Tuesday, December 21, 2010


On December 21, 2010 at approximately 6:45 AM the Darke County Drug Task Force implemented “Operation Silent Night”. This operation is a drug arrest round-up throughout Darke County and the City of Greenville. More than 20 arrest warrants have been issued on indictment by the Darke County Grand Jury as a result of numerous cases being presented by the Darke County Prosecutor’s Office. All of the indictments stem from three years of drug investigations by the Darke County Drug Task Force. The Darke County Drug Task Force consists of counter drug detectives from the Darke County Sheriff’s Office and the Greenville Police Department. Charges on these indictments include Trafficking in Drugs and Permitting Drug Abuse. Many of these cases included trafficking near a school or juvenile, which comes with enhanced penalties.

“Operation Silent Night” was chosen as the name of this round up to reflect the quietness and sense of safety we hope to experience in our community with drug dealers in jail during the impending Christmas Holiday.

Due to the number of arrests anticipated in “Operation Silent Night” the Greenville Police Department and the Darke County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by deputies from United States Marshal Cathy Jones’ fugitive task force teams out of Dayton and Columbus, Ohio. This operation was successful due to the interagency cooperation of city, county and federal law enforcement agencies.

As of 10:15AM there have been a total of 18 arrests made out of 26 felony arrest warrants issued. The breakdown is as follows 15 were arrested in Greenville and Darke County, 1 arrest in Randolph County, IN, 2 were already incarcerated on unrelated charges in other facilities. Those arrested in Darke County are being held in the Darke County Jail pending arraignment through the Darke County Court of Common Pleas. Arrests will continue until all those indicted are brought to justice.

Darke County Sheriff Toby Spencer and Greenville Police Chief Dennis Butts want to send a strong message to drug dealers and their patrons, that this criminal activity will not be tolerated in our community. The Darke County Drug Task Force will continue to vigilantly enforce drug laws with the support of the citizens through out Greenville and Darke County.

Following are the list of people arrested: 1. Brian E. Seats Jr. age 21, Greenville, OH, 2. Jennifer L. Green age 22, Greenville, OH, 3. James Buckingham age 46, Greenville, OH, 4. Jessica M. Ferrante age 28, Greenville, OH, 5. Ismael Lopez Jr. age 42, Union City, OH, 6. Dale Bowling Jr. age 35, Union City, OH, 7. Timothy J. Sanders age 31, Greenville, OH, 8. Darren A. Coby age 50, Greenville, OH, 9. Ella K. Keihn age 55, Union City, OH, 10.Daniel S. Whitley II age 22, Wayne Lakes, OH, 11.Dustin S. Westfall age 22, Union City, OH, 12.Matthew D. Stokes age 27, Greenville, OH, 13.Andrew J. Hanna age 26, Greenville, OH, 14.Tammy J. Mitchell age 46, Greenville, OH, 15.Joe R. Anguiano age 49, Union City, OH
16.Melanie Roth age 40, Union City, IN, 17.Cary Helmer age 35, Ohio Dept. of Rehab. and Corrections, 18. Donald Garrett Jr. age 25, Shelby Co. Jail


  1. This was good but I know of a place near the Greenville high school that they have sold drugs out for many years and to this date there has never been a raid pulled at that place.

  2. Great Job Darke County Police and Drug Task Force!!!

  3. Hats off to all the law officers who work hard and even at times place their own life in danger to keep this community safer. "Operation Silent Night" indeed is a wonderful gift to this community. Job well done.
    Crime does not pay or does it? There is a rumor going around that half of the criminals arrested in "Operation Silent Night" is back on the streets which would be disturbing. One can only hope that this rumor is false for all the hard work that was put into this project should not be in vain.

  4. This is great what a positive thing for a community that needs cleaned up. Great job to everyone who had a part in this. 11:03 if you know of a place that is dealing drugs why don't you call someone. I am pretty sure they don't just look on DJ and start kicking all doors down near the high school looking for drugs. 12:17 if that is true then I would like to know what judge is letting them out of jail.

  5. I realize this is Darke County where anyone charged with a crime should be locked up forever, but we do have a judicial system with processes that must be followed.

    Everyone arraigned had a bond set from $2,500 to $15,000. Those who posted bond are subject to monitoring by probation officers. You cannot simply hold every person charged with a crime in jail until the rendering of a verdict.

    There are serious felony charges on the table here. You'll likely see a lot of prison time by the time this is over. Educate yourself on the process and try to be patient with it. Be grateful you don't live in a country where simply being accused of a crime can result in torture and death without due process.

    I will hope that the system works and those guilty will suffer stiff penalties.

  6. They are not "let out of jail." They simply post bond and are free until trial. It is then up to the taxpayers to furnish them a lawyer, or them or their family to hire one. It is truly a money game.


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