Monday, February 22, 2010


Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) has announced that the Versailles Fire Department will receive $56,613 from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through its Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program.

“I congratulate everyone at the Versailles Fire Department for their hard work throughout the highly-competitive grant process,” Congressman Boehner said. “This award recognizes the service and dedication of the Versailles Fire Department to the people of Darke County.”

“I want to thank Congressman Boehner, State Sen. Keith Faber, and U.S. Sen. George Voinovich for their support,” Chief Bob Frey said. “This grant money will be used to purchase new flame-retardant turnout gear for our firefighters.”

In May of 2009, Boehner wrote DHS expressing strong support for the Versailles Fire Department, noting that “the Versailles Fire Department services a large area of rural Darke County and it is vital these citizens receive the best fire protection available.”

Grants awarded through the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program are based on a highly competitive review process, overseen by fire service experts. Grants seek to enhance the preparedness of capabilities of local fire departments and emergency medical service (EMS) organizations. Operations and Safety Grants, like the one awarded to the Versailles Fire Department, specifically support training, equipment, personal protective equipment, and health and safety modifications to stations and facilities. Operations and Safety Grants are funded through the normal appropriations and budgeting process.


  1. Simply amazing how all of a sudden Boehner makes all these grants happen now that several have been down on him and are running against him. Havent had a problem with him but all of a sudden he seems to be in the spotlight.

  2. The biggest reason these fire depts. recieved these grants, is how they write the grant, if they write them in the middle of the scale for their demographics they have a much better chance of recieving a grant, if it is on the higher end or out of the ballpark, chances are they won't get one, it's a numbers game and if you know how to play it then you'll do all right. Boehner has very little to do with them getting these grants.

  3. Again, Boeher has NOTHING to do with getting these grants.
    I can post the site where they have the process spelled out if you like.

  4. big Boner needs to go, and I am not talking about out for a snifter of Bourbon and another smoke. I am embarassed to admit he "represents" our district.

  5. I agree with you both, its funny how politicians think we are dumbaxxes.

  6. I agree with you all. Funny how these politicians seem to think we are all stupid

  7. It is a shame how these type of men are so hyped up on their egos that they think they can do no wrong. He is voted in to represent the citizens of a certain area and they travel all over the world at the tax payers expense for what.
    How many times have you seen him at anything in Darke county to any other reason than to come to a republican sponsored function. He does represent all citizens in his district. Everyone pays taxes that is used to pay his salary and benefits.
    Has he ever thrown any other bones to anyone in our district.
    Once elected he represents us all.

  8. It is good to see you folks are seeing through these elected officials. I wish we could clean house and start over with some guys who work for all of us.

  9. I agree with booting the incumbents. but, working for all of us, really? That is really a pipe dream and it can't/will never happen. Look at where we are at now, Left against Right, Conservative against Liberal, Rebublican against Democrat! We all vote for a person that we think will further our own particular cause and to hell with everyone else. I would suggest that everyone sit down and read and understand our Constitution. You just might learn a thing or two about what has, is and will be happening in the future on a bunch of different issues. This country is a majority of the dumb masses who's vote is based on ignorance rather than knowledge or understanding. Until we have a Constitutional Amendment to institute term limits for Congress...SSDD!


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