Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Darke County CIC will recommend Terry Haworth as director of Economic Development

The Darke County Community Improvement Corporation voted this morning to recommend Terry Haworth as the interim director of Darke County Economic Development. The recommendation will be forwarded to the county for its consideration and approval, which is expected. The director's job is a county position. Haworth would have to resign his seat as commissioner upon accepting the director's job. Haworth's current term runs until the end of 2010.

Editorial note: Haworth has nearly two decades under his belt working on economic development as a county commissioner. His contacts and experience will be an asset to the county.


  1. I agree, Terry Haworth will be a good choice for that job.

    Question is: who will be appointed to his commission position?

  2. This is a surprising turn of events.

  3. Something reeks of collusion if this is true. Haworth could basically pick his successor to the commissioner seat, who would then be able to run as the present commissioner, which is a much more powerful campaigning tool. His hand-picked successor would basically be a shoe-in for election to commissioner in 2010 if (s)he ran.

    Please, sweet mercy, do NOT put Bob Robinson into the commissioner's chair!!!

  4. Robinson is not qualified. But the GOP leadership---and I use that word loosely--- has publicly supported him. I thought that was forbidden by the Republican party????

  5. I've got confirmation that this is, indeed, true. Haworth has resigned his commissioner post.

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  7. I agree as well, Terry Haworth is a good choice for the position. He knows Darke County, and cares deeply about our community.

    He doesn't have an agenda, or another town to stir up in a few years.

  8. Whoever says that Bob Robinson is not qualified to inherit the open commissioner seat has not been paying close attention to the well-oiled machine that is The Daily Advocate. I mean, seriously. The attention to detail that must go into such an error-free publication boggles the mind.

    Any man who can fit that many ellipses into such a small number of column inches each week has my support any day. And his politics are to die for.

    I'm absolutely smitten.

  9. I like how we see people going on and on and on about how the government has failed us, the county economy is crumbling and so on, yet there is support for promoting someone who has "nearly two decades under his belt working on economic development as a county commissioner"

    If it is a deserved promotion I think it would have happened before now... Looks to me like rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic...Time will tell...


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