Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ohio will soon implement new "one-drug" execution method

On the night of February 7, 1991, Kenneth Biros offered to give 22-year-old Tammy Engstrom a ride home from a Trumbull County bar. Instead of taking her home, Biros took the married Engstrom to a secluded cabin, tried to rape her, then killed her by beating and stabbing her. The coroner determined that she suffered ninety-one injuries and stab wounds before she died, including at least five knife wounds after she was dead. After killing Engstrom, Biros cut his victim's body apart, disposing it in two different Pennsylvania counties (and for some reason keeping part of Engstrom's liver in his trunk).

Biros received the death penalty for his crimes, but tragically remains alive on death row 18 years later. Unbelievably, the guy who committed these horrific acts was able to avoid a 2007 execution date based on the argument that Ohio's method for lethal injection was "cruel and unusual."

Biros will make history this morning when his sentence is executed using Ohio's new one-drug execution method. Biros is now arguing that the new execution method may subject him to the risk of severe pain. His continued appeals are not expected to succeed, and Biros will likely die later this morning.

UPDATE: The new method works.


  1. "May subject him to the risk of severe pain" and this affects us how? I'm sure the lady that he killed was subjected to alot more severe pain than he will be subjected to.They need to go bad to hanging criminals in the streets.

  2. I say Die!I have 2 daughters.The only justice is for this man to die.Long painful,short painful.Death
    No person should endure what this man did to this poor women.
    The devil will be waiting for him

  3. He's worried about feeling pain? Too bad he didn't have that same concern for Tammy Engstrom.

  4. Eye for an eye. He should suffer 92 injuries leading to his ultimate death. Our country needs to reform it's leagal system and off topic, it's welfare system too.

  5. But do-good liberals have succeeded in keeping these cases tied up in the courts for decades, while their taxpayer funded lawyers file endless appeals, at our expense.

  6. why can't we use another method and havest his organs? I wouldn't care were it come from if it saved my, our my childs life!

  7. I think they shuold use the one bullet method


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