Saturday, December 5, 2009

A travesty in the making


  1. This story really pisses me off. It has to be Dems that push for our troops to be treated so unfairly. Maybe they should of just shot and killed him, then he couldn't of cried about a fat lip that he didn't really have. Shame on our top rating officers, for letting this happen. This bullshit is happening because of liberal Dems. I would personally like to kick every Lib out of the good old USA.

  2. Are you serious?
    You are forgetting what makes the "good old USA" good.

  3. LL- Why don't you tell me what makes the "good old USA" good? I would say its starts with our leaders supporting our fighting men and women.

  4. As easy as it may be to get upset over this, we must remember there are processes and procedures in place that need followed. The superiors are probably acting as required under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). It's unfortunate the men have to go through a court martial, but just like civilian court they are innocent until proven guilty. Hopefully the system will work and they will be found not guilty.

    The comparison to the Fallujah incident is just a way the video producer is using to get people worked up. As much as we may want to retaliate in a violent fashion against this horrible crime, we cannot. That is part of what makes this country what it is. We don't engage in an "eye for an eye" philosophy. We have standard and values.

  5. I'm saying that if you kicked every "Lib" out, you would be kicking out some of the very families of the fighting men and women we need to be supporting. I can't comment about this particular case, because I haven't researched the facts. I do know this: there are plenty of "liberal dems," as you call them, who do support our fighting men and women. Secondly, this country was built on liberty. People have a right to believe as they choose. That's what makes this country great. If you or I kicked everyone out who didn't believe as we do, there would be two people left, you and me. And then we'd be left to kick each other.

  6. It‘s the liberal democrats that want everyone to be politically correct. This is part of why this country is falling apart and why our troops are being persecuted by the very ones that should be defending them. This government is being run by full blooded idiots.
    The terrorist are smart enough to pit our own people against each other after the atrocities that they have committed.....It’s getting hard to tell who the criminals are…..The ones that committed the crime or our government for helping them get by with it by persecuting our troops and giving these human garbage Miranda rights!

    This is a little of the subject but I watch a BIG LOTS commercial last night. The lady said to her son “Oh you’re buying your brother a holiday present”. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! It’s a CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!!!!~!!!~! If you don’t like the way this countries founding fathers made this country, LEAVE!
    Why should we the people bend and be politically correct. This is a Christian country and that doesn’t mean we have to change our values to appease foreigners. Ridiculous!!!

  7. Jesus loves the little children,
    all the children of the world.
    Red and yellow, black and white,
    all are precious in his sight.
    Jesus loves the little children of the world.

    If you read your Bible, you will find that Jesus calls us to love them too. That is what being a Christian is all about -- to be a follower, a disciple of Jesus Christ is to love God and neighbor, meaning everyone.

    Do you really think Jesus cares what we call our gifts, or even his birthday?

  8. I absolutely believe that Jesus cares what we call our CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!!! You and others that believe it’s ok to take Christ out of Christmas are wrong. We all know that Christmas,December 25 isn’t really Jesus’ birthday. His birthday was in the spring-summer months but December 25 is when it is celebrated. I refuse to change because you or anyone else doesn’t think I’m being sensitive to other cultures. If I moved to another country I wouldn't expect them to change their way of life to accommodate me, so don't expect me to accommodate them. If you read your bible it also says an eye for an eye. I didn’t say to hate other races, so enough with the Jesus loves all the children speech.
    Obviously you don’t have a clue what my message was. Let me dumb it down for you. Don’t move into my house (country) and expect me to change my way of life. If you aren’t happy with your living conditions in my house (country) then leave!!!! Got it?

  9. Right on Fed up! I agree with you 100%.


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