Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ugly game in Cleveland - Browns win 13-6

The Browns and Steelers battled it out Thursday night in a frigid (-12 windchill) and windy game in Cleveland. The Steelers scored only 6 points and gave up 8 sacks - and looked clueless on offense all night. The Browns weren't much better, getting most of their offense (again) from their kick returner. Both of these teams are bad, but the Steelers are surprisingly bad at 6-7 and almost certainly out of the playoff hunt.


  1. As a bengals fan... this game was beautiful. :)

  2. Kurt, I agree with you 100% !!! The Bengals magic number is one. One Bengals win, or one Ravens loss, and the Bengals take the division. BUT the Bengals have two tough road games coming up, while the Ravens have two easy ones.

  3. As a Dolphins fan this game was beautiful !! I work with a Steelers fan but I wont mention Matt Walkers name.


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