Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another Wayne Theater Movie Review: Duplicity

It has been nothing but kids movies at Wayne Theater for the last week or so. That was until Friday, when Duplicity debuted in Greenville (about three weeks after its national release).

Duplicity stars Julia Roberts and Clive Owen as spies who team up to commit a massive corporate heist. The two stars need each other to execute their plan - but neither trusts the other completely. There are quite a few twists and turns as the stars navigate the way through their plan. Can't really say much more than that without giving away the plot.

Some of the critics are calling this movie "smart," but I'd say it's too clever by half - and too long (2 hours, 5 minutes). There is still a lot of fun here, but don't expect to walk away saying this is the best movie you've ever seen ... or best spy movie ... or best Julia Roberts movie. This movie is similar to - and reminds me a lot of the remake of the Thomas Crown Affair (if that gives you a better idea).

The Yahoo! movie critics gave this one a B. Yahoo! users gave it a C+. And I'll split the difference with a B-. If you're interested, the official movie trailer is here.


  1. We saw this movie in Dayton when it first came out. Your comments are right on. This wasn't a very good movie.

  2. I'd watch anything with Julia Roberts!


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