Monday, May 13, 2019

Greenville Police Ask for Help Locating Domestic Violence Suspect

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On May 2nd, 2019, the Darke County Common Pleas Court issued a warrant for Joseph T. Smith, 38, of Greenville for domestic violence, a felony of the fourth degree.

Anyone with information regarding Smith’s location is asked to contact law enforcement.

Darke County Parks to Offer Bicycle Rentals

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Darke County Parks’ Bish Discovery Center now offers bicycle rentals! In an effort to make it even easier for residents and visitors to bike the Tecumseh Trail, bicycles were purchased from Countryside Bike Shop using a local grant from Harry D. Stephens Memorial, Inc.

These comfort cruiser-style bikes are available in two sizes, 26” and 24”. The 24” should be able to be ridden by older children (10+) or smaller-framed adults. “These bikes are a great unisex design for all activity levels with their “step-thru” design, allowing the rider to mount the bike without the need to swing a leg up and over the seat,” Chief Naturalist Robb Clifford explains. “This same feature also allows for riders to stop the bike and stand with their feet flat on the ground, all while ensuring the rider is seated in an optimum riding position! They have a very comfortable ride and enough gears to allow you to easily cruise at whatever speed you desire,” Clifford continued.

Rentals may be reserved online at or by visiting the Bish Discovery Center, will cost just $5/hour or $20/day and may be rented during Bish Discovery hours. Rental fee must be paid by credit card and includes use of bicycle, helmet and trail map. Renters must be at least 16 years old. Cyclists are encouraged to bring water bottles.

Thank you to the Harry D. Stephens Memorial, Inc. for the funding in order to make this goal a reality! The Darke County Parks would also like to thank Mr. Bob Bitner of Countryside Bike Shop on Broadway for his help in selecting and purchasing the ideal bike for our needs.

To contact the Darke County Park District regarding rentals and policies, please contact the Bish Discovery Center 808-4120 or the park offices at 548-0165.

G.H.S. Vocal Music Department Presents- Choir-O-Rama 2019

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GREENVILLE, OH – The Greenville High School Vocal Music Department will present their annual spring production of “Choir-O-Rama” May 18-19 at St. Clair Memorial Hall in Greenville. On Saturday, May 18, the show will begin at 7:00pm and on Sunday, May 19, the show will begin at 2:00pm.

The show will open with all the choirs performing “Sing” by Pentatonix, followed by “High Hopes” and “Meant to Be” with the Wavaires. The Girls Glee will perform a “Superhits” medley. Collage will perform “Put Another Dime in the Jukebox” - a medley of classic rock hits, as well as a tribute to Aretha Franklin with “Respect” and “Think”. Concert Choir will be joined by live musicians to perform selections by the popular music group, Imagine Dragons.

The Wavaires will be joined by a small live band to perform selections by Queen, including “We are the Champions”, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, “We Will Rock You”, “Somebody to Love” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

The Greenville High School Jazz Scene, under the direction of Mr. JR Price, will also be performing for both shows, as well as accompanying some senior spotlight performances. The Jazz Scene and Wavaires will join for “Skyfall” and “Lean on Me”.

The show will conclude with a tribute to all the seniors in the vocal music program, as well as the combined choirs performing “Stand By You”, “Most People are Good” and “We are the World.”

Tickets are available online NOW by visiting Adult tickets are $8 in advance and student tickets are $5 in advance. Any remaining tickets will be available at the door for purchase, with the cost of $7 for students and $10 for adults. Please plan to purchase tickets online prior to the event to guarantee a better seat selection and lower admission cost.

The GHS Choir are directed by Mrs. Chelsea Whirledge and accompanied and assisted by Mr. Christopher Andres. Please make sure to visit and like “Greenville High School Vocal Music Boosters” on Facebook to receive the latest news and updates on the choral music program at GHS.

EMT scholarship available to area residents

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Upcoming high school graduates encouraged to apply

From left Brandon Joseph of Willshire and Sarah Combs
of Lima practice immobilization on their classmate Christie Miller
of Greenville during a recent EMT class held in Celina. The students
in this class not only excelled with perfect attendance during
the course, but all students passed their national EMT exam
on the first attempt.
Spirit Medical Transport, LLC, has announced it will again consider upcoming high school graduates and others interested in mobile healthcare for its scholarship offering to become an emergency medical technician.

Now through May 13th, Spirit will again accept scholarship applications from individuals who have an interest in becoming an EMT and working full-time for Spirit once they’ve successfully completed their class, passed their national EMT test, and completed field training. The “full-ride” scholarship involves a two-year, full-time, employment commitment to Spirit. Application requests can be made by going online to the Spirit webpage at and clicking on the graduation cap or by emailing Spirit’s Employee Relations and Human Resource Director Andrea Cahill at

After submitting the application, candidates will be interviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis by a member of the Spirit Human Resources department. Panel interviews of scholarship finalists will take place the week of May 12th at Spirit’s Greenville office. Orientation night for successful applicants will be 6 p.m. May 17th. Successful candidates are paid while attending the classes.

The classes are a partnership between Spirit Medical Transport, LLC, and Four County Career Center based in Archbold, Ohio. Classes will be held five days a week starting June 10th through August 3rd. Scott Kaminski of Four County Career Center will serve as lead instructor for the class, while Mike Woodford and Scott Wolf of Spirit Medical Transport, LLC, will serve as secondary instructors.

Since the program first began in August 2017, over 60 EMTs have graduated from their scholarship program.

“When you get to see the faces of the people who work so hard in their EMS studies to pass the national test, it’s truly amazing,” explained Spirit Medical Transport, LLC, President/CEO Brian K. Hathaway. “Over the years many have shared that had it not been for our scholarship program, they would have never been afforded the opportunity to pursue their dream of becoming an EMT.”

Hathaway said the scholarships have been awarded to people as young as age 17 getting ready to graduate from high school, to a 57-year-old factory worker looking for a career change.

“College isn’t for everyone and these classes not only allow people the opportunity to become highly trained in a much-needed profession, but also ensures them a position in a very rewarding healthcare field once passing the tests and completing field training,” Hathaway said.

A recent class held February through April, yielded all the students in the class not only passing their class final, but also the National EMT Registry exam on their first try. All but one student in this class also maintained perfect attendance during the seven-week long course.

“The more classes we sponsor, the more we learn,” he said. “We continue to make minor changes for the better and it’s showing with an increasing number of students passing the national exam on their first attempt.”

In late summer of 2018, the company expanded its scholarship program to its working EMT’s, offering them a paramedic scholarship program. There are currently ten Spirit EMT’s in a 14-month paramedic program that will end this October. That class is being held at Spirit’s Greenville office, also in partnership with Four County Career Center. Besides Spirit, other healthcare partners assisting with clinical experience for the classes include Wayne Health Care, Reid Health, Greenville Township Rescue, and Richmond Fire Department.

With offices in Greenville, Celina, Sidney, and Van Wert, Ohio, along with Liberty, Indiana, Hathaway said the scholarship is open to people who live near their respective service areas. Company officials also provide transportation assistance to successful applicants who may not live near the class location, but still have an interest in taking advantage of the scholarship opportunity.

State of the Heart Care Announces Newest Addition to Board of Directors

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State of the Heart Care is excited to announce its newest Board of Directors member-Mike Schlamb.

Mike Schlamb is the co-owner of R.J. Warner Insurance Agency, with locations in Greenville, Arcanum, and Troy. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from Wright State University, and is a Certified Insurance Counselor. He is also involved in the community as a member of the Knights of Columbus and local Elks Club.

When asked what brought him to State of the Heart Care Mike shared, “I have seen the positive impact that State of the Heart has on individuals and their families. So, when I was asked to serve on the Board I was eager to be a part of such a caring organization.” Mike resides in Greenville, OH.

Two Perspectives from Camp Encourage

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Attend Camp Encourage just once and it could change your life forever. This is how Abigail Jutte of Ft. Recovery feels. Abigail has been volunteering at Camp Encourage as a camp buddy and group leader for the past few years, but she has been involved with camp since she was just a child. She first attended camp at the age of five. Her mother had heard about State of the Heart’s then Camp Bearable within their community and decided to sign up Abigail. After her first year, Abigail continued to attend camp throughout her whole childhood. As a child, she recalls how hard it was living in a small town and not having many people to connect with that could relate to losing a loved one. Camp Bearable allowed her to realize she wasn’t the only one who had lost a parent and opened up the door for her to make many new friends that she could share similar feelings and memories with. To this day Abigail is still friends with several of those same campers.

When looking back on some of her favorite memories of attending camp as a child, Abigail specifically remembers the balloon launch held during Camp Bearable and receiving small keepsake items that she still has to this day. Abigail shared that those activities and topics demonstrated during camp helped her learn coping mechanisms she could use in her grieving process. “When you are five you don’t realize what death is but camp helped with feelings of loneliness.” Camp also taught her it was normal to feel angry, sad, or upset and provided tools on how to manage those feelings like using breathing techniques. Abigail said it is important for youth that have experienced or been affected by a loss to attend camp to learn these habits and to see “they aren’t the only kid in the world to have close losses in the family.”

Abigail, now a teacher’s aide at St. Marys, knew she wanted to remain involved with camp since attending as a camper had left such a huge impact on her life. This year marks her 5th year as being a camp volunteer. When asked why she wanted to come back as a volunteer Abigail stated she wanted to “truly give back to camp for what they gave me. Helping kids is my passion and this had one of the biggest impacts on my life.” She also enjoys volunteering because of the opportunity it gives her to pay it forward and help as many kids as she can through this process, maybe seeing some of the campers come back one day as volunteers themselves. To Abigail, Camp Encourage is humbling and she wants to stay involved with it as long as she can. She said it best when she explained what Camp Encourage means to her, “Family. Although only one weekend, it is a family for a lifetime. It’s a safe place to let feelings out and a place to feel loved and accepted.”

This year’s camp will be held July 12-14 at The Spiritual Center Montezuma Retreat House in Montezuma, Ohio. Camp Encourage continues to strive to bring the children it serves the resources they need to fully express themselves and know that they are not alone in their grief. Our camp began in 2000 with 15 children and over the past eighteen years, we have served more than 730 youth in our communities. If you have any questions or would like more information regarding attending or volunteering for Camp Encourage please give us a call at 800-417-7535. Ashlee Slavin, Camp Director or Sarah DePoy, Assistant Camp Director would be happy to speak with you.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Important 1793 Drawing of Fort Greene Ville Ohio Discovered

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Submitted by Dr. David M Cox

Left: a recently discovered 1793 drawing of Fort Greene Ville, Right: the dimensions of the drawing overlaid an image of modern day Greenville showing the exact location of the fort.
Years of searching has finally paid off. An original 1793 drawing of Greene Ville showing how the fort was laid out, and its exact measurements, has been found at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. It is untitled and not dated, hence archivers had placed the drawing as best they could, but in an unusual spot where no one had previously thought to look.

Combining this drawing with known orderly notes, diaries, recent archaeological investigations, 1801 survey notes, and an early manuscript plan of the camp at Greene Ville allows researchers to overlay the fort outline on a map of present downtown Greenville, Ohio.

This discovery will pinpoint Anthony Wayne Headquarters and the council house where the famous "Treaty of Greene Ville" was signed.

More information can be found at Garst Museum in Greenville where artifacts and displays of the 1793-97 for are on exhibit.

An article, with pictures, can be found in the latest Ohio Archaeologist, the publication of the Archaeological Society of Ohio, which was just released.

We thank Jim Surber and the Darke County engineers office for converting measurements and putting the different maps in the same scale.

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