Thursday, December 10, 2009

HIT Foundation provides foreclosure services

Homeowners in Preble County and surrounding areas struggling to make monthly mortgage payments or facing foreclosure can take advantage of a free service offered by the HIT Foundation in Eaton. Home Is The Foundation is a private, non-profit organization focused on providing for housing needs in Preble County and surrounding areas.

For more than a year, the group has been working with area homeowners in need of foreclosure prevention. During that time more than 300 homeowners have come to the HIT Foundation for assistance.

The organization is now funded directly by the Ohio Housing Finance Agency and continues to serve as a HUD-approved foreclosure counseling agency.

To schedule a confidential meeting with a foreclosure counselor homeowners are asked to contact Sherrie Shepherd, Office Coordinator, at (937) 472-0500, Ext. 401, or call the toll-free foreclosure prevention information number at (866) 230-6240.

In addition, the HIT Foundation now offers homeowners an opportunity to learn more about the service, request information and schedule an intake appointment by going online at

The foreclosure prevention program is designed to assist homeowners who are unable to keep up with monthly mortgage payments and/or are in the foreclosure process. The program targets homeowners facing job loss, medical issues, or other hardships, as well as those victimized by predatory lending practices. Whether a homeowner has missed one mortgage payment or is already in the foreclosure process, the H.I.T. Foundation may be able to help.

H.I.T. Foundation works to identify homeowners who are currently facing foreclosure and enroll them in this program. The Foundation also provides information and referrals to other area resources. The agency then works with lenders to negotiate an acceptable loan modification or other resolution.

[This is a submitted press release. Darke Journal is not famliar with this organization.]

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