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Darke County Center for the Arts will present “A Taste of Wine and Jazz XX” on Friday, January 21 at Montage Cafe in downtown Greenville. The wine tasting party, a fundraiser for the local arts organization, will feature food and music in addition to a selection of fine wines.

Music will be provided by Deron Bell and the “Jazz For You” band, a group which has earned a large local following. “These musicians can really play,” said Keith Rawlins, DCCA Artistic Director. “The quality of their musicianship is equalled by their joy in playing, making for a memorably good time as well as memorable music.” The band’s performance is made possible through the sponsorship of Fry & Company CPA’s and Edward Jones Investment representatives Steve Litchfield, Todd Subler, Aaron Ward and Bill Wolke.

“A Taste of Wine and Jazz” provides a casual social setting where attendees can enjoy the music or visit with friends while discovering the differing attributes of a variety of wines. Montage proprietors Aaron and Michelle Cox will prepare an exciting array of hors d’oeuvres to complement the wine selections. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. the event closes with the awarding of door prizes at 8:30 p.m.

Tickets to “A Taste of Wine and Jazz” are $30 each, and are available at Montage and at DCCA’s office inside Greenville Public Library, or can be ordered by contacting DCCA at 937-547-0908 or

Greenville Rotary meeting - 12/28

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Rita McCans, Club President and
Diane Shuff, Public Relations Chairman.

The Greenville Rotary Club met Tuesday, December 28, 2010 at the Chestnut Village Community Center of the Brethren Retirement Community with 14 members and 1 guest in attendance.

Following lunch at Noon, the program was given by club member, Diane Shuff. She presented the recently designed Greenville Rotary Blog at and demonstrated how to maneuver throughout the site. She pointed out some of the feature postings such as Tuesday Trivia, Last Week at Rotary, Thoughts for Thursday, and Club Announcements. She also showed the club the wealth of information that was available on the Calendar of Events, and the many Club Information pages such as the Member Directory, Meeting Minutes, Club Committees, Board of Director Listings, etc. She also announced that beginning in January a section would be added called Members Spotlight, where each month a club member will be highlighted. She encourages members to visit the blog and register so that they can comment on blog postings and received email notifications when new information is added. She also encourages the public to check out the blog to learn more about what the Greenville Rotary Club has to offer.

Anyone interest in becoming a member of the Greenville Rotary Club may contact the Club Secretary, Christy Baker at 937-548-3779 or by email at; or the Club Treasurer, Diane Shuff at 937-548-6181 or by email at

A Flood at the Cincinnati Northern Railroad Station (1913)

From the photo archive of D. Brown

What was the biggest news story in 2010?

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thank you Commissioner Haworth

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A reception was held today for retiring Darke County Commissioner Terry Haworth. Terry leaves the commissioners office after 5 terms and 20 years of service.

Many friends and supporters attended the reception. Terry addressed the crowd and said he was ready for a new phase of his life that would include farming, working at the new family business (Sweet 101), and riding his motorcycle.

Terry said that he got a little black and blue serving as a commissioner, but it was worth it to serve the community he loved and worked to make better.

Thank you Terry for your leadership and years of service for Darke County. Best of luck with your new endeavors!

Teen Ruled Competent To Stand Trial In Greenville Fire

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Steve Baker has the video. Click on the badge ------->

Thanks to the Browns for another great Christmas of lights

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PERCEPTION - Something To Think About ...

In a Washington, DC Metro Station on a cold January morning in 2007, a man stopped, took out a violin, and played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that time approximately 2 thousand people went through the station, most of them on their way to work. After 3 minutes a middle aged man noticed there was a musician playing. He slowed his pace and stopped for a few seconds and then hurried to meet his schedule.

4 minutes later: The violinist received his first dollar: a woman threw the money in the hat and, without stopping, continued to walk.

6 minutes: A young man leaned against the wall to listen to him, then looked at his watch and started to walk again.

10 minutes: A 3-year old boy stopped but his mother tugged him along hurriedly. The kid stopped to look at the violinist again, but the mother pushed hard and the child continued to walk, turning his head all the time.... This action was repeated by several other children. Every parent, without exception, forced their children to move on quickly.

45 minutes: The musician played continuously. Only 6 people stopped and listened for a short while. About 20 gave money but continued to walk at their normal pace. The man collected a total of $32.

1 hour: He finished playing and silence took over. No one noticed. No one applauded, nor was there any recognition.

This is a true story. No one knew this, but the violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the greatest musicians in the world. He played one of the most intricate pieces ever written, using a violin worth $3.5 million dollars. Two days before, Joshua Bell sold out a theater in Boston where the seats averaged $100.

Joshua Bell playing incognito in the metro station was organized by the Washington Post as part of a social experiment about perception, taste and people's priorities. The following questions were raised: *In a commonplace environment at an inappropriate hour, do we perceive beauty? *Do we stop to appreciate it? *Do we recognize talent in an unexpected context?

One possible conclusion reached from this experiment could be this: If we do not have a moment to stop and listen to one of the best musicians in the world, playing some of the finest music ever written, with one of the most beautiful instruments ever made . . .

How many other things are we missing? .............. [submitted by a friend]

Breast Cancer Awareness of Darke County Thanks Those Who Participated in 2010 Run/Walk

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Breast Cancer Awareness of Darke County thanks those who participated in the Breast Cancer Awareness Run/Walk to “Stomp out Cancer” this year. Sincerest thanks to the following sponsors who have made this run possible through their donations and support: Dave Knapp Ford; Wayne HealthCare; Pamela’s Intimate Apparel; Family Health; Cavalier Clothing; Whirlpool Corporation; the Early Bird; American Title Resources; the Daily Advocate; the Versailles Policy; K-Mac Inc.; DBA Hansbargers Home Solutions; Dick Lavy Trucking; Beechwood Gold Course; Jafe; Dr. Dickman, Dr, Kettler, & Dr. Bruner; Greenville Federal; Hittle Buick GMC; Kelly Services; Kmart; Maid-Rite; Mercer Savings Bank; New Madison Mini Mart; Second National Bank; MJS Plastics; Genesis (James Steyer); Dan & Martha Schipfer; Members Choice Credit Union; Williamson Insurance; The Winery at Versailles; Dr. Vallo & Dr. Fisher; the YMCA of Darke County; Troutwine Auto Sales; Therapeutic Massage (Whitney Strawser); Rocketship Sports; Rehab Building Inc.; and finally all of those who participated in the run!

Breast Cancer Awareness of Darke County is a non-profit branch of the Cancer Association of Darke County that focuses on serving those diagnosed with breast cancer. BCADC was formed to assist women in the prevention, early-detection, and treatment of breast cancer. Our organization does this by covering the cost of mammograms and pap tests for women who are underinsured or uninsured. The group also offers financial assistance to those who need special bras or prosthesis who have undergone a lumpectomy or mastectomy. For more information about BCADC or how to receive a voucher, please call the Cancer Association of Darke County at 937.548.9960.

Dave Knapp Presents BCADC with 2010 Breast Cancer Awareness Run/Walk Proceeds
Pictured (L to R): Warren Richards, Pam Spitler, Dave Knapp, Vicky Henderson, Kay Kirby, Jill Brown, and Coy Boroff


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On December 29th, 2010 at approximately 3:42 PM, the Darke County Sheriff's Office received a call and dispatched deputies to 4066 US Route 127 in reference to a possible domestic.

When deputies arrived on scene they learned the male suspect, Jeremy D. McIntosh (32) of Camden, had fled on foot prior to the deputies arrival. The investigation revealed that Jeremy McIntosh had three outstanding warrants for his arrest. Two warrants were out of Preble County, one warrant was for a Failure to Appear charge in reference to telephone harassment, and the second warrant which was issued by the City of Eaton, was for telephone harassment. The third warrant for McIntosh was out of Butler County for a Probation Violation, which the initial violation being Child Neglect - Non support.

Darke County deputies began following McIntosh's footprints in the snow. McIntosh was tracked for over eight miles where he was finally taken into custody in the area of State Route 722 West of Castine. McIntosh was charged with resisting arrest.

Small earthquake centered in Indy hits at 7:55 a.m.

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Items were definitely rattling here at DJ headquarters. Did you feel it?

UPDATE: Arcanum's Jo Ella Michael (ABM's aunt) gets quoted in the Chicago Tribune discussing the earthquake.

Graham drops ACLU but continues with legal threats (by Charles and Rebecca Reier)

Elected officials must stop the State from Clustering Sex Offenders in Greenville

Clustering means locating a high concentration of sex offenders or other parolees in communities that are the least able to protect themselves. (Suresh et al - Social Disorganization and Registered Sex Offenders: An exploratory Spatial Analysis (2010), Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice Vol. 7(2). Pp. 180-213)

John Graham (Doctorate of Ministry) has renewed his threat of legal action against a group of innocent people attempting to maintain some measure of safety in the everyday life of their children and themselves. His Good Samaritan houses, that provide sex offender housing in close proximity of one another, present a dense concentration of individuals at risk for very serious recidivism; thereby compounding the threat to the neighborhood. This public safety problem will only get worse if Governor –elect Kasich continues with his plan to close at least three prison facilities. Ohio, compared to California, already has the most lenient sentencing and incarceration standards. The time is long overdue for the citizens of Greenville and Darke County to go to their elected officials and demand that the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections (DRC) rescind the practice of dumping large numbers of parolees (creating clusters of potentially reciditive felons) into small communities. Typically these areas lack the resources to deal with the psychiatric, drug and alcohol problems which are often superimposed on the sex offender’s need for sexual gratification at the expense of victims. Graham is fully aware of these issues but chooses to continue his diatribe which circumvents the most crucial human concerns. Instead, once again, he threatens the community with endless litigation but this time without ACLU support.

Regarding the zoning issue that Graham challenges, cities already have extensive liberties to enact regulations. They include the right to have zoning regulations designed to “preserve the aesthetic features or values of an area”. One of the few challenges to zoning laws comes from regulations that “show local selfishness for socially improper goals”. If Graham et al. are to challenge the City of Greenville it will probably be on this basis. The plaintiffs will probably center their case on Article I, Section 10, Clause 1, of U.S. Constitution, claiming the zoning discriminates against offenders in violation of the 14th amendment Equal Protection Clause.

If by chance Graham et al prevail in court, the City of Greenville is free to adopt the Unified Code of Corrections used by the city of Chicago which states: “no sex offenders, regardless of age of victim, can reside near, visit, or be in or about parks, schools, daycare centers, swimming pools, beaches, theaters, or any other places where minor children congregate without advance approval of an agent of the Department of Corrections” (Unified Code of Corrections, ILCS CH. 730, § 150/8, 2005 as cited in Hughes & Burchfield, 2008). (Suresh et al - Social Disorganization and Registered Sex Offenders: An exploratory Spatial Analysis (2010), Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice Vol. 7(2). Pp. 185)

Opinion submitted by Charles E. Reier MD, Rebecca A. Reier

Group threatens to sue if city tightens sex offender rules

Details at

The group threatening the lawsuit is the Ohio Justice & Policy Center, from Cincinnati, Ohio. Their mission statement is: "The Ohio Justice & Policy Center (OJPC) is a non-profit law office that works for productive, statewide reform of the criminal justice system by: promoting rehabilitation of incarcerated people; enabling them to successfully reintegrate into the community; and eliminating racial disparities in the criminal justice system."

You can find a list of OJPC's financial supporters here, which includes the Soros Justice Fellowship of the Open Society Institute, among others.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


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The Darke County Coroner's Office and the Darke County Sheriff's Office are investigating the death of a sixteen year old male identified as John M. Warner of Arcanum. On Wednesday, December 29th, 2010 at approximately 2:31 PM, the Darke County Sheriff's Office received a 9-1-1 call reporting the sixteen year old male had been involved in a farming accident.

The preliminary investigation suggests that the teen's outer clothing became entangled in the power take-off shaft of a farm implement. The teen was pronounced dead at the scene.

Also responding to the scene were the Arcanum Fire Department and Arcanum Community Rescue. Authorities will continue to investigate this tragic accident. Warner was a student at Franklin Monroe High School. School officials have been contacted and are implementing a course of action to meet the other students' needs.

Cancer Association Thanks Fraternal Order of Eagles in Versailles for Donating

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The FOE of Versailles has donated to the Cancer Association of Darke County a second time this year. Throughout the years, the FOE of Versailles has donated to our organization and we are sincerely appreciative. The donation will help us cover the costs of our patient services, which will help out over 160 patients this month.

The Cancer Association of Darke County exists to provide support for people in Darke County that have been diagnosed with cancer. The Cancer Association reimburses their patients for expenses including: mileage, medication, medical supplies, and nutritional supplementation. Our organization also offers a monthly support group, a volunteer driver program, free wigs and head coverings for cancer patients, educational materials for the prevention and early detection of all cancers, information booths at various Darke County events, and speakers for groups interested in learning more about our organization. The Cancer Association also makes one yearly donation to an accredited research organization that works with Darke County residents. The Cancer Association is an independent non-profit organization that exists because of donations from people just like you! The Cancer Association of Darke County is not affiliated with the American Cancer Society and does not receive donations or financial assistance from their organization. For more information about the Cancer Association of Darke County, please call the office at 937-548-9960.

DJ beats ABM in the fantasy football championship

Click on the graphic below if you are interested in the scoring breakdown of the final game ...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year’s Eve Benefit for the Darke County Cancer Association

Have any plans for New Year’s Eve? Enjoy a night out while supporting the Darke County Cancer Association! The Showcase Theatre Company, a new theatrical organization in the area, is hosting a murder mystery dinner theatre benefit. The play, directed by Crystal Edwards, is called The Murderous Mansion of Mr. Uno. It is a suspenseful and hilarious spoof on the classic film, Clue. Come see some of your favorite actors including: Brian Collier, Richard Edwards, Casey Lentz, Reuben Kennett, Carey Miller, Alisa Beisner, Stuart Ableman, Chelsea Leis, Wyatt Bowman, Jenny Pierre, and Stephanie Leis. Stage Manager: Lindsey Kennett

Tickets are $50 per person or $45 per person if purchasing 8 or more tickets include the dinner theatre show, a fully catered meal complete with all beverages throughout the evening, and an after-show party
with DJ favorite, Hit After Hit. The evening will take place at the Greenville Inn. Doors will open at 7:30 PM. The meal will be served at 8:00 PM. If you are interested in reserving a room for the evening, mention you’re going to see the show and receive a rate of only $50 for the night!

Tickets can be purchased by asking any cast member, visiting Crystal LeeAnn Photography, calling 548-5500, or visiting our website at Don’t miss your chance for great entertainment all while supporting a worthy cause, the Darke County Cancer Association! Call today!


The Darke County Sheriff’s Office has received several reports of burglaries across the Southern half of Darke County . These burglaries began early in December and most have occurred during day time hours. There have also been numerous burglaries reported across Preble County and Wayne County in Indiana . It is unknown at this time if the burglaries are connected.

While Darke County Sheriff’s Deputies continue their patrols looking for these burglars, the Darke County Sheriff’s Office needs your help. Sheriff Toby L. Spencer asks citizens report any suspicious activity immediately to our dispatch center by calling 937-548-2020. Time is of the essence when reporting suspicious activity. When reporting suspicious activity, any information available, such as vehicle or person descriptions, should be reported to the on duty dispatcher.

The Darke County Sheriff makes the following suggestions to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime. Lock the doors to your vehicle, home and secure outbuildings. Do not leave garage and outbuilding doors standing open unnecessarily. This only advertises your valuables to thieves that may be scouting your neighborhood for their next victim. If you are going to be traveling on vacation or away from your residence for several days, stop your mail and newspaper delivery. Uncollected newspapers and overflowing mail are yet another way that thieves look for unattended homes.

If you have any information on these burglaries, you can contact Detective Baker at 937-548-1193.

Greenville Eagles Awards Scholarships

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Four $1,000 scholarships were awarded Dec. 24 to children of Greenville Eagles members pursuing higher education. Congratulations to: Ryan Rose, Brittany Bowers, Zac Guillozet and Holly Bruner. Pictured left to right with the recipients are Aerie officers and family members. Back row: Trustee Anna Humphrey, Rose, Larry (Rosebud) Rose, Guillozet, Sue Burnette, Kim Bowers and Worthy President Joe Shumaker. Front: Worthy Vice President Steffanie Baker, Bowers, Bruner and Teresa Bruner.


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Tri-Village will host its 7th annual Hall of Fame Induction on Saturday, January 15, 2011. Those being inducted between the junior varsity and varsity games will be: Debbie Brinley Frech, Zac Graham and Coach Lee Falknor. The public is invited to attend a reception held in the commons area following the varsity game.

DEBBIE BRINLEY FRECH: Debbie a 1980 graduate competed in volleyball, basketball and track at Tri-Village. She was a four year letter winner in volleyball and held the honor of Most Kills in a season with 101 her senior year. On the basketball court Deb held three varsity letters. In 1979 she led the team in field goal percentage while supporting her team to win the Bradford Holiday Tournament. During her senior year the 1980 team were CCC Champs with a league record of 11-0.

In four very successful track seasons Deb received a varsity letter each of those years and proved herself in earning the honor of advancing to state competition in the shot put and discus her junior and senior years respectively. At the district meet Deb held the record in the shot and set a Tri Village school record at 35’ 7.25”.

ZAC GRAHAM: Zac graduated in 2000 and was a four year varsity letter winner in cross country and track. One of Tri-Village’s most successful runners Zac received numerous awards during his career in Cross Country; he was chosen as All-State, placed 7th at the State Meet and 3rd at Regional’s. He was District meet champion, Conference Champion and remained undefeated until the regional meet. Zac was Daily Advocate Fall Athlete of the Year, chosen as a member of the Dayton Daily News All-Area Cross Country Team, received All Conference Honors all four years of high school and was a former school record holder at 16:23.

In track during his senior year Zac excelled in the 2 mile race. He received the following honors: All-State, placed 3rd in the State Meet and had been undefeated the entire season. Graham was Regional Champion, District Champion and Conference Champion in 2000. He held the conference meet record for numerous years and is the current Tri Village school record holder in the 2 mile at 9:42.

COACH LEE FALKNOR: Coach Falknor has led many Tri Village teams onto victorious seasons and he and those teams have been rewarded with many accolades. Lee has a Tri Village Varsity Mens Coaching Record of 248 wins and 175 losses. He coached Cross County Conference Champion Teams 6 times those being in 1981, 1990, 1991, 2000, 2002 and 2003. Teams in 1981 and 2000 were District Runners Up with 1982, 1983, 1999 and 2002 teams being Sectional Runners Up.

Falknor received the 1991 Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association, Coach of the Year Award, the Ohio North-South All Star Game Coach in 1992, was named Southwest Ohio Coach of the Year 3 times as well as being chosen as District 9 Coach of the Year 3 times. Lee was selected 3 times as Cross County Conference Coach of the Year and in 1990, 1991 and 2000 had teams that won 20 or more games in a season.

In 1991 Coach Lee Falknor and his team of “Bad Boys” played their way to the State Championship game and became the State Runners Up in a very hard fought battle.

Soaring with Eagles

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The Bald Eagle is perhaps one of the most easily recognizable species of wildlife. It was rightfully chosen as our national symbol because of its grace, commanding presence, and strength. It was once an endangered species, but has since made a comeback and is now a model for other endangered wildlife. Come out to the Shawnee Prairie Preserve Nature Center on January 13, 2010 at 6pm to learn more about the beautiful bird and whether you may be able to spot one in Darke County. Please note the change in time from the original date. Call the Nature Center at 548-0165 for more information.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Keith Smith benefit - February 5th

For years Keith Smith, the owner of Keith’s Service and Towing, as well as The Don’s Pizza in Greenville has been one of Santa’s little helper’s spreading Christmas cheer to those both young and old. However, the thought of Christmas this year has this Santa only hoping he can unwrap an answer to his battle with brain cancer as friends quickly plan various fundraisers to benefit this Santa in need.

On the very same day he turned age 54, Smith was taken to the hospital only to learn of a cancerous mass on his brain. After being diagnosed on November 3rd, Smith soon learned from a team of oncologists that his cancer had progressed to stage 4 of the diseasing process. While learning this, Smith also learned the grim news that the health insurance he thought he had was simply an insurance discount card, and truly not a coverage plan that would cover the costs of his much needed treatments. Despite his battle, Smith isn’t giving up hope and continues to manage the day to day operations of his two businesses while undergoing continuous testing and preparing for treatments.

“He continues to be very hands-on in overseeing the operations of his two businesses,” said Lisa Francis, spokeswoman for the Keith Smith Benefit committee. “He has a great group of employees who are standing behind him and doing everything they can to ensure he continues to give the same great service people have come to know and trust.”

But it isn’t just Smith’s employees who have stepped up to the plate. A multitude of friends and supporters from throughout the county has come together as one to plan various fundraisers to aid this long-time Darke County resident in his immediate time of need.

“We’re opening our hearts and minds to a man who has been a strong supporter of all of us for so many years,” said Francis. “This is a man who over the years has given so much to his community and now we have an opportunity to give back to him.”

Francis said hands-free car wash vouchers will available from the Greenville Car Wash located across from the Darke County Fairgrounds at 1017 Sweitzer St., Greenville, as of January 2, 2011. The cost of the voucher is $10 to purchase a Deluxe Car Wash which normally runs $12 per wash. Greenville Car Wash owners John and Stephanie Baumgardner are donating 100 percent of the car wash proceeds from the sale of these vouchers to the Keith Smith Benefit Fund which has been established through Greenville Federal Bank.

“People haven’t even thought twice about helping us. Keith is a well known and respected man in our community and the need for our help is now,” Francis said.

Car wash vouchers can be purchased from any member of the Keith Smith Benefit committee or by stopping by one of the following south town Greenville businesses: Chicken Kitchen II, 102 Birt Street; Eikenberry’s, 1120 Sweitzer Street; Fairlawn Steakhouse, 925 Sweitzer Street; Farmers State Bank and Trust, 1107 Sweitzer Street; Hansbarger Appliances, Electronics and Mattresses, 1127 Sweitzer Street; or Spirit Medical Transport, LLC, 5484 Ohio Route 49 South.

Organizers say the support of this venture, now in its third week of planning, is quickly gaining overwhelming momentum as it tugs on the heart strings of many.

“Each week we have more and more people interested in helping,” explained Francis. “We’ve established a benefit fund for him and now we’re planning a benefit dinner.”

Those wishing to make cash contributions can stop by one of the two Greenville Federal Bank locations – the main office at the corner of Russ Road and Wagner Avenue with banking hours at 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Thursday; 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday; and 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Saturday; or at their branch location located inside Kroger at 200 Lease Avenue, Greenville, with extended hours which include 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday – Friday; and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday. Those having questions about the account can contact Jason Byers at the Kroger branch location.

Francis said tickets for a February 5th chicken noodle benefit dinner to be held at the Greenville VFW Hall, 219 N. Ohio Street, Greenville, will also be available after January 2, 2011. The dinner will be served by the Greenville Masonic Lodge Craft committee between 6 and 8 p.m. with a multitude of other activities to be held during and after the dinner.

Carry-out dinners will be available. Francis said just a few of the many activities planned for the evening include a 50/50 drawing, jail and bail, live auction with donated items from local individuals and businesses, miscellaneous door prizes, live music and karaoke, and character drawings by local cartoonist Paul Ackley. Tickets will be a minimum donation of $10. Anyone wishing to donate an item for the auction or a door prize can either contact a committee member for the item to be picked up or drop off the item at Buckeye Beverage, 647 Wagner Avenue, Greenville.

Those wishing to obtain more information about the various events planned to aid in off-setting the costs of Smith’s mounting medical expenses may contact any of the following committee members including: Lisa Francis at 937-548-5098 or 937-459-0731; Morrisa Reed at 937-548-4150 ext. 290 or 937-548-4914; Kim Knick at 937-548-3399 or 937-547-9465; or Jodi Byers at 423-7237 or 937-548-3399.

A Christmas video that's Hard to Explain?

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... starring our favorite TV weatherman. Click on the image to see the video.

Final vote totals: Darke County delivered 12th highest percentage for Kasich

Here are some final numbers for the political junkies. Out of Ohio's 88 counties, 22 of them gave John Kasich at least 60% of the vote. Darke County delivered the 12th highest percentage with 63.14%. Kasich's strongholds were west central Ohio, the Cincinnati area, and north of Columbus (where Kasich resides).

Only 6 counties delivered more than 60% of the vote for incumbent Ted Strickland: Lucas, Cuyahoga, Trumbull, Mahoning, Athens, and Scioto. Strickland won Franklin and Montgomery Counties by modest margins, but voter turnout in Montgomery County was relatively low.

For those of you who are interested, click on the thumbnail to the right to see the Columbus Dispatch breakdown of the entire state, county-by-county.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Some Christmas fun

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The 50 worst Christmas albums of all-time

Merry Christmas!

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Now the birth of Jesus Christ took place in this way. When his mother Mary had been betrothed to Joseph, before they came together she was found to be with child from the Holy Spirit. And her husband Joseph, being a just man and unwilling to put her to shame, resolved to divorce her quietly. But as he considered these things, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, “Joseph, son of David, do not fear to take Mary as your wife, for that which is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.” All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had spoken by the prophet: “Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel” (which means, God with us). When Joseph woke from sleep, he did as the angel of the Lord commanded him: he took his wife, but knew her not until she had given birth to a son. And he called his name Jesus.

State's budget gap may hit $10 billion

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From the Columbus Dispatch.

Friday, December 24, 2010 is calling for 1-2 inches of snow this weekend

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What to expect?

Light to moderate snow

1 to 2 inches

Temperatures in the 20's

Potentially hazardous roadways

More info at

Police Investigate Assault On 6-Week-Old Baby

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Story at

Special Evening Planned for Tonight

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Trinity Lutheran Church in Versailles invites all to join us in celebrating the birth of the Christ Child tonight! A recital for Harp, Piano, and Pipe Organ featuring the talents of Deirdre Grennan and Karen Lawrence will begin at 10:30 p.m. The sanctuary will be filled with the soft glow of candle light and the magnificent stained glass windows will be lit from the exterior. Numerous trees and poinsettias along with a large nativity will add to the beauty of the night.

At 11:00 p.m. an easy to follow service of Lessons, Carols, and Communion will be offered with the traditional closing of individual candle light and the German carol “Silent Night” being sung. Pastor Falk will bring a short message to help us feel even closer to the child of Bethlehem. The Chancel Choir under the direction of Jim Kelch will gather to help lead the singing of hymns and offer special music for the occasion. Delicious treats will be served beginning at 10:15 warm you up and help get us into the spirit of the evening!

Whether or not you have a church home or church family, we invite you to be part of ours on this special night.

Trinity Lutheran is located at the corner of Wood & Steffin Streets in Versailles with Pastor Keith Falk as minister. You are welcome, come “home” to Trinity!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kiwanis delivers as promised

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Just before Christmas break, Kiwanis fulfilled its promise to deliver cookies and juice to kindergarten, first and second graders who read a new book at home with an adult in their family.

The book, “The Joy of Giving,” was handed out before the Thanksgiving break with the requirement that the older students read the book to an adult at home, and the younger students have the book read to them. They had to return a slip, signed by the adult, that they had done this. In order for a class to receive the treats, 100 percent participation by students was necessary.

Nearly all classes got their treats. Response from the kids ranged from a “proper” thank you to celebration and cheers at the prospect of a special treat in class that they had earned! Delivering the treats were Kiwanians Holly Hill, Betsy Ward, President Joe Payne, Jim Schaar and Bob Robinson.

Greenville Kiwanis is a service organization dedicated to the kids of the community. It sponsors the Greenville High School Key Club, provides scholarships and “Student of the Month” awards and serves the community through a variety of efforts. They meet at 12 noon each Wednesday at the Chestnut Village Center, Brethren Retirement Community. Interested new members are encouraged to join and serve.

PArk District special board meeting - December 29th

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The Darke County Park District Board of Commissioners will hold a Special Board Meeting on Wednesday, December 29, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. at the Shawnee Prairie Nature Education Center, 4267 St. Rt. 502 W. Greenville, OH. This meeting will be to approve the 2011 Park District Appropriations Budget and 2011 Holiday and Board Meeting Dates.

DCCA Grateful for Harry D. Stephens Memorial Funding

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Darke County Center for the Arts is grateful to have been included among the recipients of the Harry D. and Esther Stephens Memorial December, 2010 distribution. According to DCCA Artistic Director Keith Rawlins, “The support of this foundation is very much appreciated and has contributed greatly to our ability to present high quality artistic performances in our rural community. DCCA would not be proudly presenting its 32nd season without the funding they have generously contributed in the last several years,” he concluded.

The donated funds will be used to support all DCCA programming and operating expenses in the 2010-2011 season. Darke County Center for the Arts annually presents an Artists Series, Family Theater Series, and Special Performances at the beautiful, historic St. Clair Memorial Hall in Greenville. Arts In Education programs are made available to every grade of all Greenville City and Darke County public schools. Additionally, the Coffeehouse Series takes artists to various local coffeeshops and cafés. For more information on DCCA programs call Executive Director Julie Strait at 937-547-0908 or go to .

Distributions from the Harry D. Stephens trust fund are made in June and December each year and only the interest income from the fund can be distributed for charitable, educational, scientific, literary and/or religious purposes. Trust Fund Committee members include Peter Hemer, Carol Funderburg, Jennifer Bish, Al Greiner, and Dr. Michael Fourman.

Application forms to receive funds from the Memorial Fund can be obtained from the Darke County Chamber of Commerce Office, 622 S. Broadway in Greenville. Completed applications are to be returned to the law firm of Flinn and Muntean, L.P.A. at 429 Memorial Drive. The deadline for getting applications returned for the June distribution is April 1st, and October 1st for the December distribution.

Parent and Preschooler Adventures

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Hey Parents and Preschoolers! Looking for some hands-on learning about the natural world all around you? Join a Naturalist at Shawnee Prairie for a monthly, hour-long program designed to investigate nature through activities, games and exploring. Each month there are two offerings for each program. The program for 2-3 year olds (held on Wednesdays) and a program for 4-5 year olds (held on Thursdays). January’s topic is Snowflakes. We’ll discover all the properties of snow, color, shape and size. We will make snowflakes to take home and hopefully see some real snowflakes out in the park. January’s 2-3 year old dates are the 5th and the 19th and the 4-5 year old dates will be the 6th and 20th. Each program runs from 10-11 am. Parents must attend along with their preschooler. Pre-registration is required and the cost is $2.00. Also coming up in February we will be making gifts for the birds. Call the Nature center for more information at 927-548-0165. So bundle up and we hope to see you in January!

How about a good home for some pups?

The last couple months employees at Fitzwater Tree & Lawn Care out on Jaysville St. John Road had noticed a stray dog running around the property on a daily occurrence. They would see the dog trotting down the road from time to time around Rumpke Waste plant and then back to the Fitzwater property.

A few weeks had gone by when some of the employees were out back by the big wood pile on the property splitting wood. The stray dog that had been around came out of the woodpile to greet them with nothing but barking.

They noticed then that the dog looked to be nursing and was very unhealthy looking, so they began to look around the woodpile they were working and came across a large log approximately 4 feet in diameter at the very top of the pile. The log was hollowed out with one end being solid, looking in the log they realized there were four little puppies all curled up.

This had taken place a week ago this past Thursday and several of the guys knew that the bad weather was coming in with single digit temperatures and wind. They grabbed a couple bails of straw and a piece of plywood and laid by the log to help block the weather coming in. The next day, Friday, they bought some dog food and laid up by the log. Momma began eating throughout the day until it was gone.

The Humane Society was called and were working on getting a trap so that the momma could be caught. The weekend came along with the weather and Monday the trap showed up. They had all survived the weekend weather but momma was nowhere around that day so it was decided to not set the trap until we saw her and when someone was around during the day so that she would not be trapped all night in the weather. Tuesday morning we noticed tracks around the wood pile so the trap was set. In the meantime one of the ladies at the Humane Society had dropped off some canned food to help with trapping her.

That late afternoon just before a few employees were to leave for the day she was trapped. At that time all the puppies were brought inside along with momma and the Humane Society was called and were there within thirty minutes to pick them up.

With much discussion about momma and her puppies we realized she was going down to Rumpke to eat so she was strong enough to nurse her puppies. It was also thought that a local foreclosed house may have been where she originally came from, possibly abandoning the pregnant momma.

With all said and done, the puppies look to be in very healthy condition thanks to momma. She also was looking much better in just a few days with regular food.

Fitzwater's would like to thank all those involved at the Humane Society for their constant calls and help. We all felt a little better at the end of the day knowing that there are some dedicated individuals out there that really care for animals.

Please if you are considering a new pet, think about these puppies. They were probably around 4-6 weeks old. As for the breed we are unsure of other than mixed (see photos). Also, don't forget momma, she was a good one to take care of her puppies as well as she did in the adverse conditions, so we hope she gets a good home also.

For more information call the Darke County Humane Society at 937-548-1009.

2011 Good Tidings for Horner

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"There are so many things to be grateful for", said Elizabeth Horner, a rising student of Greenville Senior High School . Horner has several reasons to be especially grateful in 2011.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

D'Alessios Italian Inspired Cuisine is now open for business


D'Alessios is now open for business - located in the Palace Office Building, 537 S. Broadway, Suite 102, Greenville, Ohio.

Their hours are 11am to 8pm Monday through Saturday, closed Sunday.

A copy of their menu will be available here soon.

DCCA Grateful for Harry D. Stephens Memorial Funding

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Darke County Center for the Arts is grateful to have been included among the recipients of the Harry D. and Esther Stephens Memorial December, 2010 distribution. According to DCCA Artistic Director Keith Rawlins, “The support of this foundation is very much appreciated and has contributed greatly to our ability to present high quality artistic performances in our rural community. DCCA would not be proudly presenting its 32nd season without the funding they have generously contributed in the last several years,” he concluded.

The donated funds will be used to support all DCCA programming and operating expenses in the 2010-2011 season. Darke County Center for the Arts annually presents an Artists Series, Family Theater Series, and Special Performances at the beautiful, historic St. Clair Memorial Hall in Greenville. Arts In Education programs are made available to every grade of all Greenville City and Darke County public schools. Additionally, the Coffeehouse Series takes artists to various local coffeeshops and cafés. For more information on DCCA programs call Executive Director Julie Strait at 937-547-0908 or go to .

Distributions from the Harry D. Stephens trust fund are made in June and December each year and only the interest income from the fund can be distributed for charitable, educational, scientific, literary and/or religious purposes. Trust Fund Committee members include Peter Hemer, Carol Funderburg, Jennifer Bish, Al Greiner, and Dr. Michael Fourman.

Application forms to receive funds from the Memorial Fund can be obtained from the Darke County Chamber of Commerce Office, 622 S. Broadway in Greenville. Completed applications are to be returned to the law firm of Flinn and Muntean, L.P.A. at 429 Memorial Drive. The deadline for getting applications returned for the June distribution is April 1st, and October 1st for the December distribution.

Free Family Movie Nights at EUM!

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Every first Saturday of the month immediately following 6:30 p.m. worship, EUM Church hosts a FREE Family Movie Night, complete with popcorn and drinks. The movie for January is The Incredibles and will be shown on Saturday, January 1. Come and check out the new EUM Worship Center at 1451 Sater Street on the corner of Sater and Sebring-Warner Road and enjoy a great family night out! Come for worship… Stay for the movie! Children’s programs are provided during worship. For more information, call 548-3211 or go to

The Garst Museum’s Director Retires

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Penny Perry & Board President John Marchal
The Garst Museum’s Board of Directors wishes to publicly thank and honor its retiring executive director, Penny Perry, for her six years of leadership. Penny will retire from the museum at the end of December.

Under her guidance the museum has made great strides with attendance reaching 10,000 visitors a year. Several important programs were developed. Penny started an educational program for fourth grade students in Darke County. The program is very popular with the schools and has now grown to include students from Mercer and Miami counties. In addition to being offered to Darke County students at no charge, the program is aligned with Ohio’s fourth grade curriculum standards. With the success of student education programs, Penny next started an adult lecture series that entertains as well as educates its guests. Another important program Penny has developed at the Garst Museum is the docent program. Under this program, volunteer guides are trained to explain the museum exhibits to students and guests.

Penny, who is a 1960 Greenville High School graduate, went to Bowling Green State University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in history. She then went to Arizona State University where she received a master’s degree in history. She spent most of her career years as an English and Social Studies teacher. She taught at Greenville Junior High and Franklin Monroe High School. She retired from teaching in 1996.

The Board of Directors of the Garst Museum extends its best wishes and many thanks for Penny Perry’s years of gracious service to the museum. The board honored Penny with a reception at its Board Meeting on December 21, 2010.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ABM explains forecast models

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Click on the badge ....


On December 21, 2010 at approximately 6:45 AM the Darke County Drug Task Force implemented “Operation Silent Night”. This operation is a drug arrest round-up throughout Darke County and the City of Greenville. More than 20 arrest warrants have been issued on indictment by the Darke County Grand Jury as a result of numerous cases being presented by the Darke County Prosecutor’s Office. All of the indictments stem from three years of drug investigations by the Darke County Drug Task Force. The Darke County Drug Task Force consists of counter drug detectives from the Darke County Sheriff’s Office and the Greenville Police Department. Charges on these indictments include Trafficking in Drugs and Permitting Drug Abuse. Many of these cases included trafficking near a school or juvenile, which comes with enhanced penalties.

“Operation Silent Night” was chosen as the name of this round up to reflect the quietness and sense of safety we hope to experience in our community with drug dealers in jail during the impending Christmas Holiday.

Due to the number of arrests anticipated in “Operation Silent Night” the Greenville Police Department and the Darke County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by deputies from United States Marshal Cathy Jones’ fugitive task force teams out of Dayton and Columbus, Ohio. This operation was successful due to the interagency cooperation of city, county and federal law enforcement agencies.

As of 10:15AM there have been a total of 18 arrests made out of 26 felony arrest warrants issued. The breakdown is as follows 15 were arrested in Greenville and Darke County, 1 arrest in Randolph County, IN, 2 were already incarcerated on unrelated charges in other facilities. Those arrested in Darke County are being held in the Darke County Jail pending arraignment through the Darke County Court of Common Pleas. Arrests will continue until all those indicted are brought to justice.

Darke County Sheriff Toby Spencer and Greenville Police Chief Dennis Butts want to send a strong message to drug dealers and their patrons, that this criminal activity will not be tolerated in our community. The Darke County Drug Task Force will continue to vigilantly enforce drug laws with the support of the citizens through out Greenville and Darke County.

Following are the list of people arrested: 1. Brian E. Seats Jr. age 21, Greenville, OH, 2. Jennifer L. Green age 22, Greenville, OH, 3. James Buckingham age 46, Greenville, OH, 4. Jessica M. Ferrante age 28, Greenville, OH, 5. Ismael Lopez Jr. age 42, Union City, OH, 6. Dale Bowling Jr. age 35, Union City, OH, 7. Timothy J. Sanders age 31, Greenville, OH, 8. Darren A. Coby age 50, Greenville, OH, 9. Ella K. Keihn age 55, Union City, OH, 10.Daniel S. Whitley II age 22, Wayne Lakes, OH, 11.Dustin S. Westfall age 22, Union City, OH, 12.Matthew D. Stokes age 27, Greenville, OH, 13.Andrew J. Hanna age 26, Greenville, OH, 14.Tammy J. Mitchell age 46, Greenville, OH, 15.Joe R. Anguiano age 49, Union City, OH
16.Melanie Roth age 40, Union City, IN, 17.Cary Helmer age 35, Ohio Dept. of Rehab. and Corrections, 18. Donald Garrett Jr. age 25, Shelby Co. Jail

Darke County Suspects Rounded Up On Drug Charges

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Story at

Multiple people injured in accident on Hollansburg-Arcanum Road

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Story at Additional details at

UPDATE: Darke County Deputies are currently investigating a two vehicle serious injury crash that occurred on Tuesday December 21, 2010 on Hollansburg- Arcanum Road East of Harrison Road in Harrison Twp. Darke County Deputies along with New Madison Fire Dept., Hollansburg Fire Dept., and Tri-Village Rescue and Careflight, were dispatched to the scene at approximately 7:40 AM.

Preliminary investigation revealed that a 1997 Saturn driven by 17 year old Samuel Bevins, of Hollansburg , OH. , was traveling Eastbound on Hollansburg-Arcanum Road and was passing another vehicle traveling in the same direction when he collided head on with a Westbound 2006 Dodge Stratus, driven by 26 year old Holly Beam of New Madison. The female passenger of the Beavin’s vehicle, 11 year old Sarah Bevins was air lifted to Miami Valley Hospital by Careflight for life threatening injuries. The Darke County Sheriff’s Office was later notified that she was pronounced dead at approximately 11:10 AM. Both drivers were taken to Wayne Hospital with minor injuries. This was the seventh fatal crash in Darke County for the year.

The accident remains under investigation by the Darke County Sheriff’s Office.

Fire kills one person in Union City, Indiana

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Story at

Greenville Rotary Club Meeting

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Greenville High School Wavaires
The Greenville Rotary Club met Tuesday, December 14, 2010 in the Brick room of the Brethren Retirement Community for their annual Christmas Party with many members and their guests in attendance.

Following a delicious lunch of Salad, Baked Ham, Yams, Green Beans, and assorted Pies, the club enjoyed hearing a festive performance by the Greenville High School Wavaires. These 31 students are involved in many other school activities at GHS and have performed at many interesting places such as The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the world's largest cathedral in New York City, Rosa Parks Performing Arts High school in Paterson, in New Jersey, South Street Seaport, the Statue of Liberty, and at St. Paul's Chapel at Ground Zero. They were also asked to perform for the Governor of the State of Ohio, for the lighting of the state Christmas tree. The group has received many honors for their performances.

The group also performs for many area organizations, clubs, and churches. The Wavaires are under the direction of Ms. Michele Smith, and accompaniment by Terri Fryman. Contact the Greenville High School if you are interesting in booking the Wavaires for a performance.

Members attending the party also brought canned goods and non-perishable food items for the Grace Resurrection Community Center Food Drive.

Anyone interest in becoming a member of the Greenville Rotary Club may contact the Club Secretary, Christy Baker at 937-548-3779 or by email at; or the Club Treasurer, Diane Shuff at 937-548-6181 or by email at

Greenville Rotary Club Meeting

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The Greenville Rotary Club met Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at the Chestnut Village Community Center of the Brethren Retirement Community with 27 members and 4 guests in attendance.

Following lunch at Noon, the club enjoyed hearing the program speaker, Diane Barga from the OSU Extension office. She spoke to the club regarding the 4-H Science Alive Program and she updated the them on items purchased with the funds provided by the Greenville Rotary Club’s donation this year. She was able to purchase incubators for the Chick Quest Program. Diane also shared about other programs that they offer to schools in our county. Other programs include “Go Plants”, which is offered to 2nd and 4th graders; Nutrition & Exercise, which is offered to 3rd graders; Breads of Harvest, which is offered to 4th & 5th graders and the Wonderful World of Worms, which is offered to 3rd graders. Diane stated that these programs are completely free for the schools and are available to all teachers within the Darke County school district. You may contact her at the Darke County Extension Office if you are interested in further information.
Anyone interest in becoming a member of the Greenville Rotary Club may contact the Club Secretary, Christy Baker at 937-548-3779 or by email at; or the Club Treasurer, Diane Shuff at 937-548-6181 or by email at

Pictured left to right are Diane Shuff, Club Treasurer, Diane Barga and Rhonda Williams, OSU Extension office, and Steve Short, member.

Wish you didn't have to shovel that snow?

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Call now and make plans to have Fitzwater's shovel your snow this winter ...

Ohio Metro Chambers Announce First-Time Collaboration on State Budget Issues

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In a significant reimagining of state budget issues and Ohio government, nine Ohio-based metropolitan chambers of commerce today jointly released a report recommending sweeping changes designed to help Ohio improve economic performance and reduce costs.

The recommendations are the culmination of an unprecedented year-long process in which the chambers identified, researched and analyzed a wide variety of ideas and narrowed them down to those that will best improve the performance of the state. To facilitate this process, the chambers worked with author and public policy expert David Osborne and former state budget director Greg Browning.

The coalition of nine chambers of commerce represents Ohio's larger metro areas as well as the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. The participating metropolitan chambers of commerce include:  Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, Columb Chamber, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, Greater Akron Chamber, Greater Cleveland Partnership, Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce, and Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber. ''

The budget crisis in Ohio is both sobering and a significant opportunity to fundamentally change the way state and local government operate," said Tom Humphries, president andCEO of theYoungslown/Warren Regional Chamber. Humphries leads the metro chambers coalition. "We believe that if the General Assembly and the Governor adopt these recommendations, state and local government will be transformed from systems that maintain the status quo of inefficient, costly government to systems based on performance, outcomes and accountability."

The report, titled "Redesigning Ohio: Transforming Government into a 21st Century Institution,"
includes the following recommendations:
  • Adopt budgeting for outcomes as the underpinning for the government redesign plan.Rather than making incremental changes to the status quo. This approach focuses on what matters most: purchasing outcomes that citizens value. Programs that do not contribute much to those outcomes are no longer included in the budget.
  • Establish charter agencies and entrepreneurial management as "bureaucracy busting" measures to save money and/or increase revenues while increasing creativity and flexibility for managers.
  • Make state agencies that provide support services to government accountable to their customers, and use the power of competition to drive innovation and improvement.
  • Reduce state regulatory enforcement costs by designing regulations that achieve the same outcomes as their predecessors but are easier to comply with and, as a result, decrease the likelihood that they will be violated.
  • Implement a comprehensive tax expenditure review to regularly examine the 122 distinct tax expenditures credits, exemptions and deductions - that amount to $7.7 billion in lost state revenue annually. Also, reduce or cap costly real property tax rollbacks.
  • Adopt civil service and compensation reform that will give managers freedom to manage their people; link public employee compensation to performance; and bring state pensions into line with private sector realities.
  • Reduce the costs of the public pensions system through changing contribution formulas, consolidating redundant systems and increasing cost sharing of some benefits.
  • Improve Ohio's health insurance value equation by using the state's hulk purchasing power to help drive down healthcare costs.
  • Significantly reduce prison system costs by directing more nonviolent offenders away from adult prisons toward non-residential community-based monitoring and treatment.
  • Establish new structures on the state and county levels and provide both carrot and stick incentives and assistance to promote local government efficiencies, sharing of services and consolidation.
The report will be presented to Governor-elect Kasich and the members of the Ohio General Assembly for their use and reference as they begin the budget writing process.

HandsOn West Central Ohio Walks the Walk

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The staff members of HandsOn West Central Ohio don’t just talk the talk… They also walk the walk. Four staff members from HandsOn West Central Ohio, including the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, shared their time as volunteers on Monday by volunteering for Tipp Needy Basket in Tipp City. Staff members from Darke, Logan, Miami and Shelby Counties came together to assist the all-volunteer run Tipp Needy Basket with sorting donated cereal and collecting of Box Tops for Education that will ultimately benefit Tipp City area school districts.

HandsOn West Central Ohio, a program of Council on Rural Services, inspires, equips and mobilizes people to take action that changes the world. The program assists area residents with finding volunteer opportunities that will benefit up to 200 local nonprofit organizations locally, and more than 1,500 individuals volunteered their time and talent through the organization in 2010. The program serves residents of Darke, Logan, Miami and Shelby Counties. Key events include celebrations of Martin Luther King Day, National Volunteer Week and Make a Difference Day.

“Our staff chose three years ago to volunteer together during the holidays rather than giving each other gifts,” says Nicolette Winner, HandsOn West Central Ohio Director. “Not only is it a great way for us to learn more about organizations doing amazing work in our community, but volunteering has become a great team-building experience for members of our staff.”

Sherry Baker, volunteer coordinator for Darke County, adds, “Even knowing how difficult the current economy has been for members of our community, we were surprised to learn that Tipp Needy Basket is serving over 50% more families this year than they did last year. So many of our nonprofit partners who run soup kitchens and food pantries have reported similar increases, and nearly all of these organizations rely heavily on volunteers to deliver these critical services. It just makes our own program all the more necessary.”

To learn more about one-time and on-going volunteer opportunities available through HandsOn West Central Ohio, visit or call (937) 778-5220. Additional information may also be found by visiting

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service - Ansonia United Methodist Church

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Ansonia United Methodist Church at the corner of W. High and Pear Streets in Ansonia, Ohio will be having their Christmas Eve Candlelight Service on Friday December 24 at 10:00 p.m. Please come and join us.

Honey For Sale!

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Would you ever think to buy your groceries at the Darke County Parks Nature Center gift shop?  Probably not, but the gift shop has honey for sale.  The honey is all locally produced right here in Darke County.  The benefits of honey are endless.  Honey has only 64 calories per serving and is much sweeter than table sugar.  In addition to making sweet treats, honey has many health benefits. Honey contains a wide array of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and antioxidants.  Studies have shown that since honey may contain pollen, eating local honey could relieve allergy symptoms.  Honey has also been found to act as an antimicrobial agent and is an effective treatment for minor abrasions and burns.  Honey can also soothe a sore throat, especially when mixed in a hot cup of tea.  So come out to the Darke County Parks nature center and support your local honey producers, the gift shop, and your health! 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Welcome to the world Rose!

Congratulations to my friends JL and ML. You will be great parents. See you soon.

DY wants you to read this story about Darke County native Natalie Wetzel

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In the Columbus Dispatch.

2011 Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Calendar Available at Cancer Association!

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The Cancer Association of Darke County has the 2011 Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Calendars for sale at the Cancer Association office on 209 East Fourth Street (Greenville, Ohio) for $10.00. Thanks to the Daily Advocate and the following sponsors for funding the calendars; all proceeds directly benefit Darke County residents with cancer. The calendar features some of Greenville’s finest men all dressed up in pink to show their support for the women that have faced breast cancer.

The Cancer Association thanks the following sponsors for making this year’s calendar possible: The Winery at Versailles, Family Health, Glick’s Construction Inc., Cox Insurance, Sanco, Wholesale Carpet Outlet, Wayne HealthCare, Second National Bank, American Heritage, Dave Knapp, State of the Heart Hospice, KitchenAid, and the Daily Advocate. The calendars make great Christmas gifts and you are supporting a local non-profit that assists Darke County residents facing cancer all for $10.00.

Pictured: (L to R) Wayne Deschambeau – Wayne HealthCare; Jerry Beatty, Mike Treadway – Second National Bank; Mike Stegall – Greenville Township Trustee; Mike Bowers – Mayor of Greenville; James Oliver

Christmas Eve service - Greenville Church of the Brethren

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We invite the community to our “Gloria!” Christmas Eve Service celebrating Christ’s birth through worship and thanksgiving December 24th @ 8:00 pm Greenville Church of the Brethren, 421 Central Ave., Greenville.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Name that city

Update: Several of you got it right. It's Nashville, Tennessee, taken from the parking lot of LP Field (where the Titans play) shot across the Cumberland River at downtown Nashville. Taken a couple months ago, long after the flood.

The original photo is beautiful, but got a little distorted on the manual scan. Photo by: AAA

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A traffic schematic for the new Arcanum School (thanks to os)

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$22,308.80 Distributed to Darke County Safety Council

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Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation announced that thousands of Ohio employers will share more than $9 million in savings. These employers successfully participated in BWC’s Safety Council Discount Program. There are more than 80 statewide safety councils where employers receive education and information related to workplace safety.

BWC’s Division of Safety and Hygiene sponsors the safety councils, which chambers of commerce, trade and manufacturing associations, American Red Cross chapters or other local safety-minded groups organize. Safety Councils inform participants of techniques for increasing safety in their workplace, to better manage their workers’ compensation program, network with other employers in the community, and access useful, money-saving workers’ compensation and risk management information.

Eligible employers participating in BWC’s Safety Council Discount Program can earn a two-percent premium rebate. An additional two-percent performance bonus rebate is available for employers that reduce either the severity or frequency of injuries by 10 percent, or keep both at zero.

Locally the Darke County Safety Council sponsored by the Darke County Chamber of Commerce received $22,308.80 which represents a two-percent participation rebate for the 54 eligible member companies. To be eligible the companies had to meet requirements including attending monthly meetings or BWC sponsored events, send a qualified senior-level manager to a safety council meeting, and submitting semi-annual workplace accident reports. Companies will see an additional two-percent performance bonus rebate later this year if earned .

For more information about the Darke County Safety Council, employers can contact the Darke County Chamber of Commerce, 937-548-2102 or contact 1-800-OHIOBWC, visit

Member businesses of the Darke County Safety Council. Holding the $22,308.80 check are Mark Ashworth, BWC Employer Management Services, Cheryl Batten, Safety Council Steering Committee Chairman and Sharon Deschambeau, Safety Council Manager and President, Darke County Chamber of Commerce.

An entire website for Tri-Village Basketball player Drew Moore

Check it out here.

World War II veteran Victor A. Sharp passed away Thursday

Victor A. Sharp, age 83 of Greenville, Ohio passed away at 2:24 P.M. Thursday December 16, 2010 in the emergency room of Wayne Health Care Center Greenville, Ohio. He was born September 17, 1927 in Allen Township Darke County, Ohio and the son of the late LeRoy A. “LA” and Thora M. (Brooks) Sharp.

Victor was retired as a truck driver for Spartech of Greenville and a Veteran of W.W. II serving in the U.S. Army.

He was a member of the St. John Lutheran Church of Greenville, Greenville V.F.W., Greenville Masonic Lodge, Antioch Shrine of Dayton, Darke County Shrine Club, and the New Madison American Legion. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by a grandson Jeffery Byram Jr. in 1984, brothers AD Sharp in 1980 and Verne L. Sharp in 2008.

Victor is survived by his wife Dorothy (Kruckeberg) Sharp of Greenville. They were married January 17, 1953. Also by his daughters and sons in law Jerri and George Altenberger of Greenville, Lisa M. and Jeff Byram of Bradford, sons and daughter in law Douglas S. Sharp and April Norman of Tipp City and David K. and Carrie Sharp of Greenville. Grandchildren Ashley Sharp, Allison Sharp, Jared Altenberger, Erin Altenberger, Kevin Byram, Holly Byram, Stacie Sharp and Andrew Sharp. Brothers and sister in law Robert D. Sharp and Verla L. and Harriet Sharp all of Greenville. Sister Maxine M. Bruss of Greenville and numerous nieces and nephews.

Funeral Services will be held at 10:30 A.M. Monday December 20, 2010 at the St. John Lutheran Church 7814 State Route 121-N. Greenville, Ohio with Pastor Alan Knoke officiating. Burial will follow in the St. John Church Cemetery. The family will receive friends on Sunday from 2 until 5 P.M. in the Zechar Bailey Funeral Home and on Monday 1 hour prior to the services in the Church.

The Greenville Veteran’s Honor Guard will conduct Full Military Services at 4 P.M. Sunday in the funeral home followed by a Masonic Memorial Service conducted by the Greenville Masonic Lodge.

It is the wishes of the family that Memorial Contributions be given to the St. John Lutheran Church of Greenville. Condolences for the family may be sent to

Friday, December 17, 2010

GTS Holiday Hours Public Service Announcement

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Greenville Transit System will be closing at 5:00 pm. On Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. We will be closed for Christmas and New Years Day.

Versailles Area to have Museum: to Showcase the History of Northern Darke County

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The Versailles Area Historical Society (VAHS) is pleased to announce the acquisition of the former Versailles Medical Center, located at the corner of Marker Road and West Streets, owned by Wayne Hospital and through the generosity of their Board of Directors as the location of our new Versailles Area Museum.

VAHS began less than two years ago, as a dream of many in the area as means to preserve and promote the rich and unique history of northern Darke County. While a museum was a far off goal, these most generous individuals made it possible far sooner than we might ever have hoped.

The Board of Trustees, the membership, along with the entire community thanks the Wayne Hospital Board and the Hospital President, Wayne Deschambeau for helping us to attain this marvelous goal of a museum for northern Darke County.

The VAHS is a 5013-c nonprofit organization, who meets monthly on the fourth Thursday of each month in the village of Versailles Council/community room. The current Board of Trustees of the VAHS is Deb Pohl, president; Ron Kramer, vice president; Sarah Magoto, secretary; Beverly Brown, treasurer; Alice Huffman, Evelyn Simons, and James Kelch are members at large.

The Versailles Area Historical Society is still seeking “Founding Members” in our first year only of existence. How can you be a “Founder”? All you need is your check book. Our membership Categories are listed below and remain until December 31, 2010. Or you may select a membership level that best suits you.

Basic Memberships: Student………………………$10.00; Individual…………………….$25.00; Family…………………………$40.00; Business/Corporate/Club……$250.00

Founder Memberships: Founder Membership (Offered 1st year) Founding members will be acknowledged in our future museum. Individual……………………..$125.00 or more; Family……………...................$140.00 or more; Business/Corporate/Club……$350.00 or more

The community is encouraged to join us and participate in the preservation efforts of our organization. Our mission is to “Honoring our past; celebrating our present; preserving for our Future”.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

MVCTC Adult Education Offering Dialysis Technician Program

The Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) Adult Education division is now offering a Dialysis Technician program that prepares adult student to work in dialysis units, assisting in the care of patients undergoing hemodialysis.

Through this program, which is approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing, MVCTC students will put in 220 hours of unpaid clinical experience externships at DaVita dialysis centers.. “There is a need for skilled healthcare workers across the country and particularly in Ohio, so we are happy to partner with MVCTC and use our resources help to fill this gap,” said David Spears, Western Ohio Regional Operations Director for DaVita.

DaVita Inc. is a leading provider of kidney care in the United States, delivering dialysis services and education to patients with chronic kidney failure and end stage renal disease. DaVita serves approximately 124,000 patients across the nation with life-saving kidney care treatment. The clinical experience is a cooperative effort between MVCTC and DaVita dialysis centers.

Lynn Beaver, MVCTC Adult Education Health Occupations Coordinator, says of the partnership with DaVita, “Related to their commitment to the community, DaVita dialysis centers have accepted all of our students into various facilities to meet the required clinical hours of the program. MVCTC is grateful for the opportunities afforded to our students by the staff at the DaVita facilities. It is through their cooperation, that our students are receiving the educational assistance necessary to become dialysis technicians.”

For more information about the MVCTC Adult Education Dialysis Technician Program, please visit or call 800-716-7161.

MVCTC Adult Education Winter Quarter classes start in January 2011. Do not miss this opportunity to receive the training you need for the job you want. For opportunities beyond high school…think MVCTC Adult Education.

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