Sunday, April 19, 2009

Two Arcanum streets ravaged by sewer work

Northmoor and Greenmoor Streets in Arcanum look more like a construction zone than a residential neighborhood. Both streets have huge portions of the asphalt torn out and filled with gravel. Heavy equipment lines the streets. A few houses have huge rockpiles right outside their front doors. And some sort of pump is gushing a constant stream of water into the storm sewer.

If the trashed roads weren't bad enough for the residents, most of their yards have been trenched and backfilled. As you can see below, one Arcanum resident has a carefully landscaped yard with a massive dirtpile running right down the middle. And the neighbor has the same thing. Good luck getting those yards to look normal in the next three years.

We don't yet know the story behind these pictures - but will follow up soon. Are the any Arcanum residents with information on this project?

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