Thursday, December 30, 2010

Group threatens to sue if city tightens sex offender rules

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The group threatening the lawsuit is the Ohio Justice & Policy Center, from Cincinnati, Ohio. Their mission statement is: "The Ohio Justice & Policy Center (OJPC) is a non-profit law office that works for productive, statewide reform of the criminal justice system by: promoting rehabilitation of incarcerated people; enabling them to successfully reintegrate into the community; and eliminating racial disparities in the criminal justice system."

You can find a list of OJPC's financial supporters here, which includes the Soros Justice Fellowship of the Open Society Institute, among others.


  1. You can not rehabilitate pedophiles, you need only look at the recidivism rates to prove my point.

  2. Interesting to look at the list of supporters. I see the city of Cincinnati is on the list of supporters and they are getting ready to cut numerous police and firemen because of budget shortfalls

  3. Yeah-If somebody supports it, you gotta look at why ($$$$$$$)!

  4. Mabe we need to send them down south and let them live next door if they want to support them

  5. Let's send one to live next door to each supporter. If they had "just one" like the one that lived next door to my house... they would remove their names. Open your eyes peoples... these are people with perverted minds and a few years behind bars isn't going to change them.

    Stay in Cincinnati and let us take care of our town and children!


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