Friday, April 17, 2009

The levy discussion continues

Comments continue to added on the Greenville levy discussion. The following (non-anonymous) statement was posted just today. May the discussion continue ...

Let me establish some level of legitimacy- though I know it will likely get pounded on.

I lived in the Greenville community for 33 years before moving to where I currently have lived for the past two. I was a home owner with a child, and though not "in" the community, still own property- so I am a Greenville/Darke County Property Tax Payer. I don't like paying taxes anymore than the next person; so in that sense I am right in the bucket with everyone else.

For a few years my semi-annual tax bill for our home was between $950-1000. In the community I now reside in we have a home of approximate similar value- our taxes are $1700- the majority of which goes to fund the schools (i heard at one point that Greenville's school taxes were in the BOTTOM 5% in the entire state). I have no problem paying our taxes because I know that our schools are amongst the best in the state-- and the community is vaguely similar to Greenville in some respects.

I know no one wants to hear this- but the community must pull together and do what is going to be best for the community 5-10-15 years from now. No company will ever make a large investment to bring good paying jobs to the community to have their management move in from other communities to deposit their students into those school buildings in their current state. NONE of the buildings were ever meant to power a computer, much less near hundreds in addition to servers, etc... It's a good chance that some of them are fire hazards as we speak.

No one likes to hear taxes- but unless an investment is made for the betterment of the community today companies will continue to leave town with no replacements to follow. If foreclosures are bad now it will be a fraction of the problems to come if something isn't done thinking long term.

Dump on me if you feel the need- but then answer- [if] the levy is defeated today.... what is that going to mean 5 years from now. There are a lot of complaints of the present- but what are the long-term ramifications?


  1. The shcools dont have any thing to do with why the big companys are leaving Greenville.Its the way the taxes are spent that they allready get............

  2. Bravo! Good for you! Very well explained. I hope more of our community continues to see it that way. Go Wave!

  3. Well put!!!! The schools do play a part in the large companies coming to our community! This is the time we all need to unite and help not only the children, but the City of Greenville also! What will it be like in 5 years if this doesn't pass? If they cut more from the schools, will they bring it back? GO WAVE!!!!

  4. Duke- you're absolutely right. the Schools have nothing to do with a company leaving town. BUT- it is high on the consideration list as to why a company you conpemplate coming to a community.

  5. If it cost so much to run ashcool system why dont they go to home shcooling you would loose the maintance cost and heating and electric bills.I dont no what will solve the problem but I do no there is a problem and the teachers are dew for there raises next year and that alone is a problem.


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