Monday, June 30, 2014

WTGR's Community Ties - Community Blood Center and Midmark

Today's episode of WTGR's Community Ties features Dana Puterbaugh from the Community Blood Center who brought along Mitch Eiting from Midmark, which is a sponsor of blood drives for the CBC. Mitch talks about why it's beneficial for their organization to work with the CBC and about an award Midmark recently won.

Commissioner's Corner - June 2014

June has come and gone, and we are now completely into the summer months. June has been warm and wet, which is good growing season for our farmers (as long as it isn't too wet!). People are enjoying all the summer-time benefits Darke County has and it looks to be a good summer season for most of us. Cookouts, swimming, parades, festivals and such are in full swing, so enjoy what Darke County has to offer this summer.

This month has been busy in the Commissioner’s office. We have been working on a lot of maintenance on buildings and of course the parking area out at the Wagner Avenue Government Center. Our buildings are important to us, so it is important to take care of them with the money we get from the public. The Courthouse 2nd and 3rd floors are being renovated, thanks to the Judges and prosecutor, and the Sheriff’s Office sewer relining project was to start on the 27th of this month. It seems that for several years now we have been trying to do “catch up” maintenance on a lot of structures, and we seem to be slowly removing things from our lengthy “to-do” list. This expenditure of money should help us cut costs in the future. The Sheriff’s Office is waiting on the delivery of 3 more new vehicles that should be in anytime now. As we have already purchased 3, these additional 3 units will continue to cut down the maintenance the Sheriff was incurring on the older cruisers. As has been stated before, the Sheriff’s Office incurs a lot of expense, but there are only 2 departments in the County that run 24 hrs. a day, every day of the year; The Sheriff and the County Home. With 3 times more usage of those facilities, it is easy to see why they require more maintenance than the others. Along with building maintenance, and new equipment, we are currently looking upgrading our servers for the Courthouse and the Commissioner’s office. Technology advances quickly, and keeping up with upgrades and new technology will be a challenge for now and the future. We have tried to get as much as we can from what we have now, but it is getting costly, and harder to find support for our outdated systems, so time to upgrade. We will let you know when the upgrades are complete.

The economic fortunes for Darke County continue to be a highlight for us. We are still seeing our companies grow and expand, and we will do everything we can to help them. New business is always welcome, but maintaining what we have is just as important, if not more so. Workforce development will be a primary target for us for the foreseeable future, and as of now, we are very happy with the direction we are headed.

Dave Peltz, who was in charge of the Tech Center at the Greenville High School, is leaving to take another position at the Miami Valley Tech Center. We wish Dave all the best, as he has been a tireless supporter of our workforce efforts at the school. With Dave working at Miami Valley, this can only help strengthen ties with them, and help our entire regional co-operation. Good Luck, Dave, may your future be very rewarding!

As we head into the summer, it is important to realize that with all the outside activity, we still are having public meetings inside (yes, it is air-conditioned!) at the Commissioner’s Office. Won’t you join us? We meet every Monday and Wednesday publicly at 1:30 p.m. in our office located at 520 South Broadway in downtown Greenville. We are that nice building just south of the courthouse, so come on in and find out what is happening in your county. Hope to see you soon!!

The Darke County Commissioners

Ice Cream Social in Versailles - July 6th

Come Join the Adult Men's Soccer League at the Fairgrounds

On Sunday evenings during the summer there will be an adult men's soccer game starting at 7pm at the Fairgrounds. Put on your cleats and join us for some fun!

Traveling with Diabetes

The summer months mean the kids are out of school, hot weather has returned and traveling begins. Are you planning a trip this summer? You can go almost anywhere whether it is to the beach or the mountains. If you have diabetes, it takes just a little planning to keep your blood glucose in control.

Traveling can make it hard to keep your blood glucose within your target range because of changes in meal times, types of food available, and activity. Check your blood glucose frequently when you are on vacation.

Here are some tips to make traveling easier.

Packing tips:

  • Pack extra supplies including testing strips, lancets, batteries, medication.
  • Make sure you pack your supplies in your carry-on bag.
  • Keep insulin cool with a cooler or ice pack.
  • Wear an ID that identifies that you have diabetes.
  • Carry a fast acting source of carbohydrate, like glucose tablets, in case your blood glucose drops.
  • Bring your physicians name and phone number.
  • Pack a list of the medications you are taking.

At the airport

  • Tell security that you are a diabetic and that you are carrying medical supplies.
  • Have a prescription label with a name that matches the boarding ticket for your medications.
  • You can bring syringes/insulin pen needles on the airplane if you have insulin with you.

Do not forget foot care

  • Bring extra shoes to prevent blisters and sore pressure points.
  • Check your feet often and treat minor foot injuries.
  • Do not go barefoot. Protect your feet when walking by the pool, in the park, or on the beach.

To learn more about living a healthy life with diabetes, consider attending Group Diabetes Classes at Wayne HealthCare. Group classes meet once a week for four weeks. Group classes provide comprehensive education regarding the diabetes disease process, monitoring, medications, exercise, reducing risk of complications, coping with diabetes, and nutrition management.

The cost is $40 for the series of four classes. The next group classes will be held July 7, 14, 21, and 28, 2014 from 1pm to 3pm. Pre-registration for the classes is required.

If you prefer to meet individually with the Certified Diabetes Educator, you can receive education regarding Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) and Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT).

For more information regarding the programs offered by Wayne HealthCare Diabetes Self Management Program, please call 937-547-5750.

Mr. Molecule at Family Fun Day

The Greenville Public Library's “Family Fun Days” continue with more great entertainment! On Wednesday July 2 at 11:00 a.m. “Mr Molecule” will perform on the front lawn. In case of rain programs are held in the Church Activity Building on Devor.

When Mr. Molecule unleashes the power and excitement of science – Bing! Bang! Boom! – he creates an explosion of learning that K-8 kids can’t resist. Students are astonished to see the fantastic 12-foot tall Foam Monster, the impossible Balloons in Orbit and the hysterically funny Bernoulli TP Challenge, all based on essential science principles. Mr. Molecule’s Science Show is a whole new way for kids to discover science and experience the joy of learning.

Keep up with the Library's Children's Department on Facebook! Family Fun Day is sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

State of the Heart Hospice Holds Largest Golf Outing at Mercer Elks

Golfers prepare to go onto the course for the State of the Heart Hospice Annual Memorial Golf Outing.
State of the Heart Hospice held the nonprofit agency’s 19th Ohio Memorial Golf Outing, Friday, June 6 at the Mercer County Elks Golf Club. The fund raiser, which had 64 foursomes, raised $19,500 with the funds directed to State of the Heart’s Hospice Care Center at Wayne HealthCare, and to Corynna’s Wish, a new wish granting program for State of the Heart patients and families.

“We had excellent temperatures and sunny skies which made for a great day of golf,” stated Ryan Gathard, Fund Development Director for State of the Heart. “It was gratifying to see so many golfers and to have the involvement of so many sponsors for a very worthy cause.”

Kirk Stucke, Golf Professional for the Mercer Elks Golf Club, said the club holds a golf fund raiser weekly during the golfing season, and the State of the Heart Memorial Golf Outing is the largest held at the course which is on U.S. 127 just south of Celina. “It is very well organized and runs very smoothly,” he added.

For a second year in a row, Integrity Ambulance Service was the presenting sponsor. “We are grateful for Integrity for being the presenting sponsor two years in a row,” Gathard said. “Each year we are fortunate to have the support of so many sponsors from the various communities in our hospice service area” he added.

Wendy Stukey, of Laudick’s Jewelry Store in Coldwater, said this marks the second year that the jewelry store has donated both a man and a woman’s watch as raffle prizes. “They are top of the line watches,” she said, “and are of excellent quality. “It is great for Laudick’s, a locally owned company, to participate and help in such an important fund raiser in our community.”

A portion of the funds raised at the golf outing will go to the State of the Heart Hospice Care Center which has five private rooms for patients. The care center is comfortable and homelike, with a family lounge. The center opened in July last year. By the anniversary date of opening the care center will have cared for more than 160 patients. Funds from the outing will also go to Corynna’s Wish, the new wish granting program recently established by State o the Heart. The program will help patients and families accomplish a wish they otherwise could not financially afford to do.

Friday, June 27, 2014

American Pickers Looking for Interesting Characters, Unique Collections

Click to enlarge
The hosts of American Pickers, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, are longtime "pickers" or as they call themselves "modern archaeologists". They drive the back roads of America knocking on doors, digging through barns and basements, and sifting through junkyards and warehouses. The dirty, rusty treasures and antiques they pull out of these places are not just given a new life; they're saved for future generations to appreciate. Along the way the guys meet the amazing people and interesting places that make America great.

The Pickers will be coming to the Ohio area and are looking for people with barns, warehouses, buildings full of odd, unique, and interesting collections. They also love to explore the history of the locations tied to the items. But know Mike & Frank course we are always looking for great characters. As they approach a new state, they often reach out to locals for help in finding these kinds of people within the nooks, crannies and back roads of this big country. After seeing information on Facebook, the Darke County Visitors Bureau reached out to them!

Attached is a list of the items they are currently looking for. Of course the items featured on the show are not limited to this list. To give an idea of what they’re currently not looking for: Farming / agriculture items, tools, glassware, appliances, tractors, crocks, stoves, country primitives.

That said, if you know of anyone in the area that has an abundance of the items that are on their wanted list, or any interesting people with stuff, please contact Anthony Rodriquez with Cineflix Production Company. They’re looking to line this people up in the next week or so, the sooner the better. Mr. Rodriquez can be reached via email at or directly at 646-561-8364.

Pets of the week

We have Lady at the Darke County Animal Shelter. She is a 3 year old Black Lab. She is black with short hair. She is a nice dog who loves to be around people. She weighs around 60 pounds. She will
make a nice companion and walking buddy. She is ready for adoption.

We have Buddy at the Darke County Animal Shelter. He is a 3 year old Jack Russell Terrier. He is white and brown with short hair. He is a friendly little guy and loves people. He is not as hyper as most Jack Russell’s. He will make a wonderful house dog and friend. He is current in his shots and ready for adoption.

We also have a couple of hound mixes, a Min-Pin, a black lab mix and numerous other dogs . We also have cats and kittens for adoption.

The Shelter hours are 8am till 4:30pm Monday-Friday and 9:00 till noon on Saturday. The Shelter is located at 5066 County Home Road in Greenville, and the phone number is 547-1645.

It’s time for your pet to become a Star in our 2015 “Pets Calendar. We are accepting pictures at the Shelter or online. You can submit online at Deadline will
be July 7th.

ALL DOGS OVER 3 MONTHS OF AGE MUST HAVE A LICENSE. For more information you can contact the Animal Shelter at 937-547-1645. To see the dogs we have, go to our web site at

Hospice Golf Outing Prize Won by Greenville Golfer

Gary Zechar of Greenville, recently participated in the 19th annual State of the Heart Ohio Memorial Golf Outing held Friday, June 6, at the Mercer County Elks Golf Club on U.S. 127.

Not only did he have a good day of golfing, he said, but he won a $1,000 prize for his golf ball getting closest to the hole on the 16th hole the day of the outing. “That was pretty good,” stated Mercer County Golf Club Golf Professional Kirk Stucke, who added that the winner of the “closest to the pin” contest had to be within 12 inches of the hole. “That was a good shot,” he added.

Zechar took the shot from 169 yards away. In order to receive the $1,000 prize, verification was needed by Zechar’s team mates and by two State of the Heart volunteer hole sitters who were there to witness the shot. Zechar is an avid golfer and plays five days a week.

Pictured here is Ryan Gathard, left, Fund Development Director and golf outing coordinator, and Gary Zechar. “I think having the ‘closest to the pin’ contest added a new competitive opportunity for the players,” Gathard said.

GTS to Close for Independence Day



DAYTON, Ohio – Blood donors can celebrate summer - without taking a vacation from donating - by visiting “Donoritaville.” The tradition of summer Parrot Head celebrations continues at Community Blood Center (CBC) with the “Donoritaville – Relax, lei back, donate… Givin’ is easy!” t-shirt, free when you register to donate at any of the following blood drives listed below. Donors are encouraged to schedule an appointment at or contact CBC Darke County Account Representative Dana Puterbaugh at (937) 997-2199 or

The tropical-colored “Donoritaville – Relax, lei back, donate… Givin’ is easy!” t-shirt design features a parrot in straw hat and lei clutching an ice cream cone. The Donoritaville t-shirt is free to everyone who registers to donate now through Aug. 2 and any CBC Donor Center and most CBC mobile blood drives.
A summer donation will also put donors in the running for a new car. A 2014 Chevrolet Cruze is the grand prize in the CBC “Summer Cruze-In 2014 Blood Drive.” Anyone age 18 and older who registers to donate at any CBC Donor Center or CBC mobile blood drive May 30 through Sept. 30 will be automatically entered in the drawing to win the Chevy Cruze, valued at approximately $19,000.

The “champagne silver” color of the Cruze is a toast to CBC’s “50 Years of Saving Lives” anniversary celebration in September.

Oakland Church of the Brethren to Present "Weird Animals" as VBS

Oakland Church of the Brethren, 8058 Horatio-Harris Creek Road(2 and half miles north of Gettysburg) will be presenting “Weird Animals” as their 2014 Vacation Bible School. It will be held July 7-11 from 6:00pm to 8:15pm for ages 3 to those going into the sixth grade this fall. Preschoolers, ages 3 through kindergarten will have their own age-appropriate program called Ozzy’s Preschool Park where they will enjoy Bible stories, crafts, games and snacks. The elementary age children will rotate between stations with their crew leaders as they visit Bible Adventures, Imagination Station, KidVid Cinema, Untamed Games, and Critter Café. All children will meet together for Sing and Play Stampede and The Tail End.

The importance of clean water and that many children around the world do not have clean water at their disposal will be discussed during the week. The outreach project for VBS will support this theme. Children attending Weird Animals VBS will gain new meaning and relevance of God’s love to their everyday lives. We welcome all children from the surrounding communities to attend this fun-filled week of vacation Bible school, Where Jesus’ Love is One-of-a-Kind. For more information call 937-548-6412 or register on line at

Thursday, June 26, 2014

“First Friday Tailgating Party” at First Presbyterian Church in Greenville

MainStreet Greenville’s First Friday is catching on and the church family of First Presbyterian at 114 E. Fourth Street is planning to share that experience with other Darke Countians! Free parking and Ice Cream to go with all the “fixins” will be available outside the church to welcome all those who are enjoying the resurgence of downtown on Friday, July 11 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Just a short hop and a skip east of Broadway on Fourth, the Presbyterians wanted to enter into the spirit of First Friday with food that could be carried along and could even be eaten while watching the outdoor movie “Frozen” at the Theatre on Third Street.

Some of the older congregation members remember when such things were available when they were young and Greenville was known as a Saturday night town. Men sitting around the Courthouse wall with their children, exchanging gossip while their wives did the shopping, was a real treat for those children since a popular popcorn vendor sold great popcorn on that corner.

MainStreet Greenville is reviving that tradition on Friday nights and giving our community an opportunity to experience just how beautiful and friendly our downtown really is. First Presbyterian Church invites you to be part of that experience. Park your car or just drop by and pick up some ice cream with your favorite toppings, Friday evening, July 11.



 (L-R) Ansonia FFA chaplain Robert Christman, Ansonia FFA sentinel Lydia Sink, Ansonia FFA advisor Brad Lentz, Ansonia FFA vice president Megan Bergman; MVHS FFA president Heather Dirksen, MVHS secretary Kasey Hummel, MVHS FFA advisor Carmen Hartzell.
ANSONIA, Ohio - The first official week of summer kicked off Monday, June 23 with 90-degree heat baking the river of fresh blacktop flowing down Canal Street, passed Ansonia High School. Not a day to even think about being back in school, unless you had a score to settle with your rival in the annual Community Blood Center (CBC) “Blood & Guts Grudge Match Blood Drive.”

FFA teams from Ansonia High School and Mississinawa Valley High School again competed for bragging rights in Monday’s fifth annual Grudge Match Blood Drive, hosted this summer by Ansonia. The challenge blood drive is a way of supporting the blood supply during the summer months when no other high school blood drives are scheduled. The schools alternate hosting the Grudge Match, and last year’s win by MVHS continued the trend of the home team winning on its home court.

That history of home court advantage was not lost on Ansonia FFA advisor and blood drive coordinator Brad Lentz, who made sure to send out text messages to all registered Ansonia students, reminding them to keep their appointments in the Tiger gym. “We tried to get more out,” Brad said. “Last year for this we had kind of a down turn-out. I’m feeling we’ll do better than last year.”

Brad’s hunch was right. The Ansonia FFA answered the challenge, winning the 2014 Grudge Match with 38 “votes” from registered donors to 23 for the Mississinawa Valley FFA. Once again, the home team protected its turf. The Grudge Match trophy, on display at the blood drive, will greet Ansonia students when they return to school in August.

Help Wanted at Oakland Church of the Brethren

Oakland Church of the Brethren has a part time opening for a Director of Children’s Ministries and this position is responsible for curriculum for preschool through 6th grade Sunday school classes, Wednesday evening programs, Vacation Bible School and family nights. This position requires a heart and passion for children, good organizational skills and relational skills. Send resume to Pastor John Sgro, Oakland Church of the Brethren, P.O. Box 198, Gettysburg, OH 45328, or email John Sgro at Check our website at

Second National Bank a Mainstay of County Development

Bank continues as one of P4P’s largest contributors for 6th straight year

Second National Bank’s President & CEO, John Swallow (C), presents the bank’s 2014 P4P contribution to Darke County CIC President Jean Young (L) and CIC Treasurer Dennis Baker (R)

DARKE COUNTY- The Partnering for Progress (P4P) Initiative has once again been able to count on one of its top supporters in 2014 as Second National Bank has contributed again to Darke County’s public-private economic development effort.  The collaborative and county-wide initiative has had the bank as one of its top supporters and architects of the initiative since P4P’s inception in 2008. To date, no other bank has contributed as much to the P4P initiative as Second National has overall, or in any given year.  This support has gone beyond the financial as Second National has also held key positions on many P4P boards and advisory committees, as well as been a consistent participant in P4P campaigns and events.

“The Partnering for Progress Initiative is an effort that supports the entire Darke County community and beyond.  The jobs created through its business partnerships and the training provided through its workforce efforts have the potential to impact every household in the community,” stated Second National President & CEO John Swallow. “This is the kind of widespread impact we hope our bank has as well and is the type of effort we plan to continue to anchor.”

According to Darke County Economic Development Director Marc Saluk, the P4P initiative has worked with local businesses to help create or retain 1,563 jobs since 2010 (mostly in the well-paying manufacturing sector) and contributed heavily to such recent major business expansions at Whirlpool, Midmark, FRAM, and PolyOne.

“But we’re only as strong as those who stand behind the initiative.  The entities that are willing to contribute the resources required for our success and who lend their expertise at critical times are our real strength,” stated Saluk. “This is exactly what Second National Bank has always done for us and why they are a major part of the county’s recent growth spurt.”

Saluk stated that, in addition to the jobs created, P4P-assisted company projects have also led to $44M in additional annual payroll in the Darke County community as well as a total investment of approximately $117 million dollars through business expansions. P4P also works to lay the infrastructure for future growth through its workforce development initiative, land and building development, and regional partnerships.  For more information on Partnering for Progress, please call the Economic Development Office at 937-548-3250.

Established in 1883 in Darke County, Second National Bank is a community bank with offices in Greenville, Versailles, Arcanum, Celina and Ft. Recovery.  They have been voted the Best Financial Institution in Darke County the past 9 years, and voted the Best Mortgage Company & Best Investment Services Company by the Readers Choice Awards conducted by the Advocate.  In addition to their full line of deposit, loan and banking services they also offer trust and investment services.


If you are thinking of getting married but just don’t have the funds, EUM Church in Greenville, Ohio will be offering a free wedding day on Saturday, October 18, 2014. We will provide pre-marital counseling sessions, the facility, altar decorations, pastor, and photographer. You will need to invite your guests and provide your own wedding attire.

EUM Church has two locations that will be utilized: 111 Devor Street and 1451 Sater Street. You do not need to be a member of EUM Church to participate. There are limited time slots so call today to reserve your spot. If you are interested, please call the church office at 937-548-3211 ext. 238 and a wedding coordinator will get back with you.

Jeff Harper is Lead Pastor at EUM Church and regular worship services are Saturday at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday at 8:15, 9:45, and 11:15 a.m. at our Worship Center located at 1451 Sater Street (corner of Sater and Sebring-Warner Road) in Greenville, OH. Kidmunity Children’s Ministry is available for kids age birth through grade six at the 6:30 pm, 9:45 and 11:15 am services. The Downtown Campus, 111 Devor Street, houses our offices and preschool. For more information, go to or call 548-3211.

Matt Light Named All Sports United's 2014 Humanitarian Award Recipient

Midmark Donates to Special Olympics

Midmark has been a strong supporter of Darke County Special Olympics. Mitch Eiting of Midmark is shown with several students at the 36th annual Track and Field Event. Left to right: students Morgan Pecha, Madisyn Bryant, MIkayla Yoder, and representing the Darke Co. program, Toni Meyer.

Cancer Association to Host Chicken/Pork Chop BBQ

Edward Jones Financial Advisor Andria Haworth Wins Spirit of Partnership Award

Andria Haworth of the financial services firm Edward Jones in Greenville recently won the firm's exclusive Spirit of Partnership Award for outstanding performance during 2013.

Jim Weddle, the firm's managing partner, calls Haworth a leader in the firm and an example of what a dedicated Edward Jones financial advisor can achieve.

"Andria has demonstrated unyielding dedication and enthusiasm for her business of serving individual investors," Weddle said. "Andria has reached a benchmark in her career that deserves recognition, and the Spirit of Partnership Award provides that recognition. I am proud to call her an Edward Jones financial advisor."

Haworth said she is honored to receive the award.

"Edward Jones is a partnership. That structure is not just financial, it's a philosophy," Haworth said. "We work together, help each other and all share in the rewards of working with long-term individual investors. That brings out the best in everyone."

Haworth was one of only 1,053 financial advisors out of the firm's more than 13,000 to receive the award.

CAP Independence Day closing

Community Action Partnership of Greater Dayton/Darke County will be closed Friday, July 4, in honor of Independence Day. This includes Metropolitan Housing Authority and Community Transportation Services. Regular hours will resume Monday, July 7.


FY 2013 Funding Will Provide for Operations and Safety in New Madison

WASHINGTON, D.C. – New federal resources have been awarded to a fire department in Darke County. U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) today announced that New Madison Community Volunteer Fire Company Inc. has been awarded resources for Operations and Safety by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) program.

“Firefighters put their lives on the line each day to keep our communities safe,” Brown said. “These new federal resources will help ensure that New Madison’s skilled responders have the updated resources they need to safely do their jobs.”

New Madison Community Volunteer Fire Company Inc. was awarded $22,331 in funding as part of the round 10 competitive Fiscal Year 2013 AFG Program announcements.

The Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) program helps firefighters and other first responders improve their ability to protect the public and themselves. Projects funded in the Operations and Safety category include training, facility upgrades and modifications, and supplies such as protective equipment.

More information about the AFG program can be found here. Interested fire departments can contact Brown’s Grant Coordinator to receive information about federal grant opportunities by clicking here.

Guest Column from State Representative Jim Buchy

Elevating the Issue of Common Core to a State Level Issue
It was just over a year ago, when my office began receiving calls from constituents in western Ohio concerned about the Common Core Standards.  At that time I knew that the schools were implementing new standards and they had been for some time but I had a lot to learn about how this effort was really an attempt to nationalize public education.  A lot has come out since that time and recently Senator Faber led the way in elevating the discussion of the common core to a state level issue.

Many state leaders remain unaware of the costs of common core both in hard money and dignity.  Ohio should run our own education system and the local school boards should have control over curriculum and teaching in each of our schools.  For those leaders who haven’t been able to comprehend the threat of the Common Core—now is our opportunity to share the information that we have learned.
In House Bill 487, which the Governor signed recently, there will be four standards review committees with experts, parents and teachers that will advise the Ohio Department of Education on Ohio’s Academic Content Standards.  The committees provide a platform to educate the leaders that are not yet aware of the threat of common core.
In addition to other advancements in protecting Ohio’s children from the Common Core, the bill also requires each Ohio school to establish a parental review committee or other method of input. This will give parents a say in the curriculum at the school and give them the assurance that local curriculum matches the values of the community.
HB 487 touched on several different areas to protect Ohio’s children from any unintended effects of the Common Core and elevates the discussion from the grassroots level to a state level issue.  There is still a lot of work to be done but Governor Kasich and the Ohio legislature have signified a commitment to further addressing the concerns related with the common core academic content standards.
While the amendments in HB 487 provide a temporary stop gap to the unintended consequences I am working with other legislators to advance the passage of House Bill 237 which would repeal the Common Core in its entirety.  At this time HB 237 is stuck in the House Education Committee.  I joined with some of my colleagues in signing a discharge petition.  If we can get 50 signatures it will bring the bill to the floor for an up or down vote.
Thanks to the hard work of persons in our communities this issue has become a state level issue, and it needs our attention.  In west central Ohio we have the best schools in the state.  Increasing parental involvement and keeping the Common Core out will ensure that it stays that way.
Please give me your opinion on this topic and others in the news this month by completing an online survey at

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sarah’s Run Raises Money for Scholarship

The Darke County Foundation awarded the 2014 Sarah Whittaker Memorial Scholarship to Thomas Shaw, 2014 graduate of Greenville High School. From left: Christy Prakel (president of the Darke County Foundation) Allen Whittaker (Sarah’s father),Thomas Shaw, Darlene Grubb (Thomas’ mother) and Greg Grubb (Thomas’ stepfather).

The 7th annual Sarah’s Poker Run in Greenville on June 13 and 14 raised nearly $7,000 for the Sarah Whittaker Memorial Scholarship Fund, administered by the Darke County Foundation (formerly named the HOPE Foundation). The event kicked off on Friday with a dinner and dance featuring the local band Classified at Paws Bingo Hall. On Saturday, over 200 motorcyclists participated in a Poker Run, followed by dinner, an auction, and door prizes. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the fourth annual scholarship in memory of Sarah, daughter of Allen and Karen Whittaker of the Greenville area. Sarah died in 2008 at the age of 17.

Winner of the scholarship was Thomas Shaw, 2014 graduate of Greenville High School. The award is worth approximately $2,500. Shaw’s leadership in FFA and 4-H contributed to his winning the award. Sarah was a member of the Darke County 4-H Beef Club, and the Whittakers are strong advocates of 4-H and FFA, and the values they instill in young people. Shaw is a state FFA officer, state degree recipient, 10-year 4-H member, Jr. Fairboard President, 2013 Outstanding 4-H Boy in Darke County, and national 4-H conference attendee. Shaw also is a farm broadcaster on WTGR radio.

Shaw plans to attend Wilmington College and major in Agriculture Education and Agriculture Communication.

WTGR's Community Ties - Darke County Special Olympics - June 25, 2014

Photo from Darke County Special Olympics' Facebook Page
Today's Community Ties on WTGR featured several folks from the Darke County Special Olympics, including Director Cindy Rose with athletes Devin Billenstein, Nick Meade, and Derrick Hemmelgarn who recently represented Ohio in the USA National Games for softball, helping lead Team Ohio to a Gold Medal!

Listen to them discuss their journey that saw them travel to New Jersey to compete, make a ton of friends and a ton of memories.

Congratulations, guys!

You can learn more about the Darke County Special Olympics on Facebook and on their homepage.

Help Wanted at Local Business

Local small business looking for full-time Front Desk Receptionist.

Must have the ability to handle assignments simultaneously and meet deadlines in a fast-paced and complex environment. Job duties include answering phone calls, greet and assist visitors, file and database maintenance and advertising. Must be extremely detail-oriented, reliable, discreet, and have a professional and courteous phone demeanor. Proficient computer skills necessary.

Please send all resumes to:
Help Wanted Ad 
PO Box 202 
Greenville, OH 45331

Daffy Derby and Duck N’ Run Winners Announced

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Shelby and Darke County held their annual Daffy Duck Derby and 5K on Thursday, June 19th, 2014 in Tawawa Park in Sidney.

Exactly 3000 rubber ducks, which were “adopted” by community members and local corporate sponsors, were drawn out of a ticket barrel this year due to the high waters in the nearby mosquito creek. The event sponsors included Hits 105.5, The Andersons Ethanol LLC, Koenig Equipment Inc., Dave Russell, CPA, LLC, Sidney Body Carstar, Wal-Mart, J & J Enterprises, Trupointe Cooperative, Shelby County, Cassano’s, J. Robert Schweitzer Insurance, Teaford’s Pizza & Subs, Double M Diner, Suttons, Cratiques, Bears Mills, Second National Bank, Sterling House, Dayton Dragons, Kroger’s, The Bridge Restaurant, Cleveland Metro parks, Gillespie Construction, Mad River Mountain, Picture Perfect Studios, Cincinnati Zoo, Ron & Nita’s, and KitchenAid.

Overall 13 prizes were awarded for the Duck Derby. The grand prize winner for the duck race was Pat Bryant ¬¬¬of Troy. Pat won a $1,000 shopping spree.

Other prize winners include Pat Bryant of Troy who won 2 3-Day Passes to Country Concert compliments of Meyer Garage & Drive Thru and 1 Free Pizza compliments of Cassano’s. Donna Weidner, of Sidney, took home 2 single day park passes compliments of Kings Island, $25 Darden restaurant Gift Card and $50.00 spending cash compliments of Bob Schweitzer Insurance. Emily Borchers, of Russia won an All around Darke County Package that included $15 Gift Certificate to Teaord’s Pizza & Subs, $10 Gift Certificate to Double M Diner, $25 Gift Certificate to Sutton’s, $25 Gift Certificate to Cratiques, and a $25 Gift Certificate to Bears Mill. Gregory & Delores Cook of Sidney will enjoy the Family Fun Package! 2 lawn chairs compliments of Second National Bank, Gift Basket of Goodies compliments of Sterling House, and four Dayton Dragons tickets. Jake Cook, of Greenville won a $100 Kroger Gift Card and Kathy Amos of Sidney won the All around Town Package! This includes a $25 Gift Certificate to The Bridge restaurant and $50 Kroger Gift Card. Four admission tickets to Cleveland Metro parks Zoo and a $75 Wal Mart gift card goes to Alvetro Orthodontics in Sidney. Polly Pinto of Sidney was the lucky winner of two all-ages 3-hour tubing tickets to Avalanche Tubing Park compliments of mad River Mountain and a $25 gift card to Applebee’s. Ty Stekeleather, employee of The Andersons Ethanol LLC was the lucky winner of $20 gift card to Scene 75, $25 Darden Restaurant gift card, & $50 from Bob Schweitzer Insurance. Northtowne Sunoco, Inc., of Fort Loramie won 10th place prize which includes $75 gift card compliments of Picture Perfect Studios and a $50 Kroger gift card. Four Cincinnati Reds Tickets, 2 Cincinnati Zoo tickets, and $50 Darden Restaurants gift card went to Brittney Davidson of Greenville. The final prize was given to Bill McLain of Sidney who won gift package compliments of KitchenAid and $25 Applebee’s gift card.

Edison Announces Spring 2014 Dean’s List

Edison Community College recognizes 518 students for excellence in academics on the 2014 Spring Semester Dean’s List. To be eligible for the Dean’s List, a student must have at least a 3.5 grade point average and carry a minimum of 12 hours for the semester.

Listed in Alphabetical Order by City and Last Name

Anna: Corey Abbott, Krista Blankenship, Cynthia Ellenwood, Allison Harris, Shannon Howell, Craig Hoying, James Liess, Alexander Mikhalkevich, Mandy Ricks, Chris Schroer, Kristen Smith, Paige Stephens, Laura Williamson Ansonia: Amanda Jones, Janette Jones, Adam Klipstine, Samantha Shook, Stacy Smith, Dustin Swiger Arcanum: Katherine Besecker, Anne Bradfield, Victoria Brehm, Evan Diemler, Krystal Falknor, Sarah Greene, Alexis Hartzell, Julie Hicks, Logan Hundley, Kara Lucas, Hannah McCartney, Madison Myers, Hudson Rich, Casey Schellhaas, Trevor Shelley, Tammy Short, Angelitta Via Bellefontaine: Elisabeth Hill, Brooke Richard Botkins: Christine Johnson, Rachel Keller, Gabrial Lawrence, Logan Pitts, Tayler Weatherhead, Corinne Woodruff, Gavrielle Woodruff Bradford: Jane Bloom, Erin Cress, Shirley Elifritz, Karla Garber, Tracy Hoelscher, Clint Nealeigh, Christian Rolle, Courtney Rose, Nathaniel Rose Casstown: Tyler Hall Celina: Mindy Puthoff, Theodore Williams Chickasaw: Allison Rosenbeck Christiansburg: Joseph Kingery Coldwater: Corey Bruggeman, Stacy Schwieterman Covington: Katelyn Adams, Anthony Alexander, Franca Fosnight, Jared Hagan, Allison Ingle, Sharon Jones, Madison Keiser, Nicole Lama, Megan Lange, Daniel Markley, Hannah Pritchard, Sarah Ray, Jessica Shilt, Jaclyn Siefring, Halie Winn, Aaron Zuhl Dayton: Jennifer Bristol, Patricia May De Graff: Kathryn Beatty, Jessica Jenkins, Megan McGowen, Brad Stafford, Leann Stallard Delphos: Jessica Pohlman Eldorado: Haley Donahue Fletcher: Wendy Thobe, Renee Woodward Fort Loramie: Ashton Boerger, Rachel Bollheimer, Janelle Brandewie, Kelly Brandewie, Madelyn Geise, Heather Grillot, Caleb Hoelscher, Tara Luebke, Colleen Poeppelman, Travis Siegel, Taylor Timmerman, Kelly Turner Fort Recovery: Lacey Bechtol, Kendra Brunswick, MacKenzie Dirmeyer, Karla Eichenauer, Makayla Grover, Lauren Rammel, Chelsey Leuthold Greenville: Jenelle Agne, Taylor Amburgey, Savanah Anderson, Mandy Austerman, Jessalyn Besecker, Calen Bruner, Miranda Coats, Courtney Condy, Carrie Cook, Lindy Cummings, Natalie Esarey, Heather Fornshil, Ashley Freeman, Timmy Cecil Garland, Morgan Garrett, Bobby Gilbert, Anne Hemer, Kendall Hemer, Christina Hoskins, Carmen Ithier, Bryce Jenkinson, Michelle Kerns, Jenna King, Kalista King, Meaghan Kutter, Jalena LeMaster, Karlee Lennen, Jody Lockhart, Haleigh Luce, Eva Maloney, Brandi Manning, Samantha Marion, Edward Mayo, Jennifer Mayo, Randy Mayo, Arthur McRill, Chloe Menning, Maegan O'Connor, Zachary Perry, Allison Phillippi, Shelby Price, Michelle Robinson, Carrie Roessner, Allyce Russell, Madison Schlamb, Brant Shiverdecker, Benjamin Smith, Shanelle Smith, Dalene Stump, Krista Vanderhorst, Joanne Williams, Olivia Wysong, William Zink Hilliard: Laura Hamilton Hollansburg: Courtney Osborne Houston: Drake Cassel, Nick Colby, Devon Jester, Jordan Kremer, Amber Meyer, Samantha Slover, Andrew Toller Huber Heights: Michael Claude, Lindsay Francis Hunstville: Mikaela Oyer Jackson Center: Elizabeth Sailer, Violet Stokes Laura: Grant Brown, Brian Robison, Carson Sanders, Jeffery Sowers, Jami Swabb Lewisburg: Taylor Filbrun Lewistown: Rachel Freeman, Brian Jacobs, Tabatha Jacobs Ludlow Falls: Karrie Powers, Katlyn Wintrow Maplewood: Hannah Gold, Andrew Long Maria Stein: Brook Albers, Alex Barhorst, Joseph Bragg, Jessica Bruns, Kevin Bruns, Monica Hemmelgarn, Kristina Price Mechanicsburg: Jeremy Blanton, Victoria Purk Miamisburg: Adam Bryant, Susan Stahl Minster: Regan Hahn, Christopher Hollenbacher, Courtney Kuether, Chelsea Stewart, Alex Winner New Bremen: Aaron Clune, Tarynn Clune, Victoria Wente New Carlisle: Naomi Leak New Knoxville: Ruby Hovey New Madison: Heather Ferris, Rachel Ferris, Alisha Hollinger, Brittany Martin, Jacob Metzcar, Raya Mikesell, Justin Royer New Paris: Ecko Brown, Katie Hollingsworth New Weston: Mikaela Buschur North Star: Kaitlin Bechtol Piqua: Gerald Aguilar, Laura Arnold, Brianna Beeman, Adam Berkemeier, Ethan Berkemeier, Sean Christian, Michelle Clark, Jessica Cooper, Lindsay Croft, Nicholas Davidson, Jeremy Earl, Sarah Evans, Jennifer Fazio, Tonya Forror, Ashley Glenn, Hannah Goodwin, Jeffrey Grote, Kendall Grunkemeyer, Jeffery Hager, Victoria Henderson, Tyler Hill, Randy Howard, Kerrie Josefovsky, Christina Keller, Kristie Lawrence, Devin Magoteaux, Emily Mikolajewski, Christa Millet, Rita Musser, Michelle Parshall, Lisa Philipps, Thomas Reister, Barry Rhoades, Lori Romie, Kenneth Rubin, Abagale Seipel, Katelynn Sherman, Tammy Sherman, Emily Smith, Joseph Stanley, Chelsea Thompson, Courtney Thorn, Richard Valerio, Lex Weaver, Natasha Wheelock, Jacquelyn Wiles, Joseph Yager Pitsburg: Sheila Crossley, Colin Roberts, Aleesia Walker Pleasant Hill: Winnona Myers Punta Gorda, FL: Torree Myers Quincy: Aubrey Courter, Ann Frieders Rossburg: Michelle Stutz, Kennedy Zumbrink Russia: Trevor Albers, Adam Borchers, Emily Borchers, Trevor Casto, Bryce Cordonnier, Nolan Francis, Emilie Frazier, Austin Gariety, Jordan Gariety, Justin Gariety, Adam Hoying, Kelsey Koverman, Ryan Magoto, Constance Millhouse, Claudia Monnin, Hannah Sherman, Alexandra Thobe, Lauren Triplett, Kirstin Voisard Sidney: Katie Adams, Logan Adams, Tabitha Bales, Michele Barga, Rebekka Bensman, Karena Berning, Taylor Block, Lauren Boyd, Kage Brubaker, Ned Burden, Logan Calvert, Marc Cantrell, Jordan Clay, Zachary Cole, Dallas Crossland, Johnathon Curtis, Bonnie Davis, Christina Edwards, Austin Elmore, Frank EnYart, Benjamin Ernst, Andrew Gariety, Kristen Gates, Max Gilson, Anna Goins, Molly Graver, Jeremy Hamilton, Elliott Harrod, James Harter, Ian Harvey, Merricle Herzog, MacKenzie Homan, Sierra Hudgins, Emily Ivey, Sasha Jones, Kaitlyn Kerrigan, Rheanna Kies, Elizabeth Knoop, Isaac Langenkamp, Katelyn Larger, Nicholas Lauth, Amy Layton, Nicholas Lewellen, Niki Linniman, Bryan Lloyd, Nicole Maier, Jacob Marvin, Kimberly Mikusa, Ruby-Tuesday Morrison, Samantha Newman, Emily Ocke, Michael Omlor, Jordan Richardson, Jeffrey Richmond, Cathryn Roberts, Abbie Roe, Trisha Schulze, Michelle Shaw, Rachel Slater, Sierra Smith, Virginia Smith, Lauren Spaugy, Randall Spradlin, Carly St. Myers, Ryan Stallings, Andrea Steenrod, Sarah Steenrod, Tyler Steinke, Holli Thornton, Christy Trisler, Dezare Vanhook, Trisha Vanhook, Kelli Ward, Kasey Watercutter, Sophie White, Alexander Willman, Madison Young Springfield: Kyle Matt Saint Henry: Ryan Buschur, Christopher Hess, Jeffrey Paul Saint Paris: Lindsey Byers, Shannan Byers, Susan Chamberlain, Joshua Ferguson, Elizabeth Johnson, Salli Lacy, Zachary McKellop, Brent Myers, Jessica Ozimek, Daniel Prizznick, Tia Rittenhouse, Ashley Shadoan, Cheyenne Weatherhead Saint Marys: Megan Duncan Tipp City: Chelsea Adams, Claudia Barhorst, Arin Brown, Stefanie Derringer, Grant Douglas, Nicholas Fischer, Nicklaus Hudson, Grace Kueterman, Gregory Lee, Melissa Little, Patrick McElhose, Lindsey Murray, Timothy Perry, Emily Quinn, Coletta Seeman, Doris Teegarden-Grable, Shelby Timmer, Jonathan Woodward Trotwood: Lauren Hoyt, Seante Turner Troy: MacKenzie Armstrong, Timothy Arnold, Emma Batdorf, Edward Bierly, Lindsay Blankenship, Madelyn Bollinger, Sarah Bombin, Zachary Bosse, Evan Bowling, Abby Brinkman, Barbara Carr, Brett Ceyler, Deann Clayton, Erianna Covington, Antoinette Crabtree, Braden Dellinger, Leslie Feitshans, Kassandra Fernandez, Allen Furrow, Bruce Gale, Blake Guillozet, Billy Harris, Chelsea Harris, Nicholas Harris, Brock Heath, Debra Hines, Taylor Howell, James Hudson, MacEy Jamison, Nicholas Kleptz, Jessica Lambert, Andrew Larck, Katherine Lee, Kassandra Lehman, Richard Leibold, Savannah Light, Jeremy Littlejohn, Angela Mack, India Myers, Christina Newland, Jacob O'Toole, Parth Patel, Brian Pennington, Marella Rich, Kelly Rindler, Keith Skaggs, Samantha Skidmore, Priscilla Smith, Stephani Stewart, John Stiltner, Kaleb Tittle, Jeff Tudor, Taryn Vest, Joann Wagner, Rebecca Walter, Emily Wasouf, Michaela Welbaum, Taylor Welch, Gideon Winter, Eric Wright, Rachel Zelnick Union City: Mariah Green, Madison Livingston, Logan Nelson, Chelsea Skidmore, Quincy Warren Urbana: Amy Atterholt, Tyler Terry Vandalia: Taylor Baughman, Bethany Cooper, Lindsay Cornelius, Tina Glasmeier, Nicholas Wise Versailles: Jadyn Barga, Bridget Berger, Eric Bernholt, Taylor Brandt, Joshua Bulcher, Timothy Cline, Ashley Cochran, Abigail Didier, Lindsey Didier, Katelyn Goettemoeller, Brenda Hale, Emily Harman, Shelby Hyre, Elizabeth Knapke, Faith Mangen, Rachel Osterloh, Christa Puthoff, Dustin Ruhe, Grant Toops, Maria Weaver West Liberty: Kyle Cox West Manchester: Brandi ShepardWapakoneta: Anthony Klopfenstein West Milton: Courtney Wion, MacKenzie Cook, Brian Lakin, Lia Ratliff, Jessica Sanderson, William Sims, Steven Smith, Charity Wagoner Yorkshire: Alyssa Barlage, Jacquelin Eschbach, Janelle Mangen, Kara Mowen.

Cancer Association of Darke County Support Group Canceled for July

The monthly cancer support group decided not to meet in July due to the holiday. The group will meet again in August to discuss the future of the group. We need your input on what you would like to see as support from the cancer association. Plan now to come and share your ideas with the group on August 7 at 7 p.m. at Wayne Health Care in the Board Room (on the first floor down past the lab.) Refreshments will be served.

If you would like to be a volunteer or volunteer driver for the association, please call (548-9960) or email ( Christine and let her know.

Don’t forget the BBQ fundraiser for July 12. Chicken or pork chop dinners are available by order for $7.00 each. They can be picked up at Greenville City Park on the 12th from 11-1 p.m. at Shelter 3. However, you will need to order before July 4. Please call the office for details at 548-9960.

The organization partners with United Way and is not affiliated with the American Cancer Society.

The 2014 corporate sponsors of the association at this time are Wayne Builders, St. Henry Tile Co., Berne Ready Mix, American legion Post 140, Second National Bank, Women of the Moose 102, Leis Realty, Shrader’s Inc., Williamson Insurance, LLC, Greenville Moose Lodge 329, American Legion Auxiliary Post 140, Johnston Chiropractic Clinic, Greenville Memorial Auxiliary, Fraternal Order of Eagles~ Ladies Aux. 2177, Diane Evans, Insurance and Kiwanis Club of New Madison

If you have questions, feel free to call the office and speak with Christine Lynn, Director at 937-548-9960.

Gather Round Auction Donations

Seeking kind folks to donate pieces to The Gather Round Auction House at The Gathering at Garst which will happen the last weekend in July.

Don’t have a place for Great Auntie Mabel’s trunk? Can’t bear to store Uncle Lester’s tandem bicycle for another summer? Donate it! Graciously accepted are the grand, dusty, vintage, or primitive. Furniture, textiles, Darke County memorabilia, garden ornaments, hand-made lovelies, and more! Donated pieces will be auctioned at The Gather Round Auction House at The Gathering at Garst on July 27, 2014.

Small-medium sized items can be dropped off at the Lowell Thomas House on either of our 2 drop-off days: June 28th and July 5th from 11:00-1:00.

For large pieces, like furniture, please send a description and/or photograph of the piece to:

  • Katie Gabbard at 517 South Broadway in Greenville, Ohio 45331.

The drop-off date for these pieces will be July 25th from 12:00-4:00 .

Have Questions? Telephone Katie Gabbard at 937.548.8759

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rep. Richard Adams Announces Capital Budget Bill Appropriations for Local Communities

State Representative Richard Adams (R-Troy) today announced that funding for Capital Projects for House District 80 will be available starting July 1. Ohio’s Capital Budget Bill, House Bill 497, was signed into law by Governor Kasich on April 1. House Bill 497 was the outcome of continuous collaboration between the House and Senate that passed with strong bipartisan support. This legislation allocates money for local investment to improve neighborhoods and communities across the state.
$500,000 in state funding from the Capital Budget has been allocated to projects in Miami and Darke Counties. The Bradford Rail Museum and The Gettysburg Cardinal Center have received funding for renovations and will be supervised under the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission. The Bradford Rail Museum, located in Miami County, was allocated $275,000 to add a children’s interactive learning center and to repair a moisture issue. The Gettysburg Cardinal Center, in Darke County, will offer educational and athletic programs, community events and entrepreneurial activities in a currently unused school building with the help of $75,000 provided in HB 497.
The Treasure Island River Corridor located in Miami County will make improvements with a $150,000 appropriation. This project, with the assistance of the Department of Natural Resources, seeks to revitalize and make improvements to the corridor in an effort to encourage economic benefits and promote environmental awareness.
Nearly $1.3 million provided by House Bill 497 has also been distributed to Edison Community College to enhance its facilities.  The funding will allow for an electronic lock system and security camera additions, as well as HVAC, parking lot, and roof repairs. These projects are outstanding investments that will greatly enhance the campus for the benefit of current and future students as well as the surrounding community.
“This capital budget represents the collaborative efforts of state and local officials,” said Representative Adams. “It shows the state’s commitment to local investment and reinforces the importance of amenities and infrastructure that local communities have on economic development. I’m pleased to announce the funding to our local projects and excited to see the impact these will have on the future of our communities.”

Richard and Marilyn Rinehart to Host "Coffee and Conversation" at the Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society

Richard and Marilyn Rinehart will be the guest hosts and lead the conversation June 28th. for the second of the series "Coffee and Conversation" at the Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society at 10 a.m.

Richard started school in West Manchester then went on to Butler School where he and Marilyn finished elementary school. Marilyn graduated from New Madison while Richard graduated from Arcanum. They have many friends in both communities and have many stories to share about each community.

They both have many interest and each have collections which help tell the history of how life was way back when. A couple pieces of graniteware from Richard's collection will be on the refreshment table.

Richard is a natural story teller. With Richard one story leads to another. Marilyn and Richard are anxious to hear your stories as well.. Come join Marilyn and Richard for a cup of coffee and sweets, sit back, relax and share memories.

Leading the conversation July 12 will be Tom and Liz Stephens followed by Marilyn Graeff on Aug. 9.

Join us at the historical society, 123 W. George St. to "remember when..."

Local Emergency Responders Attend IU LifeLine Training

On June 12th the departments of Tri-Village Rescue and New Madison Volunteer Fire Department as well Liberty Township Fire Department met at the Tri-Village Rescue Services station for a joint training with IU LifeLine out of Richmond IN. IU LifeLine had placed an ECI145 helicopter at the Richmond Airport in April of this year. IU LifeLine is one of the few Hospital owned and operated helicopter programs in the nation.

The training was held on the helipad located at Tri-Village Rescue, the crew of Carey Domres, Pilot Taylor Moore, RN and Jamie Swoboda, Paramedic worked with the first responders on loading the aircraft both running and shut down as the IU Aircraft is a rear load aircraft which is different from the aircrafts normally used in Darke County.

The crew explained that they carry 4 units of O- blood on all flights as well as Istat blood analyzers to do blood work while in flight on all missions.

Eric Burns, Chief of EMS for Tri-Village Rescue stated. “We have used CareFlight out of Dayton for the last 25 years and they have served our communities and the patients that they transported with exceptional care, but it is wonderful to have an aircraft that is only 12 to 15 minutes away. We were concerned when we were approached about the service coming out of Richmond transporting our patients to Indianapolis, but we were assured they will transport the critically injured or ill to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton unless the patient request to go to another appropriate hospital such as Kettering, Indianapolis or Cincinnati.

Tri-Village Rescue will still utilize Careflight out of Dayton when IU is out on another flight. It only makes since to use the closest aircraft to our area to get our patients to a level 1 Trauma Center as quickly as possible, IU LifeLine is the closest to our district and can be anywhere in the Tri-Village Area in 12 to 15 minutes. Darke County residents are very fortunate to have two outstanding services available to them in their time of need.

The Darke County Historical Society Announces the Dr. Harry G. Thomas Medical Scholarship Program for 2014

The Darke County Historical Society is pleased to announce that funds will be available from the Harry G. Thomas Medical Scholarship Program for the 2014-2015 academic year.

The H.G. Thomas Medical Scholarship program, administered by the Darke County Historical Society, was established and funded in 1971 by Lowell Thomas and his sister Pherbia Thomas Thornburg, in memory of their father Dr Harry G. Thomas. The program was later supplemented by a bequest from Lowell Thomas’s will, with the interest generated by the fund being used to offer scholarships.

Dr. Thomas received a degree from the University of Cincinnati Medical School, practiced in Iowa & Colorado, and served during WWI in British hospitals, leaving the war as a Colonel in General Pershing’s army. Dr. Thomas died in 1952 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Both he and his wife, Harriet Wagner, were descendants of Darke County pioneers.

Eligibility for the Harry G. Thomas Medical Scholarship requires the applicant to be a resident of Darke County and a graduate of a Darke County high school. Applicants must have been accepted into a medical school, complete an application, and furnish transcripts and letters of recommendation. Students may be considered for scholarship awards for up to four years during medical school, but must re-submit a letter of interest each year. The application deadline is September 15th each year.

For information concerning the scholarship program or for an application, please contact Dr. Clay Johnson at Garst Museum, 205 N Broadway, Greenville, OH 45331, 937-548-5250, or

Experience a Giving Dinner Raises $2,168

Pictured are Gloria Keller-Brinley of KAE, John Wright raffle winner, and Lauren Henry of UW.
Whirlpool Corporation, KitchenAid® Experience, and Darke County United Way teamed up to offer “Experience a Giving Dinner” on Friday, June 6th at First Friday in Downtown Greenville. Homemade taco salads with cilantro ranch dressing and gourmet club wraps with a sweet and sour sauce were part of the menu.

Over 200 were served during this charity dinner raising $2,168. Whirlpool Corporation and KitchenAid® Experience ran this wonderful fundraiser to benefit the Darke County United Way and support its 27 non-profit programs in the community to strengthen education, health and income stability. Last year, these programs served over 24,000 Darke County residents.

Whirlpool Corporation and KitchenAid® Experience have been loyal supporters of the United Way for many years, and their support alone makes up a third of the county campaign. Those enjoying a meal also had the opportunity to register to win a KitchenAid® Soda Stream. Congratulations to John Wright for winning the brand new product the KitchenAid® Soda Stream. “On behalf of the Darke County United Way board and staff, we want to thank Whirlpool Corporation and KitchenAid® Experience for their generous support and offering Experience a Giving Dinner for the community in order to help so many in need in our community.

We want to extend a sincere thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers at KitchenAid® Experience and Whirlpool Corporation,” states Lauren Henry, Executive Director at United Way. “Darke County United Way is honored to have Whirlpool and KitchenAid® Experience in our community. If you are in Downtown Greenville, please visit the KitchenAid® Experience for all of your cooking needs.

We would also like to thank Main Street Greenville, Darke County Visitors Bureau, Eikenberry’s, Krogers, Main Street Market, Miami Valley Vending Services, Morningfresh, Wal-Mart, Whirlpool Corporation & KitchenAid® Experience, Winner’s Meat Farm, McDonalds, Hot Head Burrito & Sanco for donating marketing, supplies and food for this event. The Darke County United Way, Whirlpool Corporation, and KitchenAid® Experience was very excited to have these companies as partners for us during this dinner, and we want to recognize them for their generous support of our community.”


The Greenville Business & Professional Women’s Club held their monthly meeting on Thursday, June 12, 2014 at Double M Diner in Downtown Greenville, OH. The 2013-2014 officers hosted the meeting. The officers recently elected were Deb Smith as President, Brenda Miller as Vice President, Jane Carroll as Secretary, Dorothy Poeppelman as Treasurer, and Susan Fowble as Assistant Treasurer.

President Deb Smith introduced entrepreneur Jesse Berry owner of Blue Lantern Tea. Blue Lantern Tea is a family owned and operated business located in downtown Greenville. Berry and his wife Kim have over 15 years of experience and have traveled to China and other parts of the world educating themselves on the tea culture. Chinese culture celebrates many occasions with a ceremony of brewing/serving tea. Jesse demonstrated the Chinese ceremony by brewing the tea ‘One Bush Phoenix Bird’ for the ladies in attendance. This is an Oolong tea. Jesse informed the Club that tea is full of antioxidants which are powerful disease fighting, bacteria fighting cell regenerating compounds. Antioxidants in tea are also found proven to lower cholesterol and combat heart disease. Jesse has self taught himself on the traditions of making tea. He has done extensive reading, had informal training in China and also has taken private lessons. They have a huge Tea selection and offer a variety of Tea services. For more information on Blue Lantern Tea check their website at

The Greenville BPW Club’s mission is to achieve equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy, education, and information. The Club meets the second Thursday of every month for a dinner meeting. Those interested in learning more about the Club can contact Membership Chair Gail Snyder at 937/423-4854 or

Help Wanted at BRC

WHIO: Greenville's Fountain Got Soaped Again


The Darke County Sheriff’s Office wishes to inform citizens that U.S. Route 127 in the Village of Castine is closed due to a construction project that is expected to take approximately 90 days. Road Closed signs have been erected and are clearly established at the north and south Village limits. U.S. Route 127 is considered closed in the Village of Castine. The only vehicles permitted to travel are those that live in the Village or have legitimate business there; all other through traffic is prohibited. Detour signs have been placed at State Route 503 to the north and U.S. Route 40 to the south. The recommended detour is U.S. Route 40 east of U.S. Route 127 and State Route 503. Truck traffic is not permitted on the county and township roads north and south of Castine due to the fact that they can not accommodate large semis and commercial trucks at the rural intersections.

Since the closure began last week the Darke County Sheriff’s Office has responded to several semi trucks on Davidson Road that have slipped off the roadway and nearly tipped over. Deputies have been tied up for hours while the commercial trucks had to be assisted by large tow trucks back on to the roads. The Sheriff’s Office has also received complaints from citizens in the Village of Castine that non local traffic and commercial trucks have been moving the barricades and travelling through the construction zone despite the closure. The non essential traffic causes disruption to the construction project and delays progress in the work. It is also an unnecessary safety hazard to construction workers in the work zone.

It is a violation of Ohio traffic laws to travel on closed roadways, disobey traffic signs or traffic control devices. As a result of these ongoing issues Darke County Deputies will be enforcing these laws. Traffic citations will be issued to any unauthorized vehicles traveling on closed roads in the Castine area until this project is completed.

The Sheriff and the Village of Castine appreciate the motoring public’s patience as this project progresses.

Fort GreeneVille DAR to Host Flag Raising on July 1st

Monday, June 23, 2014

WTGR's Community Ties - Darke County Commissioners - June 20, 2014

On Friday, the Darke County Commissioners (Mike Rhoades, Diane Delaplane, and Mike Stegall) stopped by The Tiger and spoke with Scott Ward. They discuss many topics, including the local economy/economic development, the rebuilding of the cow barns, and the Annie Oakley Festival.

You can stay in touch with the county government by Liking them on Facebook and Following them on Twitter.

Mosquito Spraying in City of Greenville



"Ohio’s Report Card Kasich’s Role in Improving Education" - A Guest Post from Collin R. Claywell

Guest posts are welcome and encouraged. If you have something to say and are able to do it in a respectful, reasonable way, send your piece to The contents of guest posts do not necessarily reflect the opinions of

Submitted by Collin R. Claywell, a volunteer campaign contributor to the Kasich-Taylor for Ohio campaign.

At a time when most U.S. schools are experiencing extreme difficulties in keeping up with the world and on the honor roll, Ohio is finding no trouble at all in staying on the right track. Since 2011 when Governor Kasich came into office, he has worked tirelessly in cooperation with the Ohio Board of Education and many schools throughout the state in improving our system and getting our kids back into the classroom.

The most recent triumph in our state’s education system, however, is the praise we recently received from the national Education Commission of the States. This state, our State of Ohio, was the ONLY state singled out by the commission for its EXCELLENT ratings by parents, educators, researchers and reviewers! What tied in most to this rating were the five indicators of student achievement, student academic growth, achievement gap closure (when one group may outperform another and the difference in average scores of each group), graduation rates, and post-secondary and career readiness! Students now are more ready to further their education, take on a job and know what the world has to offer them throughout their lifetime.

We are also pleased to see that school districts alongside the State Board of Education are working together to provide an easier to read and understand system of reporting. Since 2013, the State Board has used an A-F grading system for up to nine performance areas. Such a system gives parents, educators and the students themselves more insight into progress being made in up to nine key performance areas, ranging from athletics to academics. Ohio Department of Education spokesman, John Charlton, has mentioned how much more comprehensive the report actually is, and stated that “the real winners are the students in Ohio.”

With Kasich in Columbus and a true motivation in reforming education standards, we can continue improving our schools and bettering our children’s futures. We need to keep students in the classrooms, and through an active State Board of Education, a committed leader in Kasich, and a state government dedicated to raising the bar and motivating students to go above and beyond, the futures of our youth are looking better and brighter than ever before! Look out world, here they come!

Works Cited

  • Kelley, Jeremy P. "Education Group Lauds Ohio Report Card." Homepage. Dayton Daily News, 28 May 2014. Web. 5 June 2014.
  • "Ohio's Education Reforms Winning National Praise." John Kasich for Ohio. John Kasich for Ohio, 30 May 2014. Web. 4 June 2014.

Breast Cancer Awareness 5K Run/Walk

The time has come to celebrate and remember breast cancer survivors and individuals who have succumbed to the disease. The Greenville Breast Cancer Awareness Committee is proud to announce the upcoming 5K Run/Walk, which is part of the Wayne HealthCare Challenge. The event will take place on Saturday, July 26, 2014 at the Annie Oakley statue in downtown Greenville. Registration will begin at 6:30 a.m. and the race will start at 8:30 a.m.

The purpose of this race is to keep memories of loved ones and friends alive through the gift of raising public awareness of breast cancer support, and prevention while living a healthy life.

This inspiring event is a great opportunity to honor those who have bravely fought breast cancer. The race proceeds are returned to individuals in the Darke County community who need mammogram screenings, wigs, prosthesis and other supplies to help aid in their treatment and care.

In 2013, the annual Breast Cancer 5K event raised more than $15,000. With your participation and support, we hope to exceed the goal from the previous year.

Race registration forms must be received by July 13th to guarantee a custom tech-shirt. Pre-registration is $25 and race day registration is $30. Children who participate in the Children’s Fun Walk will receive an award for their participation.

To register or find more information, visit or call Sherry Smith at (937) 547-2807. You are welcome to drop off your completed registration form at Dave Knapp Ford at 500 Wagner Avenue or mail to the attention of BCA5K, PO Box 56, Greenville, Ohio 45331.


DCCA BBQ and Blues sponsors Matt & Angie Arnold and George & Becky Luce; and Dr. Robert & Jean McLear and Tom & Jennifer Bish, with DCCA Executive Director Andrea Jordan, not pictured sponsors Wayne & Sharon Deschambeau. The DCCA fundraiser is Friday, July 11 at Turtle Creek Golf Course.

Darke County Center for the Arts recognizes local couples for their sponsorship of the annual Barbecue and Blues fundraiser. This year’s event is sponsored by Matt & Angie Arnold, Tom & Jennifer Bish, Wayne & Sharon Deschambeau, George & Becky Luce and Dr. Robert & Jean McLear and will take place at Turtle Creek Golf Course, 6545 St. Rt. 36 E., Greenville, Ohio, on Friday, July 11 at 6:30 PM; this outdoor event is casual with great food, drinks, and music!

“DCCA is fortunate to be part of a community where individuals help make Darke County a great place to live,” DCCA’s Executive Director Andrea Jordan stated. The sponsorships will cover the cost of the entertainment allowing the ticket monies generated from Barbecue and Blues to help offset the costs of presenting high quality performing artists throughout DCCA’s upcoming 2014-2015 season. “Local support of fundraising events is greatly appreciated and enables DCCA to continue encouraging cultural enrichment in Darke County and to offer opportunities for learning and growing through the arts,” concluded Jordan.

Erwin Brothers will be providing the stage for the evening and Turtle Creek will have BBQ and drinks for purchase. As well as providing a perfect setting for an enjoyable outdoor concert, featuring music by Cincinnati-based Rhythm Jones a “swamp water rock/funk/R & B-based blues band made up of musicians from all over the country and all over the musical map,” shared Keith Rawlins, DCCA Artistic Director. The band includes keyboardist Bob Nave, who earned a gold record in 1968 as a member of the Lemon Pipers when their hit “Green Tambourine” surpassed a million in sales. Other members of Rhythm Jones are Eric Oseas on guitar and back-up vocals, Steven Fitzpatrick on vocals and guitar, singer Rachel Sontag, Reed Bogart on bass, and drummer/vocalist Ray Fernandez. The music begins at 6:30 p.m. with local musicians Aaron Frohna and David Warner performing their version of rock favorites.

In case of inclement weather, Barbecue and Blues will move into Turtle Creek's comfortable clubhouse. Although tickets will be available at the gate, DCCA strongly recommends purchasing tickets in advance. Tickets can be reserved by contacting DCCA at 937-547-0908 or or ordered online at Tickets may also be purchased at Readmore's Hallmark in downtown Greenville, and at the Greenville public Library as well as at Turtle Creek Golf Course, 6545 U.S. Route 36 East, Greenville.

Please Join us on Monday, June 30th for “Last Mondays”

The Versailles Museum is excited about our newest activity held the last Monday of each month at 1:00 p.m. These gatherings are designed for our more “senior” friends who will enjoy various activities from old pictures to identification, to Village Trivia, to the occasional guest speaker. A great time of fellowship is guaranteed.

Do you remember gardening when you were a child? Do you still get excited about the first goodies to pop up (other than weeds) in your garden? Can you hardly wait for those tomatoes to ripen? If so this month’s program is for you!

We are excited to welcome Erica Wentworth from the Darke County Parks who will be our guest talking about gardening past and present. She might even offer you some ideas to use in your garden.

Come join us for all the interesting stories and conversation about your blue ribbon gardens and all the delicious foods you’ve canned over the years! Maybe even some stories about the Victory Gardens planted throughout our communities during the war years.

The afternoon caps off with great desserts and a refreshing punch. What better way to spend your summer afternoon?

If you have ideas for programs we want to hear from you! After all it’s all about what YOU want.

Watch the local papers or our facebook page for additional details.

The museum will be open before and after for touring so bring a friend and join us!

Fort GreeneVille Chapter DAR and the Greenville VFW Ladies Auxiliary Donates to Dayton VA Hospital

Fort GreeneVille Chapter DAR and the Greenville VFW Ladies Auxiliary recently donated over $1000 of baby items, mommy items, clothes and shoes to the Dayton VA Hospital.

Pictured at the VA: Maritha Trass, Women Veterans Program Manager along with DAR and VFW Ladies Auxiliary members Chris Nehring, Mary Jane Dietrich, Gail Snyder, Helen Wright and Susie Brewer.

“Leonardo” at Family Fun Day & A Movie

The Greenville Public Library will host Parents' Choice Award winner “Leonardo” at Family Fun Day on Wednesday June 25th at 11:00 a.m. Leonardo is a family musician and songwriter who entertains, educates and empowers kids of all ages with lots of audience participation, singing and dancing. See

We'll meet on the Library lawn so bring a chair or blanket. In case of rain programs are held in the Church Activity Building on Devor. Keep up with the Library's Children's Department on Facebook! Family Fun Day is sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

The next family movie is “The Iron Giant” scheduled for Saturday June 28th at 1:00 p.m. Come up to the third floor meeting room and enjoy the big-screen TV and free popcorn!

Summer Stargazing

It’s a new moon... and that results in dark skies! Perfect for watching the stars through our telescopes!

The Darke County Parks will be joined by the Stillwater Stargzers on Saturday, June 28th at Shawnee Prairie Preserve (4267 State Route 502 West) as we look to the heavens for chances at Saturn, constellations and more! Join us at 9:00pm to see the set-up and we’ll watch as long as everyone stays awake. Be sure to dress for the weather. Cloudy days will still offer us some activities.

Call the Nature Center for more information on this FREE program, 937.548.0165.

State of the Heart Hospice Specialists And Oswalt Family Funeral Home to Offer Grief Support

State of the Heart Hospice is partnering with Oswalt Family Funeral Home in Winchester to present a series of adult Growing Through Grief sessions. The free meetings will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. in the evening Tuesday, July 8 and continuing each Tuesday evening through August 12. The meetings will be held at the funeral home, 1212 E. 100 South in Winchester.

“We are always looking for ways to partner with other groups in the community,” stated Marlene Black, Bereavement Specialist for State of the Heart. “We are a part of the community and realize the value of cooperative efforts to benefit residents of the community.” Joining Black in hosting the series is Betty Oswalt representing the funeral home. Registration is necessary and may be done by calling 1-800-417-7535

Black pointed out that a person need not have had any association with hospice care nor have any affiliation with the funeral home. “Anyone who is experiencing grief and loss issues is welcome to attend,” Black said. “We frequently hear from those who attend that the sessions are very beneficial. It allows those attending to learn that they are not alone in their grief and it is okay to talk about your loss. Once people realize they are not the only ones grieving, they open up and talk more openly about their feelings.”

With offices in Portland, Greenville and Coldwater, State of the Heart cares for families and patients in eastern Indiana and western Ohio who are confronting a life limiting illness. The non-profit agency has served patients and families for 33 years. For more information about the free sessions please call 1-800-417-7535 and ask to speak to a member of the bereavement staff. Visit the agency web site at

Activities this Week at the Arcanum Public Library

​There are many things going on at the Arcanum Public Library this week! On Monday the 23rd, at noon, older kids can come to construct a robot out of recycled items. Tuesday the 24th, bring the little ones for storytime at 10 or 11. Two movies will be shown Wednesday the 25th. Robots at 10:00 and Batteries Not Included at 2:00. The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery will be at the library at 10:00 on Thursday the 26th. Be sure to call or come in ahead of time to check on seating availability. The library can be reached at 937-692-8484.

More information can be viewed on the website:

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