Sunday, December 6, 2009

NFL Open Thread - Week 13

The Bengals should have an easy match-up today against the lowly Detroit Lions in Cincy. With a win, the Bengals will go to 9-3 with tough road games ahead against the Chargers and Vikings. The Colts will try to maintain their perfect record at home versus the surging Titans. And the Browns are certain to be crushed today by San Diego.

For further discussion ...a smart lady pointed out that the most important news of the day is usually broadcast by a single person, while several networks devote as many as five correspondents to preview a handful of pro football games. Misplaced priorities? Or just good fun?


  1. GO DOLPHINS !!!!!!! Sorry Pats fans.

  2. Here is a link to the sure #1 pick next year, Ndamukong Suh, D-line from Nebraska, he almost won the game by himself, One of the best games ever played by a defensive lineman, watch the highlights from last night on his page.

  3. Dolphins suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So does anyone who likes them.

  4. Sports don't have multiple anchors because it's more important. It's just a topic better suited for discussion. We watch sports for enjoyment, so it's important for sports news to be light hearted and fun. From a pre-game aspect, there is discussion of what is expected to happen, based on "expert" opinion.

    Multiple anchors for "real" news would be confusing. I know true journalism is all but dead in this country, but technically they are just supposed to report the facts. Opinions aren't necessary. A single person is better suited to report the facts of a news story. Some stations, such as WHIO, do use multiple anchors. However, they alternate stories with only one person reporting.

    In short, news and a sports preview show are apples and oranges.


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