Thursday, December 23, 2010

How about a good home for some pups?

The last couple months employees at Fitzwater Tree & Lawn Care out on Jaysville St. John Road had noticed a stray dog running around the property on a daily occurrence. They would see the dog trotting down the road from time to time around Rumpke Waste plant and then back to the Fitzwater property.

A few weeks had gone by when some of the employees were out back by the big wood pile on the property splitting wood. The stray dog that had been around came out of the woodpile to greet them with nothing but barking.

They noticed then that the dog looked to be nursing and was very unhealthy looking, so they began to look around the woodpile they were working and came across a large log approximately 4 feet in diameter at the very top of the pile. The log was hollowed out with one end being solid, looking in the log they realized there were four little puppies all curled up.

This had taken place a week ago this past Thursday and several of the guys knew that the bad weather was coming in with single digit temperatures and wind. They grabbed a couple bails of straw and a piece of plywood and laid by the log to help block the weather coming in. The next day, Friday, they bought some dog food and laid up by the log. Momma began eating throughout the day until it was gone.

The Humane Society was called and were working on getting a trap so that the momma could be caught. The weekend came along with the weather and Monday the trap showed up. They had all survived the weekend weather but momma was nowhere around that day so it was decided to not set the trap until we saw her and when someone was around during the day so that she would not be trapped all night in the weather. Tuesday morning we noticed tracks around the wood pile so the trap was set. In the meantime one of the ladies at the Humane Society had dropped off some canned food to help with trapping her.

That late afternoon just before a few employees were to leave for the day she was trapped. At that time all the puppies were brought inside along with momma and the Humane Society was called and were there within thirty minutes to pick them up.

With much discussion about momma and her puppies we realized she was going down to Rumpke to eat so she was strong enough to nurse her puppies. It was also thought that a local foreclosed house may have been where she originally came from, possibly abandoning the pregnant momma.

With all said and done, the puppies look to be in very healthy condition thanks to momma. She also was looking much better in just a few days with regular food.

Fitzwater's would like to thank all those involved at the Humane Society for their constant calls and help. We all felt a little better at the end of the day knowing that there are some dedicated individuals out there that really care for animals.

Please if you are considering a new pet, think about these puppies. They were probably around 4-6 weeks old. As for the breed we are unsure of other than mixed (see photos). Also, don't forget momma, she was a good one to take care of her puppies as well as she did in the adverse conditions, so we hope she gets a good home also.

For more information call the Darke County Humane Society at 937-548-1009.


  1. This is wonderful :) Lots of good people out there. The Humane society has ALWAYS served this county well. Fitzwater's employees who cared are wonderful! Merry Christmas to all of these GREAT PEOPLE.

  2. great story, I know Duane will find them some good homes. Just say no to Michael Vick.

  3. It warms my heart to know there are people who care about these helpless animals and don't want them to suffer. Thank you Fitzwater employees and DC Humane Society.

  4. I live on Jaysville and have seen this sweet dog on a daily basis. She is such a smart dog. She would move off the road whenever she heard a car or truck. She made the trek to Rumpke on a daily basis and even with the heavy car and truck traffic she always made it. I pray someone will adopt her.

  5. Great job everyone. Thanks to all.

  6. Great story and CUTE puppy. Hope they all find good homes with loving families.


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