Tuesday, April 5, 2016

DEAR GENERATION CUPCAKE... - A Gust Post from Mike Stegall

Editor's Note: The following was submitted by Mike Stegall to DarkeJournal.com, owned and operated by people of an age most people consider the beginning of the millennial generation. Therefore it goes without saying that these are the thoughts and opinions of Mike, and not ours. :)

Yes, I know you prefer to be called millennials, or whatever else you choose that doesn’t scare or offend you, but I think you are proving to all of us that the millennials name doesn’t quite describe your generation. Now, before you tune me out, and think these are the ravings of an old man (I’m not that old!) I want you to remember that I was a child of the 60’s and 70’s. That was the golden age of dissent, the peace and love generation if you will. I understand how hard life may seem to you now, just as it did to me back then, but trust me, it hasn’t even started to get tough yet! I want you to understand that; IT HASN’T STARTED TO GET TOUGH YET! Wait until you get a little older, and God I hope, a little smarter and finally decide to raise a family and get a job. I mean a REAL job, you know one where you actually have to work, not some make believe job that no one needs, like feminist dance therapist, or one there is way too many of now, like lawyers. There is nothing wrong with, (you better sit down for this, suck your thumb and get therapy lined up,) MANUAL LABOR!! Oh, and if you are one of those fools who thinks the minimum wage is not enough to live on, let me clue you in: (1) IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE! It is to introduce people to the workforce, like yourselves, and to learn how businesses work, and (2) IF YOU WANT TO AVOID MINIMUM WAGE JOBS, TRY LEARNING A SKILL THAT PAYS MORE THAN MINIMUM WAGE, DUH! I know that sounds awful, and you are probably looking for your “safe place” now, because these big, bad words have scared or hurt you. Well, GET OVER IT, AND GET OVER YOURSELF! What in the name of God is wrong with you people? Somebody writes “TRUMP 2016” in chalk, on a sidewalk, and an entire college freaks out?! Really? What in the heck are you going do when life smacks you in the face? Run back to mom and dad’s basement, pull up the covers and hide? Are you really this soft, and so coddled that you can’t face any adversity, or the truth, at all? MY GOD, GROW UP! Mommy and daddy aren’t going to be around forever, so suck up your guts and move on. I have some more really bad news for you, cupcakes: your whining and complaining and demands for a safe place, won’t get you a very sympathetic boss. Oh yeah, someday you will have a boss and guess what? HE WON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS! That’s right, he will only care that you can do the job. Period! Nothing our High Schools and Universities are teaching you socially now has ANYTHING to do with real life. Shocked? Looking for a place to hide now? Well, it is time somebody told you, after being coddled and protected your whole life, how life really is. Life is hard. As John Wayne (another old geezer) once said, “LIFE’S HARD. IT’S EVEN HARDER IF YOUR STUPID”. Quit acting stupid! I think you have the potential to be the greatest generation yet, but you will NEVER get there if you keep acting like a bunch of Wimps! Guys, start acting like men. Dress and act like a leader, open doors for ladies, show respect to your elders, get a job, plan to provide and protect your family, be a great father, be a positive example, AND ACT LIKE A MAN! Ladies, act like a lady, not some tramp. Find a guy who treats you like a lady, who opens doors, pulls out your chair at restaurants, walks by your side, goes to the door of your house to pick you up, actually meets your parents and assures them that you will be taken care of, not one who sits in the darn car and honks! Girls always wonder where the good guys have gone. Well, they have probably gone elsewhere because you keep chasing the bad guys, because “they’re more exciting.” Demand and act like a lady that’s worth it, and you will be treated as such. Act like a tramp…………

I know you are probably thinking that I am a hard old man. That life has somehow treated me badly and unfairly. Not at all. My life has been very good. I am not a millionaire, but I get by. I am living proof that if you work hard, respect others, and listen to all people and their ideas, you will become a well- rounded, stable, individual who really enjoys life. (some may question the stable part!) I want you to succeed, and be better than our generation ever was. I don’t see it happening unless you decide that you are not going to be afraid of life, and everything in it. LIFE AIN’T PERFECT! It is what you make it, and so far, all you are making it is this make believe socialist utopia where rainbows and unicorns live, bad words don’t exist, everyone lives in peace and harmony, and everybody doesn’t have to provide for anything as it will suddenly fall from the sky. I’ve Got some really bad news for you, cupcakes: it doesn’t exist, never has, never will. So, put on your big girl panties, and boys put on your big boy pants, and GET OVER YOURSELF! Do you really want to be remembered as GENERATION CUPCAKE?

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