Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who the heck is Fred Strahorn?

If you live in the blue part of Darke County (see the map), Fred Strahorn is your new state senator, hand-picked by his party to replace the recently-resigned Tom Roberts.

So who is Fred Strahorn?

And who is Tom Roberts?

As a Darke Countian, it's fairly likely that you've never heard of these guys. And you probably don't stand a good chance of meeting them either. And that is because Ohio's 5th Senate District includes both Arcanum and inner-city Dayton. How's that for diversity?

Looking only at population, the segment of Montgomery County dwarfs the population of a handful of rural townships in Darke County. Even if Montgomery County wasn't in the mix, Darke's population is still miniscule as compared to all of Miami County. And because of this, the state senator from Ohio's 5th District rarely visits our county.

Fred Strahorn has a chance to prove me wrong - but I doubt I'll be seeing him at Miller's Tavern anytime soon.

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