Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wave junior varsity beats Coldwater 6-5

As the little guys were enjoying opening day on Sater Street, the Greenville boys j-v team was taking on Coldwater in a double header. The Wave was down 5-2 at one point before coming from behind for the 6-5 win.

At a key point late in the game, a Wave baserunner was coming home. The throw from the Coldwater outfielder made it to the catcher in time, but the catcher could not maintain possession of the ball on a short-hop. The catcher, however, had completely blocked the plate causing the Wave baserunner to slide directly into the catcher. After sliding to a dead stop short of home, the Wave runner leaned over and touched the plate with his hand. The catcher was hurt and didn't get up, allowing the original batter to proceed all the way to third base. The Coldwater fans completely lost their cool over the play, with some yelling for the Greenwave runner to be called out - and throw out of the game! The umpire ignored both requests.

Matt Orth (below) pitched the entire game for Greenville and picked up the win in Game 1. Game two: ... maybe somebody can help out on that one.

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