting skills or parenting techniques for children ages 0-6 years. There will be 3 classes focusing on parent education, parent and child interaction and age appropriate activities.

To register or for further information, please call OSU Extension at 937.548.5215 or email Diane Barga at Registration needs to be completed by March 5, 2010.


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If you have diabetes, if you have a family member with diabetes or if you support and care for someone with diabetes, you will want to enroll in Dining with Diabetes, an educational class designed to help you learn to reduce sugar, salt and fat in food and better control blood sugar.

Dining with Diabetes will be offered on Tuesday, March 16, 2010, from 11:00am-2:00pm at the OSU Extension Learning Center, 603 Wagner Avenue, Greenville, Ohio. The class fee is $15.00, which covers the food for demonstration and tasting, recipe booklets and other educational materials. Pre-registration and payment are required, and the deadline is March 10, 2010.

Instructors for the course are Diane Barga, Program Assistant, Ohio State University Extension, and Karen Droesch, Diabetes Educator, Wayne Hospital.

If you need additional information, call 937-548-5215 or e-mail

Greenville Girls vs. Northridge - 2/13

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Raw video on Dayton's News Source.

ElementsLife Announces Spring Session I Class Schedule

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Spring is here at ElementsLife, located in historic downtown Greenville. Emily Jasenski, Nationally Certified Yoga Instructor and Co-Owner of ElementsLife announces the Spring Session I class schedule starting February 22 thru April 4th. Whether you are an experienced Yogi or new to the Yoga environment, Elements Life provides a class style to fit your current needs.

Monday- Ashtanga Primary Series (intermediate to advanced): 6:00-7:30pm
Tuesday- Hatha (beginner to intermediate): 6:00-7:00pm
Wednesday-Beginners Hatha (beginners): 6:00-7:00pm
Thursday- Slow Flow Vinyasa (all levels): 6:00-7:15pm

For more information regarding these classes or other services, please call Emily at 937-417-3208 or email at ElementLife is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:30am-1:30pm for walk in inquiries. Also visit our new website at or find us on FaceBook by searching “ElementsLife”.

Bill Beagle to run for State Senate in the Fifth District

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Read the story at

[The fifth senate district includes several Darke County Townships, primarily in the southeast part of the county, and includes Arcanum, Pitsburg, and part of New Madison.]

Ombudsman's Office needs volunteers

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Everyone deserves to live their lives with dignity and respect. One agency provides a voice for the concerns of long-term care residents, primarily in nursing homes.

The Ombudsman’s Office needs up to 14 volunteers to be that voice in DarkeCounty. As a Long Term Care Ombudsman, volunteers will commit just four hours per month to visiting one or more long-term care facilities. These important advocates will observe each facility’s environment and perform meaningful advocacy on behalf of nursing home residents, informing residents of their rights and building friendships. Local training will be provided for this position. Volunteers should be at least 18 years of age, and a criminal background check may be required. No previous experience is required for this position, but volunteers must be reliable, possess effective communication skills and have compassion and respect for older adults.

“Volunteers are essential in helping to communicate simple requests and demonstrate that nursing home residents are not invisible,” says Monica Wynn, Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program Director. “They are often able to spend more time fostering trust with a resident who may be uncomfortable speaking up about their needs and concerns.”

To learn more about this volunteer opportunity or other opportunities within our community, please contact HandsOn West Central Ohio at (937) 548-8002 ext. 211, or visit HandsOn West Central Ohio, including Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, is a program of Council on Rural Services. This program receives funding from Darke County United Way, Corporation for National Service, Area Agency on Aging, PSA2, Darke County Commissioners, Lydia E. Shaurer Trust, Harry Stephens Trust and the Darke County HOPE Foundation. is one-year-old today


You're not going to see too many self-congratulatory slaps on the back here. But it is probably worth pointing out that DarkeJournal is one year old today. On February 16, 2009, we had a grand total of 3 visitors. Yesterday, there were over 1,600 visitors to the website. For the second anniversary, the goal will be 10,000. Thank you for visiting - and tell all your friends about DarkeJournal. 

Thank you also to everyone who has contributed material to the site (and special acknowledgement to Steve Mehaffie, Steve Baker, and Andrew Michael for allowing links to their websites). As a reminder, community involvement is the concept of the website - you're always welcome to submit your own news and anoouncements here (email listed above).  

Great News Source for Tipp City

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Just stumbled across a new website providing news for Tipp City. If you have any ties to the Tipp City area, consider adding Tipp News to your favorites.

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