Sunday, December 20, 2009

How will the health care debate end?

Here are the poll results. A slight majority thinks there will ultimately be no health care bill?


  1. Wow! Like we needed a pool to prove that we live in Republican Ohio! Great job!

  2. I won't argue that we need to have a better healthcare system. But, passing bills in the very early morning..."buying" off representitives to get their vote...and pushing a bill that everyone in Washington (dems and reps alike) know that people of this country are not generally in favor of in it's current just wrong.
    Also, if this health care is so great, why do all of the folks in Washington get to keep their high style, premium health care while the rest of us have to take the "package" they propose? Just wonderin on that one.
    I would rather see them all work on this some more and for as long as it takes, and come up with something really better for everyone. Not just a "victory" for one party or the other.

  3. I agree with you, racer. Every poll that I have seen online and on tv shows that most Americans do not like what is on the table - me included, and I am a democrat!


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