Friday, December 31, 2010

What was the biggest news story in 2010?

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  1. On the international level, I think the rescue of the Chilean minors was one of the top stories of the year. Lots of countries and people involved to make that happen, and a happy ending for those men and their families.

    Nationally, there are several I can think of, but I'll say the big win by the GOP this past November. That sent a very clear message to the current President that selling "hope & change" means nothing if you don't walk to the talk.

    Locally, the ongoing saga with John Graham. With any luck at all, he'll be gone and forgottn by this time next year!

  2. locally,our hero,john graham..

  3. GST- Like your choices. Hope our local officials ALSO look at the national message-YOU WORK FOR US! Better figure out of the PEOPLE want JG or not, or pack up..Can't wait to vote again! :)

  4. how about greenville going 0 for 3 on school levies?

  5. Yes, Sad, that is a good story and one with a more than sad outcome for our community. However, it really isn't a huge story because there are so many schools that are in the same boat. Let's hope that Greenville residents will see the light and do something positive about our school system besides bad-mouth it!

  6. Locally, the biggest story is the one that isn't being covered and that is the terrible scoring on the Ohio Graduation Test Scores. Greenville continues to score a the complete bottom of all schools in a 25 mile radius and no one seems to be aware or care.
    At the State Level, Strickland becoming a one term governor after loosing to Kasich. Mr. Kasich has already begun to tell how things should be, can that be good.
    National level definitely the GOP sweep in Washington.
    Internationally, the perseverance of the miners and rescuers in the Chilean mine tragedy.


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