Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Platt holiday family event (submitted by Julia Bowlin)

In Versailles, Ohio, at the Platt Household, our family came together for the first time in years. We were blessed with our nieces and nephews and with several beautiful crisp days of snow prior to Christmas and that gave some of us just enough time to build a masterpiece in the backyard. It had been years since the lawn was filled with children playing and frolicking in the snow. My mother, Dorthea (Dottie) Platt and my niece Courtney Platt were out picking up sticks from the fallen limbs when before you knew it they were throwing snowballs at each other and playing in the snow. Naturally the next step in their playtime came rolling snow and thus the first picture perfect snowman was laid. The smallest one was perfectly proportioned and made with all the necessary embellishments. It truly looked like Frosty the Snowman!!

The next day some more family came into town to include my brother Tim Platt and now 3 of his girls, Courtney, Sydney, and Shelby Platt. They decided to create their own masterpiece because OF COURSE they could build a better snowman. You shall see that with the help of many family members and the use of a ladder to roll the snow up, our largest snowman in the Platt yard was born. If only my father, the late Dr. Charles Platt could see us now.!! Would you believe that my Mother actually had a hat in her store room that fit this nearly 13 foot high snowman?

Sometimes magic comes when I least expect it and with that magic comes love and friendship within our family. We were able to enjoy the pair of snowmen a total of less than 24 hours before the rain set in but the magic created within the moment of making the snowmen and enjoying the fruits of my families' labor will be in hearts and memories of all of us each year at Christmastime in the future. Happy Holidays to everyone!!

Miracles happen every second of every day, not just on 34th street!!


  1. What a great picture and wonderful article.

    Happy New Year to the Platt families.

  2. Christmas and family, what a beautiful picture, I can see and feel the love!!!

  3. Love the article & picture! Merry Christmas!

  4. This was an enjoyable and entertaining story. Great pictures to go along with it. Thanks Dr. B for sharing this experience with us.

  5. Very nice story... It sure is nice to read a positive story for a change... Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Imagine that, Tim wanting to out-do everyone. His competitve nature comes thru no matter what he does.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  7. This is what I am in Iraq and soon to be Afghanistan fighting for. So that we can do these things in this article without fear and to appreciate the lives we have as small town Americans. Touching article. Thank you Platt's.
    Service member.

  8. What a joyous Christmas, we are so blessed to be
    found again by our adopted family of Rich,Julia, Josie and Britt. We have missed you and now we look forward to picking up from where we left off so many years ago.

    Love ya,
    Nana & Poppa


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