Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Greenville National Bank statement on recent fraud calls


Phone scams, text message scams, email scams, debit and credit card scams, and regular mail scams have one thing in common. They are all scams. If you are contacted and asked to give personal or account information through any of these means — DO NOT RESPOND. Scammers want you to believe they are legitimate businesses needing this information — DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Scammers may use the reasoning that your cards have been compromised, deactivated, locked out, frozen, suspended, etc. and you need to provide the card number to re-activate the card. This is purely false. Your financial institution would already have your account information and would not ask you to provide it. If you have given your Visa debit or credit card information to an unauthorized party, call Visa debit card (1-866-604-0381) or Visa credit card (1-800-523-4175) to report this occurrence immediately, or contact your bank. Protect your funds. Don’t fall victim to these scams.

Greenville National Bank
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