Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More coverage on the carbon dioxide sequestration proposal

WHIO has a story and video on the Monday public hearing on CO2 sequestration.

To the general public: the CO2 proposal is merely a proposal, years away from implementation, if it ever gets that far, which is at best probably a long-shot. Furthermore, carbon dioxide is a natural substance which exists everywhere on earth. And if you are going to direct your energy anywhere, be upset about the regulations that force producers to inject CO2 into the ground, instead of the sky, which is forbidden despite any real evidence that carbon dioxide does any damage to the atmosphere.

To the people proposing the CO2 sequestration: if you want to convince Darke Countians of anything, don't send a guy with a British accent to make the sales pitch.



  1. I attended that meeting, as well as others in the past. It amazes me how many Darke County residents are totally unaware of the CO2 proposal, not to mention how many do not even know about the ethanol plant, its existence, how few people it employs, how much ground water it consumes, etc. Thank you to our local newspaper for little or no coverage.

    My impression from the meeting Monday evening is that it is NOT years away from implementation. We were told that as early as the end of April, there would be seismic trucks in our area doing testing. Given the amount of money involved here ie. a grant from the DOE, I will be surprised if this project does NOT come to fruition and it will NOT be a good thing for Darke County.

  2. Wait a minute----CO2 is NATURAL. I personally look forward to tonic water straight from my tap ! Big saving when making Gin and tonics.

    Seriously, just wait until the day when we have to turn to nuclear power, (and we will) the fear mongers will have a field day---- maybe back to candles, horses, and fireplaces?


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