Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Greenville Girls Softball Association upgrades its concession stand and facilities

The word "upgrade" is probably not strong enough to describe the off-season facility improvements for the Greenville Girls Softball Association. Any parent who has worked the concession stand in the past has had an elbow-to-elbow experience with the other workers. And as you can see below, the old concession stand was so small it was literally forklifted and driven away prior to the new construction (first photo from the GGSA website). Equally significant was the addition of plumbing and bathrooms - which has eliminated the need for the ugly and disgusting port-a-pots.

The new building is much larger. Beyond having more room for the concession workers, there is plenty of storage area for future expansion. And the attached bathrooms are miles ahead of the former situation. The new building also has heat and air conditioning.

And the entire building is accented in Greenwave green.

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