Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring is coming - it's time to start thinking about your lawn

David Furlong, Owner and Certified Arborist of Fitzwater Tree & Lawn Care wants you to start thinking SPRING! As we start to emerge from the cold winter months and the outside temperature starts to go up many of us will start to think about preparing our plants for the summer growing season by paying some attention to preparation in the spring. However, while we are busy tending to our plants one of the things that sometimes gets forgotten about in the spring time is the lawn.

As spring marches inevitably towards summer then the temperature also increases and the grass will start to grow. As the first few weeks of spring go by you will need to get the mower out more often as the grass starts to grow more quickly. You may also need to start lowering the cutting height of your lawn mower. There are a number of elements that will help determine how often you cut your grass and how short the cut will be. These include what the lawn is used for, what the weather is like and what type of grass you have. The general rule of thumb is to not cut more than 1/3rd of the grass height at one time.

For example if your lawn is fine and it is really only there for aesthetic reasons then you may want to cut it lower, say down to 1cm in order to get it looking really neat and tidy. You may want to also increase the frequency of cuts up to as much as three times per week.

However if your lawn is more functional and often used for the children to play on etc then it needs to be a bit more durable. You will probably therefore want to keep the grass a little longer, say around 3cm and not cut as often, perhaps only once of maybe twice per week.

Before you start to get into the mowing habit though, there is some other preparation that should be carried out. One of the things you should consider is applying a good spring lawn fertilizer. This is a great idea because the nutrients that have been used up in the winter need to be replenished. In addition, pre-emergent needs to be applied for crab grass before April 15.

Before you do any of this work though, there is something you need to check first. Check to see if you have any build up of moss in your lawn. If you do, before you apply any other lawn care, apply a lawn moss killer and also lightly scarify the lawn to help with the moss problem. You can do this by hand or you can use a machine. Try and remove as much thatch as you can. This will allow for better drainage of your lawn and will dissuade moss from growing. You will be giving your lawn the best possible start to the year if you do this.

Maintaining a beautiful and attractive lawn can be an overwhelming task for some homeowners lacking any type of turf grass training. That is Fitzwater Tree & Lawn Care cares about each customer that he comes in contact with. Fitzwater Tree & Lawn Care understands that creating a quality lawn requires knowledge of soil types, fertilizers, mowing heights, irrigation, insect disease and weed management. Fitzwater Tree & Lawn Care is certified in Lawn Care applications, insured and offers year round full maintenance services.

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