Thursday, May 21, 2009

Photos from the Darke County Courthouse

The Darke County Courthouse holds a lot of history. One interesting vantage point is the observation deck, right below the belltower, which is probably the equivalent of 7 or 8 stories high (as compared to a conventionally built building with standard ceilings).

To get to the observation deck, you have to negotiate a rickety circular staircase surrounded by walls that are strengthened by steel beams and re-bar. In fact, you have to crawl around the re-bar as you go up the staircase.

Inside the observation deck you will find the original clock mechanism - and inside wall which contains close to 150 years of signatures from past visitors. Look carefully at the names and dates. Not so recently - a clever visitor affixed a Stroh's can as a permanent fixture of the courthouse (now celebrating its 18th year of display).

Outside the deck (and through the glass), you can see views of Greenville most residents have never seen. You can easily see the city limits in every direction - which is hard to appreciate just through the photographs. Click play below to see the photos.

Click the arrows (lower-right) to go full-screen.


  1. FANTASTIC !!!!
    Can you slow it down just a little?

  2. When the slideshow starts, put your cursor at the botton of the (slideshow) screen - and then you'll be able to pause, jump around, etc. ;)

  3. How do you get up there? Is it open to anyone?

  4. I don't believe it's open to the public. I got permission from a courthouse official.


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