Sunday, May 5, 2019

Important 1793 Drawing of Fort Greene Ville Ohio Discovered

Submitted by Dr. David M Cox

Left: a recently discovered 1793 drawing of Fort Greene Ville, Right: the dimensions of the drawing overlaid an image of modern day Greenville showing the exact location of the fort.
Years of searching has finally paid off. An original 1793 drawing of Greene Ville showing how the fort was laid out, and its exact measurements, has been found at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. It is untitled and not dated, hence archivers had placed the drawing as best they could, but in an unusual spot where no one had previously thought to look.

Combining this drawing with known orderly notes, diaries, recent archaeological investigations, 1801 survey notes, and an early manuscript plan of the camp at Greene Ville allows researchers to overlay the fort outline on a map of present downtown Greenville, Ohio.

This discovery will pinpoint Anthony Wayne Headquarters and the council house where the famous "Treaty of Greene Ville" was signed.

More information can be found at Garst Museum in Greenville where artifacts and displays of the 1793-97 for are on exhibit.

An article, with pictures, can be found in the latest Ohio Archaeologist, the publication of the Archaeological Society of Ohio, which was just released.

We thank Jim Surber and the Darke County engineers office for converting measurements and putting the different maps in the same scale.

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